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11 Meal Prep Business Success Stories [2023]

11 Meal Prep Business Success Stories [2023]
Start A Meal Prep Business

A meal preparation business is a service that delivers prepared meals to its clients in the comfort of their own homes. The meal preparation business is a fast-emerging niche that offers a real opportunity to earn good money. To succeed, the starter must be efficient in the meal preparation and ensure proper communication skills. Besides, the entrepreneur must keep time when it comes to delivery to avoid customer disappointment.

A global survey shows that demand for food delivery service is on the rise. This is as people get busier with their careers and other more important tasks, leaving limited time to prepare meals and bond with friends.

Therefore, starting a meal preparation business can be a great way to earn extra monies.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a meal prep business:

1. Healthy Chew ($720K/year)

TJ Clark (from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA) started Healthy Chew about 7 years ago.

$60K / month
2 founders / 7 employees
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Case Study

When we first started, we sold around 200 bowls each week. We currently sell around 10,000 bowls each month. Most companies like this start the same way, cooking from their primary residence for family and friends. We were no exception. But as we continued to grow, we spent time and money to work out of rentable commercial kitchens until we were able to afford our own.


2. One Life Meals ($1.56M/year)

Andrei Calinescu (from Toronto, Ontario, Canada) started One Life Meals over 10 years ago.

$130K / month
1 founders / 29 employees
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Case Study

Hi, I’m Andrei Calinescu and I am the Founder and CEO of One Life Meals.


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4. MealPro ($600K/year)

Andy Sartori (from Sacramento, California, USA) started MealPro over 6 years ago.

$50K / month
1 founders / 15 employees
Sacramento, California, USA

Case Study

Hi, my name is Andy Sartori. I am the founder of MealPro, a food delivery startup that specializes in pre-cooked and pre-portioned meals. Our typical customer is a busy, health-conscious individual who has no time to shop, prep, portion and cook meals to support their nutrition objectives, hence our call-out “Eat with Purpose”.

Every week we move two pallets of quality ingredients through our kitchen. We have now 11 employees, and constantly on the lookout for more!


5. Sprwt ($1.2M/year)

Michael Rapoport (from Florida, USA) started Sprwt over 5 years ago.

$100K / month
2 founders / 9 employees
Florida, USA

Case Study

Sprwt was started in a small village in Europe in 2016. Many years ago, my partner Rui Marinho and I, Michael Rapoport, were tasked with creating a system for a startup looking to bring healthy meal delivery to Europe. What we didn't know then was the market was not ready. We came back to South Florida with a software platform in hand thinking no one would ever want meal prep delivery software. What were we going to do with all this code? We were so wrong.

We have the most efficient and effective meal prep software platform on the market. Today we’ve built technology for any restaurant, catering company, or meal prep business to run an online store, sell items with our POS device, or even create delivery routes with our route planning technology. We generate $1million plus in revenue per month.


6. Jimmy Joy ($7.2M/year)

Joey van Koningsbruggen (from Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands) started Jimmy Joy about 9 years ago.

$600K / month
1 founders / 30 employees
Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands

Case Study

Joey van Koningsbruggen, 29 years old and started Jimmy Joy in May 2014 at age 24 to make nutritionally complete meals.

We currently make around $440,000 per month. I started in my dorm room and expanded globally over the years.


7. Eat Clean LLC ($3.6M/year)

Michael Martinez (from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA) started Eat Clean LLC over 8 years ago.

$300K / month
1 founders / 68 employees
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Case Study

My name is Michael Martinez, the owner and founder of Eat Clean, a healthy meal delivery service located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We prepare healthy meals with all-natural and organic ingredients, then deliver meals directly to the consumer's doorstep.

Our customers are typically 25-44-year-old professionals that are too busy to cook or want to live a healthy lifestyle. We opened for business back in January 2015 with just three of us in a shared commercial kitchen space. We have now grown to monthly revenue to over $300k per month in sales.


8. Nourish Foods Co. ($2.16M/year)

Mary Drennen (from Birmingham, Alabama, USA) started Nourish Foods Co. over 8 years ago.

$180K / month
2 founders / 20 employees
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Case Study

As we say in the South: “Hey Ya’ll!” I’m Mary Drennen, a co-founder of Nourish Foods.

In late 2014 we launched Nourish Foods. Nourish creates and delivers high-quality, healthy and fully-prepared meals to your door each week. Our goal is to give individuals and families their time back. There is no shopping, cooking or cleaning involved with Nourish.


9. Daily Harvest ($50M/year)

The Shake Up hosts spoke with Daily Harvest CEO Rachel Drori about how she navigated investor relations, how algorithms fuel the brand and marketing mix.

Rachel Drori (from New York, New York, USA) started Daily Harvest over 7 years ago.

$4.17M / month
1 founders / 360 employees

Case Study
  • Rachel Drori launched Daily Harvest as a passion project to provide health and sustainability-conscious foods to others.

  • Drori founded Daily Harvest with the intention of making a change in how people consume their food. She is serving foods & beverages made from organically grown, clean, and fresh fruits & vegetables.

  • Daily Harvest offers dairy-free, gluten-free, and gum-free food items with zero artificial colors or flavors.

  • Since the company's founding in 2016, it has developed into one of the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer brands in New York.


Read the full story on blog.hubspot.com ➜

10. MealSurfers ($60K/year)

Paul founded SPUDS, a men’s apparel company based in California. After many prototypes, they launched on Kickstarter and were able to raise $15,000.

$5K / month

Case Study

Paul founded SPUDS, a men’s apparel company based in California. After many prototypes, they launched on Kickstarter and were able to raise $15,000.

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