22 Online Business Ideas You Can Start From Home (While Quarantined)

22 Online Business Ideas You Can Start From Home (While Quarantined)

With all of the changes happening in the last couple weeks, you may be sitting at home with some extra time and looking for a new side project or additional income stream.

We put together 20 businesses you can start from home, today, and we show you examples of others who started those businesses and how much they make.

Here they are:

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Start a content writing business

With SEO becoming so important in our online world, almost all businesses are looking to put out more content to grow their business.

For example, Daniel Waldman started a freelance writing business and makes $3,500/month.

I’ve worked in marketing and public relations for nearly my entire career (over 15 years), and writing has always been a central element of my professional activities.

I offer a wide variety of writing and editing services, but mainly clients come to me for help with blogging, article writing, their website copy, and video script writing. I’ve also helped one writer with editing a business book and continue to expand my editorial services. On average, I earn about $3500/month (before taxes).

Become a resume consultant

Individuals are constantly looking to streamline their resume & enhance their LinkedIn profiles. Those seeking jobs are steering away from the classic headhunter persona and are instead looking for experts to provide guidance on the job search necessities.

For example, Mike McRitchie created a business writing resumes on the side and makes $2,500 per month:

I run a variety of side hustle businesses that have evolved over time. My primary one is writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles for mid-career professionals in tech-related industries, especially telecom.

Over the last two years, I doubled my income from these site hustles with last year earning over $30,000.

Start a Youtube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the easiest side hustles you can do from home.

It costs zero dollars to create a YouTube account, start uploading videos & then begin to monetize your video with ads.

For example, Jon Shanahan created a youtube channel and makes $6,000 a month:

It started as a YouTube channel in 2015 to help guys find great undiscovered menswear brands just as the direct-to-consumer world was beginning.

Since posting my first video the online brand space has exploded which means more consumer choice but also a need for guidance.

I modeled my approach on The Wirecutter with the goal of delivering helpful, in depth recommendations by category. “Kavalier” is the 14th century German word for ‘Gentleman’, I’m working to reclaim the word and define it in a modern context.

Recognizing the need for my own presence I put up my blog in early 2018 but still focused on putting out a video every weekday. I’ve grown steadily each year, doubling my subscriber count every six months to 57k currently. Revenue is increasing at a similar pace, today about $7,000 per month.

Sell Online Courses

Now more than ever, businesses are looking to optimize their skill-set & learn relevant & exciting content that they can apply to their current or future jobs.

A inspirational story - Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus started an online blogging course and make $100,000/month:

After growing Create and Go to have over 10,000+ students now and having an average income of around $130,000 a month combined from our blogs, we have been able to really reflect on how much we have accomplished.

Lauren and I quit our jobs only a few years ago, but honestly, the life we have lived since doing so makes it seem like it was another lifetime ago.

Become a Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants has increased year over year.

You can work in a remote destination as a virtual assistant with flexibility & a variety of job responsibilities (ie. administrative work, content writing, event planning, etc).

Upwork is a great place to network & begin your career as a virtual assistant.

Become a Virtual Trainer

Professionals are prioritizing their fitness to feel confident & boost productivity at work. With the current closures of gyms & studios, individuals are looking to fulfill their daily workouts at home and need a little bit of extra guidance.

For Example, Oliver Anwar became an online personal trainer and makes $2,000 per month:

My customers are professionals, founders, and entrepreneurs who want to build a great body and mind so they can perform better at work and become more confident.

I am making around $2,000 USD per month and was featured on the New York Times Best Seller Chris Guillebeau’s Side Hustle Podcast.


Become an Instagram Influencer

Instagram can empower you to build your own personal brand and make money by simply documenting your lifestyle & uniqueness.

As your brand, identity, and following evolves, other brands will start paying you to promote their products and your social media presence will begin to be a lucrative source of income.

For example, Natalie Matthews became a fashion instagram influencer & makes $10,000 per month:

I first started Height-Of-Fashion as a styling platform as a tall woman on Instagram – but it was here I quickly grew in a tall following with many women around the world asking where they could buy my outfits I showcased; which only validated my rationale for starting the label.

After running a few surveys and setting up an email list, I found there were a lot of women 6’0+ who had the same issue. This is when I decided to put the wheels into motion and started designing outfits and sourcing manufacturers to turn Height-Of-Fashion into a clothing line.

I am proud to say I’ve doubled Height-Of-Fashion in profit, products and customers and YoY since launching in 2017 with 15 countries we now ship to.

Start a Software Agency

Technical knowledge is one of the most important & challenging pieces to launching a product.

Most entrepreneurs do not have the tech know-how to build an app or bootstrap a website on their own and are in need of assistance.

For Example, Andrew Askins founded the software agency, Krit and makes $69,000 per month:

Our very first consulting gig came from my old bosses. They needed some extra design help and reached out to us about designing an app with them. We charged something like $5,000 to design it for them, which at the time felt like a huge amount of money.

Then, we got another gig from one of the guys running the accelerator. He was working with a local non-profit to develop a new system that would source ideas from the community for local improvement projects, then fund them. We designed and built a Hacker News/Reddit/Product Hunt style website where users could submit ideas, vote and comment on them. We got paid a whopping $2000 for that project, but we were just excited to be working on a cool product that helped the community.

Become a Proofreader

With the amount of content produced daily, businesses are looking to ensure their content is presentable & grammatically correct.

For example, Lenny Bron started a blog proofreading company and makes $2,000 per month:

I content edit/copy edit/proofread the work of several clients on a regular basis. Some of this is done as a freelancer for larger companies, some of it is done for startups looking to make sure their content marketing looks clean and presentable, and some of it is done for bloggers or other content creators who want their readers to enjoy the work they put out without stopping to try and process a sentence with a missing word in it.

I’ve been able to build my business from scratch to consistently make ~$2,000 per month with zero experience in the field, no expenses, and barely any upfront costs.


Start a Subscription Box Company

Renting physical spaces to sell your product can be cost-prohibitive & daunting. The subscription box concept allows you to create your product & business from home and keep costs relatively low.

Check out Samuel Davidson’s journey making $150,000 a month by creating a subscription box company:

To date, we have worked with over 300 small businesses to curate their products and sell to our customers in our store, online, and via our corporate gift program.

We have shipped our gifts to all 50 states and a dozen countries, selling over 75,000 gift batches earning annual revenue now nearing $1,800,000.

Launch a B2B Saas product

SaaS tools play a significant role in almost every business to take care of essential business activities such as payroll, taxes, planning, organization, and team collaboration.

What's also great about this business model is that the recurring revenue model is very common, meaning you receive revenue from your clients every month they are using the software.

For example, Phil Strazzulla started an online review site for HR software and makes $1,375 per month:

We are an expert online review site for HR software - basically the NerdWallet/WireCutter for all of the different HR software categories out there.

Over the past 3 months, the organic search traffic to SelectSoftware has been growing at around 30% per month, and in August 2019 we had our first month of revenues with a little over $1k/mo.

Start a Web-Design Agency

The first impression any customer or business has is from your website. Businesses are constantly looking for experts in web design & SEO to optimize their offering and grow their business.

For example, Scott Bishop started a Web Design Agency and makes $20,000 in revenue per month:

Web design and local search engine optimization are the main services we offer. Combined these services account for more than 80% of our monthly revenue.

Our website prices start at around $7,000 and our SEO packages start at $650/month. These prices allow us to be very selective with our clientele. In the beginning, it was a much different story, I would take on anything remotely related to web design.

Currently, we’re doing over $20,000 in sales each month and continue to grow at a comfortable pace.

Online Coaching, Mentorship, Counseling

With self care becoming more of a priority and trend in 2019 to 2020, individuals are seeking guidance through counseling and mentorship and want access through technology.

Pradeep Gaddam started a college counseling platform and makes $50,000 per month, check them out:

Our product acquires prospective college students and delivers results based on college counseling through the experts on our platform.

We also manage the quality of the counseling and also take charge of the entire project management and results for families.

Start a blog

Creating a successful & profitable blog can be done from the comfort of your home.

Check out Michelle Gardners free course on “How to Start a Blog” and learn more about her experience building a personal finance blog & making $100,000 per month:

Me, my husband, and our two dogs currently travel and live full-time on a sailboat. We first bought an RV in 2015 and started traveling full-time that way, and about 1.5 years ago we decided to start sailing.

I started Making Sense of Cents back in 2011, completely as a hobby. I did not know that blogs could make money, how they made money, or even really what a blog was. I started it just for myself so that I could talk about my personal finance journey and talk to others who were interested in personal finance as well.

I earn around $100,000 a month from Making Sense of Cents and have made over $5,000,000 from it over the years. Much of it is profit, as my expenses are extremely low. I am the only full-time employee of my business, but I do outsource some work. I have a virtual assistant, an editor, and a technical manager.

Sell an Ebook

Almost all businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for new resources & forms of training. Praveen Malik, founder of PM-by-PM suggests that when getting started, you should first provide your customer with free guides to entice & retain them, and then evolve the business by selling your e-books & guides.

Check out Praveen Malik's business selling project management Ebooks and Courses & collecting $17,000 in monthly revenues:

In the year 2016, we had negligible revenue from the blog but the blog has grown substantially since then.

Our average revenue is about $17K per month. Our gross profit margin is about 80% since we maintain a very small team and there are no physical products.

Become a Social Media Consultant

Social media is at the forefront of everything we do. Businesses are constantly looking at ways to optimize their social media presence & create a loud & prominent voice in their space.

For example, Kaila Piepkow started a design & social media agency that makes $12,000 per month:

We strive to make great design accessible to everyone—even brands starting out with a low budget. That’s why we’re very excited for the upcoming release of our online store. This is where brands will be able to go to purchase templated designs, ranging from business cards to stock photos, to upgrade their branding. Be on the lookout late summer for the launch here.

Since launching my design agency in 2016, we have grown from around $4K in monthly sales to roughly $12K a month. In our highest month, we had over 12 clients and did $22K in closed business.

Start a meal delivery service

In our world today, individuals want easy, healthy & quick access to their meals. Your meal delivery service idea can begin on your couch & evolve in your kitchen.

For example, Andrei Calinescu started a Healthy Meals Delivery Business and makes $130,000 a month:

Our most common plan is one breakfast and 2 entrees per day. This plan covers an individual’s breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

In today’s fast paced world, time management and delegation are a must. One Life takes care of the routine tasks like grocery shopping, cooking and meal portioning, freeing up precious time for our clients. Because we cook on a large scale compared to home cooking, we are able to volume source higher quality ingredients at lower prices than what an individual would pay in a store. This allows us to provide great value to our clients.

In 2018 we made 14,500 meals per month and our monthly sales were $130k.

Launch an iPhone App

With some experience in the product/idea you are launching & a decent amount of technical knowledge, launching an iPhone app can be relatively quick and simple.

For example, Joel Runyon launched an iPhone Fitness App and makes $1,000 in revenue per month:

The app is designed to help you move better, get stronger and prevent injuries. It’s your ultimate movement and mobility companion.

Our customers are athletes and desk jockeys looking to perform better in fitness and generally move better and have less pain. The app has been out for a few years and currently brings in about $1,200-$1,800 per month, a nice amount of extra cash.

Start a Podcast

Launching a lucrative podcast can be simple - know your audience/intent & make a choice as to how content will be produced (ie. interview style, discussion style etc).

For example, Kurt Elster created a Podcast and makes $7,286 per month

Starting a podcast is really as simple as deciding on what format your comfortable with.

I had been listening to a lot of Howard Stern, and I loved his interviews, so I figured I would give that a try. Plus I knew I didn’t love doing monologues.

The magic of an interview is that the host does 20% of the talking. It’s mostly just being an attentive listener. From my work in biz dev, I’d already gotten familiar with the importance of listening. It felt like a skill I could approach pragmatically.

With 750,000 downloads, 200 episodes, and four sponsors, it’s become quite the media machine for us.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is a great way to offer a range of skills to businesses needing a specific task or project done.

This article gives you a step by step guide on how to start freelancing and land your first client.

Start an online art business

If you have some skills in art - such as painting or drawing, you can convert those skills into money.

For example, Sarah paints photos of people's pets and sends them all around the world:

My paintings are based off customers’ favorite reference pictures of their dog or cat. The goal is always to capture the pet’s unique disposition and soul in their portrait, so I ask for my customers to give me some fun facts about their pet (favorite toys, activities, quirks).

I’m basically the person you can show pictures of your pet to all day and won’t get sick of it!


Start a newsletter

Nowadays, you don't even need a website - you can monetize a business purely off of a newsletter.

For example, check out Ganzalo's newsletter - which covers European tech news and makes $1k/month:

Seedtable is an authentic voice into European tech.

My flagship product is a weekly newsletter on European tech, business and politics read by 10,000+ subscribers every week, but my startup’s rankings are starting to get traction – 50,000+ people visit them every month (and it’s growing!).


That's all for now! If you have any more ideas, please leave a comment below.

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