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13 Online Fitness Coach Success Stories [2023]

13 Online Fitness Coach Success Stories [2023]
Become An Online Fitness Coach

Online fitness coaching is using live or recorded video to offer fitness classes to an online audience at a fee. To become successful in business, online fitness coaches should possess the following personal qualities:

  • Stay focused on clients’ needs and goals
  • Be ready to walk the talk
  • Ask the clients questions
  • Focused on educating the client
  • Adjust to a language clients understand

Increase in number of internet usersand more hours spent online, online businesses will keep thriving.

Therefore, fitness coaches looking to expand their businesses or venture into new markets can consider starting an online fitness coach business.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a online fitness coach:

1. TeamFFLEX ($984K/year)

Ryan Milton (from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) started TeamFFLEX over 9 years ago.

$82K / month
1 founders / 0 employees
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Case Study

I was once just an out of shape, overweight guy with a goal to make a change. I started my health and fitness journey by losing 90lbs. The discipline and drive it took to go from never exercising at all to achieving such significant weight loss taught me a lot about goals and how to attain them.

TeamFFLEX is my online personal training platform that coaches athletes, Hollywood actors, professional musicians and everyday people all around the world. Starting with literally 0 dollars and a hell of a lot of drive I successfully built my business into the 6 figures in less than a year. Today, TeamFFLEX LLC does $48,000 a month and is growing continually month after month.


2. Expert PT LTD ($108K/year)

MR ANDREW P GRIFFITHS (from Chester, England, United Kingdom) started Expert PT LTD almost 8 years ago.

$9K / month
1 founders / 2 employees
Chester, England, United Kingdom

Case Study

My name is Andy Griffiths, I am the founder of Expert PT; an Online Personal Training service that specializes in fast-tracking body transformations.

My clients are wide-ranging in terms of age, culture, background, and demographic, I have consciously set out to achieve this via a persona and tone that does not alienate any one group. I have created a lucrative business model that has minimal static overheads which allows me to work from anywhere and with a global client base.


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4. Ro Anwar Fitness ($24K/year)

Oliver Anwar (from London, England, United Kingdom) started Ro Anwar Fitness over 5 years ago.

$2K / month
1 founders / 1 employees
London, England, United Kingdom

Case Study

My name is Oliver Anwar, the owner of www.roanwarfitness.com. I am an online personal trainer that provides bespoke training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to busy professionals, entrepreneurs and founders trying to lose fat, build muscle and improve their confidence.

I am making around $2,000 USD per month and was featured on the New York Times Best Seller Chris Guillebeau’s Side Hustle Podcast.


5. Fit Healthy Momma ($240K/year)

From burned out freelance writer to making $200+ a day in affiliate sales ... all in less than a year. That’s Tami Smith's story. Tami was writing affiliate content for clients when she had a “why don’t I try that?” moment. Starting in late 2019, Tami went from watching clients make money from th…

Tami Smith (from Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States) started Fit Healthy Momma over 3 years ago.

$20K / month
1 founders / 2 employees

Case Study

Tami Smith started Fit Healthy Momma in late 2019. She writes blogs about the latest fitness and wellness-based brands to help her readers make informed choices and live a fit & healthy life!

Through her website, she aspires to create a space for real, legitimate information on reviews of the best D2C fitness and health brands. In less than a year, she went from being a freelance writer to earning more than $200 per day from affiliate sales.

Tami moved from watching her clients profit from the articles she wrote to earning her own affiliate commissions on a website. She is doing an incredible job with Fit Healthy Momma, and it combines two of her passions: fitness and writing.


Listen to the full podcast on podcasts.apple.com ➜

6. Tobias Young Fitness ($360K/year)

Tobias Young (from Canada) started Tobias Young Fitness over 8 years ago.

$30K / month
1 founders / 2 employees

Case Study

Hi! I’m Tobias Young, IFBB Pro, Online Fitness Coach, and Nutrition Expert with 21 years of fitness industry experience.


7. Winning Mentality Fitness ($120K/year)

Brandon tells us how he scaled his training business online with Everfit so he could stop trading time for money and help more clients achieve their goals.

Brandon is a solo operator of Winning Mentality Fitness, located in the Bay area. He first began training 8 years ago after college and shifted to adding remote coaching right before the pandemic. Brandon invested heavily in himself to perfect his craft of coaching but also to build his business acumen.

Brandon Woo (from Berkeley, California, USA) started *Winning Mentality Fitness * over 9 years ago.

$10K / month
1 founders / employees

Case Study

Winning Mentality Fitness, based in the Bay area, is a fitness training business run solely by Brandon Woo.

He started working out for the first time after graduating from college eight years ago and grew a passion for fitness. This led to his fitness coaching training business which he started in 2014.

In 2020 after the pandemic hit, he came across Everit, an online fitness training software. This discovery proved beneficial as he decided to take his training business online.

In just three months, Brandon expanded his training company to a monthly revenue of $10,000 by using his newly acquired business knowledge. He now maintains a small number of in-person clients while working online with 20 clients.

Since the success of his online training, Brandon has been able to add a new source of income to his training company. Because of this, he could choose the clients he worked with personally and was no longer forced to exchange his time for money.


Read the full story on blog.everfit.io ➜

8. Fierce & Fit ($60K/year)

We are talking to a special guest Michelle Riley, and this is a trainer who built her business from the ground up, starting from making just a couple of hundred dollars a month to over $5,000 per month as an online personal trainer.

Today, we're going to dive into how she’s been able to do that and how you can do that too. Since filming this, Michelle Riley has taken her business even further to making over $10,000 a month. There are a lot of awesome things to be learned, and we’re gonna dive right in!

Michelle Riley-Snyder (from Pensacola, Florida, United States) started *Fierce & Fit * over 8 years ago.

$5K / month
1 founders / employees

Case Study
  • The company Fierce & Fit is owned and run by Michelle Riley-Snyder, a Latina business owner who is a certified trainer & nutrition coach. Through this online platform, Michelle assists Modern professional women in achieving the physical and mental health they truly deserve.
  • Fierce and Fit is ideal for women who need assistance juggling their personal and professional lives while also wanting to maintain their best physical and mental health.
  • Michelle offers personalized workout routines, customized meal plans, and motivation to help her clients reach their objectives.
  • She is also co-founder and co-owner of the Health and Wealth Sisters, as well as the author of the book "The Health and Wealth Sisters' 360 Action Plan".

Michelle took the business from $0 to $5K/month, mainly through social media and leveraging client relationships.


Read the full story on trainerize.com ➜

9. Camp Gladiator ($479M/year)

Tune in to hear the story of Jeff and Ally Davidson—how interacting with Hulk Hogan jump started their business, how they’ve seen community and exercise drastically affect people’s lives, and how their faith impacts everything they do.

Jeff and Ally Davidson (from Austin, Texas, USA) started Camp Gladiator almost 15 years ago.

$39.9M / month
2 founders / 1004 employees

Case Study
  • Jeff and Ally Davidson (a husband-wife-duo) started Camp Gladiator, a fitness coaching company. They are passionate about physical fitness and strive to provide trainers and campers with unforgettable, life-changing experiences.
  • The goal of Camp Gladiator is to positively impact people's physical health and, ultimately, their lives. They work towards transforming lives through engaging, enjoyable, and challenging outdoor and online group workouts.
  • Camp Gladiator (CG), founded in 2008 in Austin, Texas, is one of the fitness fads with the fastest expansion rate.
  • CG has expanded exponentially throughout 2020 and 2021! While the majority of fitness-related businesses were closing down.
  • This company has more than 1,000+ elite Certified Personal Trainers and more than 100+ devoted HQ teammates.


Watch the full video on youtube.com ➜

10. MasalaBody ($120K/year)

Some say starting a successful online business is impossible. I say my kids eat impossible for lunch. Within 6 months of launching my website, I made my first $10K. Today my online business, MasalaBody.com, makes more than $10K every month — plus, I still have a full-time job, and my kids are now 6 1/2 and 5.

Nagina Abdullah (from New York, NY, USA) started MasalaBody about 9 years ago.

$10K / month
1 founders / employees

Case Study

Nagina Abdullah is the owner of the online weight loss coaching company MasalaBody.

She lost 40 lbs in 9 months and is now on a mission to help others achieve similar weight loss success.

Women who’ve previously tried everything else lost hope and believed their weight issue might be genetic. But when they consulted Nagina, they could see positive results within a short time.

Nagina assists ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs transform into a healthy lifestyle using a step-by-step habit change approach through 1:1 coaching and online programs.

She works specifically with busy clients and provides strategies for every situation, including while they are at home, networking/business conferences, and traveling.


Read the full story on growthlab.com ➜

11. Lazy Jar ($3K/year)

Justin Anyanwu (from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) started Lazy Jar over 5 years ago.

$250 / month
1 founders / 0 employees
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Case Study

My name is Justin Anyanwu. I came to the US from Nigeria in 1998. I’m now a citizen, and every day, I thank my mother for bringing me here. I love this country.

It was started in October of 2017 as a proof of concept. We re-launched the app this year in March, today we’re averaging $250 a month from the app.


12. F45 Training ($31.8M/year)

From the archive: This episode was originally recorded and published in 2019. Our interviews on Entrepreneurs On Fire are meant to be evergreen, and we do our best to confirm that all offers and URL's in these archive episodes are still relevant. Luke Armstrong is the Global Head of Sales for F45 Group - the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. If you have a great product, it will do its own marketing. 2. Make the experience special for the customer and be different. Do something that is original. 3. You have to be very action-oriented in business. Taking risks isn’t really a bad thing; you just have to be open to the results. Check out the franchise opportunities available on the F45 website! - Sponsors: : A platform that’s easy for your entire team to use! Learn how HubSpot can make it easier for your business to grow better at ! : A world-leading sales training and certification company. For more info on their sales certification visit ! : Ready for a lot less stress in your life? Get 3 free months of unlimited payroll processing when you visit ! Terms and conditions apply.

Adam Gilchrist & Rob Deutsch (from Austin, Texas, USA) started F45 Training over 10 years ago.

$2.65M / month
2 founders / 4107 employees

Case Study

Adam Gilchrist & Rob Deutsch co-founded F45 Training, a global fitness community specializing in innovative high-intensity group workouts. F45 Training started in 2011 after Rob realized a gap in the health and fitness market.

Their innovative team training focuses on high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun & results-driven. The fitness community owns a patented technology, and all the exercises are illustrated on overhead TV screens, with a countdown and prompt to move to the next station.

Co-founder Gilchrist is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in franchising, marketing, and product development. He served as Co-Chief Executive Officer at F45 from 2014 to 2019 and Chief Executive Officer from 2019 to July 24, 2022.

Rob Deutsch is the organizer and proprietor of this quickest-developing wellness objective on the planet.

Here is an overview of their success journey:

  • In 2021, the company earned a revenue of $134 million, an increase from $82.3 million in the previous year.
  • Their franchise revenue increased 40 percent from $52.6 million to $73.7 million in the prior year.
  • Over 1,750 studios in 45 nations worldwide, with more than 550 in Australia and more than 650 in the United States.
  • F45 Training opens 40-50 franchises every month worldwide.

The increase in the number of establishments & monthly franchise fees drove the growth in franchise revenue.

The recent growth of boutique class-based workouts makes it appear that the world is witnessing the arrival of a completely new training style.

As of August 2021, F45 was the only class-based franchise company ranked in the top 40 fastest-growing franchises worldwide and #1 as the world’s fastest-growing gym franchise.


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