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6 Business Consultant Success Stories [2023]

6 Business Consultant Success Stories [2023]
Become A Business Consultant

Business consultants serve as professional advisors who help companies achieve their goals or to streamline operations in a particular business area.

Business consulting is big business. Experts project the demand for consultants to keep increasing in the coming years. Therefore, becoming a certified business consultant can be rewarding.

To become a business consultant, you need a bachelor’s degree and expertise in a specific area. Are you ready to start your business consulting career and develop a professional network and web presence to help you connect with clients?

Here are some real life success stories of starting a business consultant:

1. Emerging Humanity ($60K/year)

Christos Kritikos (from New York, NY, USA) started Emerging Humanity over 5 years ago.

$5K / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

I am Christos Kritikos and I am the founder of Emerging Humanity. I see entrepreneurship as a catalyst for business activity, economic development, and (ultimately) social progress especially in developing parts of the world.

Since we started (3-4 years ago) I have personally helped more than 50 founders/entrepreneurs. We are also seeing promising activity with our (more recent) educational offerings like the accelerator and the eCourses.


2. Emirabiz ($1.2M/year)

Elena & Andrew (from Dubai - United Arab Emirates) started Emirabiz over 8 years ago.

$100K / month
2 founders / 15 employees

Case Study

Hi guys! We are Elena and Andrew, and we are corporate services providers in the UAE - we run a business consultancy company in Dubai for 9 years already.

We started as a “one-man-show”, but managed to grow quickly. We now reached a point of having about 15 full-time employees and average monthly revenue of over 200K USD.


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4. Simply Hudson ($84K/year)

Nicole Hudson (from Chicago) started Simply Hudson almost 3 years ago.

$7K / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

Hi everyone! I’m Nicole Hudson, the Strategic Transformation Advisor behind Simply Hudson.

By designing streamlined, semi-automated processes, the company estimated an annual savings of over 800 manual work hours and $80,000 in annual overhead costs while supporting a fully remote, globally distributed workforce. Wow!


5. The Pedowitz Group ($18M/year)

Jeff Pedowitz (from Milton, GA, USA) started The Pedowitz Group over 16 years ago.

$1.5M / month
2 founders / 100 employees

Case Study

Jeff: In 2007, my wife (Cherie) and I started The Pedowitz Group, a consulting agency primarily focused on sales/marketing and now RevOps processes, people, and tech.

I’m currently the CEO, Cherie is the Chief Talent Officer, and we’re thrilled that the company has grown in 15 years to be north of $20M a year in revenue with over 100 employees and working with many global companies, some in the Fortune 1000.


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