The 5 Best Home-Based Businesses To Start In Singapore [2021]

The 5 Best Home-Based Businesses To Start In Singapore [2021]

Interested in starting a business in Singapore in 2021?

We put together 5 of the best businesses you can start in Singapore today.

For each business idea, we’ll show you real-world examples of how you can start your profitable, home-based small business in Singapore.

Here's the full list:

1. Start a clothing manufacturing business ($888K/year)

Donovan Mathews from Singapore started Bryden Apparel almost 7 years ago, a clothing manufacturing business.

  • Country: Singapore
  • Revenue: $74,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 6

Hello from sunny Singapore! My name is Donovan and I am the founder of Bryden.

We are a clothing manufacturing agency with offices in Singapore & China and we specialise in providing an end to end service for fashion brands to create & manufacture their products.

Our goal is to help fashion businesses all around the world to create quality products easily from the comfort of their office or home.


Donovan Mathews, on starting Bryden Apparel ($74,000/month) full story ➜

2. ($540K/year)

Ryan Choy from Singapore started Faire Leather Co. over 3 years ago, .

  • Country: Singapore
  • Revenue: $45,000/ month
  • Starting Costs: $180,000
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 7

My name is Ryan and I’m the co-founder and head of brand and marketing for Faire Leather Co. - an online leather goods label that is focused on Functional Luxury. It taps traditional know-how from decades of experience to create stylish products designed for maximum function.

Our flagship products are our Bond Travel Briefcase and Bond Everyday Padfolio. Our customers are for anyone looking to pack their gadgets and essentials in an organized fashion without sacrificing aesthetics. Our products are designed to take you through from Mondays to Sundays.


Ryan Choy, on starting Faire Leather Co. ($45,000/month) full story ➜

3. Start a tutoring business ($1.44M/year)

Alex Redfern from Singapore started Lingoci over 4 years ago, a tutoring business.

  • Country: Singapore
  • Revenue: $120,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 0

Hi, I’m Alex & I’m the Founder of, a platform for online language tutoring. We have students and tutors all over the world, connecting via our website and communicating via Skype and Zoom. Currently, 7 languages are available: Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Italian, Dutch and Japanese.

I launched the website with $300 in January 2017 and it now does around $60,000/month in revenue.


Alex Redfern, on starting Lingoci ($120,000/month) full story ➜

4. Start a graphic design business ($87.9K/year)

Marilyn Wo from Singapore started MeetAnders over 6 years ago, a graphic design business.

  • Country: Singapore
  • Revenue: $7,321/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 3

Hey guys, I’m Marilyn Wo from Singapore. Together with my husband, we co-founded MeetAnders, a productized graphic design company.

I started this business in 2015 after having been a freelance graphic designer for 10 years.

In the past, I used to provide customized designs for every client, just like how a typical service-based business is run. MeetAnders in contrast was started with predefined design packages in mind, designed to be sold like products on a subscription model.


Marilyn Wo, on starting MeetAnders ($7,321/month) full story ➜

5. Start an ecommerce platform ($36K/year)

Shahram Anver from Singapore started DataCue over 3 years ago, an ecommerce platform.

  • Country: Singapore
  • Revenue: $3,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 5

Hi everyone! I'm Shahram Anver and I am the co-founder of DataCue. We help eCommerce entrepreneurs sell more and improve conversion with an easy-to-use personalization platform. Unlike other personalization and upsell solutions, we change the entire experience, meaning we show each visitor relevant banners, notifications, and product recommendations.

Our sole mission is to help eCommerce entrepreneurs automate onsite conversion with minimum work required. This starts with the integration process. We've built an integration to Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, and Magento. This means that any eCommerce store can get started with personalization in just under 15 minutes. Once installed, DataCue doesn't need any manual settings or rules. It just works in showing the right content to each visitor and improves the possibility to purchase.

In 2019, the eCommerce businesses that use DataCue have made over $2m in additional revenue and we showed more than 50 million recommendations to visitors around the world.


Shahram Anver, on starting DataCue ($3,000/month) full story ➜

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