21 Email Marketing Tool Success Stories [2023]

Updated: July 24th, 2023
Start An Email Marketing Tool

An email marketing tool, also known as an 'email tool', is a software application that helps you create, manage and automate email campaigns. Basically, it's a program that allows you to write and send bulk emails.

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels around. It can be used to generate leads, increase sales, create subscribers, improve your SEO rankings and reach more customers than you would with a blog or website.

The email marketing industry is booming. The global email marketing tool market size is expected to reach $2.53B in 2028. Making an email marketing tool business is as easy as buying a domain and hosting account, but that is just the beginning. You will soon start to see the endless possibilities for creating tools that will be used by entrepreneurs, startups, and even real estate agents.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a email marketing tool:

1. SmartrMail ($1.56M/year)

George Hartley (from Victoria, Australia) started SmartrMail over 7 years ago.

$130K / month
2 founders / 16 employees
Victoria, Australia

Case Study

Hey I’m George, co-founder and CEO of SmartrMail. We’re an app that makes email easier for ecommerce merchants through seamless platform integrations and automated personalization.

We raised $400K angel funding in 2017, and have been (just) profitable since the start of this year. At the moment we’re focussed on product and growth, so any top line increases we spend on development, and getting more customers.


2. GMass, Inc. ($5.4M/year)

Ajay Goel (from Dayton, Ohio, USA) started GMass, Inc. about 8 years ago.

$450K / month
1 founders / 1 employees
Dayton, Ohio, USA

Case Study

I’m Ajay! I created GMass, a platform to send cold emails and email marketing campaigns with Gmail. It works as a Chrome extension. Most of our customers are entrepreneurs and salespeople, but our customers really run the gamut from super small to the biggest tech companies in the world. Almost every major tech company you can think of uses GMass in some way, including Uber, Lyft, LinkedIn, Twitter, Indeed, Google, Salesforce.com, and Snapchat. Since I launched GMass in 2015, we’ve had over 500,000 user signups.


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4. weMail ($1.44K/year)

Tareq Hasan (from DHAKA) started weMail about 3 years ago.

$120 / month
2 founders / 4 employees

Case Study

Hello. I’m Tareq Hasan. I’m the Co-Founder of weDevs along with my partner Nizam Uddin. We founded weDevs back in 2008. Since then we keep building successful WordPress products, and so on.

Right now, we’re a platform at $100/month and 500 active installs, and over 12K downloads.


5. SendX ($276K/year)

Varun Jain (from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India) started SendX over 6 years ago.

$23K / month
3 founders / 7 employees
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Case Study

Hello, my name is Varun and I am the founder of SendX. We are an email marketing company focussed on building an intuitive, affordable and feature-rich email marketing software.

We launched our first public beta in January 2017 and are currently doing $23K+ MRR. We have bootstrapped the business and have remained profitable for our entire journey.


6. Taximail ($1.44M/year)

Phaiboon Trikanjananun (from Bangkok, Thailand) started Taximail over 11 years ago.

$120K / month
1 founders / 60 employees

Case Study

Hi guys! My name is Phaiboon Trikanjananun and I’m the founder of Taximail, an email marketing, and automation platform. It is effective and suitable for all types of businesses. We are a Thailand-based service provider that delivers campaigns, newsletters, promotions, and benefits to more than 5,000 reputable organizations in Thailand. We have a global reach of customers and proudly keep on growing.

Taximail has grown tremendously since its inception. We are serving large-scale enterprises and SMEs.


7. H-supertools ($24K/year)

Hasan M. Aboul Hasan (from Beirut, Lebanon) started H-supertools over 3 years ago.

$2K / month
1 founders / 4 employees

Case Study

Hello, My name is Hasan, the founder of H-educate, H-supertools, and some other websites and services. I began working on H-supertools 2 years ago and launched it four months afterward.

Today, we have more than 80K Registered Users on the platform and more than 300K Visits each month, which, in a sense, is a high achievement for a new platform that took less than two years to build.


8. GreenRope ($1.92M/year)

Lars Helgeson (from San Diego, California, USA) started GreenRope over 15 years ago.

$160K / month
1 founders / 15 employees
San Diego, California, USA

Case Study

My name is Lars Helgeson and I am the founder of GreenRope, a CRM and marketing automation platform. Our company started in 2000 as an email marketing SaaS and in 2008 decided to focus on the challenges that businesses face in managing sales, marketing, customer service, and operations.

GreenRope has over 1,000 customers in over 20 countries, ranging from startups to universities and municipalities.


9. Mailmodo ($102K/year)

Aquibur Rahman (from ) started Mailmodo over 3 years ago.

$8.5K / month
3 founders / 25 employees

Case Study

Hello, I am Aquibur Rahman, Founder, and CEO of Mailmodo. I have been working as a marketer at various startups for 6 years before starting Mailmodo. My experience in marketing helped lay the foundation to starting Mailmodo.

We launched the public version of Mailmodo in January 2021 and have accelerated to 100k+ ARR in just five months.


10. lemlist ($1.2M/year)

Guillaume Moubeche (from Paris, Ile-de-France, France) started lemlist over 5 years ago.

$100K / month
3 founders / 19 employees
Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Case Study

Lemlist is a cold-email automation platform that allows getting more replies to your sales prospecting emails thanks to automation and ultra personalization!

We started working on lemlist early 2018 and we’re now at the $600,000 ARR mark (September 2019). We have 8,000+ customers worldwide and we’re growing at 30% Month over Month growth rate!


11. Mutant Mail ($24K/year)

Abhishek Anand (from Sheridan, WY, USA) started Mutant Mail over 2 years ago.

$2K / month
2 founders / 2 employees

Case Study

Hello, My name is Abhishek, the founder of Mutant Mail, Incises, Know My Site, Reality Burst, Smart Banya, and services. All these SaaS products and services work under the umbrella of Fresent LLC.

Our main goal is to help our customers succeed using Mutant Mail. After all, their success is our success. It took us 2 weeks on our soft-launch to acquire 10 paid customers, and 5 days on AppSumo launch to get another 100 paid customers. As you can imagine things have been crazy for us with the launch.


12. Electric Sauce ($90K/year)

Sean Gee and Sean Barnett (from Houston, TX, USA) started Electric Sauce over 2 years ago.

$7.5K / month
2 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

Hey, we’re the Sean’s - Sean Gee and Sean Barnett. We started Electric Sauce, which is a data-driven, retention-focused, email marketing agency. Well, micro-agency since it’s just the two of us. But we like to think of ourselves as the sauce that businesses need to enhance their revenue and build loyal customers. Who doesn’t love some sauce on their food? We’re the digital sauce.


13. Add Value | Growth Marketing Agency ($600K/year)

Joachim Brouckaert (from Antwerpen, Belgium) started Add Value | Growth Marketing Agency over 2 years ago.

$50K / month
1 founders / 5 employees

Case Study

Hi, my name is Joachim Brouckaert, I’m 24 years old and I started Add Value 1 year ago. Today, Add Value is a growth marketing agency. We’re focused on full-funnel marketing. Performance marketing, building landing pages, websites, funnels, email marketing flows. We do it all!

Currently, we are working with a team of 5 people for our customers and on our growth. But we are once again looking for an extra Growth Marketer! When we talk about turnover, we do an average of 30k per month. This fluctuates, as we sometimes take on larger, shorter projects. On average, we work for 18 active clients per month. Our retention is generally good, but short projects such as an analytics audit or building a website cause this number to fluctuate.


14. TextMagic ($14.4M/year)

Priit Vaikmaa (from Tallinn) started TextMagic ago.

$1.2M / month
1 founders / 51 employees

Case Study

I’m Priit Vaikmaa, CEO of TextMagic. We’re a SaaS company that specializes in providing SMS marketing solutions for businesses across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe.


15. Bluetick.io ($42K/year)

Mike Taber (from Worcester, Massachusetts, USA) started Bluetick.io over 6 years ago.

$3.5K / month
1 founders / 0 employees
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Case Study

Hi everyone. My name is Mike Taber and I’m the founder of Bluetick.io. We’re a self-funded SaaS app that helps salespeople, customer success reps and busy founders close the loop with their customers using sequences of automated email follow ups.

I wasted several years of my life trying to get my last product off the ground, only to eventually pull the plug because it wasn’t going anywhere. I wanted to be reasonably sure this was going to work so I spent almost three months talking to prospective customers and validating the idea. By the end of that process, I had collected enough prepayments that on paper, I had over $1,000 MRR without having written a single line of code.


16. Dashly ($2.4M/year)

Dimitri Ive (from Wilmington, DE, USA) started Dashly over 5 years ago.

$200K / month
3 founders / 95 employees

Case Study

My name is Dimitri Ive and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Dashly, a platform that brings all conversations from a live chat, emails, socials, and messengers into one place. It simplifies the way businesses communicate with their loyal customers.

Now Dashly is a conversational marketing software with a $200K MRR that is used by 1,000+ businesses globally.


17. Findymail ($30K/year)

Valentin Wallyn (from Lyon, France) started Findymail over 1 year ago.

$2.5K / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

I started it in May 2022 and it already reached $2500 MRR at the time of this writing.


18. Nureply ($48K/year)

Onur Genes (from Ankara, Turkey) started Nureply over 1 year ago.

$4K / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

Hello, I am Onur Geneş and I am the founder of Nureply. Before entering the SaaS world I had a Software Development Agency called epistio. It is still functioning but I wanted to get away from service businesses to make a SaaS product.

Today I am helping SaaS and agency owners to make more money only using emails and nothing else. Nureply makes $4,000 per month in the 4th month, and I am just starting!


20. Email Paramedic ($2.76M/year)

Troy Ericson (from St. Petersburg, FL, USA) started Email Paramedic over 4 years ago.

$230K / month
1 founders / 9 employees

Case Study

Hi, I'm Troy Ericson - founder of Copywriting.org and EmailDeliverability.com– which are the 2 things that I do in my business, Email Paramedic. Our flagship offer combines those two things - it’s called Email List Management.


21. Drip ($24.4M/year)

The startup podcast with more than 500 episodes to help you launch and grow. 10 million+ downloads. 500+ five-star reviews.

John Tedesco (from Minneapolis, MN, USA) started Drip over 11 years ago.

$2.03M / month
2 founders / 142 employees

Case Study
  • Rob Walling and Derrick Reimer co-founded Drip, a platform for marketing automation after first being an email service provider.

  • Drip began as a simple add-on widget included with Mailchimp or AWeber and developed into a full-fledged ESP with the ability to send bulk emails and manage lists. After that, automation was introduced, taking it to the next level—almost like Mailchimp plus.

  • Months after launch, Drip reached $8K MRR.

  • In July 2016, Rob and his co-founder sold Drip to Leadpages. After that, Rob worked for Leadpages for almost 20 months.

  • Walling estimates that between $100K to $150K was spent on the app’s development. Although expensive for a two-person operation, it was successful because Drip is today a million-dollar SaaS company.

  • Rob just established TinySeed, an early-stage VC fund and remote accelerator that seeks to close a market need by offering capital to SaaS firms that don’t strive for the $100 million milestone.

  • Since 2018, this e-commerce marketing automation software has brought in more than $2 billion in revenue for its clients. Currently, Drip’s estimated yearly revenue is $24.4M.


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