The 55 Best Shipping Tools For Small Business [2021]

The 55 Best Shipping Tools For Small Business [2021]

Shipping is essential to running your business.

After interviewing thousands of founders, we put together a list of the most popular shipping tools.

Here they are:

1. ShipStation

Shipping software designed to save you time and money on eCommerce fulfillment and shipping.

Businesses using ShipStation:

143 successful businesses are using ShipStation ➜


Get ShipStation ➜


Shipping and mailing services.

Businesses using USPS:

134 successful businesses are using USPS ➜


Get USPS ➜

3. FedEx

Services segment provides sales, marketing, information technology, communications, customer service, technical support, billing and collection services, and certain back-office functions.

Businesses using FedEx:

96 successful businesses are using FedEx ➜


Get FedEx ➜

4. UPS

An American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company.

Businesses using UPS:

74 successful businesses are using UPS ➜


Get UPS ➜


Buy USPS postage online from your PC, easily print postage stamps and shipping labels for all USPS mail classes.

Businesses using

59 successful businesses are using ➜


Get ➜

6. UPS WorldShip

Global shipping software.

Businesses using UPS WorldShip:

55 successful businesses are using UPS WorldShip ➜

Get UPS WorldShip ➜

7. DHL

The global leader in the logistics industry. Specializing in international shipping, courier services and transportation.

Businesses using DHL:

54 successful businesses are using DHL ➜


Get DHL ➜

8. Amazon FBA

Store your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

Businesses using Amazon FBA:

28 successful businesses are using Amazon FBA ➜


Get Amazon FBA ➜

9. ShippingEasy

An easy-to-use shipping platform for online merchants of all sizes. With the best USPS shipping rates, time-saving automation, and support available every step of the way, merchants save time and money every day.

Businesses using ShippingEasy:

20 successful businesses are using ShippingEasy ➜


Get ShippingEasy ➜

10. Shippo

Get discounted shipping rates, print labels, and send tracking info to your customers from one simple place.

Businesses using Shippo:

16 successful businesses are using Shippo ➜


Get Shippo ➜

11. Pirate Ship

Use our free shipping software to get the cheapest USPS shipping rates, which can save you up to 90% with services like Priority Mail Cubic.

Businesses using Pirate Ship:

13 successful businesses are using Pirate Ship ➜


Get Pirate Ship ➜

12. Royal Mail

Operates as an universal postal service provider in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other European countries.

Businesses using Royal Mail:

10 successful businesses are using Royal Mail ➜


Get Royal Mail ➜

13. SendOwl

Allows you to sell digital goods online. It connects with the payment provider so you get paid (more on this below) and it automatically delivers the files to the buyers once payment has completed.

Businesses using SendOwl:

10 successful businesses are using SendOwl ➜

Get SendOwl ➜

14. Aftership

Automated tracking solution and API for eCommerce.

Businesses using Aftership:

10 successful businesses are using Aftership ➜


Get Aftership ➜

15. Endicia

Shipping software provides mailing and shipping solutions for online retailers, warehouse shippers and small business mailers.

Businesses using Endicia:

7 successful businesses are using Endicia ➜

Get Endicia ➜

16. Canada Post

Trading as Canada Post, is a Crown corporation which functions as the primary postal operator in Canada.

Businesses using Canada Post:

6 successful businesses are using Canada Post ➜


Get Canada Post ➜

17. Lumi

Packaging for e-commerce brands. Custom boxes to envelope mailers, rubber stamps and tape in a single place.

Businesses using Lumi:

6 successful businesses are using Lumi ➜


Get Lumi ➜

18. EasyPost

EasyPost is the simple shipping API for the UPS API, USPS API, Fedex API, DHL API, and more.

Businesses using EasyPost:

6 successful businesses are using EasyPost ➜


Get EasyPost ➜

19. Route Shipping Insurance

A free plug-and-play shipping insurance app for Shopify merchants.

Businesses using Route Shipping Insurance:

5 successful businesses are using Route Shipping Insurance ➜


Get Route Shipping Insurance ➜

20. ShipMonk

Providing industry-leading order fulfillment services and inventory management software

Businesses using ShipMonk:

5 successful businesses are using ShipMonk ➜


Get ShipMonk ➜

21. Australia Post

Provides reliable and affordable postal, retail, financial and travel services.

Businesses using Australia Post:

5 successful businesses are using Australia Post ➜

Get Australia Post ➜

22. Sendcloud

Process all of your store’s orders, select the shipping carriers, print labels and ship around the world.

Businesses using Sendcloud:

4 successful businesses are using Sendcloud ➜

Get Sendcloud ➜

23. Shipwire

The cloud-based platform to power your global logistics network.

Businesses using Shipwire:

4 successful businesses are using Shipwire ➜


Get Shipwire ➜

24. Order Printer Templates

Custom Invoice, Receipt, Packing Slip & Return Form templates.

Businesses using Order Printer Templates:

4 successful businesses are using Order Printer Templates ➜


Get Order Printer Templates ➜

25. Return Magic

Auto-magically generate labels, refunds and emails to save time and enhance your shopping experience.

Businesses using Return Magic:

3 successful businesses are using Return Magic ➜


Get Return Magic ➜

26. Unishipper

Provides logistics services. The Company offers domestic and international and LTL shipping, intermodal, cargo insurance, air freight, and mailing services.

Businesses using Unishipper:

3 successful businesses are using Unishipper ➜


Get Unishipper ➜

27. Shipworks

Connect all of your online e-commerce stores with all shipping carriers.

Businesses using Shipworks:

3 successful businesses are using Shipworks ➜

Get Shipworks ➜

28. Parcel2Go

Parcel delivery and courier services.

Businesses using Parcel2Go:

3 successful businesses are using Parcel2Go ➜

Get Parcel2Go ➜

29. Shippit

Shipping engine for modern retail that saves time.

Businesses using Shippit:

2 successful businesses are using Shippit ➜


Get Shippit ➜

30. Teespring

Handles everything from storefront to supply chain. All you need are ideas.

Businesses using Teespring:

2 successful businesses are using Teespring ➜


Get Teespring ➜

31. GoSweetSpot

Free platform built to streamline the shipping process.

Businesses using GoSweetSpot:

2 successful businesses are using GoSweetSpot ➜

Get GoSweetSpot ➜

32. Netparcel

Provides discounted Small Parcel and LTL freight services for Canadian and US e-commerce merchants.

Businesses using Netparcel:

1 successful business is using Netparcel ➜


Get Netparcel ➜

33. Loop Returns

Is to lead consumers to love what we buy, through deepening our connection to brands and products.

Businesses using Loop Returns:

1 successful business is using Loop Returns ➜

Get Loop Returns ➜

34. byrd

Enables online shops to easily outsource their entire logistics with just a few clicks and thus offers a scalable solution for e-commerce fulfillment.

Businesses using byrd:

1 successful business is using byrd ➜


Get byrd ➜

35. Parcel Monkey

Compare cheap parcel delivery and courier prices.

Businesses using Parcel Monkey:

1 successful business is using Parcel Monkey ➜


Get Parcel Monkey ➜

36. StarShipIt

Integrated shipping and tracking software supporting live rates at checkout, shipping label generation and branded tracking pages.

Businesses using StarShipIt:

1 successful business is using StarShipIt ➜

Get StarShipIt ➜

37. Flavorcloud

International shipping made easy, affordable and friction free.

Businesses using Flavorcloud:

1 successful business is using Flavorcloud ➜


Get Flavorcloud ➜

38. Falcon Fulfillment

Boutique fulfillment company specializing in high volume consumable product businesses.

Businesses using Falcon Fulfillment:

1 successful business is using Falcon Fulfillment ➜


Get Falcon Fulfillment ➜

39. Sidemail

Is everything you need to communicate well with your customers: email sending API, targeted messaging, and so much more.

Businesses using Sidemail:

1 successful business is using Sidemail ➜

Get Sidemail ➜

40. Chit Chats

Offers innovative shipping services technology that helps businesses effortlessly manage shipping every step of the way, from pick-up to delivery.

Businesses using Chit Chats:

1 successful business is using Chit Chats ➜


Get Chit Chats ➜

41. Sweetwater Logistics

Logistics solutions.

Businesses using Sweetwater Logistics:

1 successful business is using Sweetwater Logistics ➜


Get Sweetwater Logistics ➜

42. Deliverr

An eCommerce fulfillment service that accelerates your sales on all channels – including Walmart, eBay, and Shopify.

Businesses using Deliverr:

1 successful business is using Deliverr ➜

Get Deliverr ➜

43. PostNord

Track parcels and letters.

Businesses using PostNord:

1 successful business is using PostNord ➜


Get PostNord ➜

44. U-Pic

Shipping Insurance offers package insurance for all carriers including FedEx, UPS & USPS.

Businesses using U-Pic:

1 successful business is using U-Pic ➜


Get U-Pic ➜

45. XPS Shipping

100% free shipping software. Always get the best shipping rate in the world.

Businesses using XPS Shipping:

1 successful business is using XPS Shipping ➜


Get XPS Shipping ➜

46. Drop Ship Lifestyle App

A dropshipping training program that includes a main course, multiple mini courses, software, and tools to help entrepreneurs break into dropshipping.

Businesses using Drop Ship Lifestyle App:

1 successful business is using Drop Ship Lifestyle App ➜


Get Drop Ship Lifestyle App ➜

47. 2ship

A Transportation Management Systems that reduced shipping expenses by comparing rates and services with all the carriers to find the best price.

Businesses using 2ship:

1 successful business is using 2ship ➜

Get 2ship ➜

48. Fulfillrite

Order fulfillment services.

Businesses using Fulfillrite:

1 successful business is using Fulfillrite ➜


Get Fulfillrite ➜

49. GFS

Providing unique and affordable shipping solutions that optimise every aspect of delivery.

Businesses using GFS:

1 successful business is using GFS ➜

Get GFS ➜

50. 71lbs

Audits and claims shipping refunds from FedEx and UPS.

Businesses using 71lbs:

1 successful business is using 71lbs ➜

Get 71lbs ➜

51. freightcom

Freightcom is a cloud-based software platform that makes it easy for you to manage the entire shipping process and take advantage of our deeply discounted shipping rates. We’ve simplified the entire process of calling a carrier, obtaining a rate, booking a shipment, tracking it, confirming delivery and much more. ClickShip, is our easy-to-use and innovative eCommerce shipping solution, enables seamless eCommerce fulfillment.

Businesses using freightcom:

1 successful business is using freightcom ➜

Get freightcom ➜

52. Temando

Shipping platform that helps retailers manage the fulfillment process from the shopping cart through to delivery.

Businesses using Temando:

1 successful business is using Temando ➜


Get Temando ➜

53. Shiptheory

Fully automated shipping integration platform.

Businesses using Shiptheory:

1 successful business is using Shiptheory ➜


Get Shiptheory ➜

54. TNT

An international courier delivery services company.

Businesses using TNT:

1 successful business is using TNT ➜


Get TNT ➜

55. Wynd

A logistics solution that optimizes packing, shipping, and same-day delivery operations.


Get Wynd ➜

Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story

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