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Business Idea: Start A Wordpress Plugin Business in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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Avg Revenue
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135 days

If you have used WordPress, you must know you cannot run a successful website without using a few plugins. Ideally, WP plugins help run the website successfully.

Selling WordPress plugins is one of the basic ways you can make money online. Thus, if you have found a solution to an issue, you can develop a plugin for it and earn income from the plugin.

If you are considering starting a WordPress plugin development business, ensure you focus on offering a solution to a particular need.

You can sell WP plugins at online platforms such as CodeCanyon., sell them on your blog, or create a separate website for the plugin.

Revenue & Profitability

How much do wordpress plugin businesses make?

Examples Of Successful Wordpress Plugin Businesses

Successful wordpress plugin business businesses and case studies

Barn2 Plugins, founded in 2009 by a husband-and-wife duo, sells innovative software products generating over $100,000 in monthly revenue aimed at website owners on the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, with their first product, WooCommerce Password Protected Categories, launched to market after identifying a gap in the industry.

$120K Monthly Revenue
Read by 4,120 founders

Learn how two entrepreneurs developed a successful open-source membership plugin for WordPress that brought in an average of $100k per month in revenue and grew to over 100,000 sites while offering premium add-ons and support services.

$100K Monthly Revenue
$30K Startup Costs
Read by 9,988 founders

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