18 Software Developer Success Stories [2023]

18 Software Developer Success Stories [2023]
Become A Software Developer

A software developer is a person who creates computer programs. They design, test, and oversee the creation of software for a variety of purposes including businesses, personal use, or social networking.

If you have strong technical skills and experience in programming, you can start a software development business. You should also have a good understanding of how the software works.

The average salary for software developers is $110,140. The best-paid 25 percent earn an annual income of up to 140K dollars while the lowest-paid workers make just under 84K dollars.

The recent trends in software development are moving towards mobile apps and cloud-based solutions. Businesses are providing a variety of programming languages and tools to create software that meets the client's needs.

Starting a software development company is the perfect way to explore in this exciting industry. This type of business is growing in popularity as businesses are looking for ways to offer their customers a convenient way to access their data and applications.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a software developer:

1. SkyVerge, Inc. ($4.2M/year)

Max Rice (from Remote, Oregon, USA) started SkyVerge, Inc. about 10 years ago.

$350K / month
2 founders / 32 employees
Remote, Oregon, USA

Case Study

Hi all, my name is Max Rice, and I’m the co-founder and CEO of SkyVerge, where we build software tools that help over 100,000 eCommerce brands manage and grow their online stores. Our customers are mostly small to medium-sized businesses in all kinds of verticals.

My co-founder Justin Stern and I started SkyVerge in 2013 and we’re a globally distributed team of over 30 people, with revenue of $350,000 per month.


2. UserGuiding ($1.68M/year)

Osman Koc (from Istanbul, Turkey) started UserGuiding about 5 years ago.

$140K / month
4 founders / 20 employees
Istanbul, Turkey

Case Study

Hi, my name is Osman, I'm the co-founder of UserGuiding. UserGuiding is a SaaS product that helps web applications show their value propositions by enabling them to improve their ease of use. Interactive product tours, which can be created without coding, help product managers, marketers, and UX designers to make changes to the interfaces of their platforms. Personalized guides, built-in minutes, decrease the customer support workload by accelerating the onboarding process.

Today, we have +5,000 sign-ups from 92 countries. And there are more than 4 million end users onboard with UserGuiding. Over the past 14 months, we have grown by 20% + per month. The number of active subscribers increased from 5 to 73, and our monthly recurring revenue increased from $413 to $9,400.


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4. Epixel Solutions ($1.8M/year)

Sajin Rajan (from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) started Epixel Solutions over 7 years ago.

$150K / month
3 founders / 150 employees
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Case Study

Hi, this is Sajin Rajan, co-founder of Epixel Solutions, LLC. With at most satisfaction, I’m happy to share my story with you. When I launched our flagship product, Epixel MLM Software in the global market back in 2015, our motto was to create a revolution.

After a year of Epixel’s establishment, we managed to make an annual income of $10,000. At present, we’re making a monthly revenue of about $70,000, this value remarks our growth. Our effort never went vein and we’re proud to excel in our business.


5. Treblle ($60K/year)

Vedran Cindric (from Zagreb, Croatia) started Treblle almost 2 years ago.

$5K / month
2 founders / 2 employees

Case Study

My name is Vedran, I'm 33 years old and I've been a developer for the past 15 years. I started out with back-end development in PHP/MYSQL and progressed to learning HTML/CSS/JS as well as DevOps. I love writing great, efficient, and optimized code. Before starting our current startup, Treblle, I ran a development company for the past 10 years with clients all around the world.

With our development company, we completed over 100 projects and launched multiple products and startups for others. We managed to raise 1,4 million dollars in a Seed investment round led by Nauta Capital and at the moment we are serving more than 200 customers and growing daily. Considering we haven’t officially launched we are very happy with the results so far.


6. Barn2 Plugins ($1.44M/year)

Katie Keith (from Plymouth, UK) started Barn2 Plugins about 7 years ago.

$120K / month
2 founders / 14 employees

Case Study

Hi, I’m Katie from Barn2 Plugins. We sell innovative software products which add extra features to websites that are built on the popular WordPress and WooCommerce platforms.

We now have 16 products that generate over $100,000 in monthly revenue.


7. Cobuild Lab ($1.08M/year)

Angel Lacret (from Miami, Florida, USA) started Cobuild Lab about 5 years ago.

$90K / month
2 founders / 45 employees

Case Study

My name is Angel Lacret, I’m the CEO and Founder of Cobuild Lab. We are a company that partners with industry experts to create Custom Software Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT.

I started here on my own, but with a team back in Venezuela. Now I have a co-founder, 5 full-time employees in Miami, and close to 50 remote full-time workers all over the world.


8. TRIARE ($300K/year)

Boris Abazher (from Cherkasy, Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine) started TRIARE ago.

$25K / month
2 founders / 60 employees

Case Study

Hi, my name is Boris and I am the founder and CEO of the software development company TRIARE based in Ukraine. We help businesses and startups to transform their ideas into accomplished digital solutions.

I want to share how personal and collective responsibility paired with patience and consistency can help you build a profitable, respected business. It’s not easy, but it shouldn’t be painful. Here’s my story.


9. PVM IT ($6M/year)

Pat Mack (from St. Petersburg, FL, USA) started PVM IT over 12 years ago.

$500K / month
1 founders / 50 employees

Case Study

My name is Pat Mack, and I am the founder and CEO of PVM, Inc. We offer software engineering services related to big data storage and analytics to customers in both the private and public sectors, ranging from local police departments to statewide public safety departments, to federal agencies like the Department of Defense and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With this diversity of clients, we've gotten to work on some pretty exciting projects. They include:

Additionally, we plan to continue to build upon the deep relationships we have with our existing clients—our average length of tenure with a client is seven years.


10. Dreamonkey ($360K/year)

Federico Schianchi (from Scandiano, Province of Reggio Emilia, Italy) started Dreamonkey about 5 years ago.

$30K / month
5 founders / 2 employees

Case Study

Hello, I am Federico Schianchi and I started Dreamonkey in 2016 with four partners.

Our non-stop improvement and our strategic choices allowed us to grow from the first year $90K of revenue to today $300K of revenue, with the constant growth of 50% per year.


11. Dusseau and Company ($420K/year)

Mark Dusseau (from District of Columbia, DC, USA) started Dusseau and Company almost 5 years ago.

$35K / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

My name is Mark, and I am the founder of Dusseau and Company. A boutique product development company that empowers diverse founders. We work with clients diverse in thought, culture, identity, and abilities.


12. OneHash, Inc. ($144K/year)

Rohit Gadia (from Bangalore, Karnataka, India) started OneHash, Inc. over 2 years ago.

$12K / month
4 founders / 7 employees

Case Study

Hello, my name is Rohit Gadia; co-founder of OneHash Inc. As of today, we offer two products namely OneHash CRM and OneChat that cater to small businesses looking to benefit from a combination of FOSS+ SaaS at an affordable cost that is generally available to the larger enterprises.

OneHash offers its services to businesses in e-commerce, education, agriculture, non-profits, and hospitality and is most prevalent in healthcare and manufacturing.


13. Modern Launch ($600K/year)

Cody Benedetto and Ryan Serkes (from Milford, CT, USA) started Modern Launch about 1 year ago.

$50K / month
2 founders / 2 employees

Case Study

My name is Cody Benedetto and my co-founder is Ryan Serkes. We are the founders of Modern Launch. Our custom software development company works with startups and small businesses to build websites and mobile applications.

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Website Development & Design
  • Custom Software Development


14. Data Excavator ($48K/year)

Vitaly (from Tbilisi, Georgia) started Data Excavator almost 4 years ago.

$4K / month
1 founders / 2 employees

Case Study

Hi! My name is Vitaly, and I am a programmer. More precisely - a programmer and an entrepreneur. On one hand, I just love programming (15 years in PHP, JS, C#, C++, MySQL, and PostgreSQL). On the other hand, I hate doing it.

And while there are many opinions about the ethics of scraping, scraping applications remain a needed and sought-after product. I'm not saying that copying other people's content is fun or useful. But I can say that in many cases, scraping benefits everyone involved in the commodity-money relationship. Without detriment or problems for any of them. So, our story will be just about the bright side of data processing. Here we go!


15. ScrapingBee ($99.6K/year)

Today’s guest had been hearing about stories of entrepreneurship and finally he took the leap himself. And do you know what happened? He failed. Badly. You’ll hear that story in this interview and how he eventually got to where he is today. Kevin Sahin is the founder of ScrapingBee, a web scraping A…

Kevin Sahin and Pierre de Wulf (from Paris, Île-de-France, France) started ScrapingBee about 4 years ago.

$8.3K / month
2 founders / 2 employees

Case Study

ScrapingBee was founded by Kevin Sahin and Pierre de Wulf. It’s a useful tool specially designed to help people or businesses that need to quickly scrape the web but don't want to spend a lot of time doing it.

They completely bootstrapped their business and built their MVP very quickly, as they needed cash to come in as quickly as possible.

The business started in 2019 and in just three years, the founders have grown ScrapingBee to $1M+ ARR. 99% of revenue is attributed to SEO strategies and practices.

The ScrapingBee API takes care of headless browsers and rotates proxies so you can concentrate on data extraction. They set up the web application, database, and the entire system on Heroku.

Businesses across a variety of industries, including e-commerce for price monitoring, SEO firms for tracking SERP results, lead generation, and general data mining, uses ScrapingBee.


Read the full story on failory.com ➜

16. Glean ($25.3M/year)

Arvind Jain noticed a problem that so many founders running a remote team can relate to. Here’s the scenario: a person on your sales team wants to know what new features are in the product pipeline. They need the answer to close a sale, but the answer is buried in a Slack channel, or a Google Sheet,…

Arvind Jain (from Palo Alto, CA, USA) started Glean about 4 years ago.

$2.11M / month
1 founders / 170 employees

Case Study

Arvind started Glean in 2019 to make it simple for people to find the knowledge they require to be more successful and content at work.

The founder decided to build Glean when he saw a need for a tool that could help people gather data from various sources to help with their business.

Glean is the intuitive work assistant providing search solutions to teams to discover exactly the information they need to grow their business.

Before Glean, Arvind co-founded Rubrik, a fast-growing cloud data management company. Rubrik made 600,000,000 in revenue in the fiscal year 2020 and provided jobs to around 2500 employees.


Listen to the full podcast on alejandrocremades.com ➜

17. SmartSuite ($1.2M/year)

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/NathanLatkawatchSmartSuite CEO Jon Darbyshire, made a work management platform... Visit them: www.smartsuite.comSee more...

Jon Darbyshire (from Newport Beach, CA, USA) started SmartSuite over 1 year ago.

$100K / month
1 founders / 8 employees

Case Study

Tara Darbyshire, Peter Novosel, and Jon Darbyshire founded the SmartSuite, which provides a collaborative Work Management platform that enables teams to plan, track and manage workflows.

Before building SmartSuite, the founders took the time to understand what appeals to that market - how they collaborate, communicate, and manage files.

Around 90 outside developers worked for 3 years to build the core platform, and it managed to acquire 400 customers in just 4 weeks at $100,000 MRR

SmartSuite currently offers three monthly seat pricing tiers:

  • $10 for Team
  • $25 for Pro
  • $35 for Enterprise.

Currently, they are seeing 10 to 12 seats per customer on average. The largest deal they had closed since their launch four weeks ago is for 150 seats.


Watch the full video on youtube.com ➜

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