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7 Ghost Blogger Success Stories [2023]

7 Ghost Blogger Success Stories [2023]
Become A Ghost Blogger

A ghost blogger is simply a writer who specializes in producing blogs for other people. As a ghost blogger, you can earn between $300 and $1,500 per week, depending on word count and topic. Ideally, the ideas and knowledge contained in the article originate from the publicly named author. Therefore, as a ghostwriter, your role is to put the ideas into words.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a ghost blogger:

1. The Content Direction Agency ($288K/year)

Lacy Boggs (from Denver, CO, USA) started The Content Direction Agency about 12 years ago.

$24K / month
1 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

Hey, I’m Lacy and I’m a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook Make a Killing With Content, and the Director of The Content Direction Agency. We specialize in done-for-you content strategy and writing retainers for the content between launches or promotions that helps businesses grow, nurture, and prime their audience to say “hell yes!” before they ever see the offer.

Over the past 9 years, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners create bespoke content strategies to consistently drive quality traffic to websites, increase monthly email leads by 300% or more, improve search engine rankings, enroll dozens of clients per month into membership programs, support multi-six figure launches, and drive millions of views of our articles.


2. Ghostboard ($5.4K/year)

David Burgos (from Madrid, España) started Ghostboard almost 5 years ago.

$450 / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

Hi! My name is David Burgos, I’m a full-stack developer from Spain and founder of Ghostboard, the GDPR-ready, exclusive analytics for Ghost blogs. From new bloggers to some medium-size companies uses Ghostboard

Ghostboard was launched in mid-2018 and currently, the MRR is about $450, only with organic growth (no $ in ads or similar).


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4. ghost

  • Website traffic: 510K/month
  • Business rank: #12.4K

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5. Aspire Themes

Ghost CMS themes for a professional-looking website. Newsletter & membership full support.

  • Business rank: #108K

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6. Fueko

At fueko you can find the best premium Ghost themes that are easy-to-use, without compromising the design and code quality. Each theme can be easily modified to fit any blog, magazine or news site.

  • Business rank: #139K

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