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4 Fashion Supply Business Success Stories [2024]

Updated: July 4th, 2024

Stepping into the fashion world can be more than just a dream—consider starting a fashion supply business. This venture centers on providing raw materials like fabrics, buttons, zippers, and threads to designers and manufacturers.

The appeal lies in its fundamental role within the fashion industry, making it a consistent and reliable market. Your job will involve sourcing high-quality materials, negotiating prices, and establishing relationships with designers who need your supplies to bring their visions to life.

It's not just about selling fabric; it's about understanding trends, assuring quality, and maintaining a well-organized inventory. By offering a dependable service, you can become an essential partner for fashion creators.

Launching a fashion supply business could be your ticket into the heart of fashion, allowing you to support and influence the creation of every garment. It's a unique space that combines practicality with creativity, ensuring a steady demand for what you offer.

In this list, you'll find real-world fashion supply business success stories and very profitable examples of starting a fashion supply business that makes money.

1. The Design Cart ($1.44M/year)

Apaar, the founder of The Design Cart, came up with the idea for his business after realizing the procurement challenges faced by fashion designers in India. He personally spoke to over 800 designers and identified the need for a tech-enabled solution. After building a website and cataloging thousands of products, he launched the online B2B sourcing portal, which has now serviced over 20,000 designers and achieved a monthly turnover of $80k.

How much money it makes: $1.44M/year
How much did it cost to start: $25K
How many people on the team: 25


How I Started A $80K/Month B2B Sourcing Portal For The Fashion Industry

The founder of The Design Cart, an Indian online B2B sourcing portal for the fashion industry, shares how he turned his weekend gig into an EBITA positive business, servicing over 20,000 unique designers and brands globally and achieving a monthly turnover of over $80k until COVID-19 hit, by relentlessly running behind supply and demand, optimizing his online marketing strategy and keeping costs low for sustainable profits.

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2. Bryden Apparel ($888K/year)

Donovan, the founder of Bryden, had always been intrigued by e-commerce, starting his own t-shirt brand in 2009. After gaining experience in the fashion industry and learning the intricacies of sourcing and manufacturing, he decided to start Bryden in 2015, offering a one-stop service for fashion brands to create and manufacture their products with low minimum order quantities. With an average monthly revenue of $74,000 and customers in over 20 countries, Bryden is helping small to medium-sized fashion businesses compete with larger brands.

How much money it makes: $888K/year
How many people on the team: 3


How We Started A Clothing Manufacturing Business

Bryden is a clothing manufacturing agency that offers an end-to-end service to fashion brands all over the world, serving customers in over 20 countries and bringing in an average monthly revenue of $74,000 within just a few years of launching.

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3. White2Label Manufacturing ($72K/year)

Anthony Mellor, the founder of White2Label Manufacturing, came up with the idea for his business while running his previous sportswear brand and experiencing the challenges and risks associated with manufacturing overseas. Through market research and feedback from potential customers, he identified a gap in the market for a sportswear manufacturing wholesaler that offers white label and bespoke services, leading him to launch his new venture. Since its launch in November 2018, White2Label Manufacturing has generated £55,000 in stock sales, providing clients with a more accessible and reliable manufacturing solution.

How much money it makes: $72K/year
How many people on the team: 1


How I Started A $6K/Month White Label Sportswear Manufacturing Wholesaler

This case study is about a former fitness apparel founder who established a UK-based bespoke and white-label sportswear manufacturing wholesaler, driving £55,000 in revenue through sales up to November 2019, with 300 organic monthly visitors and 35% gross profit margin.

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4. KAHINDO ($60K/year)

Kahindo Mateene, Founder and Chief Creative Director of KAHINDO, came up with the idea for her luxury sustainable fashion brand after launching a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014. She repurposed fabric scraps into clutches made by women in her hometown of Goma, Congo. Inspired by her Pan-African upbringing and desire to create positive change through fashion, she rebranded in 2017 and now incorporates original prints and African stories into her designs.

How much money it makes: $60K/year
How much did it cost to start: $20K
How many people on the team: 1


I Started A Luxury Sustainable Womens Fashion Brand

KAHINDO is a sustainable women's luxury fashion brand that celebrates African fashion and promotes ethical work practices, with annual sales of $60k and wholesale clients like Rent The Runway.

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