The 33 Best Business Ideas To Start In Guatemala [2022]

The 33 Best Business Ideas To Start In Guatemala [2022]

Interested in starting a business in Guatemala in 2022?

We put together 33 of the best businesses you can start in Guatemala today.

In this list of ideas, you can find:

  • Home-based businesses to start in Guatemala
  • Profitable online business ideas
  • Unique business opportunities for Guatemala
  • Low investment business ideas (under $5k to start)
  • Easy businesses you can start in Guatemala today

For each business idea, we’ll show you real-world examples, revenue expectations for each idea, + a step-by-step on how to start your small business in Guatemala.

Here's the full list:

1. Create an online course ($117K/month)

Online course businesses are one of the fastest-growing online business models. Creating an online course is an awesome way to generate extra income because it allows you to monetize the knowledge you already have. More people are taking online courses every day, and the COVID pandemic has accelerated that, with some online learning platforms having seen 15-folds growth in the number of users.

Another advantage is that these new platforms are so easy to use for instructors that you don't have to worry at all about the tech side of the business. You just need to focus on creating exciting content that is informational & engaging at the same time.

Starting an online course in Guatemala allows you to eliminate some of the huge costs associated with setting up a physical training facility, and it's a great way to reach as many people.

How Much Can You Make?
$350 — $3,735,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Time To Revenue
150 days

Case Study

Hi! My name is Diego and two years ago I launched a blog called Markeko. I help people prepare, study and pass the Facebook Blueprint Certification exams through free study guides and paid practice questions.

I do have a full-time job at another company and am currently in the process of transitioning to Markeko full time.


2. Start a niche web design business ($63.8K/month)

Niche web design business focuses on a specialized market such as law, home improvement, videography, fashion, etc. typically, when a web designer niches down their services, they are simply choosing to concentrate on one industry and create websites for businesses within the particular niche. To become a niche web designer, consider honing the following skills and personal qualities:

  • Visual design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Strong communication skills
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork and research skills
  • Attention to detail

Narrowing your focus to a particular niche gives you a higher chance at becoming a recognized expert and places you in a better position to charge more for your services.

How Much Can You Make?
$200 — $200,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hi, I'm Scott and I am the founder of Up And Social, a Boston web design and SEO company that specializes in helping small businesses.

Currently, we’re doing over $20,000 in sales each month and continue to grow at a comfortable pace.


3. Start a SEO agency ($1.19M/month)

An SEO agency is a company that provides search engine optimization services to businesses. The function of an SEO agency is to help businesses rank higher in the search engines through organic or paid means.

SEO is a rapidly growing industry, with experts across all aspects of the field already making six-figure incomes and expecting to see these earnings grow dramatically over the next few years.  Getting into SEO today, before it gets too saturated, will allow you to establish a strong base in a new career, with a great chance for success.

It's easier than ever to start your SEO agency in Guatemala. The tools are there, and the competition isn't as stiff as it used to be. If you're considering starting an SEO or digital marketing agency, it might be a good idea to learn how other digital agencies succeed.

How Much Can You Make?
$3,500 — $10,000,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Time To Revenue
390 days

Case Study

My name is Chris Dreyer and I’m the CEO/Founder of, LLC. My company is a hyper-focused SEO (search engine optimization) agency; we help elite personal injury law firms dominate first page rankings.

In 2018, we were #858 in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America. Our revenue is just under $300,000 per month and we’re on pace for another record-breaking year.


4. Start a freelancer platform ($1.51M/month)

Freelancer platform is a place where people come with skills and services to offer and people come who need those skills and services. So we can say freelancer platforms are a marketplace for sellers and buyers of services and skills.

The freelancing industry is growing rapidly and it's becoming a popular career option for people who are "non-traditional" employees. The global Freelance Platforms market size is expected to reach $6.7B by the year 2025. While working on a full-time job, freelancers simultaneously work on a freelance career. The platforms available online help them to increase their business by attracting new clients.

With all of the businesses looking for help on their websites, it would be a good idea to start a freelancer platform. Freelance platforms do well because people have jobs that need to be done and businesses have the resources to pay for the job at hand.

How Much Can You Make?
$3,000 — $5,000,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Time To Revenue
300 days

Case Study

Hello! I’m one of the co-founders of CloudDevs. We started this company in 2019 with a mission to change things around in the tech talent-hiring industry. We launched for sales in March of 2020, right before the initial lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We are proud to say that within our first year of sales, we reached 1 Million USD in GMV, and we are aiming higher this year.


5. Become a proofreader ($2K/month)

Proofreading business is a service that helps customers review their written work and ensure it is ready for publication. Typically, a proofreader corrects grammatical errors and provides the written piece meets any relevant style guide.

As a proofreader, you can work online, allowing you to choose what time to work.

If you plan to start a professional proofreading business in Guatemala, make sure you possess the following skills:

  • Have an excellent grasp of grammar
  • Ability to correct mistakenly capitalized words
  • Familiarity with the proper use of capitalization
  • Use spell-checkers to flag misspelled words

Proofreading is a great way to enhance content quality. With the increased use of written content marketing to reach a broader market, the demand for professional proofreaders has grown tremendously. Professional proofreaders earn an average of $12/hr. And $30/hr.

Therefore, consider proofreading as a business if you are looking for a great side hustle idea or simply looking for ways to increase your income.

How Much Can You Make?

Case Study

Hi, my name is Lenny Bron, and I am The Blog Proofreader. I’m the annoying grammar police person you’ve always been tired of hearing from every time you use an ellipses incorrectly in a Facebook post you wrote 3 years ago.

I’ve been able to build my business from scratch to consistently make ~$2,000 per month with zero experience in the field, no expenses, and barely any upfront costs.


6. Start an online video editing business ($4K/month)

Video editors manage camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics, and special effects to produce the final film or the video product. To become an online video editor, you must have media production and communication knowledge and the ability to work with others.

To start a video editing business, you can outsource video editing skills from an experienced professional. Your role will be to pick video footage from the customers and upload them for the video editor to do the magic.

How Much Can You Make?
$2,000 — $208,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hey, I am Sabba and I am the co-founder of VEED.IO along with my partner in crime Tim. We are a London-based bootstrapped startup. Our web app, VEED, is a simple online video editing platform that allows users to do a bunch of cool stuff like auto subtitle videos, add video effects, add music, trim, rotate videos and much more all in the browser.

We launched just over a year ago, started charging 4 months ago and as of this interview, we are at $5,300 MRR and are just about profitable (Ramen profitable).


7. Start a podcast agency ($17K/month)

A podcast agency builds and promotes podcasts for other businesses. The podcast agencies develop strategies for making the client's podcast a success.

If you plan to start your own podcast agency, you may offer full podcast services or identify a niche and focus on it. Options include:

  • Podcast production agency - Creates audio content for podcasts
  • Podcast advertising agency - Advertise on podcasts
  • Podcast editing agencies - Edit podcast episodes
  • Podcast marketing agencies - Build podcasts to market the business or market businesses through other podcasts.
  • Podcast booking agencies - Booking podcasts guests.
  • Podcast promotion agency - Promote podcasts.

Building and growing a podcast requires some level of skills and expertise that many businesses may lack. Thus, they hire a podcast agency to help in all or particular aspects of podcast building and marketing.

How Much Can You Make?

Case Study

My name is Tom Hunt and we start and grow the world's most profitable podcasts at Fame.

We currently run this process for 10 clients and make approximately $17k per month.


8. Start a travel agency ($138K/month)

Are you a passionate traveler with entrepreneurial skills? Then starting a travel agency can be a great career choice for you.

As a travel agency, you'll be responsible for linking travelers to providers of all the travel and tourism-related services such as accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, tour guides, local adventure, etc.

Starting an online travel agency is a lot easier than you might think. You'll need to perform market research, get a few necessary certifications (such as your IATA number), study competition, build a website, and do proper marketing.

To maximize earnings, negotiate discounts from the industry service providers, and charge travellers within the market rate

How Much Can You Make?
$1,100 — $1,500,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Business model

Case Study

Hey! My name is Marissa Daniels, and I am a millennial travel agent! I began Spread Your Wings Travel in February of 2019. Prior to 2019, I wanted an extra source of income just to have an extra cushion. I did mystery shopping, took surveys online, drove for Postmates and DoorDash, worked at a grocery store, anything I could find for extra money. I also did, and still do Brand Ambassador events as well- but those things didn’t fulfill me. I was doing them to get extra money, but it didn’t have a purpose and it wasn’t paying me as much as I wanted, so I stopped it all and just gave it to God. I let Him handle it.

Spread Your Wings Travel offers all-inclusive vacations (most under $1000 per person), cruises, luxury villas, cabins, domestic travel and more! The main thing that people like about my business is that I have a payment plan option. I like to have that option for them because not everyone is able to pay for a vacation upfront.


9. Start a blog ($16.7K/month)

In recent years, blogging has become a highly sought-after & lucrative Business. This is location-independent business is a creative outlet to reach a broader audience and even work at any time. According to Optinmonster's list of blogging statistics and facts:

  • Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trustworthy source of gathering online information.
  • 77% of internet users read blogs.
  • Each month, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages.

Originally blogging started as an online journal, but today it is a highly profitable career option. Many people are choosing blogging as their full-time career and are earning their bread and butter from this profession.

If you want to start blogging as a side hustle or as a full-time profession, first choose a niche you will enjoy writing about and have a content strategy ready. Then, create a mailing list, and decide on a good blog posting routine to keep your audience engaged.

How Much Can You Make?
$200 — $160,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Time Commitment Per Week
Min. 5 hours/week

Case Study

Hello! My name is Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, and I run Making Sense of Cents, a personal finance and lifestyle website that helps readers earn more, save more, and live more.

I earn around $100,000 a month from Making Sense of Cents and have made over $5,000,000 from it over the years. Much of it is profit, as my expenses are extremely low. I am the only full-time employee of my business, but I do outsource some work. I have a virtual assistant, an editor, and a technical manager.


10. Start a cleaning business ($87.5K/month)

Starting a cleaning business is an excellent opportunity to be your own boss and make money doing what you love. This business is relatively easy to start and does not involve a ton of equipment or funds to start.

There are many different types of cleaning services, so it's important to decide what type of cleaning services (or combination of services) you will offer, and what hours of the day or week those services will be available during.

To start cleaning service in Guatemala, you'll want to consider investing in professional cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, a quality mop, and a good cleaning bucket. You will also need to buy environment-friendly cleaning products such as detergent, bleach, paper towels, and trash bags.

How Much Can You Make?
$2,000 — $708,333/month
Average Initial Investment
Time To Revenue
180 days
Business model

Case Study

Hey! My name is Neel Parekh and I am the Founder and CEO of MaidThis® & MaidThis® Franchise, a cleaning franchise that helps residential homeowners and short-term rental hosts (Airbnb, VRBO, etc) with their cleanings.

  • We made our niche focus on cleaning Airbnbs and vacation rentals, in addition to regular home cleaning, which is a rapidly growing industry. We became the first cleaning franchise specializing in vacation rental cleaning.
  • Local businesses are often pretty old school and typically aren’t the best with marketing, especially digital marketing. We’re bringing new-age marketing tactics to this old-school industry.
  • Remote work: we’ve been able to stay extra nimble and lean with having a global workforce. This was initially done out of necessity so I could travel, but quickly became a huge competitive advantage. Our office team works across 8 different countries.


11. Start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping allows you to start your online e-commerce store without stock-keeping. Therefore, you do not need huge capital, and the risk is minimal because the manufacturer is responsible for the inventory and ships it directly to the customer. Therefore, your responsibility remains to market and offer customer service.

To start a successful dropshipping business in Guatemala, you need a mastery of online marketing and a focus on improving customer experience.

How Much Can You Make?
$5,500 — $3,000,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Time Commitment Per Week
Min. 10 hours/week
Business model

Case Study

Hello, my name is Kamil Sattar. I am an entrepreneur who’s developed many six-figure drop shipping businesses. I’ve also created systems to maximize opportunities in different markets and I’ve started companies in many industries. One of those companies specializes in helping people who are seeking to create drop ship companies of their own.

Of course, with every store that I open, I am able to learn new things. With every new thing that I learn, it helps me improve my system that I use to create these six and seven-figure stores and it helps me improve my process for helping others generate their stores.


12. Start a food delivery business ($237K/month)

Starting a food delivery business is the perfect way to combine your passion for cooking with your desire to make money. You'll get to create delicious new dishes, and then you'll get to deliver them directly to the people who are going to enjoy them. It's a win-win!

In the present day's busy lifestyles and schedules, cooking is no longer a priority to many. People like to order-in food from their nearest restaurants or food joints and enjoy a meal in the comfort of their homes.

The food delivery business is like a courier service through which the restaurants deliver food to their customers.

If you have a truck, you can offer retail food delivery services to restaurants within your locality. Customers make orders through a restaurant or grocer’s website, and the owners contact you to make the delivery.

How Much Can You Make?
$4,000 — $500,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

My name is Cameron and I am the name and co-founder behind Cameron’s Seafood. We catch, cook, chill, pack, and ship Maryland Crabs and crab cakes to your doorstep (to all 50 states) on a date you choose. Our food is made daily and shipped fresh, not frozen in less than 24 hours.

  • I love taking old businesses and adding technology to help them reach their potential. My cousin and I run the home delivery business and plan to hit $20,000,000 by year 3.


13. Start a consulting business ($130K/month)

Consulting businesses are booming, more so than ever before, and seeing year-over-year growth. With an accumulated value of about $250B, the global consulting industry is one of the biggest markets within the professional services sector.

If you are looking to start your own consulting business having useful insights from industry experts, reading about their entrepreneurial journey will help decide how you should go about it.

How Much Can You Make?
$100 — $2,500,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hey there! My name is Taylor Hersom and I am the founder of Eden Data. Eden Data is a cybersecurity consulting firm focused on helping startups build better security as they grow.

Since starting the company in March of 2020, we have scaled to four team members and an MRR of $45k, all through remote services and nearly no startup costs.


14. Start a coffee brand ($2K/month)

How Much Can You Make?
$2,000 — $150,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Time To Revenue
240 days
Business model

Case Study

My name is Raimonds Zadvornovs, and, along with my partner Gatis Zēmanis, we run Kalve Coffee Roasters - a coffee roasting company based in Riga, Latvia. Our main operation is simple - we buy high-quality green coffee, then skilfully roast it, and afterward sell it, but obviously, the business involves a lot more than that.

This is why these days we call ourselves a coffee service company - our main task has not changed, but we’re continuously expanding our work and growing along with the company. Our big public launch was in February 2019 with just the two of us and roasting at 5% of our production capacity. As of this day, we’re a team of 13 people and roasting at 70% of our maximum production capacity.


15. Become a software developer ($149K/month)

A software developer is a person who creates computer programs. They design, test, and oversee the creation of software for a variety of purposes including businesses, personal use, or social networking.

If you have strong technical skills and experience in programming, you can start a software development business. You should also have a good understanding of how the software works.

The average salary for software developers is $110,140. The best-paid 25 percent earn an annual income of up to 140K dollars while the lowest-paid workers make just under 84K dollars.

The recent trends in software development are moving towards mobile apps and cloud-based solutions. Businesses are providing a variety of programming languages and tools to create software that meets the client's needs.

Starting a software development company is the perfect way to explore in this exciting industry. This type of business is growing in popularity as businesses are looking for ways to offer their customers a convenient way to access their data and applications.

How Much Can You Make?
$4,000 — $2,110,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hi all, my name is Max Rice, and I’m the co-founder and CEO of SkyVerge, where we build software tools that help over 100,000 eCommerce brands manage and grow their online stores. Our customers are mostly small to medium-sized businesses in all kinds of verticals.

My co-founder Justin Stern and I started SkyVerge in 2013 and we’re a globally distributed team of over 30 people, with revenue of $350,000 per month.


16. Start an online advertising agency ($410K/month)

An online advertising agency provides business owners with a wide range of marketing services to help them reach targeted customers, and increase their product or service sales.

Services offered by online advertising agencies include creating ads, planning marketing campaigns, deciding the best platforms for reaching the target audience, and analyzing performance to help businesses make strategic marketing and advertising decisions.

How Much Can You Make?
$10,000 — $1,250,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hello, my name is Luis Camacho and I am the founder of Fantôm Agency and also the host of the SaaS AdLab podcast, which is a podcast where I interview SaaS founders to learn more about their story. Fantôm is a digital advertising agency which focuses on helping mid-to-late stage SaaS (software as a service) companies scale through paid advertising channels such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Fantôm focuses entirely on paid advertising, I guess you could say that’s the bread and butter, it’s what I’m great at but it’s also what I’m most passionate about. There were attempts to enter different service offerings but did not have as much fun doing so. Now when clients have the need for other types of marketing, say, email marketing, I point them to one of my trusted partners who are able to execute and over-deliver on such service for them. Currently, Fantôm is making roughly $8,600 per month overhead is only a couple of hundred dollars per month, about $300, which go towards tools and software needed in order to provide the best possible results for clients.


17. Start a craft business

If you have artistic passion and the skills to make unique art, consider starting a craft business. Craft businesses make jewelry, clothing design, card making, painting, sculpting, ceramics, among others.

According to research, the global handicraft market size will reach over $1252 billion in the next decade.

Checkout this video for steps to start your craft business.

The best websites to sell your crafts include:

How Much Can You Make?
$800 — $80,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Time To Revenue
270 days
Business model
Work from home

Case Study

Hi, I’m Theresa the owner of the blog DIY Lifestyle. On my blog, I share dozens of gluten-free, vegan, paleo, raw vegan and healthy recipes, fun crafts & DIYs, helpful life hacks, and travel tips. I started my blog because I was looking for a place to write down useful information to share with people all around the world but it quickly turned into something more.


18. Start a tourist guide business

There's no denying the profitability of a tourism business. If you know the state and cities well, starting a tour guide business can be a very lucrative idea. All you need is a license, and you can soon start working as a tour guide.

Listed are the steps on how to start a tour guide business.

  • Register your tour guide name business
  • Obtain necessary licenses
  • Open a bank account for business transactions
  • Organize your business operations
  • Start to promote and get clients

How Much Can You Make?
$200 — $8,110,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hi! I am Nan and I am the founder of No Code Map App - a no code builder for creating custom interactive maps with dynamic filters. It is designed for businesses to build an agency-quality interactive map without coding.

We launched 3 months ago and started monetizing at the end of March. April was our first full month of taking payments and we made >$400.


19. Become a business consultant ($5K/month)

Business consultants serve as professional advisors who help companies achieve their goals or to streamline operations in a particular business area.

Business consulting is big business. Experts project the demand for consultants to keep increasing in the coming years. Therefore, becoming a certified business consultant can be rewarding.

To become a business consultant, you need a bachelor’s degree and expertise in a specific area. Are you ready to start your business consulting career and develop a professional network and web presence to help you connect with clients?

How Much Can You Make?
$5,000 — $1,500,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

I am Christos Kritikos and I am the founder of Emerging Humanity. I see entrepreneurship as a catalyst for business activity, economic development, and (ultimately) social progress especially in developing parts of the world.

Since we started (3-4 years ago) I have personally helped more than 50 founders/entrepreneurs. We are also seeing promising activity with our (more recent) educational offerings like the accelerator and the eCourses.


20. Start a security dogs training business

Guard dog businesses are becoming very popular, particularly in areas that have high levels of crime.

First, you must identify the local dog owners in your area, which is easy to do with the help of social media sites, such as Facebook and Nextdoor. You can even offer to hold training classes at the local community center or park.

The first steps in setting up your guard dog business are to:

  • Establish your LLC or business
  • Get the Necessary Permits & Licenses for your Guard Dog Business
  • Get Guard Dog Business Insurance

21. Start an etsy shop

Etsy has been around for over a decade, and the platform has only become more popular for creators, entrepreneurs, and consumers over the years.

The platform started out as a place for crafters to sell their supplies and handmade goods. Now it has turned into a venue for artists and small businesses of all kinds to sell their products.

If you just started your shop, or you're looking to sell your products on Etsy, there are many different ways to make a killing on the platform. With the tips and advice of Etsy sellers who've been in your position, you'll soon be on your way to success!

How Much Can You Make?
$100 — $750,000/month

Case Study

My name is Sasha Weekes and I’m the 25 years old owner of Timber Grove Studios. Our home-based woodshop is nestled in the hills of PEI’s countryside, and we specialize in decorative shelving and home decor with a focus on minimalist design and simplicity. Each piece is made to order with 20+ color options, meaning it will be the perfect fit for each customer's space. We ship Canada and U.S. wide.

Moving twice in two years has definitely caused organizational, financial and opportunity hiccups, but the business has grown steadily regardless so we’re very excited about where 2020 will take us. We’ve learned what to focus on during which months, as revenue can range anywhere from $2000 during slow months to $10,000 during high months. Net profit has run anywhere between 20-50% throughout the life of the business and varies month to month. It’s closer to 20% right now as we’ve been spending all we can on new tools and materials for our new larger products and our Christmas stock.


22. Start a healthy meal delivery service ($96K/month)

A meal prep delivery business offers nutritional and healthy meals to customers daily or on a weekly basis. These services offer either DIY meal kits or Ready-to-eat meals via e-commerce sites. All of them are meant to save time and eliminate food waste.

People who have busy work schedules find meal delivery services very beneficial. The trend is also noticed in Millenials who are health conscious and prefer nutritional food at the comfort of their home rather than visiting a restaurant.

The primary reason why consumers order food online is that it is time-saving and convenient and literally at their fingertips.

There are different types of meal services:

  1. Online meal kits: These services may cost between $8.55 and $9.99 per serving where they will send everything you need to make amazing, restaurant-quality meals at home and save all your prep work time. Some of the popular services are Sun Basket, Blue Apron, HomeChef etc.

  2. Fast food delivery services: This service connects you with a broad range of local restaurants and food so that you can order from the full menus of your local favorites from the comfort of your home. Some of the popular services are UberEats, Foodsby, DoorDash etc.

5 Benefits of Food Delivery Service

  • Exposure to new customers
  • Convenient
  • Variety of options
  • More business opportunities
  • Cost-effective promotions

A Meal Prep Delivery Business can be very profitable when compared to restaurants. If you love to cook good nutritional food, you can also start a meal prep business from your home.

This can save cost on a storefront and you can promote the business by creating e-commerce websites. To make a good profit you should invest less in groceries and ensure that you have a good number of customers. One can make a comfortable living even with lower monthly sales by charging around $20 to $40 an hour.

How Much Can You Make?
$5,000 — $25,000,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Time To Revenue
210 days
Work from home

Case Study

When we first started, we sold around 200 bowls each week. We currently sell around 10,000 bowls each month. Most companies like this start the same way, cooking from their primary residence for family and friends. We were no exception. But as we continued to grow, we spent time and money to work out of rentable commercial kitchens until we were able to afford our own.


23. Start a personal care products ($19K/month)

How Much Can You Make?
$4,000 — $500,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hello, my name is Michael Koh and I am the founder of Tree To Tub. We are a natural skincare company that takes care of people with sensitive skin. Our signature products are shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser made from the Soapberry.

We’re happy that we’re solving a painful problem (literally sometimes) for people, and that has got us to $3M on our 3rd year.


24. Start a beverage company ($36.3K/month)

Are you thinking of starting a beverage or drink business?

Starting a beverage company can be a great way to combine your love of food and drink with a passion for entrepreneurship.

Beverage companies can make all sorts of different drinks, from juice to soda to beer. They can also sell other types of food products, like bottled water or snacks.

There are more and more drink options available today than ever before—and that means that beverage companies are constantly trying new things in order to stay competitive in this space! The more innovative they can be with their offerings, the better they'll be able to compete with one another

How Much Can You Make?
$500 — $200,000,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Time To Revenue
360 days
Business model
Work from home

Case Study

Hello, my name is Dylan Jacob and I am the founder of BruMate, AKA, The Dehydration Company. We are a unique insulated drinkware brand with a sole focus on the adult beverage community.

I launched our first product line in November 2016. We did $250,000 in sales from November-December 2016, 2.1M in sales in 2017, and we are now doing over 1.1M/mo in sales, in over 1000 retailers nationwide, and are on track to do 20M this year with roughly 35-45% bottom line depending on our ad-spend.


25. Start a telecommunications business

The telecommunication business involves the development, ownership, or operation of one or more telephone, telecommunications or information systems. Typically, telecom companies provide infrastructure to enable clients to transmit voice, video, and data.

To start a telecommunication business, you need telecommunication skills.

Average Initial Investment

26. Develop an online survey tool ($808K/month)

Online survey tools are a great way for businesses to gather customer feedback. They offer a convenient and cost-effective way to collect data from large groups of people. This service offers a variety of features, including a survey builder, a data collection tool, and a reporting system.

If you are interested in starting a business that helps businesses to gather customer feedback, then starting an online survey tool could be a great option for you. This business is growing in popularity as more businesses are using online surveys to collect data.

Typeform is a popular online survey tool that allows you to ask customers questions and get their feedback on the product. This can be used for many different purposes such as improving services or developing new products. Typeform told TechCrunch on the occasion of today’s funding announcement that its annual recurring revenue surpassed $70 million in 2021 after tripling over the preceding three years.

Building an online survey tool is a good business idea because there is a lot of demand for data collection. Businesses need to know more about their customers in order to be able to make better decisions.

How Much Can You Make?
$16,000 — $1,600,000/month
Time To Revenue
270 days

Case Study

Hi there! My name is Vivek Bhaskaran the Founder of QuestionPro. The most robust survey software you are going to find on the market along with Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and a Research platform that will give your company every advantage. We focus on not only providing the tools for creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys, but also provide the platforms for polling, tablet-based mobile research, and data visualization.


27. Start a youtube channel

For anyone looking to start a successful YouTube channel, there are plenty of YouTube channel success stories that can be used as inspiration and encouragement. YouTube has an established monetization system and boasts incredible popularity, making it a potential platform for revenue generation.

In this article, we'll look at different approaches you can use to help promote your channel and grow your viewers. While there's no quick and easy way to success, you can take these tips to build your own YouTube Channel Success story. If you love content creation, you can capitalize on YouTube`s popularity to earn an extra income.

If you are looking to join the Youtube partner program to monetize your channel, you will need to reach a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.

How Much Can You Make?
$800 — $4,500,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Time Commitment Per Week
Min. 5 hours/week

Case Study

I am Chhavi, the founder and owner of the blog and YouTube channel Mrs Daaku Studio along with my husband Amit.

Our blog, YouTube channel, and products are designed to help you achieve what we have (...and, more).


28. Start a bread bakery

You’ve heard the term “breadwinner”, but did you know there is a growing market to bake bread, which could potentially make you a “breadmaker?” If you love baking but want to make extra money, consider a bread making business. The industry is flourishing and has tons of growing potential. On average, the typical U.S. resident consumes 37.4 pounds of bread annually. It is a small scale manufacturing business that can be started with little investment & from the comfort of your home.

29. Start an online retail store business

How Much Can You Make?
$5,000 — $62,500,000/month

Case Study

Hagan makes ski mountaineering gear—exclusively. We focus without distraction on alpine ski touring. We don’t make downhill skis, clothing, hiking boots, or running shoes.

Our focus on high-performance ski mountaineering gear is recognized and appreciated by devoted backcountry skiers and has 50% annual growth in recent years. Hagan is Pure Ski Mountaineering.


30. Start an used electronics business

You can sell pre-used electronics online or set up a brick-and-mortar establishment. You can choose to specialize in a niche or sell everything from used computers, televisions, stereos, and gaming systems.

What is essential is researching the pre-owned electronics business. Set specific goals and limits for your business and work towards the goals. Find the niche that works best for you and explore it until you find success.

31. Build a medical app ($100K/month)

Medical apps are an integral part of any physician's practice. Doctors need access to the latest reference materials and new advances in healthcare technology. You might have a lot of experience in medicine, but if you don't know a thing about coding and app building, the process of creating a medical app can be daunting.

The medical apps market is expected to reach $314.60B in 2028. The health care industry is sacrificing billions of dollars annually on paperwork, filing, and an inefficient system for sharing patient information. With today's technology, healthcare professionals can streamline this process and will be able to keep track of their patient's records through a secure information system.

How Much Can You Make?

Case Study

Hi, my name is Shuhan He. I’m the founder of Conduct Science, a company which I created to try and provide scientists and researchers with the necessary equipment to complete their research.

The data is stored on the Qolty servers for years, meaning that work isn’t lost and can be used for longitudinal studies.


32. Start an ecommerce plugin

An e-commerce plugin is a piece of software that allows businesses to sell their products online. These plugins typically include features such as a shopping cart, payment gateway, or product catalog.

To build an e-commerce plugin, you need to be familiar with the different types of e-commerce platforms and have a good understanding of how to develop plugins. You may also need to have strong coding skills.

The demand for e-commerce plugins are growing as online stores are looking for ways to improve their processes. Plugins can help businesses add new features and integrations, and they can also help save time and money by automating tasks that would otherwise be done manually.

How Much Can You Make?
$36,000 — $83,017/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hi, my name is Sam and I am the founder of Kiwi Sizing, which is an e-commerce plugin that helps online clothing businesses better manage their size charts and helps their customers purchase the right size.

This product started just as a side project. After launching in March of 2018, it brought in around 10k by the end of the year, which was a pretty good source for my travel funds at the time and motivated me to continue investing my time in the project. It did 80k in 2019, 250k in 2020, and we are now doing over 36k/month with an average of roughly 5% MoM growth.


33. Start a social media management business

Similar to virtual assistants, social media managers offer various services, including but not limited to:

  • Developing a marketing strategy based on clients' goals
  • Setting up social media accounts
  • Posting on behalf of their clients
  • Coming up with strategies for increasing client’s social media following
  • Marketing analysis.

To become a social media manager, know the various platforms and understand how they work so you can develop strategies that help clients reach their goals. The beauty of working as a social media manager is that you get a chance to define your work schedule and even choose what niches to work on.

How Much Can You Make?

Case Study

I’m Amanda Shepherd, the owner and lead mentor at the Social Media Manager Society. Aside from social media consulting to businesses in the food, beverage, and hospitality industries, I created a program to teach other women how to run successful social media businesses so they can have the time and financial freedom they’ve always wanted!

I quit my 9-5 and in one year made almost $100,000 working an average of four hours per day - and still growing!


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