6 Crowdfunding Platform Success Stories [2023]

6 Crowdfunding Platform Success Stories [2023]
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Raising money for your project can be difficult. Crowdfunding is one way to get funding through a large number of smaller investments. If you have some expertise in a particular area that may be useful to other people, there's no better time to take action. The crowdfunding revolution is happening right at your fingertips.

Crowdfunding has exploded over the past year, and you need to be a part of it. The Worldwide crowdfunding market share is expected to increase by $240B from 2021 to 2026. Crowdfunding is one of the quickest ways to get funding and build your brand.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a crowdfunding platform:

1. Kosmos Innovation Centre ($4.8M/year)

Howard Marks (from Los Angeles, California, USA) started Kosmos Innovation Centre about 10 years ago.

$400K / month
2 founders / 22 employees
Los Angeles, California, USA

Case Study

My name is Howard Marks. I am the co-founder and CEO at StartEngine, a leading equity crowdfunding platform that allows everyday people to invest in startups and entrepreneurs to raise capital from the crowd.

StartEngine has helped more than 265 companies raise capital from a community of over 190,000 users on our platform. Those companies have raised close to $100M and include every type of business from electric bikes and solar panels to movies and open source voice assistants.


2. Miventure ($60K/year)

Jason Crystal and Luiggi Pera (from Orlando) started Miventure about 3 years ago.

$5K / month
2 founders / 3 employees

Case Study

I’m Jason Crystal, co-founder of Miventure. My partner Luiggi Pera and I founded Miventure because we believe anyone should be able to invest in early-stage startups to support the people and ideas they believe in.

Our main product is our equity crowdfunding mobile app, which’s available on IOS and Android by visiting. At a marketplace place, our customers are both founders and investors. We have 7 campaigns active on the platform right now with over $500,000 in funding capacity since launching about a month ago and there are over 2,000 potential investors that have signed up so far.


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4. Hyperstarter ($120K/year)

Giles created Hyperstarter, a tool that gives advice on Kickstarter marketing. Since 2016, referrals and word of mouth helped him generate $6,000/month.

$10K / month

Case Study

Giles created Hyperstarter, a tool that gives advice on Kickstarter marketing. Since 2016, referrals and word of mouth helped him generate $6,000/month.

5. The Crowdfunding Formula ($3.6M/year)

Narek Vardanyan (from Newark, DE, USA) started The Crowdfunding Formula about 8 years ago.

$300K / month
4 founders / 87 employees

Case Study

My name is Narek Vardanyan, and I am the co-founder and CEO of The Crowdfunding Formula (also known as TCF).

At the end of the day, we are on a mission to build an ecosystem that will help “ordinary people” overcome all barriers to entry and become creators, inventors, and entrepreneurs, compete with the global sharks and thrive — by offering them all the necessary financial, marketing, and learning solutions.


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