The 100 Best Payment Processing Tools Tools For Small Business [2021]

The 100 Best Payment Processing Tools Tools For Small Business [2021]

Payment Processing Tools is essential to running your business.

After interviewing thousands of founders, we put together a list of the most popular payment processing tools tools.

Here they are:

1. Paypal

A fast, safe way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.

Businesses using Paypal:

516 successful businesses are using Paypal ➜


Get Paypal ➜

2. Stripe

Online payment processing for internet businesses.

Businesses using Stripe:

360 successful businesses are using Stripe ➜


Get Stripe ➜

3. Venmo

Accept payments with a mobile app.

Businesses using Venmo:

91 successful businesses are using Venmo ➜


Get Venmo ➜


Accounts payable and receivables solutions.

Businesses using

30 successful businesses are using ➜


Get ➜

5. ReCharge

Payments sync to Shopify Orders. Orders are updated so you can fulfill them directly from Shopify.

Businesses using ReCharge:

28 successful businesses are using ReCharge ➜


Get ReCharge ➜

6. Braintree

Process payments online, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Google Pay in a single integration.

Businesses using Braintree:

21 successful businesses are using Braintree ➜


Get Braintree ➜

7. QuickBooks Payments

Cloud-based mobile payment processing solution that lets businesses manage transactions, generate invoices and more

Businesses using QuickBooks Payments:

15 successful businesses are using QuickBooks Payments ➜


Get QuickBooks Payments ➜

8. Digital Payments

Digital payment processing solution that provides unified platform to claim payments, process premiums, engage digitally

Businesses using Digital Payments:

15 successful businesses are using Digital Payments ➜


Get Digital Payments ➜

9. QuickBooks Plugin

QB Plug-In desktop application that allows paying invoices and sales receipts through Quickbooks payment records

Businesses using QuickBooks Plugin:

15 successful businesses are using QuickBooks Plugin ➜


Get QuickBooks Plugin ➜

10. QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

Payment processing solution that helps businesses receive reminders for dues, track sales tax, manage accounts payables, and more

Businesses using QuickBooks Desktop for Mac:

15 successful businesses are using QuickBooks Desktop for Mac ➜


Get QuickBooks Desktop for Mac ➜

11. Payment Gateway

With our cloud-based payment gateway your customers can pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, ETH, and EOS

Businesses using Payment Gateway:

8 successful businesses are using Payment Gateway ➜


Get Payment Gateway ➜

12. Chargebee

Subscription management platform with end-to-end recurring billing for subscription businesses.

Businesses using Chargebee:

7 successful businesses are using Chargebee ➜


Get Chargebee ➜

13. Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Subscriptions is your one stop recurring billing and subscription management solution

Businesses using Zoho Subscriptions:

6 successful businesses are using Zoho Subscriptions ➜


Get Zoho Subscriptions ➜

14. Payoneer

A financial services company that provides online money transfer, digital payment services and provides customers with working capital.

Businesses using Payoneer:

4 successful businesses are using Payoneer ➜

Get Payoneer ➜

15. 2Checkout

The leading all-in-one monetization platform that allows businesses to quickly expand internationally and optimize recurring revenue streams across channels, by simplifying the back-end complexities that modern digital commerce creates.

Businesses using 2Checkout:

4 successful businesses are using 2Checkout ➜


Get 2Checkout ➜

16. PayKickstart

Empowering vendors and digital publishers with the tools to sell their products online.

Businesses using PayKickstart:

4 successful businesses are using PayKickstart ➜


Get PayKickstart ➜

17. FOOi

A mobile app that makes fundraising easy by allowing organizations to collect multiple donations and tax receipt data within seconds

Businesses using FOOi:

3 successful businesses are using FOOi ➜


Get FOOi ➜

18. Square Payments

Accept every way your customers want to pay with Square Payments

Businesses using Square Payments:

3 successful businesses are using Square Payments ➜


Get Square Payments ➜

19. Square Online Checkout

Square Online Checkout helps you sell or accept payment almost anywhere online using easy-to-create links, buy buttons, or QR codes

Businesses using Square Online Checkout:

3 successful businesses are using Square Online Checkout ➜


Get Square Online Checkout ➜

20. Bitpay

A crypto-debit card which allows its users to use their bitcoin reserves to make payments at any brick-and-mortar outlets wherever major credit cards are accepted.

Businesses using Bitpay:

3 successful businesses are using Bitpay ➜


Get Bitpay ➜

21. Clover

Customized point of sale devices that make running your business easier & accepting payments from customers seamless.

Businesses using Clover:

2 successful businesses are using Clover ➜


Get Clover ➜

22. Razorpay Payment Gateway

Online, digital payment processing to help make your business simpler to manage

Businesses using Razorpay Payment Gateway:

1 successful business is using Razorpay Payment Gateway ➜


Get Razorpay Payment Gateway ➜

23. Zeta

Process transactions quickly and efficiently from merchants and clients

Businesses using Zeta:

1 successful business is using Zeta ➜


Get Zeta ➜

24. Helcim

Helcim is a payments company that lets businesses accept credit cards with ease and affordability

Businesses using Helcim:

1 successful business is using Helcim ➜


Get Helcim ➜

25. Recurly Subscription Billing

Recurly is a secure, PCI-compliant, all-in-one platform that streamlines and simplifies subscription management & recurring billing for Mid-Market/Enterprise businesses

Businesses using Recurly Subscription Billing:

1 successful business is using Recurly Subscription Billing ➜


Get Recurly Subscription Billing ➜

26. Bolt

Bolt is on a mission to perfect the checkout experience for online retailers and make sure nothing gets in the way when shoppers decide

Businesses using Bolt:

1 successful business is using Bolt ➜


Get Bolt ➜

27. Antaeus

Website blending and consolidation of all online payment and non-payment transactions

Businesses using Antaeus:

1 successful business is using Antaeus ➜


Get Antaeus ➜

28. Split

Split Payments specializes in open banking, consent management, and real-time settlement

Businesses using Split:

1 successful business is using Split ➜


Get Split ➜

29. borderless

An online bank payment processor enabling global bank payments in seconds

Businesses using borderless:

1 successful business is using borderless ➜


Get borderless ➜

30. Moonclerk

Recurring payments and one time payments online.

Businesses using Moonclerk:

1 successful business is using Moonclerk ➜


Get Moonclerk ➜

31. HoneyBook

HoneyBook helps creative entrepreneurs and freelancers book more clients, manage projects and get paid all in one place

Businesses using HoneyBook:

1 successful business is using HoneyBook ➜


Get HoneyBook ➜

32. ACH Universal

Create ACH / NACHA files and Canada EFT files quickly and easily


Get ACH Universal ➜

33. PaidYET

PaidYET was born out of a desire to help businesses get paid quicker and to make it easier for their customers to make payments


Get PaidYET ➜

34. TouchNet Payment Systems

Electronic payment engine for processing credit card, e-check, debit card, and other transactions


Get TouchNet Payment Systems ➜

35. PayQuiq

Full service payment service provider with online forms builder, email statement platform, and recurring payments module


Get PayQuiq ➜

36. Marketing 360

CRM Software For Lead Management


Get Marketing 360 ➜

37. PaySpine Payment Gateway

Next generation payment gateway built by financial technology & payments veterans with love to work perfectly for the industry

Get PaySpine Payment Gateway ➜

38. Payment.Ninja

Save up to 50% on card payment fees comparing to PayPal, Stripe or Authorize


Get Payment.Ninja ➜

39. Mobile Payments

An industry leader in payment technology solutions including payment processing, mobile payments, Full Service Payroll and more!


Get Mobile Payments ➜

40. Frakmenta

System that helps businesses sell more by letting your customers pay when they want


Get Frakmenta ➜

41. LawPay

Easy-to-use payment processing software developed to meet the specific needs of lawyers


Get LawPay ➜

42. Metaphor SecurePay

Enables call center managers to process payment information securely and seamlessly


Get Metaphor SecurePay ➜

43. PagBrasil

PagBrasil offers an online payment platform that offers instant payment, notifications and automated refund


Get PagBrasil ➜

44. WebSeries

Payment Lifecycle Management Platform enabling enterprises to control and streamline their payment and collection cycles


Get WebSeries ➜

45. Treasury Intelligence Solutions

TIS is the leading cloud platform for managing corporate payments and cash flows


Get Treasury Intelligence Solutions ➜

46. Payvision

Payvision's platform helps businesses get global coverage, accept local payments and set up shop through one simple integration

Get Payvision ➜

47. Midax

Cloud-based payment processing solution that allows businesses to manage loyalty programs, POS, inventory, data analytics, and more


Get Midax ➜

48. Satispay

Satispay is a smart payment platform that enables merchants to send and receive payments


Get Satispay ➜

49. Accept

An online and offline payments acceptance service for merchants that is a one-stop solution for different payment methods


Get Accept ➜

50. Dwolla

Dwolla is a fintech company with payments infrastructure that is powering billions in payments for millions of end users


Get Dwolla ➜

51. AQ2 Remittance

Electronic data capture solution that assists businesses with checks rejection, amount recognition, remote transmissions, and more


Get AQ2 Remittance ➜

52. Beyonic

Two way digital payment solutions for businesses operating at the last-mile


Get Beyonic ➜

53. ePayment 360

Web-based payment processing solution that enables businesses to automate payments, address verifications, POS, and more


Get ePayment 360 ➜

54. EFX

Payment processing solution that enables businesses to accept rent payments, streamline payroll processes, and manage ATM transactions


Get EFX ➜

55. IntelliPay

IntelliPays payment processing platform delivers omnichannel payment acceptance and choice between traditional and fee-based options


Get IntelliPay ➜

56. Q2 Platform

Software that helps community banks, regional banks, and credit unions deliver mobile enrollment and online banking services


Get Q2 Platform ➜

57. CoinSimple

SaaS platforms and eCommerce plugins for full bitcoin eCommerce solutions directly to your wallet


Get CoinSimple ➜

58. Coriunder BAAS

A PCI Level 1 certified payment gateway with a user management backend to manage your merchants, customers, affiliates, and banks


Get Coriunder BAAS ➜

59. Uphold

Instant and secure international payments


Get Uphold ➜

60. InstaMed

Billing solution that helps hospitals manage payment collections through digital wallets, bill snapshots, p2p encryption and more


Get InstaMed ➜

61. PayKings Payment Gateway

PCI DSS Level I white label platform with robust capabilities


Get PayKings Payment Gateway ➜


Scale your Payments globally with IXOPAY®! We offer a payment management platform for Enterprise Merchants and White Label clients



63. GoCrypto

A payment platform allowing local and online stores to accept cryptocurrencies


Get GoCrypto ➜

64. CustomerConnect

Innovative payment technology

Get CustomerConnect ➜

65. AMoney

Retailer-centric suite for multi-banking operations monitoring, gift card management, lunch voucher or electronic ticket processing

Get AMoney ➜

66. SpotOn Restaurant

SpotOn Restaurant is the lightning-fast POS system your business deserves, designed by people who know restaurants for people who run restaurants


Get SpotOn Restaurant ➜

67. Checkout

Point of Sale Software for Mac


Get Checkout ➜

68. uniCenta

POS solution for hospitality, retail and mixed-use environments


Get uniCenta ➜

69. Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems

APPS is dedicated to providing the most effective and cost-efficient electronic payment solutions available today


Get Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems ➜

70. Insurance Capture Buffer

ICB is a powerful, user-friendly software solution that automates the data entry process by capturing and saving insurance information

Get Insurance Capture Buffer ➜

71. AvidXchange

Make 100% of your B2B payments with AvidXchange

Get AvidXchange ➜

72. RewardPay

Rates: 0% credit card processing


Get RewardPay ➜

73. PDCflow

PDCflow's Payment Hub offers a single platform for Accounts Receivable teams to quickly send an invoice, collect a credit, debit or ACH payment and obtain a signature in one simple and secure workflow


Get PDCflow ➜

74. RailStorm

A scalable, cloud-based corporate payment processing solution with configurable transaction limits and volume fraud controls


Get RailStorm ➜

75. ePS Payment

PCI compliant, CISP certified (Visa) card payment processing platform developed by ePS to benefit both the buyer and supplier


Get ePS Payment ➜

76. Spreedly

PCI compliance solution that helps businesses store transaction information, capture card data, tokenize payment details, and more


Get Spreedly ➜

77. Paylobby

Paylobby is online payment processing solutions that saves your money and offers huge range of payment providers across the globe


Get Paylobby ➜




Get ➜

79. PaymentCloud

PaymentCloud provides payment processing solutions for online and in-person businesses, no matter their industry type


Get PaymentCloud ➜

80. Bacsactive-IP Web Enterprise

D+Hs sophisticated Bacs solution optimises Direct Debit and Direct Credit processes whatever your business need


Get Bacsactive-IP Web Enterprise ➜

81. LUCY Gateway

Let Us Connect You Payment Gateway - allows merchants to process payments and giftcards in real time through our virtual terminal


Get LUCY Gateway ➜

82. Zego

Cloud-based rental property management solution that lets landlords manage accounting operations, utility expenses and more


Get Zego ➜

83. Paperless Transactions

Paperless offers donor management solutions combined with cost-effective, secure payment processing, Custom Mobile Apps, and much more


Get Paperless Transactions ➜

84. PayinTech

Cashless payment processing with a back-end, reports & optional POS tools


Get PayinTech ➜

85. My Well Payment Processing

My Well provides at-cost credit card processing to churches and faith based nonprofits to keep more money in your ministry


Get My Well Payment Processing ➜

86. Checkout Page

Checkout Page helps business create checkout pages and forms to sell products, services and subscriptions in minutes, without coding


Get Checkout Page ➜

87. Payment Revolution

We're actively revolutionizing the payments industry by shunning the shady tactics of old and offering the best pricing and service

Get Payment Revolution ➜

88. First American

Omni-channel payment processing that allows business owners to accept multiple forms of payment easily and securely

Get First American ➜

89. Worldpay

Process card payments in real-time anywhere, anytime without significant costs or resources required


Get Worldpay ➜

90. Upflow

You're a B2B company issuing more than 30 invoices per month? We can help you improve your cash collection


Get Upflow ➜

91. Soar Payments

High risk merchant account solution


Get Soar Payments ➜

92. uPayments

Payment processing software for electronic invoicing and payment delivery


Get uPayments ➜

93. SnapPay

Payment acceptance tool that enables transaction of secure payments and cash collection


Get SnapPay ➜

94. Liquid Payments

Payment processing solution for your healthcare company

Get Liquid Payments ➜

95. VitalPay

Robust payment processing that integrates into all major platforms offering fraud, risk & chargeback reduction


Get VitalPay ➜

96. Gobaba Checkout

Payment processing solution that allows businesses to process border-less payment networks such as Bitcoin


Get Gobaba Checkout ➜

97. Lusis Payments

Lusis offers a highly successful and performant provider to the global retail payments industry solution


Get Lusis Payments ➜

98. CardPointe

Simple & secure payment processing


Get CardPointe ➜

99. Chargezoom

Accept Payments in QuickBooks & FreshbooksManage & Sync Payments In One Dashboard


Get Chargezoom ➜

100. Payment Fusion Control Center

Payment Fusion Control Center provides healthcare technology and security teams with the tools to remotely secure, manage, and monitor


Get Payment Fusion Control Center ➜

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