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3 Pdf Conversion Business Success Stories [2024]

Updated: July 4th, 2024

As pdf has become an essential format for about every industry it only makes sense that everyone would want the ability to convert their documents in both ways. This is great news for anyone looking to start a business centered around converting pdf.

Starting a pdf conversion business can help you earn extra income and take control of your career. Professional pdf conversion services are in great demand.

Many medium to large companies prefer to present their documents in pdf rather than Microsoft Word. Besides, various official and private organizations prefer PDF versions of documents for security. This creates an opportunity for anyone to start a profitable business by establishing a standalone pdf conversion company.

In this list, you'll find real-world pdf conversion business success stories and very profitable examples of starting a pdf conversion business that makes money.

1. CraftMyPDF ($180K/year)

He took on some freelance work that required generating PDFs during the pandemic. While there were various online services available for this task, he found that none of them offered a user-friendly template editor. As a result, he decided to develop my PDF generation services with a template editor.

How much money it makes: $180K/year
How much did it cost to start: $800
How many people on the team: 1


I Faced This Problem Firsthand And Built A $15K MRR PDF-Generation API Tool

CraftMyPDF.com and APITemplate.io offer API-based products which allow businesses to generate PDF and image documents from reusable templates, and have generated over 2 million documents and $15,000 in monthly recurring revenue over the past 2 years.

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2. Bank Statement Converter ($150K/year)

Angus was doing his taxes and going through a pile of bank statement PDFs, with no visible way of viewing them in a clean CSV format. Angus tried building a code to see how hard could it be to convert the contents of a PDF into a CSV file. As he realized it extremely tough, he thought he was onto building something worthwhile.

How much money it makes: $150K/year
How much did it cost to start: $100
How many people on the team: 0

How I Attracted Users To My $12.5K MRR Bank Statement Converter Software

Bank Statement Converter is a web app that extracts transaction data from PDF bank statements, with a monthly recurring revenue of $12,500 USD and steady growth in usage, attracting customers through cost-per-click advertising, cold outreach, and content marketing.

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3. PDFShift ($102K/year)

Cyril Nicodème, the founder of PDFShift.io, came up with the idea for his business while working on his other company Reflectiv.net. He wanted to start a simple service that leveraged his expertise in working with APIs and provide fast, efficient, and scalable HTML to PDF conversion. After launching PDFShift on ProductHunt and employing strategies such as Quora and AlternativeTo, the business now generates around $3.2k in monthly revenue.

How much money it makes: $102K/year
How much did it cost to start: $0
How many people on the team: 1


How I Developed A $3.5K/Month Tool That Converts HTML To PDF

A passionate computer-coder entrepreneur shares the story behind his successful PDFShift business which after a year and a half generates $3.2k of monthly revenues with the focus now on growth.

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