25 Wedding Business Ideas That You Can Start Right Now

25 Wedding Business Ideas That You Can Start Right Now

Like any other sector of the economy, construction has been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. However, this situation has brought new opportunities to a traditional sector that was already immersed in a process of modernization, adopting a wider use of technology.

It may take a bit of time to recover normal activity, but these new changes in regulations and behaviors will bring opportunities.

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Below we have listed the stories of some entrepreneurs that have thrived in the construction industry and have been kind enough to share their stories so future entrepreneurs can learn from their stories. Check them out:

1. Beach wedding services

  • Revenue: $165,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 5

My name is Brandon Wheeler, co-founder of Gulf Beach Weddings, a Beach Wedding Services company serving Tampa and Destin, FL.

We specialize in pre-designed destination beach wedding packages through our trademarked Beach WeddingStudio software (Link). Each year we conduct approximately 1,000 weddings across nine Counties in the State of Florida and Alabama. Our mission is to ‘Create a Once in a Lifetime experience, through the Magic of a Beach Wedding.’

Originally from Florida, I am very familiar with the beaches in which we serve. This business started out as a simple Officiate and Photographer. It sort of snowballed into Wedding Packages, etc. Not that its a blur however, we have been running fast for some time now. Two times we were named on the Inc. 5000 (Link) and Seminole 100 (Link) lists, which was incredible!


2. Bridal accessories rental

  • Revenue: $5,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 1

My name is Brittany Finkle and I am the founder of Happily Ever Borrowed.

Happily Ever Borrowed is the premiere, luxury, e-boutique that rents bridal accessories to brides for their wedding day. From tiaras to jewelry, sashes to veils, we rent everything except the dress!

We understand that accessorizing your bridal day look can be an added & unexpected cost. For example, a veil that might only be worn for 30 minutes of your wedding day can be an added expense of $2000! But that doesn’t mean you want a cheaper, poor quality item. We let brides borrow our high-end designer accessories for about 80-90% off the retail price; allowing them to have a luxury item for a fraction of the cost.


3. Romance concierge services

  • Revenue: $3,500/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 0

Hello! I'm Ta'Veca Collins, MSW, Registered Clinical Social Worker (Florida) Owner and operator of Romance On The Go, Concierge Services (ROTGO-Est. 2012), a small business that promotes romance and intimacy.

Two years ago, I recently lifted the suspension of operations and have been promoting business again. I have taken a lot from my marriage (9 years), my parent’s marriage (62 years), and my clinical background as a Clinical Social Worker (I have over 13 years of experience working with families and couples) merged them and created ROTGO.

ROTGO's services include; standard romance concierge services (Romantic Room Designs (AKA Suite Experiences & more) date night planning services, marriage proposal services, membership services, wedding night concierge services (AKA Honeymoon Suite Designs), and wedding vow concierge services.


4. Asian influenced wedding dresses

  • Revenue: $50,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 0

Hello! My name is Vivian and I’m one of the co-founders of East Meets Dress. We’re the first modern fashion company to bring Asian-American representation and inclusion to the traditional wedding industry by combining contemporary cultural designs, quality craftsmanship, and a dedicated customer experience.

We’re in a pretty niche market in a large industry. Our core products are our Chinese wedding dresses (known as cheongsams or qipaos), but we also have a collection of men’s outfits, dress accessories, wedding favors, and mother of the bride/groom dresses that now make up around 30% of our revenue.

When we first started, we were targeting Asian-American brides in the U.S (and that’s still our core customer base), but as we continued to build our company, we started getting inquiries from brides around the world (e.g., Canada, Australia, and Europe), brides marrying into Chinese culture, as well as high school students looking to wear cheongsams to prom to celebrate their heritage.


5. Fun & colorful groomsmen gifts

  • Revenue: $20,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 0

We are Mari and Matt McNamara and we’re the founders of No Cold Feet, a gifting company currently focused on groomsmen gifts. We’re in our third full year of business and planning on growing our business more than ever with new products, increased marketing, and focusing on growing our various platforms.

More specifically, we sell socks with custom labels/sleeves for grooms to ask their groomsmen to stand with them (a groomposal) or to thank them for standing with them on their wedding day. We also have a lot of brides who buy our “in case of cold feet” socks and labels to give to their soon-to-be husbands. We recently re-launched our website in order to allow for product expansion and to improve our overall presence.


6. Stationary and product design

  • Revenue: $13,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 0

Hi, I’m Ruth and I run Seniman Calligraphy a custom stationery design studio where I do calligraphy, watercolor, illustration, and graphic design for bespoke wedding invitations and other paper goods. Basically, printing and manufacturing.

I teach in-person classes for beginner calligraphy and watercolor. In addition to my custom work, I also turn my artwork into semi-custom invitation suites, notebooks, greeting cards, art prints, and enamel pins.

This year, I’m averaging at $13,000 gross per month.


7. Silicone rings

  • Revenue: $2,000,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 45

Hey there! My name is KC Holiday and I am the co-founder of QALO.

We are a family-first company committed to designing and making products that enable families to share adventures and meaningful experiences—best known for being the creators of the functional wedding ring.

We’ve created an enormous community of over 2 million people who wear QALO to represent the most important commitment they’ve made in their life. This year we as a company will eclipse over 100M in total revenue since Ted Baker (my co-founder) and I founded the company from a dining room table in 2013.


8. Photo booths

  • Revenue: $300,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 10

Hello! I’m Brandon Wong, the CEO and part of the husband and wife team that started Photobooth Supply Co.

Trying to start a business? It can be complicated, expensive, and time consuming. We provide a meaningful business opportunity through a photobooth that allows you to capture memories while making some serious profit!

In this experience economy, the event industry is exploding and nothing is coming up faster than photo booths. In fact, from 2005 to 2012 more people searched online for photo booth rentals than for wedding DJs. It’s not uncommon to see seven figure photo booth rental companies, and six figure ones are a dime a dozen. We specialize in making that happen for you.


9. Unique gifts for brides

  • Revenue: $400/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 0

I’m Lindsay Scholz, and I’m the founder of Vowed Box Co. – a line of curated, quirky gift boxes with non-traditional brides in mind.

Vowed came to me as an idea in the shower one morning at the start of 2018 (where all of my best ideas are conjured, apparently!) and once I nailed down the name of the business I knew that I had to run with it and make it a reality.

Vowed currently offers four different products: the ‘Bride With A Plan’ box, the ‘I’m A Chill Bride’ box, the ‘Be My Bridesmaid?’ box and an online option for purchasers to build their own custom gift box for themselves or for brides-to-be that they know.


10. Engagement rings

  • Revenue: $385,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 27

I am Nikolay Piriankov, the Founder and CEO of Taylor & Hart. We are an award-winning, disruptive e-tailer of custom-designed, ethical engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewellery, that capture your story. Our online platform, processes, and brand democratises bespoke jewellery, allowing us to offer this service at scale. Taylor & Hart's vision is to reconnect customers with the original purpose of jewellery - a personalised product that tells a unique story.

We design one-of-a-kind pieces for our customers at a speed and price point that is unrivalled. At a time when 45% of all couples are getting engaged with a customised ring, we see this trend as the most relevant one for our industry.

As a tech company, we are able to offer this service globally, making custom-design accessible and affordable to more people than it was before. We offer a bespoke design service through specifically developed technology online and instore, a clicks and bricks business model. Today, we’re 28 strong with colleagues in London, Sofia, New York, and Mumbai, all embodying one of our core values, “teamwork makes the dream work”.


11. Engagement ring advice service

  • Revenue: $1,500/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 1

Hello, I’m Rowena, aka Agent Engagement!

Agent Engagement is a free, trusted and secret advice service to help people save time, money and hassle when trying to buy or make an engagement ring.

The diamond and jewellery retail industry can be very confusing so I connect my clients quickly to the very best jewelers and makers according to their requirements, style, ethics, and budget - anywhere in the world.


12. Handcrafted jewelry

  • Revenue: $39,956/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 5

Hi! My name is Pragya Batra and I am the co-founder of Quirksmith, a design company that creates handcrafted jewelry and accessories.

Quirksmith, as a brand, is much more than just creating pretty jewelry. We create designs that are inspired by our values and beliefs. Several of our designs incorporate Indian languages (like Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali) as well as inspiring words and poetry. One such example is the “Aham Brahamasmi” earcuffand thumb ring. Aham Brahamasmi is a Sanskrit phrase that means “I am the Universe! and I am responsible for what I become”. In essence, we create designs that people around the world can relate to. They are not just decorative pieces.

I started Quirksmith with my sister Divya Batra, who is a jewelry designer and graduated from one of the most prestigious design schools in India (NIFT, Gandhinagar). We started Quirksmith about 3.5 years back in the year 2016. From a weekend passion project for 2 sisters, it soon became our full-time passion. We now process orders worth $40,000 every month and work with artisans across India, to keep the silversmithing craft alive!


13. Mobile karaoke

  • Revenue: $12,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 2

We are Kelli Bielema & Vanessa Resler and we run The AirScream, a mobile karaoke lounge in a vintage Airstream located in Seattle, WA. The AirScream is an experience like no other where we bring the trailer to your special event, park it & let the party ignite! Our customers are marketing and brand specialists who want a unique activation at their events that bring people together. We also work with event planners who plan corporate parties as well as private social celebrations like birthday parties and weddings.

We created The AirScream out of a desire to scale up the karaoke game & capture the heat of mobile experiences that doesn’t show any signs of cooling. Because karaoke can be a challenge to place in a venue where it doesn’t take over the whole affair, The AirScream is its own self-contained unit that can go directly outside an event space (or indoors when it fits). The basic operation of the trailer runs on a standard household outlet with a dedicated 20 amp circuit (and a second one to run the air conditioning). There’s also an option to utilize a generator in cases where power is too far remote. And no, you can’t ride in it while it’s in motion.

We are new to the market and are slowly scaling up as we get comfortable with our processes so we can perfect everything before we debut to the public. Currently, we are operating focus groups with event planners & vendors, our friends & family and with upcoming pop-up events at select locations where we truly will experience The AirScream in the wild.


14. Gluten-free pastries

  • Revenue: $64,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 11

Hey everyone! I’m Kyra Bussanich, founder of Kyra’s Bake Shop, an exclusively gluten-free bakery in Portland Oregon. You may have seen us on the Food Network dominating the sweet competition on Cupcake Wars!

Our claim to fame, if you will, is that everything we make is gluten-free, though you would never know it by tasting our products. When I was first developing the recipes, it was very important to me that everything we make and sell is delicious enough to appeal to anyone (and not just those who must eat on a restricted diet). I think this is part of why we continue to be so successful today.

We started the business with a cottage industry certified home kitchen, and following our success, the first time on Cupcake Wars we were able to expand to a tiny little brick and mortar. It wasn’t long until we outgrew that location, and now we have a 3,500 square foot flagship bakeshop/cafe and we just opened our second location (an urban outpost) in downtown Portland. Looking back over the years, I am still shocked to see our revenue growth.


15. Sweat-free shirts

  • Revenue: $20,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 2

Hi, my name is Jeff Schattner and I am the founder of Lawrence Hunt Fashion, an innovative clothing tech start-up. We began in 2016 with our flagship sweat-wicking dress shirt. Our shirt is unlike any other dress shirt on the market in the way it takes the best properties of BOTH performance and professional wear and combines it in one shirt. We perfected the balance between the crisp and professional look of a traditional cotton dress shirt and the performance features of athletic-wear.

We applied for a utility patent for our dress shirt in 2016, and it was granted four years later. We’ve steadily grown over the past few years, while our patent was pending, adding new innovative shirts for various work or casual situations. We reached approximately $20,000+/month last year, and continue to grow into 2020.

NY Giants’, Sterling Shepard, modeling a Lawrence Hunt shirt


16. Personalized poetry at events

  • Revenue: $35,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 2

We are Erick Szentmiklosy and Daniel Zaltsman, the Co-founders of Haiku Guys & Gals. Technically we are The Haiku Guys after whom our company was initially named; there are many more of us now. Our flagship product is an entertainment service in the form of personalized Free Haiku for guests at events written on typewriters about anything they tell us and our core customer base is primarily event planners.

After realizing the colossal amount of joy this brief encounter creates for strangers, we’ve made our mission haiku for everyone. KPIs of our business all center around that. We conservatively estimate a collective 60,000 haiku written since inception, at over 600 events, and have generated over $600,000 in income for the poets that work with us. Our monthly revenue averages around $35,000/month and we’re grateful for every single penny. We are so lucky to get paid to write poetry and are blessed with the opportunity to share it with our poets.


17. Bow ties

  • Revenue: $2,500/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 0

Hi guys! My name is Paul Kaster and I’m the owner of Crooked Branch Studio. I started the business in 2016 making handcrafted wooden bow ties, but I’ve since expanded to carbon fiber bow ties under the sub-brand Carbon Cravat.

Back in 2016, I spent dozens of hours per week in the woodshop, painstakingly crafting each bow tie by hand, assembling the product, and shipping it to customers. Just three years later, I now spend less than 1 hour per week passively managing my business from halfway across the country.

After outsourcing most of my day-to-day work to contractors around the United States, my business now consistently pulls in around $1000/mo in profit with minimal upkeep. If you’re interested in learning how to turn a labor-intensive business into a self-running income stream, I’ll be diving more into specifics later.


18. Handmade flower & resin jewelry

  • Revenue: $4,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 2

Hello there! We are Lindsay Ann Gottschall and Courtney Joy Bleier, two sisters from Miami who started Ann + Joy. We make handmade real flower and resin jewelry and sell online and in stores around the world. We take pride in being one of the first companies to make real flower jewelry. During our first year of business, we blossomed almost immediately into a very successful Etsy shop. Etsy was constantly featuring our products on its website and in promotional emails. We are proud to say that since starting in early 2017 we have had over 5,000 sales online.

For all the readers, we are providing a 20% off coupon to our Etsy shop. Use code: STARTERSTORY at checkout!


19. Padding inserts

  • Revenue: $12,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 0

My name is Jocelyn Thompson and I own a one-product brand called Epiphany LA. My product is a foam push-up padding insert designed to be slipped into the pocket of a sports bra or swimsuit top. I designed the inserts myself and they are currently patent-pending. My customer is any woman, age 16 and up, who wants to add some size to flimsy swimsuit tops and unflattering sports bras. I believe that any woman who enjoys a push-up bra will also be drawn to my product.

My main source of revenue is from Amazon USA, but I also sell on Amazon Canada, eBay, and my Shopify store. Outside of basic sponsored ads on Amazon, I have done zero advertising and attribute my sales to organic SEO and having a superior product.


20. Cuff adapters

  • Revenue: $50,000/ month
  • Founders: 4
  • Employees: 4

My name is Eric Morton and I am one of the cofounders of CuffStyle, LLC. My team and I invented Cuff Adapters, which are small silicone tabs that fit over shirt cuff buttons allowing cufflinks to be worn with standard button-down shirts.

The idea for Cuff Adapter was born out of frustration with the limited ability to wear cufflinks. Previously, cufflinks could only be worn with French cuff shirts. French cuff shirts are often expensive and exclusively designed for formal wear. We found that most people owned one or two French cuff shirts if any, and they were usually just plain white or a simple pattern. We found that most people rarely wore these formal French cuff shirts (maybe once or twice a year for a wedding), and therefore they rarely wore cufflinks. This is where we felt the real problem existed.

Cufflinks are such a great way to accessorize and enhance an outfit, especially for men who have such limited options as it is. There are so many cool cufflinks out there, ranging from fancy solid gold designs to casual novelty designs, and we felt there was a serious need for innovation that would allow cufflinks to be worn more often with any button-down shirt in any setting.


21. Custom balloon installations

  • Revenue: $20,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 0

I’m Rilee Acrey! Founder and CEO of BalloonWorks. BalloonWorks is a leading balloon stylist company specializing in one-of-a-kind, dynamic installations thoughtfully designed to add style, creativity, and personalization to all of the amazing moments in life. BalloonWorks installations are a unique way to take any event to the next level – from birthday parties and weddings to corporate events and grand openings.

Our client roster is made up of both brands and celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kyle Richards, and Maybelline Cosmetics. In 2019, we’ve quadrupled revenue and doubled our team without any outside funding.

Maybelline Cosmetics & Walmart Collab, August 2019


22. Local gifts nationwide

  • Revenue: $150,000/ month
  • Founders: 3
  • Employees: 6

I’m Sam Davidson, a four-time entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Batch. We are a regional gift and retail company specializing in offering Southern, handmade, small-batch gifts that are perfect for corporate events, meetings, weddings, and everyday use. We are based in Nashville, TN with our flagship retail store inside the historic Nashville Farmers Market.

To date, we have worked with over 300 small businesses to curate their products and sell to our customers in our store, online, and via our corporate gift program. We have shipped our gifts to all 50 states and a dozen countries, selling over 75,000 gift batches earning annual revenue now nearing $1,800,000.


23. Men's grooming products

  • Revenue: $100,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 10

I’m Doug Geiger, founder of Can You Handlebar, a men’s grooming product company. We’re one of those low-key-high-quality brands.

We are best known for beard oils and balms, moustache wax and inventing the first application brush for beard products, the Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush®. We are carefully and consistently extending our product line and distribution.

In our first three years our production grew from a kitchen countertop with a crockpot I stole from my wife to “making a million bucks” and a 10,000 square foot building with a whole fleet of crockpots. Meanwhile, our retail presence -- which began on the counter of a gracious proprietor of the corner gas station -- has grown to our own network of barbers and salons across the US, international distribution and most visibly, the shelves of every Art of Shaving.


24. Custom tailored clothing

  • Revenue: $40,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 3

My name is Ray Li and I’m the founder of Sene. We combine classic styles with radical comfort, and custom-make each piece to fit. Every order is covered by our 60 Day Guarantee - free alterations, remakes, exchanges and returns.

Our flagship products are our Men’s FlexTech Suit and Women’s FlexTech Suit. This is the ultimate travel suit custom-made with athleisure fabrics. Each one features four-way stretch, moisture wicking technology, and easy care.

We use data science to replace the tailor. Customers take the SmartFit Quiz and answer 10-15 questions to generate a custom fit, and it's much more accurate than a measuring tape.


25. Restaurant catering delivery

  • Revenue: $250,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 7

It’s lunchtime at the office. Everyone is hungry and anxious for a break from the workday. The team walks into the kitchen only to find it’s pizza for lunch. Again. Or maybe instead of pizza it’s a bland boxed-lunch style sandwich. Either way, these types of mundane meals repeat themselves in offices on a daily basis.

We knew there had to be a better way to gather teams around good food so in 2014 we set out to address this problem in our adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon. I’m Tim Taylor, and along with my business partner, Chris Diamond, we are the founders of Spork Bytes - a catering delivery service that partners with the best local restaurants and coordinates everything needed to pull together a delicious meal for your office. From the initial order coordination to delivery logistics and a seamless setup process, Spork Bytes save our clients valuable time while providing access to quality, local cuisine in their workplace.

To date (August 2019), Spork Bytes is partnered with 60 high-quality restaurants and food purveyors in the Portland area. We focus on serving (pardon the pun) offices of 50 or more as well as providing services for special events - weddings, corporate gatherings, holiday parties, etc. We offer mostly pre-fixed yet customized menus that allow us to easily adhere to an offices’ changing headcount, dietary restriction and delivery instructions.


Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story

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