6 Courier Business Success Stories [2023]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
Start A Courier Business

Courier service is a premium, all-inclusive service that collects and delivers shipments within the shortest possible time frame. Courier services serve individuals, e-commerce stores, law offices, banks, hospitals, etc.

If you dream of owning a courier service, you can start as a delivery driver and rely on self-employed delivery drivers to get the goods to customers. As the business grows, you can invest in delivery vans to handle bulky deliveries.

To run a convenient courier service, ensure you have a reliable delivery car and proper time management skills.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a courier business:

1. Parcelmagic ($60K/year)

Shaerul H Joarder (Neel), the Co-founder and CEO of Parcelmagic, came up with the idea for the delivery service company during the lockdown in Bangladesh. Seeing the increased demand for delivery services amid the pandemic, he realized the need for a fully technology-based logistics company that could provide seamless and efficient parcel delivery services. In just 6 months of operation, Parcelmagic has onboarded over 100 merchants and delivers over 10,000 parcels each month to all 64 districts in Bangladesh.

How much they make: $60K/year
How much did it cost to start: $1M
Current team size: 50


My Local Delivery Startup In Bangladesh Reached $30K/Month [In 6 Months]

Bangladesh-based logistics company Parcelmagic has onboarded over 100 merchants and delivers 10,000 parcels each month within just six months of operation, offering technology-based end-to-end services for small to medium business parcel delivery, individual document and parcel couriers, and corporate logistics service solutions.

Shaerul started Parcelmagic about 2 years ago
Shaerul grew the business to $5K/month
It cost Shaerul $1000000 to start the business

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