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12 Freelancer Platform Success Stories [2023]

12 Freelancer Platform Success Stories [2023]
Start A Freelancer Platform

Freelancer platform is a place where people come with skills and services to offer and people come who need those skills and services. So we can say freelancer platforms are a marketplace for sellers and buyers of services and skills.

The freelancing industry is growing rapidly and it's becoming a popular career option for people who are "non-traditional" employees. The global Freelance Platforms market size is expected to reach $6.7B by the year 2025. While working on a full-time job, freelancers simultaneously work on a freelance career. The platforms available online help them to increase their business by attracting new clients.

With all of the businesses looking for help on their websites, it would be a good idea to start a freelancer platform. Freelance platforms do well because people have jobs that need to be done and businesses have the resources to pay for the job at hand.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a freelancer platform:

1. CloudDevs ($1.2M/year)

Al Caan (from Lewes, Delaware, USA) started CloudDevs over 3 years ago.

$100K / month
2 founders / 10 employees

Case Study

Hello! I’m one of the co-founders of CloudDevs. We started this company in 2019 with a mission to change things around in the tech talent-hiring industry. We launched for sales in March of 2020, right before the initial lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We are proud to say that within our first year of sales, we reached 1 Million USD in GMV, and we are aiming higher this year.


2. Codemap ($84K/year)

Sasa Janicijevic (from Zagreb) started Codemap over 2 years ago.

$7K / month
1 founders / 3 employees

Case Study

Hi, my name is Sasa Janicijevic and I am the founder of Codemap.io, the world’s first freelance & agency marketplace for no-code, low-code, and automation. We match founders, startups, scaleups, and organizations of all sizes with pre-vetted no-code talent, on-demand. Codemap enables anyone to hire proven no-code experts to learn no-code or build their products, MVPs, and apps up to 10x cheaper and faster than with traditional development, and launch in a matter of 4-8 weeks or less.

With the no-code/low-code industry rapidly rising, we have started seeing strong demand for no-code expertise and education across different industries and customer segments. So far, it has been difficult to understand which no-code tool stack/s might be the best fit for respective requirements and goals as well as hire proven no-code specialists efficiently and in one place. We built Codemap with the specific aim of solving these problems.


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4. SkillSoniq ($480K/year)

Abby (Abhinav) Verma (from New York) started SkillSoniq over 6 years ago.

$40K / month
1 founders / 7 employees

Case Study

My name is Abby and I am the founder of SkillSoniq. SkillSoniq is the world’s first AI-Powered recruiting app that connects companies with skilled, domestic freelancers and gives companies the option to hire a freelancer (s) on their payroll.

We currently cater to small companies with less than 200 employees, who feel the pain of hiring through traditional recruiting channels. We launched in New York in early 2019, and made $350,000+ in Gross Revenues in the first year of launch in 2019 without spending a single dime on advertising! We are currently making $40,000 a month in gross revenues. In just the first year of launch, we signed up more than 100 clients, boarded 6,000+ freelancers on our platform, and received 4.9/5.0 google review ratings from our customers.


Manuel Meurer (from Berlin, Germany) started Uplink almost 7 years ago.

$16K / month
1 founders / 2 employees
Berlin, Germany

Case Study

Hi, my name is Manuel and I’m the founder of Uplink, a network for IT freelancers in Germany.

As you can see, it fluctuates quite a bit from month to month, but it’s pointing in the right direction.


6. Transformify: Workforce Management System ($60M/year)

Lilia Stoyanov (from London, UK) started Transformify: Workforce Management System about 8 years ago.

$5M / month
2 founders / 35 employees

Case Study

Started as an all-remote company back in 2015 when remote work was still seen as an exotic perk reserved for digital nomads, Transformify grew up exponentially over the years.

Speaking of budgets, due to Covid-19, budget controls have become more robust than ever before and the businesses no longer have the luxury to underutilize their teams. The share of contingent workers and international contractors working on a project basis is constantly increasing. An interesting study published by SAP Fieldglass reveals that 42% of the workforce spend is already going to external resources - international contractors, consultants, guest lecturers, freelancers, etc.


7. Flexiple ($1.2M/year)

Suvansh Bansal (from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India) started Flexiple over 6 years ago.

$100K / month
3 founders / 9 employees
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Case Study

Hi, I am Suvansh Bansal and I am the co-founder of Flexiple. We started Flexiple in Nov’15 to build a freelancing platform that enables “quality interactions” between companies and freelancers. The goal has since then been to ensure a successful engagement such that both the client and the freelancer are happy and satisfied at the end of the engagement.

Since operationalizing ~3 years ago, we have helped 85+ startups identify, hire, and work with the right freelancer for over 200 engagements. All this has been made possible with the help of our 225-member strong community of self-employed developers and designers.


8. SinOficina ($36K/year)

Bosco Soler (from ) started SinOficina over 4 years ago.

$3K / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

Hi guys! My name is Bosco Soler and I'm the founder and only FTE employee of SinOficina: the first online coworking for the Spanish speaking community of freelancers and entrepreneurs.

What it started as a need to solve my own isolation as a freelance a year and a half ago, became a subscription model business that is now my main source of income making $3K/mo without spending a dollar (or euro) on paid advertisement.


9. Refrens ($120K/year)

Naman co-founded Refrens, an operating system for freelancers. They have +100K freelancers, agencies, and small businesses signed up on the platform.

$10K / month

Case Study

Naman co-founded Refrens, an operating system for freelancers. They have +100K freelancers, agencies, and small businesses signed up on the platform.

10. Factofly ($1.8M/year)

Jannik Flor Borg (from Copenhagen, Denmark) started Factofly over 2 years ago.

$150K / month
3 founders / 4 employees

Case Study

My name is Jannik and I am the co-founder and CEO of FactoFly. FactoFly is helping freelancers, side-hustlers, and gig workers to lead administration-free lives by taking care of everything related to their business in terms of admin.

Over the last twelve months, we’ve grown the business from 0 to around €130k monthly revenue.


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