50 Tax Free Business Ideas You Can Start In 2024

Updated: July 24th, 2023

Interested to start a tax free business but not quite sure what to start?

The good news is, there are so many opportunities to become an entrepreneur and build an innovative product/service in this line of work.

If you're looking to start your own tax free business, there are several low-investment options you can choose from.

We put a list together below of the most profitable tax free business ideas you can start today!

Here they are:

1. Start a book club

A book club consists of several people who read and talk about the books based on the topic or an agreed reading list.

Setting up your book club can be a great way to enjoy books and meet new people.

More importantly, a book club is a well-paying side hustle idea. Therefore, figure out who you invite to your book club and define the purpose.

Do you want to learn something new, or do you just want to bond with other book lovers? Having a defined purpose helps you reach like-minded people to keep the book club close-knit.

How much you can make: $4,000 — $13,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $75 (?)

How long does it take to build: 30 days (?)

Time commitment per week: Min. 5 hours/week

How Two Friends Started A $13K/Month Online Book Club From Bali

Two friends started an online book club that now has 570 members and generates £10,500 MRR, by addressing the problem of 'Tsundoku,' charging a monthly subscription fee for one non-fiction book, one inspiring meetup, and one custom cocktail, inspiring conversation and community.

Ben started Rebel Book Club almost 9 years ago
Ben grew the business to $13K/month
It cost Ben $100 to start the business
Read by 25,328 founders

2. Start a crowdfunding platform

Raising money for your project can be difficult. Crowdfunding is one way to get funding through a large number of smaller investments. If you have some expertise in a particular area that may be useful to other people, there's no better time to take action. The crowdfunding revolution is happening right at your fingertips.

Crowdfunding has exploded over the past year, and you need to be a part of it. The Worldwide crowdfunding market share is expected to increase by $240B from 2021 to 2026. Crowdfunding is one of the quickest ways to get funding and build your brand.

How much you can make: $5,000 — $400,000/month

How long does it take to build: 272 days (?)

How We Built And Launched A $100M Equity Crowdfunding Platform

StartEngine has helped over 265 companies raise capital from a community of 190,000 users on their equity crowdfunding platform, and has raised almost $100M to date, offering equity, debt, convertible note, and other types of securities to investors.

Howard started Kosmos Innovation Centre about 11 years ago
Howard grew the business to $400K/month
Read by 8,089 founders

3. Start a freelance writing business

Freelance writing can be a good career choice if you are looking for a flexible online job.

Working as a freelancer gives you the flexibility to define your work schedule. You can work from home at any time. Freelance writers work across various niches, writing about various topics assigned by the client,

To earn good money as a freelance writer, you need the following personal qualities:

  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Stay on the cutting edge
  • Be a self-starter
  • Be up-to-date with the current writing tools & writing trends
  • Proper communication skills

How much you can make: $700 — $320,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $400 (?)

How long does it take to build: 53 days (?)

How I Started A $80K/Month Content Writing Business

How David Tile turned a freelance writing gig into an $80k/month business, discussing lessons learned through managing growing demands and maintaining a remote team operation.

David started Article-Writing Co almost 13 years ago
David grew the business to $125K/month
Read by 23,072 founders

4. Start a skills training business

It is a great idea to start a skill training business with a website-oriented online presence, aimed towards helping people learn new skills. Starting your own skills training business doesn’t require a lot of money, but it can have a significant impact on your life and others.

The global skills training market is expected to reach $47.2B by 2027. If you’re looking for financial freedom, starting your own skills training business is the way to go. Training clients and building an impressive portfolio will allow you to charge higher rates and start living the life of your dreams.

How much you can make: $1,500 — $1,600,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $2,000 (?)

How long does it take to build: 90 days (?)

How I Started A Profitable Business Helping Millions Of People Learn Excel

A one-man business teaching people how to use Microsoft Excel effectively has gone from getting ~15k pageviews a month in 2014, to more than one million pageviews every month as of today, generating an average monthly revenue of ~$10,000, with the majority of the money coming from online course sales and a newsletter, which has 40k+ active subscribers.

Sumit started TrumpExcel.com over 10 years ago
Sumit grew the business to $10K/month
Read by 10,224 founders

5. Start a cooking class

Online cooking classes can be a great side hustle for seasoned chefs or cooking enthusiasts looking for a way to earn some extra cash. You can create content and teach your audience how to prepare meals.

Consider creating members-only content to earn more from your cooking class side hustle. Alternatively, you can sell recipes for a small fee as well. To grow your reach, consider offering some free content on your social media pages as a way to build curiosity among potential audiences. You can charge your audiences a subscription fee so they can have exclusive access to your content.

To start cooking classes , choose a niche and follow your passion. Create a website and maintain an active social media presence. Apart from online cooking classes or live sessions you can also offer exclusive offline weekend classes to give your audience a hands-on personal experience.

How much you can make: $7,500 — $100,000/month

Time commitment per week: Min. 5 hours/week

How I Started A Cooking Classes Business With 7 Locations

Hipcooks is a 7-location cooking school business that has grown organically to reach $100k/month in revenue, and attracts and retains customers through their communal approach, vibrant online presence, and updated Google and Yelp business pages.

Monika started Hipcooks about 10 years ago
Monika grew the business to $100K/month
Read by 8,990 founders

6. Start a dating website

A dating website is a great way to connect people who are looking for love. It is a platform that helps people to find and connect with potential romantic partners. This service offers a variety of features, including a profile creation tool, a search engine, and a messaging system.

If you are interested in starting a business that helps people find love, then starting a dating website could be a great option for you. This business is growing in popularity as more people are looking for ways to meet partners online.

Tinder has taken over the world! It is so popular that it brings in revenues of $1.4B per year.

Some recent trends that are making dating websites more popular include the growth of the online dating market, the rise of mobile dating apps, and the increasing acceptance of online dating.

How much you can make: $1,300 — $11,250,000/month

How long does it take to build: 47 days (?)

How I Started A $30K/Month Dating And Relationship Coaching Business

This case study follows Pat Stedman, founder of The Dynamic Man, LLC, and his journey to building a successful dating and relationship coaching business that now earns around $25,000 - $35,000 per month through coaching services and passive income products like his 19-hour video masterclass.

Pat started Pat Stedman Dating and Relationship Coaching about 9 years ago
Pat grew the business to $30K/month
Read by 10,504 founders

7. Start an online video editing business

Video editors manage camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics, and special effects to produce the final film or video product. To become an online video editor, you must have media production and communication knowledge and the ability to work with others.

To start a video editing business, you can outsource video editing skills from an experienced professional. Your role will be to pick video footage from the customers and upload them for the video editor to do the magic.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $208,000/month

How long does it take to build: 110 days (?)

How We Developed A $6K/Month Online Video Editing Software

VEED.IO, a London-based start-up co-founded by Sabba and her partner, offers a simple online video editing platform using batch job cloud architecture to help social media managers across the world auto subtitle, filter, rotate videos and much more, earning the company $5,300 MRR and the founders Ramen profitability within just a year of starting.

Sabba started VEED over 5 years ago
Sabba grew the business to $6K/month
Read by 11,445 founders

8. Start a mobile photography business

Want to start your own photography business? You're not alone. With the rise of social media and photo-sharing, blogging, and online retailing, it's never been easier to start making money behind your camera.

There are photographers shooting weddings, creating images for ad campaigns, freelancing for magazines, touring the world, taking photographs of destinations — the list is endless!

To start mobile photography , research the target audience and determine which specialization area is more lucrative. Invest in high-quality, professional cameras, lenses, and a computer with professional software photo-editing software.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $500,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $5,000 (?)

How long does it take to build: 200 days (?)

Embracing the Experience Economy with a $300K/mo Photo Booth Startup

Photobooth Supply Co. offers a profitable business opportunity through their sleek and portable photo booths, with up to 97% satisfaction rate and a focus on customer experience, in a fast-growing event industry where photo booths are exploding.

Brandon started Photobooth Supply Co. almost 11 years ago
Brandon grew the business to $500K/month
Read by 14,618 founders

9. Start a car sharing service

Globally, people are looking for the most cost-effective way to move about. The increasing cost of car ownership has forced people to car sharing services.

Car sharing is where vehicle owners offer their vehicles for others to rent for a short period. The arrangement saves gasoline, parking fees, maintenance costs, taxes, and other expenses. Also, car sharing is a practical alternative for those on a budget who do not necessarily need full-time access to a vehicle.

According to experts, the global car-sharing market has exceeded 2 billion and will keep growing at a CAGR of over 20% for the next decade. In that regard, starting a car-sharing service presents a lucrative business opportunity.

With enough capital, you can purchase multiple vehicles and launch your car-sharing service.

How much you can make: $2,000/month

They want to rent out your luxurious car using software, hit first $24k in ARR

Subskryb is a luxury vehicle subscription service founded by Giovanni Smith, Kendell Johnson, and Preston Martelly that allows car owners to rent their high-end cars and renters to book them daily, weekly, or monthly, building a VAAS model with car owners and renters.

Giovanni started Subskryb over 3 years ago
Giovanni grew the business to $2K/month
Read by 596 founders

10. Start an installing Christmas trees and lights business

11. Start a fair or carnival vending buiness

12. Start an excursions for school children business

How long does it take to build: 365 days (?)

13. Start a community training and mentorship business

A community training and mentorship business involves developing and facilitating personal development programs and workshops tailored for underserved groups.

As an entrepreneurial founder, you design a curriculum covering career readiness, financial literacy, and life skills that empower your target communities.

With flexibility for in-person or digital delivery methods, building an impactful training program allows creators to uplift and maximize human potential.

For aspiring educators and coaches seeking a social enterprise model, launching community-focused classes presents accessibility alongside scalable profit potential earned by unlocking student success.

How much you can make: $1,000 — $50,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $500 (?)

How long does it take to build: 90 days (?)

How I Built A $24K/Month Mentorship Marketplace

MentorCruise is a career coaching marketplace generating $24k MRR and processing $1M annually for mentors, with most traffic and sales coming from SEO and organic sources, currently looking to expand to the B2B market.

Dominic started MentorCruise almost 6 years ago
Dominic grew the business to $40K/month
Read by 4,383 founders

14. Start a student exchange program

15. Start an amazon FBA business

Amazon is ripe with opportunity, which is making it possible for people to make a lot of money with little investment or effort.

Amazon has over 2.3B visitors per month, With this huge audience, Amazon is an amazing opportunity to start your own business. In fact, you can sell products with very low competition.

How much you can make: $2,300 — $1,175,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $1,000 (?)

How long does it take to build: 90 days (?)

Starting A $3K/Month Stoic Wisdom Inspired Arts Etsy Store While Digital Nomading In Bali

Jeff started Stoic Muse, a creative side project selling 100-150 t-shirts per month ($3K revenue) on Etsy, without any upfront costs for prototyping or manufacturing, by learning graphic design and using Print on Demand to fulfill the merch.

Jeff started Stoic Muse about 4 years ago
Jeff grew the business to $10K/month
Read by 7,499 founders

16. Start a house painting business

Starting a house painting business can be a rewarding and lucrative endeavor. With the right skills, equipment, and a bit of luck, you can provide a valuable service to homeowners looking to spruce up their living spaces.

You'll need to invest in basic painting supplies such as brushes, rollers, ladders, and drop cloths to get started. You'll also need to invest in protective gear, such as masks and gloves, to ensure the safety of yourself and your clients.

Once you have your equipment, you can start marketing your services to potential clients. You can use social media, word-of-mouth referrals, or even old-fashioned flyers and business cards to get the word out.

As your business grows, you should invest in additional equipment, such as sprayers and power washers, to expand your services. You can also consider hiring additional workers to help with larger jobs and to allow you to take on more work.

With hard work, determination, and a little luck, your house painting business can thrive and provide a steady income stream. And who knows, you may even find yourself becoming the go-to painter in your community.

17. Start a video game download website business

18. Start a jersey customization business

19. Start a community vigilante group business

20. Start a lawn care service

Are you ready to begin your lawn care business and be your boss? A lawncare business offers lawn aeration, Seeding, fertilizing, soil acidity tests, and controlling weeds, among other services. If you love creating amazing landscapes, consider starting a lawn care company.

To start lawn care legally and run it profitably, you must register the business legally. You can get into a franchise or start a business from scratch. Decide what lawn care services you will offer and your target clients.

To offer effective service, purchase lawn care equipment, and hire skilled lawn care personnel.

How much you can make: $2,500,000/month

How long does it take to build: 90 days (?)

Uber For Lawn Care: How I Built A $30M Software

GreenPal has bootstrapped their business to over $30 million a year in revenue, after securing an unsecured line of credit for $85,000, and have built the operating system and platform for small lawncare companies to run their entire business through, becoming live in all 50 US states and having 1.2 million homeowners using the platform.

Bryan started GreenPal almost 12 years ago
Bryan grew the business to $2.5M/month
It cost Bryan $250000 to start the business
Read by 4,301 founders

21. Start a museum

22. Start a waste recycling business

If you have a passion for saving the planet and going green, starting a waste recycling business may be the right route for you to take. Waste recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be trashed and processing them into new products.

Starting a waste recycling business is not only profitable, but it can also benefit the community and the environment. To start a waste recycling business, research the industry and determine the costs involved. Then, register the business and equip your waste recycling facility.

How much you can make: $230,000 — $37,000,000/month

How long does it take to build: 90 days (?)

How I Started A $41K/Month Residential Waste Removal Service

This case study showcases the story of a locally owned and operated residential waste removal business based in Colorado Springs started with a pick-up truck and a $35k loan, which now has 51 dumpsters, two roll-off dumpster delivery trucks, two residential garbage trucks, and is projecting $700-800k in sales for 2020.

Dustin started SOCO Waste about 7 years ago
Dustin grew the business to $230K/month
It cost Dustin $150000 to start the business
Read by 13,664 founders

23. Start a paper recycling business

According to statistics, the demand for recycled paper is increasing at a CAGR of more than 7% in developing counties.
The high machinery cost and inefficient collection of waste paper are reasons behind the growing demand.

As a result, the primary focus of the local paper recyclers is the establishment of proper collection and segregation systems to facilitate waste paper collection. Therefore, starting a paper recycling business can be profitable.

How much you can make: $16,000/month

How long does it take to build: 100 days (?)

How We Started A Paper Packaging Products Business That Makes $192K/Year

Bagitan Packaging in China started out as a thermography paper roll business and has since expanded to become leaders in the packaging industry with annual net revenue of $200,000 and over 50 employees, thanks to digital marketing and a focus on SEO.

Yuki started Bagitan Packaging over 15 years ago
Yuki grew the business to $16K/month
It cost Yuki $200000 to start the business
Read by 2,013 founders

24. Start a scrap gold recovering and selling business

25. Start a vehicle licensing brokerage service

26. Start a tour guide service business

Tour guides are members of the hospitality and travel industry. Professional tour guides ensure itineraries are met and that tourists are informed entertainingly. Tour guiding businesses lead guests on excursions that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

To start a tour guide business, explore your location and its potential for attracting tourists. Understand the regulatory environment and create a business plan detailing your services and how you intend to deliver value to the customers.

How much you can make: $1,500 — $43,300,000/month

How We Started The $35M/Year Dubai's Leading Tour Operator

Rayna Tours and Travels, founded by Kamlesh Ramchandani and Manoj Tulsani, began its journey as a small travel counter inside a Dubai hotel, and has now grown into one of the UAE’s leading destination management companies with earnings exceeding $40 million per year.

Manoj started Rayna Tours about 18 years ago
Manoj grew the business to $500K/month
Read by 6,411 founders

27. Start a roof repair business

Roof repair and replacement services remain in demand among homeowners and commercial property owners. The need for roof repair services is often because of storms and old roofs that become leaky, requiring immediate replacement.

If you want a home improvement business opportunity, consider starting a roof repair business. To start the roof repair business, you need to be a registered professional roofer, equipped with the right roofing tools, and have the skills to re-design and re-roof properties.

Register your business and acquire the necessary licenses to start marketing the roof repair services.

28. Start a garage sale business

How much you can make: $7,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $1,000 (?)

How I Started A $7K/Month Women's Gym Apparel Business From My Garage

This case study details a woman who started a women's gym apparel business from her garage, and has since grown consistently, with $7k a month in sales, by retaining customers through personal connections & genuine marketing, and plans to continue expanding with her passion.

Susie started Garage Gym Barbell Apparel over 6 years ago
Susie grew the business to $7K/month
It cost Susie $1000 to start the business
Read by 6,056 founders

29. Become a forex trader

How much you can make: $1,200 — $100,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $388 (?)

How long does it take to build: 60 days (?)

I Developed A $100K/Month Trading Software

Entrepreneur Sina Sinry started an eCommerce business selling the best performing forex robot, generating monthly earnings of over $100,000 from his digital products, which he developed with the help of professional developers and found success through Facebook Ads.

Sina started Sinry Advice over 4 years ago
Sina grew the business to $100K/month
It cost Sina $388 to start the business
Read by 3,285 founders

30. Start a small scale fumigation service business

31. Start a dog breeding business

The dog breeding business is a great business to start if you have a passion and love for dogs. It can be a profitable business, but it takes time to build.

Starting to breed dogs is a lucrative business. The dogs are sold by breeders to buyers at an exorbitant price, who then sell them for a profit.

If you want to start a dog breeding business, then you need to first find out what kind of dogs are popular at the moment. You'll have to find and breed dogs that are compatible with each other and their new owners before they're ready for adoption!

As of October 27, 2022, the average Dog Breeder salary in the United States is $55,175, but the salary range typically falls between $49,079 and $61,740. Salary ranges can vary substantially based on a variety of critical factors, including education, certifications, extra competencies, the length of time you've been in your profession.

32. Start an educational center

An education center provides technical, commercial, or vocational training. With more people interested in undertaking education as an investment for acquiring skills and knowledge, starting an educational center can be a great business idea.

Besides, starting an education center is a chance to make a difference in the lives of learners every day.

To start your education center, write a detailed business plan and get startup funding. Find a great educational center location and hire qualified teachers or tutors.

Utilizing both local advertising and digital marketing techniques allows you to reach new customers much more quickly.

33. Start a plumbing business

With hands-on knowledge in plumbing, you can start a business that focuses on diagnosing and repairing plumbing issues, installing fixtures, and maintaining plumbing systems.

As a plumber, your day-to-day activities will involve responding to service calls, troubleshooting plumbing problems, conducting installations or repairs, and providing guidance to clients on plumbing-related matters.

How much you can make: $40,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $7,000 (?)

How long does it take to build: 365 days (?)

I Run A Family Plumbing Business That Makes $40K/Month

A second-generation family-owned plumbing and leak detection business shares their success in obtaining repeat business through word of mouth referrals, staying true to their core principles, and using cutting-edge technology to provide top-notch service to clients.

Andrew started Innovation Plumbing almost 33 years ago
Andrew grew the business to $40K/month
It cost Andrew $7000 to start the business
Read by 2,919 founders

34. Start a real estate brokering business

Real estate brokering involves helping individuals and businesses buy, sell, and rent properties. As a real estate broker, you will connect buyers and sellers, negotiate prices, and handle the paperwork. To start a successful real estate brokering business, you must obtain a state license. This typically involves completing a certain number of real estate courses and passing a licensure exam.

In addition to a license, you will also need a strong understanding of the local real estate market and a network of clients and contacts. Marketing and networking skills are essential for attracting new business and building your client base. You should also be organized and able to manage multiple tasks and deadlines, as real estate transactions can be complex and time-sensitive.

To run a successful real estate brokering business, you must stay up-to-date on industry trends and regulations. This may involve continuing education courses and keeping abreast of changes in local zoning laws and market conditions.

Overall, real estate brokering requires legal knowledge, marketing savvy, and strong negotiation skills. If you are driven and passionate, starting a real estate brokering business can be a rewarding and lucrative career path.

How much you can make: $199,999/month

How long does it take to build: 7 days (?)

The Next Redfin? Real Estate Broker SaaS hits $2.4m Revenue, $50m Valuation

Radius Agent secures $13.1 million in Series A funding to accelerate expansion plans and reach a 5X growth rate, helping real estate agents succeed through providing the appropriate tools to market and brand themselves with the use of technology.

Biju started Radius Agent about 9 years ago
Biju grew the business to $200K/month
Read by 513 founders

35. Start a voice over service

Voiceover artist is an auditory performer who uses their voice in scripted presentations. The role of a voiceover artist is only to be heard but not to be seen.

Working as a voiceover artist is an opportunity to choose the projects you enjoy engaging in. The role of a voiceover artist is also fun and can help you meet new people.

To become a voiceover artist, start practicing aloud reading so you familiarize yourself with your sound. Then, create your recording studio where you can practice your voiceover skills. It would help if you had a quality microphone, professional recording software, a computer, and soundproofing materials.

How much you can make: $400 — $60,000/month

How long does it take to build: 90 days (?)

How I Started A $40K/Month Multilingual Voice Over Agency And Marketplace

Voice Crafters, a multilingual voice-over agency and marketplace founded by Mony Raanan, doubled their revenue to over $765,000 in 2022 with a bottom line of around 30% after transitioning to an online marketplace and carefully vetting their network of over 1,000 professional voice actors in more than 80 languages.

Mony started Voice Crafters about 15 years ago
Mony grew the business to $60K/month
It cost Mony $50000 to start the business
Read by 5,886 founders

36. Become a ghost blogger

A ghost blogger is simply a writer who specializes in producing blogs for other people.

As a ghost blogger, you can earn between $300 and $1,500 per week, depending on word count and topic.

Ideally, the ideas and knowledge contained in the article originate from the publicly named author.

Therefore, as a ghostwriter, your role is to put the ideas into words.

How much you can make: $450 — $24,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $125 (?)

How long does it take to build: 62 days (?)

Time commitment per week: Min. 5 hours/week

I Make $300K/Year With A Team Of Ghostwriters That Create Content For Brands

Content strategist Lacy Boggs leveraged her love of blogging and desire for a more flexible schedule to grow her business from a solo "Ghost Blogger" to a full agency with four writers and a cabal of contractors that helps businesses create bespoke content strategies and consistent traffic, yielding over a ($300k) year in revenue.

Lacy started The Content Direction Agency over 12 years ago
Lacy grew the business to $24K/month
It cost Lacy $50 to start the business
Read by 4,151 founders

37. Start a language translation service

Language translation services bridge the linguistic barriers, helping businesses reach a wider audience outside of a single language. A language translation job is an opportunity to cover a wide range of topics and meet people from different cultures.

To become a language translator , master a second language and earn some experience so you become fluent in the second language.

How much you can make: $40,000 — $550,000/month

How long does it take to build: 70 days (?)

Buying A Translation Company And Growing It To $4M/Year

DEMAN Translations grew from 6 employees and 1.5 million euros in turnover in 2015 to 17 team members and 3.5 million euros in sales in 2020 after acquiring 12 other translation agencies, with a goal to reach 6 million euros this year and 10 million euros in 2022.

Cédric started DEMAN Übersetzungen almost 9 years ago
Cédric grew the business to $550K/month
It cost Cédric $1250000 to start the business
Read by 7,391 founders

38. Start a pay per view website development business

39. Start a music streaming app

Music streaming apps allow the consumption of audio content in different formats. The global music streaming market recently recorded a CAGR of 14.7%, and experts project it will reach $29.45 billion in the next few years.

The rising penetration of digital platforms and the growing use of smart devices are some factors boosting the market growth. Therefore, developing a music streaming app in 2024 can be a great chance to make money.

How much you can make: $70,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $6,500 (?)

How long does it take to build: 135 days (?)

My Personal Crisis Fueled Me To Build An $840K/Year Piano Tutorial App

OnlinePianist is a profitable business generating $70k in monthly revenue, with 6 million global downloads and customers in more than 20 countries, offering the largest catalog of piano tutorials outside of YouTube with 3,000+ tutorials, and has plans to expand its capabilities to listen to what the user plays on their piano or keyboard and build a paid marketing strategy.

Nimrod started OnlinePianist almost 14 years ago
Nimrod grew the business to $70K/month
It cost Nimrod $10000 to start the business
Read by 2,966 founders

40. Start a foreign language training business

Are you interested in starting a foreign language training business? Great!. Language training can be a rewarding and lucrative business idea, especially if you have a passion for teaching and a talent for languages.

You will need some basic materials and resources to start a foreign language training business. First, you must choose which language(s) you will teach. It’s essential to have a strong foundation in the language(s) you plan to teach, so it may be necessary to take additional courses or become certified in the language(s) you choose. You will also need to create a curriculum and materials for your classes, such as textbooks and worksheets.

You will need to find students to take your classes to operate your business. Finding students can be done through advertising and marketing, such as creating a website or social media presence and reaching out to local schools and businesses. You will also need to decide on a pricing structure for your classes, whether by the hour, session, or course.

Teaching foreign languages can be a rewarding and fulfilling business, especially if you have a passion for language learning and teaching. You can start and operate a successful foreign language training business with some basic materials and resources.

How much you can make: $91,000/month

Benny Lewis On How To Make 7 Figures Language Hacking

Fluent in 3 Months receives over 2 million monthly visits and Benny Lewis, the founder, is now a 7-figure business coach who teaches people how to create online businesses.

Benny started Fluent In 3 Months almost 15 years ago
Benny grew the business to $91K/month
Read by 803 founders

41. Start an ice block making and selling business

42. Start an online wallpaper creation and selling business

43. Sell tickets

The ticketing business involves the sale of tickets for events, such as concerts, sporting events, and theater productions. The business typically involves purchasing tickets from the event organizer or ticketing company and reselling them to the public at a markup.

To run a successful ticketing business, it is essential to have a reliable source of tickets, a strong marketing strategy, and a clear understanding of the demand for the events you sell tickets for. It is also essential to have a system for tracking ticket sales and handling customer inquiries.

One essential tip for success in the ticketing business is to offer a wide range of ticket options, including VIP packages and seating options, to appeal to different types of customers. It is also essential to stay up to date on industry trends and to be flexible to adapt to changes in the market.

Finally, building solid relationships with event organizers and ticketing companies can be crucial for securing a steady supply of tickets and for negotiating favorable terms for your business. By focusing on customer satisfaction and building a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy ticket seller, you can establish a successful ticketing business that thrives in the competitive entertainment industry.

How much you can make: $500,000/month

How I Started a $150K/Month Ticketing Platform That Sells More Than 5 Million Tickets A Year Worldwide

A successful ticketing platform that grew from a side project into a business that issues over 5 million tickets annually, using a combination of cold calling, word of mouth, and partnerships to attract and retain customers while navigating the challenges of COVID-19.

Jonny started Ticket Tailor about 13 years ago
Jonny grew the business to $500K/month
It cost Jonny $1000 to start the business
Read by 10,042 founders

44. Become a tutorial video creator

A tutorial video is a subcategory of instructional videos that share knowledge and interact with viewers. Different forms of tutorial videos include:

  • Presentation: common among college professors and teachers
  • Niche videos: short 10-15 minutes tutorials covering a wide range of topics
  • Training videos: teach candidates the skills they need to perform better at work

Creating tutorial videos is not a difficult task. With a proper strategy, you can make a tutorial video. Invest in a professional camera for your business and start creating a tutorial video. Then, outline the video contents you intend to create and create scripts.

How much you can make: $1,700 — $375,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $109 (?)

How long does it take to build: 18 days (?)

On Creating And Monetising Google Sheets Tutorials

Better Sheets is a Google Sheets tutorial providing screencasts to small businesses, earning $2,291 from 134 sales in May, with sales being mainly driven by AppSumo.

Andrew started Better Sheets almost 4 years ago
Andrew grew the business to $8.33K/month
It cost Andrew $109 to start the business
Read by 8,014 founders

45. Start a cryptocurrency exchange service

The cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially. A good business idea you can start in this line is a cryptocurrency exchange. A cryptocurrency exchange is an online marketplace where users trade cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency exchange works similarly to an online brokerage. Users can trade crypto for fiat or crypto for crypto.

How much you can make: $25,000 — $900,000/month

How long does it take to build: 150 days (?)

On Starting A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Exolix is an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange platform with a fixed rate and unlimited exchange that provides its users with fast, easy, and secure exchange processes.

Exolix started Exolix over 5 years ago
Exolix grew the business to $900K/month
It cost Exolix $200000 to start the business
Read by 10,255 founders

46. Start a call cards and data bundles selling business

47. Start an ebay reseller business

The basic idea of eBay reselling is to buy a discounted product, sell it on eBay, and ship it out for a profit.

Buying and reselling on eBay can be a profitable business. You can pick something at a lower price during its off-peak selling season and resell it individually when its demand is high.

To start an eBay reselling business, you should register as a business seller.

How much you can make: $4,000/month

How long does it take to build: 1 days (?)

Starting Up A Reselling Business And Pulling In $4K/Month Revenue

Reselling business that has grown into a full-time venture, generating around $4,000/month, by cross-listing products on multiple platforms, primarily focusing on fashion but also including hard goods and furniture, while also offering downsizing services and planning to launch a website about the work-from-home lifestyle.

Shelby started Rooted Drawers about 7 years ago
Shelby grew the business to $4K/month
Read by 759 founders

48. Become a social media marketer

Social media marketing is gaining website visitors or customers by promoting your company on social media. To succeed in social media marketing, you must regularly post tasty, entertaining, and engaging share material on your social media channels.

Everybody knows that social media is a tool that has become extremely important to businesses of all sizes. It allows them to connect with people worldwide and provides a platform for customer service. Social networks are changing the way we do marketing. They offer an opportunity for individuals, businesses, and organizations to reach millions instantly.

Nowadays, it is easy to earn money through social media marketing. You just need to invest some time and effort to make a profit. Social media has been an essential part of many businesses marketing campaigns, and it is expected to be a significant part of any company’s future.

How much you can make: $100 — $250,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $5,750 (?)

How long does it take to build: 60 days (?)

I Started My Own $20K/Month Social Media Marketing Agency

This case study follows Kelsey Chance and her creative agency, Good Chance Creative, which specializes in social media content creation, and in just 3 years she has grown her one-woman business to make $20,000 in monthly revenue through a niche in small in-house marketing teams and start-ups managing their social content, with key services including lifestyle brand photography, social media account management, copywriting, and eCommerce strategy consulting.

Kelsey started Good Chance almost 6 years ago
Kelsey grew the business to $20K/month
It cost Kelsey $500 to start the business
Read by 6,174 founders

49. Start a home tutoring business

A home tutoring company is an educational company that offers private tutoring from a tutor who visits the students at the student’s home.

Home tutoring is a growing business opportunity for motivated people and comes with the flexibility of working anytime, anywhere, and creates a passive income.

If you love teaching and helping others, one way to make money is to start a home tutoring business. Whether you want to tutor kids or adults, there’s a niche for you.

Once you have started your home tutoring business, promote it by putting fliers at other stores and on bulletin boards at colleges and libraries. Also, engage parents and guardians for home tutoring opportunities.

50. Start a writing & editing business

A writing and editing business is a business that provides writing, editing, and sometimes proofreading services. Such businesses market their services to businesses, corporations, and individuals who might require those types of services.

The earning potential of writing and editing is incredible. Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn some extra money. If you like writing and editing, then freelancing can provide you with an opportunity to prove yourself as an expert, increase your network and help steer your career in a new direction.

Writing is one of the easiest businesses you can start. You might dream of becoming a professional writer, selling your stories to famous magazines, or writing books that millions around the planet will read.

How much you can make: $1,200 — $208,333/month

How much does it cost to start: $300 (?)

How long does it take to build: 75 days (?)

Time commitment per week: Min. -1 hours/week

How I Started A $10K/Month Business Writing Custom Long-Form Articles

A freelance writing program that teaches intermediate-level writers how to command $1,000 - $3,000 per article, with creator Arlie Peyton generating $10k a month from writing custom long-form articles that get premium results in the eCommerce and SaaS industries and for personal brands.

Arlie started Writing Income Accelerator over 5 years ago
Arlie grew the business to $10K/month
Read by 9,302 founders

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