40 Profitable Side Hustle Ideas To Start In Europe

40 Profitable Side Hustle Ideas To Start In Europe

Looking to start a business or side hustle in Europe?

Even if you are determined to go off on your own, oftentimes, it can be challenging to come up with the right idea for your business.

We've interviewed 40 European entrepreneurs that came up with a business idea, took their idea to the launch phase, and continue to grow today.

Some ideas are more traditional than others, and some are the first innovation of their kind.

Our goal is that these side hustle success stories get you thinking about what you're most interested in, and hopefully, an idea of what you may want to build in the future.

1. Nutritional meals side hustle

Joey van Koningsbruggen started Jimmy Joy, which started as a side hustle and sells nutritional meals and is now making $600,000 revenue/mo.

I got annoyed with having to choose between healthy or fast food. So I set out to create healthy fast food. Which then became a mission to create the healthiest meal scientifically possible. Starting with interns from the University of Wageningen and by partnering with a large manufacturer of baby food, the first recipe was created to be as close to health recommendations from the World Health Organisation.

When the company grew I hired a food technologist, a research analyst and worked with certified dietitians to do in house research to improve further health. Food is more than just the nutritional makeup however and recent updates focussed on flavor and sustainability too. Real fruit was added to improve flavoring and the highest quality ingredients were sourced to create not only the best in nutrition but also in texture, creating a smooth milkshake-like experience.

When I started there was nothing like it in Europe, I made it because I really wanted the product to existing here like it did in the US. The US company was focussed on making meals as close in the experience of drinking water. I immediately felt the need to work on taste. Even though the focus of our meals is nutrition, the taste is still very important, which is why I started with different flavours and options, flavoring with real fruit, vanilla sticks, and cacao.


Joey van Koningsbruggen, on starting Jimmy Joy ($600,000 revenue/mo) full story

2. Corporate & personal gifts side hustle

Dmitriy Peregudov started GiftBasketsOverseas.com, which started as a side hustle and sells corporate & personal gifts and is now making $100,000 revenue/mo.

Half of my life ago (23 years ago) I immigrated from Moscow, Russia to the United States with an MS in Engineering and was trying to figure out the best way to leverage the degree for my career in the US. I’ve worked in several tech jobs, mostly focusing on Software development and picked up web programming on the way.

While I enjoyed my tech jobs I felt there are more interesting ways to apply my skills. At the same time I’ve seen my father being miserable after he was laid off from his highly paid Hi-tech job, I simply felt there got to be a better way to make a living.

So a friend of mine from University and I launched our first website, initially a hobby business we named flowers2moscow.com - servicing just our home city of Moscow. The idea came from my own negative experience trying to send flowers back home to my girlfriend and to my parents. Product and service experience were far from perfect, so our first website was born.


Dmitriy Peregudov, on starting GiftBasketsOverseas.com ($100,000 revenue/mo) full story

3. Fixed gear bikes ecommerce side hustle

Xavier Claveria Masip started Santafixie, which started as a side hustle and sells fixed gear bikes ecommerce and is now making $250,000 revenue/mo.

Born in 1982 in Barcelona, I studied in a liberal and secular school where art and music were an important role in education.

My personal goals were focused on my music band, I love playing the guitar, but although it may sound weird, I ended up studying for a degree in Economics. But as you can imagine, I was not the typical economics student, it took awhile for me to finish my degree. I liked it, but it was just too soon for me to sit and decide what I would be.

A few years later, in 2010, I was working as a financial controller. Everything seemed to be fine, good salary, good position, and a whole career ahead to professionally grow. But I felt empty. I quit my music band and my job and I moved to London, where it all started.


Xavier Claveria Masip, on starting Santafixie ($250,000 revenue/mo) full story

4. Green tech products side hustle

Borja Eraso started tutiendaenergetica.es, which started as a side hustle and sells green tech products and is now making $110,000 revenue/mo.

As with many things in life, the start of tutiendaenergetica.es was a consequence of a number of circumstances. Back in 2010, I was living in the UK working as a Revenue Manager for a local hotel chain - I studied International Hospitality Management in university, by the way. I had a good progression in the hotel business since leaving college, working my way up in the London hotel scene. I worked for world-renowned companies such as Jumeirah and InterContinental (IHG group) and by the age of 27 I was making $43,000 + incentives per year (which was an acceptable wage for someone my age within the hotel business at the time), taking care of the Revenue Management strategy of 2 hotels totaling +700 rooms.

However, in my last position, I was very miserable and soon grew quite apathetic about the job itself. In the beginning, I blamed the working environment, which I disliked, but with time I realized that I had pursued a professional path that I wasn’t cut out for in the long-term. That was a tough moment of clarity for me. I was well aware that any career move to different disciplines would mean a sudden drop in income and a few years of waiting to regain a certain seniority level at the new job.

Back home in Spain, my dad had resigned from his job in banking around 2006 and had founded a company (fotona) specializes in designing and installing Solar PV projects. Given my background, I knew nothing about solar at the time (neither did he!), but I did accompany him to his first business trips to trade fairs in China or Germany as an interpreter during my holidays, and helped him exchanging emails with suppliers and investors on his behalf at nights.


Borja Eraso, on starting tutiendaenergetica.es ($110,000 revenue/mo) full story

5. Ticketing platform side hustle

Juan Jose Delgado started Palco4, which started as a side hustle and sells ticketing platform and is now making $100,000 revenue/mo.

In 2014 my friend, partner in other initiatives and one of the most brilliant tech managers I know, Vicente Vara, finished his job as CTO of one of the main ticketing companies in Spain convinced that there was an opportunity in the market and we started to shape it.

Vicente called two people from this industry: Carlos Lara, a UX Manager obsessed with perfection and Alfonso Uribarri, a tireless Project Manager. All three had the mission of developing a revolutionary ticketing software and meanwhile I was transforming our dream into an enterprise.

It's easy to go with the flow and pursue quick success, big numbers, immediate visibility - but the important thing is just to do your best every day, have a solid structure and the other things will come sooner or later.


Juan Jose Delgado, on starting Palco4 ($100,000 revenue/mo) full story

6. Healthy drinks side hustle

Julien DUTHEIL CORBIOLI started Natura Wellness , which started as a side hustle and sells healthy drinks and is now making $150,000 revenue/mo.

I’ve started some research about the food industry when I did some abroad years and became a student at the University Of California, Santa Barbara. I was playing for the soccer team of the university (Big up to the Gauchos) and I had to control my weight almost everyday.

Learn from what you’ve done wrong and always try to improve yourself.

I learned the ingredients of almost every product on the market and I became obsessed to know exactly what I was giving to my body.


Julien DUTHEIL CORBIOLI, on starting Natura Wellness ($150,000 revenue/mo) full story

7. Airbnb concierge side hustle

Gary Fox started Host Butlers, which started as a side hustle and sells airbnb concierge and is now making $35,000 revenue/mo.

I’ve been starting businesses since I was 15. During school, I worked part-time in a mobile phone store and learned how to fix phones. During the weekends, I started my own market stall and advertised online to fix phones, replace screens, and started to earn cash that way. During college, I scaled up this business to a physical location at the University I was attending here in Ireland. I approached the college and rented an office space from them and opened my first store!

I was terrified of running out of money and for the first 18 months, I ran the company entirely on my own. I remember one particular day where I met 18 different guests at 18 different locations across the city.

Between classes, I would work in the store and when I was in class, I hired classmates and friends to work for me. Looking back now, it was an incredibly fun time but I wish I hadn’t reinvested so much money in the college bar!


Gary Fox, on starting Host Butlers ($35,000 revenue/mo) full story

8. Wireframing software side hustle

Natalie Gould started Balsamiq, which started as a side hustle and sells wireframing software and is now making $550,000 revenue/mo.

That company value starts out:

“Our team is filled with talented, skilled, and knowledgeable people, but we are also humble enough to know that there is always something more to learn - something that can be improved.”

Learning and constant improvement are important to us, but also in telling our story. There is a tendency to look at startup success as coming from a single moment’s inspired idea and perhaps from one individual genius founder. When Peldi launched Balsamiq Mockups in 2008, it may have appeared from the outside as an overnight success.


Natalie Gould, on starting Balsamiq ($550,000 revenue/mo) full story

9. Customer experience tools side hustle

JUAN started Customeer, which started as a side hustle and sells customer experience tools and is now making $50,000 revenue/mo.

I have always considered myself an entrepreneur. Back in 2000, in the midst of the Internet euforia, I quit my well paid corporate job to start my first company. We began with all the traction imaginable and then…, the Internet bubble popped. Financial markets dried and we had to bootstrap for several years. We decided to persevere and to finance ourselves in a very unusual way those days, right?… by generating revenues. What a discovery!

One can surely laugh at that statement, but raising funds had become a sort of badge of honor, the ultimate outcome back in the day. And I would claim, that is still the case today. We did struggle for sure, but we became profitable, to then end up being acquired. And frankly, that was part of our success.

Had we raised funds from external investors at that time, we would have invested in a market that was still not ready for our solution, and once we had burned through our last dollar, we’d be out of business. Luckily though, we bootstrapped, remained confident, persevered, and adjusted our product until we found market fit.


JUAN, on starting Customeer ($50,000 revenue/mo) full story

10. Reusable alternatives to single-use side hustle

Isabel Aagaard started LastObject, which started as a side hustle and sells reusable alternatives to single-use and is now making $240,096 revenue/mo.

We are three independent designers that together wanted to create designs that help our planet. I am more specifically a co-designer and have always been very interested in waste reduction and sustainable design solutions. Everything that I have done throughout the years has in some way tapped into these interests.

The idea for LastSwab came to us when we were researching which single-use items were the most harmful for our planet and the cotton swab was surprisingly quite high on this list. We found that one of the biggest issues was that people didn’t discard them properly, mainly because they are so small. If flushed down the toilet they often don’t get caught by filtration systems and are dumped directly into the ocean, and later end up in the stomachs of sea creatures. We felt that by solving this problem, we would create an impact on marine life as well as single-use pollution.

We find it valuable to validate our ideas through crowdfunding platforms. We work with the community to change and improve our ideas and outreach.


Isabel Aagaard, on starting LastObject ($240,096 revenue/mo) full story

11. Cold email automation side hustle

Guillaume Moubeche started lemlist, which started as a side hustle and sells cold email automation and is now making $250,000 revenue/mo.

Before working on lemlist, I had a B2B lead generation agency for scale-ups and SMBs.

I was essentially doing a lot of cold emailing for my clients in order to book qualified meetings. Because we were testing tons of different approaches, we started seeing an increase in the number of meetings booked when adding ultra personalization on images or videos.

The more time you spend understanding who your customers are and what their main pain is, business will come automatically!


Guillaume Moubeche, on starting lemlist ($250,000 revenue/mo) full story

12. Sustainable promotional gifts side hustle

Gonzalo Mestre started Sheedo Paper, which started as a side hustle and sells sustainable promotional gifts and is now making $40,000 revenue/mo.

I met Gala at the university, we both studied a brand new degree called LEINN. LEINN is about innovation tools, team management and project entrepreneurship, so we had the chance during our academic life to startup some projects.

We tried many different small projects, all of them short term, but then, we came up with an idea: To startup our own espadrilles brand. As a first step, we made a market research, and having a look at one of our future competitors we realized that they were using “plantable tags” for the espadrilles.

You have to launch your product even if it's not perfect.


Gonzalo Mestre, on starting Sheedo Paper ($40,000 revenue/mo) full story

13. Advertising side hustle

Valerio Celletti started Loop, which started as a side hustle and sells advertising and is now making $115,000 revenue/mo.

Our story is quite simple but rather atypical.

We both worked as freelancers (Francesco on Facebook since 2014, while Valerio on Google Ads since 2016), so in 2017 we decided to join forces and found our own agency.

We both came from a stereotypical freelancer background where we found our clients through online marketplaces.


Valerio Celletti, on starting Loop ($115,000 revenue/mo) full story

14. Curated shopping service side hustle

Nelli Jeloudar started Bundleboon, which started as a side hustle and sells curated shopping service and is now making $35,000 revenue/mo.

Bundleboon is my first business, in fact, I never wanted to become an entrepreneur.

When I graduated from college in Copenhagen, I started working for Pandora Jewelry where I quickly found a passion for customer experience and the importance of it.

Don’t quit your day job before you have validated your concept. Run it as a side hustle, until you have enough knowledge, customers and resources to go all-in. You don’t have to have a lot of money in the bank when starting off.


Nelli Jeloudar, on starting Bundleboon ($35,000 revenue/mo) full story

15. Mattresses side hustle

Julien Sylvain started Tediber, which started as a side hustle and sells mattresses and is now making $3,500,000 revenue/mo.

Juan Pablo and Jean-Christophe (2 of my now 3 co-founders) started our first company right after graduation.

They were industrial designers and I was a business student - we met during entrepreneurship class and we started to work on a cardboard furniture project as a school project. Quickly, the projected moved to a passionate humanitarian project: cardboard furniture for natural disasters relief that are manufactured locally, close to the need and thus delivered very quickly.

I learned that selling a cheap product or an expensive product requires almost the same efforts!


Julien Sylvain, on starting Tediber ($3,500,000 revenue/mo) full story

16. Pay per click consulting side hustle

Gabriele Contilli started Rocket PPC, which started as a side hustle and sells pay per click consulting and is now making $40,000 revenue/mo.

Pasquale and I work in the digital marketing field since… ever! We started when Facebook was not yet existing - so you can imagine how many things have changed in all those years. We first met in a large web marketing agency in Italy and we worked together for a couple of years, side by side for large clients.

It is not easy to leave your casual work and start your own thing, but if you keep listening to that voice inside you every single day telling you “quit your job and start your own business” well.. you know you’ll get there, sooner or later.

After that, we both followed our growing path working on the client side or in other agencies, trying to get the best from all our jobs. It took something around 4-5 years to finally start talking seriously about our “dream job”.


Gabriele Contilli, on starting Rocket PPC ($40,000 revenue/mo) full story

17. Content marketing side hustle

Dani Mancini started Scribly.io, which started as a side hustle and sells content marketing and is now making $37,000 revenue/mo.

Ok, this has the potential to be a long one, so maybe grab a cuppa or a coffee ☕.

I'm a first-time entrepreneur with a fairly eclectic background.

I studied French and Russian at uni (Oui, Я немного говорю по русски!) and began my career in policy design for the UK government. After 2 years of trying to fit in and failing terribly, I decided to jump ship and retrain as a UX designer.

I was terrified, but also fired up. I had zero experience of anything to do with being self-employed, I had literally never sent a manual invoice the day that I quit my job. I don't even think I had a business bank account by that point.


Dani Mancini, on starting Scribly.io ($37,000 revenue/mo) full story

18. Write and erase robot side hustle

Scribit started Scribit, which started as a side hustle and sells write and erase robot and is now making $2,300,000 raised.

Scribit comes with some pretty impressive credentials. It was originally designed as a concept by the influential Carlo Ratti, director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Senseable City Laboratory and founder of the Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) innovation and design studio. He showcased the idea back in 2015 for an installation he designed in Milan.

However, the dream of a vertical plotter that anyone could install in their home or office had appeal that extended way beyond a single art exhibition. That’s what was proven when Scribit landed on Kickstarter in June 2018, and racked up USD 1.6 million in pledges against a stated goal of just USD 50,000.

All things considered, the best way to validate your idea is to discuss it with everyone you can engage in a meaningful and constructive dialogue. People who tend to keep their ideas to themselves are normally not bound to success.


Scribit, on starting Scribit ($2,300,000 raised) full story

19. Financial services side hustle

David Civit Ferraro started Agesem, which started as a side hustle and sells financial services and is now making $30,000 revenue/mo.

That’s a good question. It all really started at the university. One friend and I saw one announcement from a consolatory that was looking for some young employees. They hired us at the age of 21, and we worked there for four years. Here was when I realized that the most important thing in a tax and legal consolatory is personal attention and to empathize with the client. With the years, we gained a lot of experience and know-how and decided we wanted to have our own client’s portfolio and our own enterprise.

The future is the collaboration with autonomous entities that collaborate in the common good.

Frankly, when you are 25 years old, your idea is more like a dream. We were two young boys with just plenty of energy and enthusiasm by our side and few savings. They took with them some of their previous clients and some new ones from the word of mouth. It was all about the contacts that we had made in the university, previous job, and our family.


David Civit Ferraro, on starting Agesem ($30,000 revenue/mo) full story

20. Seo agency side hustle

Leslie Gilmour started Cube Digital, which started as a side hustle and sells seo agency and is now making $25,000 revenue/mo.

The Accidental SEO Business

One evening in February 2006 my frustration overcame my writing ability and I tore up my latest attempt to write a novel and dumped it in the bin.

The next morning I woke thinking I should know how to build a website. I started that day learning HTML and CSS. I had studied some outdated programming languages in the 1990s so I found it fairly easy.


Leslie Gilmour, on starting Cube Digital ($25,000 revenue/mo) full story

21. Rugs side hustle

Manuel Mas started Mundoalfombra.com, which started as a side hustle and sells rugs and is now making $32,000 revenue/mo.

My father has a big background in manufacturing rugs because he worked from 12 years old till now on this industry in Crevillent, so he knows the product, the processes, the suppliers and the people who run this business in our town of 27,000 inhabitants.

I studied computer engineering in the early 2000s and loved the online world. I knew then that the near-future of commerce will be the World Wide Web and eCommerce will be exploding in the next few years. I remember my first orders on Amazon.com from Spain or eBay in the first years… books and other products traveling about several weeks till arriving home…

So the fusion of the Internet and the rug world was clear, then Mundoalfombra.com was created. The experts in rugs and carpets arrived in the online world. Products manufactured in the same town with direct serving, great quality, short delivery times in Spain and Portugal, good prices, exceptional customer support and good relationship with suppliers. The experience in the offline world was shipped to online with a new company. From the old grand-grandfather ́s company experience, born in 1890, to a new opening, and from natural fiber rugs to hundreds of different models and fibers.


Manuel Mas, on starting Mundoalfombra.com ($32,000 revenue/mo) full story

22. Nutritious snacks side hustle

Louisa Mesquita Bakker started Funky Fat Foods, which started as a side hustle and sells nutritious snacks and is now making $20,000 revenue/mo.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about health, sports, and nutrition. Growing up, my parents owned a health store and were the distributors of mineral water brands from around the world. In our family, talking about health and nutrition is something we do all the time (which can be a little annoying for friends and boyfriends). After I graduated from a Business study program in 2017, I went traveling in South America. One of the many things I did was visit different cacao farms because I just found it so fascinating and wanted to learn more about it.


I was so intrigued by the beauty of cacao and its health benefits. I love dark chocolate but never knew about the tremendous cacao varieties. During this trip, I spent a lot of time reading articles from different doctors in the US who specialize in natural treatments, health, and longevity.


Louisa Mesquita Bakker, on starting Funky Fat Foods ($20,000 revenue/mo) full story

23. Sustainable clothing side hustle

Pepe Martín García started Minimalism Brand, which started as a side hustle and sells sustainable clothing and is now making $18,000 revenue/mo.

I´ve been developing brands for years. I guess Minimalism is the third one. I studied economy and business, I worked for big companies also and I´m the owner of a small agency in which we develop eCommerce, brands, and webs. It's call Growth Sherpas.

Minimalism came as an idea. Sell only products that we use every day, that are made in a sustainable way, that last in time and got a good design. Also, we got much experience with our clients because of our agency, so we know what to do to develop a brand, create our web and to start playing around with our eCommerce. So we try.

In the beginning, it was a game, but now we make 200K per year and got some employes. People like our product and our clothes are selling well without any logo on them. We really love what we are doing. We think we are changing the way people buy and also the way they think about design and, maybe, about life ;)


Pepe Martín García, on starting Minimalism Brand ($18,000 revenue/mo) full story

24. Freelancer happiness side hustle

Manuel Meurer started Uplink, which started as a side hustle and sells freelancer happiness and is now making $16,500 revenue/mo.

I’ve studied IT until 2006 and afterward worked as a developer, first for a few years in Stockholm and then since 2008 in Berlin. I was always a regular employee, but when I came to Berlin, I started working for a small startup, and all other developers there were freelancers, so I decided to become a freelancer as well.

It wasn’t so much a thought-out decision but just seemed like the right thing to do at the time, since I didn’t know how long I was going to work for the startup (or how long it would exist).

After that, I worked as a freelancer for the next 8 years for different startups, agencies and media companies here in Berlin. During that time, freelancing became more and more common for developers, and many companies who couldn’t find permanent employees chose to work with freelancers instead.


Manuel Meurer, on starting Uplink ($16,500 revenue/mo) full story

25. Wordpress support side hustle

Daniele Besana started WP OK, which started as a side hustle and sells wordpress support and is now making $10,000 revenue/mo.

I've always worked in IT, solving technical problems for small and big companies.

During my 15 years career in network security, I was lucky to help a lot of different types of customers: from small family-owned businesses to multinationals corporations.

It’s all about people. Don't focus on the number of subscribers, followers, opt-in, conversions… when you start is all about building relationships with people.


Daniele Besana, on starting WP OK ($10,000 revenue/mo) full story

26. Gourmet food box side hustle

Nicholas Figoli started EatTiamo, which started as a side hustle and sells gourmet food box and is now making $10,000 revenue/mo.

Both me and my co-founder are originally from Cinque Terre, in the Italian Riviera, a stunning beautiful region in the North of Italy. I studied in Parma and after my graduation I started working in the Marketing field in the multinational company L’Oréal.

Never underestimate the importance of making surveys before starting the business. I see many entrepreneurs that decide to skip this important step thinking that by doing this they will save time and invest it in more “fruitful” operations.


Nicholas Figoli, on starting EatTiamo ($10,000 revenue/mo) full story

27. No-code startup courses side hustle

Bram Kanstein started No-Code MVP, which started as a side hustle and sells no-code startup courses and is now making $6,000 revenue/mo.

Ever since I was younger, like 15 or 16, I’ve been using the internet to find new products and services to try out. I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of time: “why are people spending time on this idea or product?”. Time is our most scarce asset, even if I see an idea that seems invaluable to me, there are still people spending time on it. So there must something there that they believe in, right? As a side-business, I was selling self burned CDs with music I got from Napster, and from the proceeds, we threw parties for our friends.

It seems that when I was 18 and had to choose a study to follow, I totally didn’t realize that I could actually pursue a path of digital and online entrepreneurship. So after starting and quitting the study of political science after four months, followed by two years of med school, I decided to drop out again. I went backpacking in Australia and realized I forgot what I liked as a kid. I came back to Amsterdam and finished a study called “Communication and Multimedia Design” where I learned how to look at markets, spot trends, come up with ideas, create prototypes (basic coding), create videos, write marketing and business plans, etc. Basically everything you need to know to go from idea to business (in theory of course ;)).

I wrote my final paper on the Lean Startup Methodology while working on a product idea at The Next Web, then worked at a small investor for 2.5 years, launched Startup Stash (1.000.000+ users), worked at Product Hunt, freelanced for startups, launched a growth marketing agency, got burned out, became a Lean Innovation coach at one of The Netherland’s biggest banks, Sold Startup Stash, Sold another side-project, then became a father and took time off as you have read above! This is the short summary, I threw away around 20 ideas I had in the meantime.


Bram Kanstein, on starting No-Code MVP ($6,000 revenue/mo) full story

28. Air freshener side hustle

Henrik Toft Simonsen started Mosspiration Biotech, which started as a side hustle and sells air freshener and is now making $4,000 revenue/mo.

We are two founders of the company, Henrik Toft Simonsen and Hansol Bae.

Henrik, 45, CEO and Associate Prof., a passionate plant biochemist, had a desire to discover new chemistries in the small green moss plants. Henrik has many years of research experience from different universities with a main focus on his favourite plants, the mosses. His passion lead towards using these little plants to production of chemical, which started out with the fragrance Patchouli.

My best advice is… don’t listen to advice - because someone else’s advice is not designed for your situation.


Henrik Toft Simonsen, on starting Mosspiration Biotech ($4,000 revenue/mo) full story

29. Html to pdf api side hustle

Cyril Nicodeme started PDFShift, which started as a side hustle and sells html to pdf api and is now making $5,000 revenue/mo.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night when I was younger and had school the next day, just because I had this project idea that was running through my mind and keeping me awake. I would spend one to two hours on the computer starting to write the idea, validating it online, seeing what was possible… and spend the following days implementing it with a passion and motivation that gives this incredible feeling.

I’ve played with many programming languages, started with PHP then moved to Java, Python. Nowadays, I’m very efficient with Python and can set up an API in a few hours with the main elements already present. For those wondering, I use a modified version of Flask that is available publicly at Github.

For PDFShift, I wanted to start a simple service that was right in my area of expertise. I have a simplicity to work with APIs and I always love to play with Stripe’s API, Mailgun’s API and all the other. I’ve implemented personal wrappers around the main mail sending service available (Postmark, Sparkpost, Mailgun, Sendgrid, …). The one tricky point for me was the communication with Chrome and how to provide the service with great performance results.


Cyril Nicodeme, on starting PDFShift ($5,000 revenue/mo) full story

30. Business writing services side hustle

Daniel Waldman started Daniel Waldman Writing, which started as a side hustle and sells business writing services and is now making $3,500 revenue/mo.

I started my career wanting to be a magazine editor. After I finished college, I got my first job as an editor at a vanity press, where people essentially pay to have their work published. It was possibly one of the worst jobs I’ve ever had. Editing really poorly written poetry made me want to poke my eyes out, and the pay was almost nothing.

Too often, I see entrepreneurs who are more interested in being an entrepreneur than building a business. They spend a lot of time and energy talking about their business, but not actually doing things that will contribute to the bottom line.

At the time, it was the first dot com boom, and I became really interested in how people were using this new communication channel and how ideas spread online. I decided to go back to school to get my Masters in Communications. While I was there, I attended an event at my school’s career center where an SVP of Ketchum was talking about a career in PR. Everything she said sounded exactly what I wanted to do professionally, and so I dove into


Daniel Waldman, on starting Daniel Waldman Writing ($3,500 revenue/mo) full story

31. Handcrafted steel tongue drums side hustle

Oran started Goya, which started as a side hustle and sells handcrafted steel tongue drums and is now making $2,000 revenue/mo.

I had traveled to the Amazon rainforest in Peru a while ago to partake in some tribal ceremonies and stayed in there for a week.

On one of the days I took place in a sound bath where Tibetan bowls and other instruments were played to help induce a relaxing, meditative experience. I was expecting nothing more than some enjoyable tones and melodies, but a few minutes after relaxing and closing my eyes, I became immersed in a sea of bliss. After the sound bath ended I felt refreshed, positive, and energised! A new connection to sound and music was made and a new passion grew inside me.

Upon returning home I found out about handpans, big metal percussion instruments that emitted beautiful tones for meditative music. The only downside was the price tag of 2000 euros.


Oran, on starting Goya ($2,000 revenue/mo) full story

32. Board games side hustle

Dennis Michels started Good Look Gamer, which started as a side hustle and sells board games and is now making $1,600 revenue/mo.

The start of this adventure was during a bad time in my life. I had gotten ill and was housebound for months, with no hope of returning to my regular job as an audio/video technician. I was really afraid I would never get better and would lose my job and my income. During this period I was also getting back into my old hobbies of reading comic books and enjoying board/card games to keep me occupied and take my mind off things.

Me and my wife had fantasized and discussed starting our own business a few times in the past. And since I was sitting at home, not feeling very productive, I figured; hey, let’s just do this. And so I started prototyping a website, brainstorming a name and sketching logos.

My wife and I came up with Good Look Gamer, with the idea of selling board/card games and geeky fashion so you can Look Good while Gaming :) Well, the clothing part never really took off, so we stuck with just selling games. And to be honest, someone playing games automatically always looks good.


Dennis Michels, on starting Good Look Gamer ($1,600 revenue/mo) full story

33. Dress shirts side hustle

Julian Samarjiev started DULO, which started as a side hustle and sells dress shirts and is now making $1,233 revenue/mo.

We were aware of some companies in the US that have started to create formal wear from performance fabrics and were super interested in the product, but shipping costs and import duties stopped us from purchasing.

Both for me and Marin that idea somehow stayed in our minds as a product that we want to have and use, being fans of dress shirts, but not big fans of the hassle involved in caring for one.

There is no replacement for doing. I've been in Tim Ferriss binge listen mode, but at some point, the rubber needs to hit the road and you need to get your hands dirty. Otherwise, it's just productive procrastination.


Julian Samarjiev, on starting DULO ($1,233 revenue/mo) full story

34. Laptop stand side hustle

Aidan Breen started Posture, which started as a side hustle and sells laptop stand and is now making $1,000 revenue/mo.

When I finished in university in the west of Ireland, I moved with my partner to Dublin to try and grow my business. It was a massive change for us, coming from small towns to the big city, and living in really cramped shared accommodation.

I spent most of my time going to startup and business networking events, which was exhausting as an introvert who had just spent 4 years working alone on a PhD. When I had time (and energy…) I took on short-term freelance projects. I worked at hot-desks, open workspaces and snuck into university libraries - anything to get out of the house and get my name out there.

It was a pretty tough time. My future was far from certain. My business wasn’t making very much money so I depended on my partner’s salary as a part-time teacher. On top of that, my first client refused to pay me for three months of work! I was so eager to get a client at the time, I didn’t bother with a deposit.


Aidan Breen, on starting Posture ($1,000 revenue/mo) full story

35. 150+ offers on saas side hustle

Jean-Loup Karst started Secret, which started as a side hustle and sells 150+ offers on saas and is now making $18,000 revenue/mo.

Back in April 2014, I launched my first startup breaz.io with 3 co-founders. We basically built a copycat of Hired. Our product was a curated hiring marketplace for tech profiles (soft eng, data science, design, etc.). Companies were applying to candidates looking for jobs. Every hire made through the platform was generating around $6-8k in revenue. It took us 18 months to grow to $500K in revenue. We never raised funds. However, at the time we started, all of the cofounders added $1,200 each in capital. That was very little given our needs in terms of design, front-end development, etc. I remember my cofounder Edouard saying if only we could get special deals for software to save money! We did not want to be accelerated/incubated to avoid giving away equity, hence we did not have access to their perks programs.

Define what you want to achieve and make sure all co-founders goals are aligned

Still, breaz.io got acquired by Hired in early 2016. 2 years later in 2018, we decided it was time to move on and go back to entrepreneurship. As we were looking for problems to solve, we remembered that pain we had in our first business and decided to tackle it and build a platform that would help startups and SMBs save money on the best software. Accelerators and incubators have perks programs. Why should it be limited to them? Why can’t all entrepreneurs benefit from those perks when launching a business in their bedroom, living room, kitchen? The idea of Secret was born.


Jean-Loup Karst, on starting Secret ($18,000 revenue/mo) full story

36. Campfire mugs side hustle

Melanie Goel started alpengraphics - the zero-plastic outdoor company, which started as a side hustle and sells campfire mugs and is now making $650 revenue/mo.

I grew up and live close to the German Alps (south of Munich). I used to be a professional cross country skier, so nature and its beauty are deeply entrenched in my value system. Recently, the outdoor trend on Instagram has changed our mountaineering culture a lot. This increasingly worried me during the various hikes I did every week. But somehow I didn’t really know what to do about it.

That changed when I joined Tesla as the marketing manager for energy products in the DACH region. After a career in marketing in a few other sectors, this was the first time I was confronted with so-called “Green Marketing” and was immediately hooked on its potential. Not because things sell better when they’re labeled green, but because it opened the door to promote more sustainable materialism.

If I can make people buy a truly sustainable product, which was produced eco-friendly and is made of materials that last a lifetime, instead of disposable or plastic goods, I could feel much more peaceful about my profession.


Melanie Goel, on starting alpengraphics - the zero-plastic outdoor company ($650 revenue/mo) full story

37. User feedback side hustle

Mike Slaats started Upvoty, which started as a side hustle and sells user feedback and is now making $500 revenue/mo.

I dropped out of college when I was 18 years old and was highly interested in “the internet”.

So I started my first online business: an online print webshop where you could order nice looking t-shirts with mostly self-designed animations.

Soon I was able to sell throughout the whole Netherlands and people started to ask me if I could help them with their online marketing too. This was very interesting to me because this way I could help out others and make more money.


Mike Slaats, on starting Upvoty ($500 revenue/mo) full story

38. Seo website audit side hustle

Rick van Haasteren started SiteGuru, which started as a side hustle and sells seo website audit and is now making $500 revenue/mo.

I’ve been working on side projects for as long as I can remember. I’ve built an online HTML course, a travel blog, and many other things - some successes, mostly failures. Although I think failure isn’t the right word. I wasn’t always able to capture a big audience or make it profitable, but I always had fun and learned tons of new things.

One of the things I built is a wine webshop that specializes in South-African wines. I run it together with my wife. I can tell you, starting a business together is a great way to test your relationship. The webshop is doing great, and an extra benefit is that we always have plenty of good wines if we feel like opening a bottle.

During my day job as a project manager at an internet agency, we would launch new websites every few weeks. I noticed that with every launch, there would be a couple of small issues that affected the website’s performance in search engines. A missing meta description, a few big images making the site really slow, or a no-index tag that was missed. Ough!


Rick van Haasteren, on starting SiteGuru ($500 revenue/mo) full story

39. Email marketing course side hustle

Lucas Chevillard started Growth Ecole, which started as a side hustle and sells email marketing course and is now making $350 revenue/mo.

A founder wanted me to join his company to become the email marketing lead. This was not something I could satisfy but I still wanted to help this startup as I was interested in the product. I then decided to spend some time on the side to help them craft their engagement strategy.

From there, I started to do it with more companies. It was a succession of consulting missions next to my full-time job. This helped me understand other industries and especially see the recurring problems a company would face when launching its email marketing strategy.

That's when the first idea of the email marketing course came to life. I wanted to bundle my knowledge into an actionable course for companies that wanted to kickstart their email program.


Lucas Chevillard, on starting Growth Ecole ($350 revenue/mo) full story

40. Automatic time-tracking side hustle

Stas Moor started Klokki, which started as a side hustle and sells automatic time-tracking and is now making $350 revenue/mo.

My background is fully design-based but to explain to you how it came to that, I have to throw you back to the year 2005. 15 years ago I was a teenager who had no clue what to do with his life, except for playing video games. I didn’t have the best grades in school and was basically just flowing along the stream of life. And I am pretty sure that the path I was on would have led me to a very sad outcome, if not for one thing that changed it all for me. I was introduced to Photoshop and the world of graphic design. After that, I started looking for different tutorials and learn as much as I could. I was hooked and from that point on I knew that the only thing I wanted to do in life is to design.

Fast forward to one other special event in my life — the release of the App Store in 2008. I was already fascinated by the iPhone and Apple in general, but the possibility to create an app and then easily release it to the public — game-changing. From that moment on I set the goal to create my own apps. Many years, apps, learnings, and failures have followed to finally gather some experience that would open up the possibility to take on a project like Klokki.

Now, here comes the twist… Klokki was initially released in 2018 under the name Timepal and was created by me and, at the time, a dear friend with whom we founded a company called Niftypals. Each of us brought his own expertise to the table, me — design and he — development, but most importantly the desire to finally fix the hassle with time-tracking, which both of us faced each day when doing freelance work. We bootstrapped the project for a year and lived the nomad lifestyle. :)


Stas Moor, on starting Klokki ($350 revenue/mo) full story


That's all folks! 40 innovative ideas that hopefully got the wheels turning in your mind.

And if anything, maybe you decided what you're not interested in or passionate about. Which is certainly a start.

To learn more about how to start a business, visit our explore page at Starter Story, you can filter, sort and search based on your preferences.

Thanks for reading!

Samantha Walls,   Founder of Starter Story Blog
Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story

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