The 38 Best Home-Based Businesses To Start In Mississippi [2024]

Updated: July 11th, 2024

Interested in starting a business in Mississippi in 2024?

We put together 39 of the best businesses you can start in Mississippi today.

For each business idea, we’ll show you real-world examples of how you can start your profitable, home-based small business in Mississippi.

Here's the full list:

1. Start an ice cube business ($4.8M/year)

You could start an innovative ice cube business in Mississippi, blending your entrepreneurial spirit with creative product design. For inspiration, look no further than Glo®, a business launched by Hagan Walker in Starkville, Mississippi. Glo specializes in liquid-activated light-up drink cubes and sensory bath toys for kids, combining patented liquid activation circuitry with unique designs that ensure the products light up only when in liquid. This ingenious idea has transformed into a successful venture, generating $1.2 million in revenue and reaching customers in 37 countries.

If you're looking for proof of concept, Glo® is a shining example of how a classroom project at Mississippi State University can evolve into a globally recognized business. This venture showcases the potential for innovative home-based businesses in Mississippi, particularly those that merge technology with everyday items. You can read more about Glo's journey in this case study.

How We Built A $1.2MM/Year Business Selling Light Up Ice Cubes

Learn how a team from Mississippi State University turned a classroom project into a $1.2 million year business selling liquid-activated, light-up drink cubes and sensory toys for kids, which are now sold in 37 countries.

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2. Start an online advertising agency ($2.25M/year)

Starting an online advertising agency in Mississippi could be a lucrative venture given the state's expanding small business ecosystem. Mississippi's local businesses are increasingly looking to establish a robust online presence, offering you the opportunity to help them grow through targeted digital marketing strategies.

With low startup costs and the flexibility to operate from home, this business idea allows you to build a client base by initially offering services at discounted rates to friends and family. Over time, by leveraging your skills and portfolio, you could scale your agency and attract a broader range of clients. For inspiration, check out these successful case studies on our website: /ideas/online-advertising-agency/success-stories.

How I Started A $120K/Month Online Course For Social Media Marketing Agencies

Iman Gadzhi made over $1.2M in profit within two years with his social media marketing agency and education company, where he teaches entrepreneurs how to start and scale a profitable SMMA, with over 45 of his students making over six figures with their SMMA, and over 300 students having quit their regular jobs.

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3. Start a specialty food business ($597K/year)

Starting a specialty food business in Mississippi could be a lucrative opportunity given the state's rich culinary heritage and growing demand for unique and high-quality food products. With the global specialty food ingredients market expanding at an impressive annual growth rate of 6.4%, you could capitalize on this trend by offering distinct products that cater to health-conscious and adventurous consumers.

Mississippi's local markets and festivals provide an excellent platform for showcasing your specialty food creations, enabling you to build a loyal customer base. By identifying a unique niche and sourcing premium ingredients, you could create a product that stands out. For further inspiration, check out these successful case studies and dive deeper into the specifics of starting a specialty food business.

How We Started A $25K/Month Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Desserts Business

ChipMonk co-founders built a mail-order bakery selling low carb, gluten-free desserts, making around $25,000 a month with growth through e-commerce, and plans to tighten budgets and conserve cash in challenging times.

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4. Start a food startup ($2.32M/year)

If you're passionate about food, launching a food startup in Mississippi could be an exciting and profitable endeavor. The state's rich culinary heritage and growing demand for local and unique food experiences present a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurial minds. From opening a bakery or food truck to starting a food blog or online food business, the possibilities are diverse and rewarding.

Mississippi's supportive community and local food culture might help you establish a loyal customer base quickly. Additionally, leveraging the state's agricultural resources can provide access to fresh, local ingredients, setting your business apart. For inspiration, explore success stories of others who have thrived in this space.

How We Started A Successful Hot Sauce Brand

Trini Pepper Sauce co-founder and co-owner, Mustafa Mannan, shares how he successfully imported and manufactured his family's unique pepper sauce recipe and launched it through a Kickstarter campaign, now selling an average of $3,000/month in revenue.

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5. Start a skin care product line ($1.21M/year)

Starting a skincare product line in Mississippi could be a lucrative venture given the state's growing interest in health and wellness. With the skincare industry valued at 130 billion USD in 2021 and expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.6% until 2030, this market holds significant promise. By leveraging your creativity and ensuring the safety and efficacy of your products, you could tap into this expanding sector.

Mississippi offers a unique landscape for launching a skincare brand. You could cater to local preferences and skin types specific to the climate, giving you a competitive edge. Explore successful case studies to find inspiration and strategies that have worked for others in this industry. This could help you carve out a niche and establish a loyal customer base in your local community.

How Two Moms Started A Business Selling Homemade Body Butter

Two moms start a side hustle selling all-natural body products, doubling sales since their launch in 2017 with over 75 craft shows, promoting a non-profit source for their shea butter and self-promotion through podcasts, lining up retail interest from exposure.

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6. Start a cbd business ($1.06M/year)

If you're considering starting a home-based business in Mississippi, the CBD industry presents a lucrative opportunity. With increasing awareness of the health benefits of CBD and its effectiveness in treating conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation, you could tap into a rapidly growing market.

Market researchers predict that the CBD industry will grow by a CAGR of 21.7% over the next few years, making it an attractive business venture. By exploring options like becoming a CBD distributor or running a CBD subscription box service, you could capitalize on this booming industry. For more details and real-world examples, check out successful CBD business case studies on our website.

How Two College Roommates Started An Online CBD Business

Plain Jane, an online CBD company founded by two college roommates, offers unique products and has generated over $20K a month in sales within five months, attracting and retaining customers through social media, authentic stories, and content.

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7. Start a marketing agency ($3.11M/year)

Starting a marketing agency in Mississippi could be a lucrative opportunity, especially given the growing number of small businesses in the state that need online and offline marketing services. With a relatively low cost of living and operational expenses, you could offer competitive rates while delivering high-quality services to local businesses looking to expand their reach.

Additionally, the increasing shift towards digital marketing means there's a demand for expertise in SEO, social media, and content marketing across various industries. You could benefit from exploring more about the marketing agency business idea and gain insights from other entrepreneurs who successfully scaled their agencies by checking out these successful case studies.

How I Started A Successful Podcast Production Company

A successful podcast production company that grew from one client making $15/hour to a team of 10 contractors producing over 30 shows per week with revenue of over $10k/mo, primarily through referrals and with a focus on providing high personal touch and being picky about working only with clients who are a good fit.

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8. Start a recruiting agency ($3.24M/year)

Starting a recruiting agency in Mississippi could be an excellent business idea, given the state's growing economic landscape and the diverse industries it supports. With the global online recruitment market projected to reach $43B by 2027, you could tap into a booming sector with high demand for skilled professionals across various fields.

Mississippi's mix of urban centers and rural areas means there is a diverse pool of talent and client needs, from agriculture and manufacturing to healthcare and technology. You could set up a specialized recruiting agency that caters to these industries, offering tailored solutions that could attract both local businesses and remote job seekers. For inspiration and practical advice, check out some successful case studies of recruiting agencies on Starter Story.

How I Started A $3M/Year Remote Worker Recruitment Agency

DistantJob is a unique recruitment agency that specializes in finding full-time remote employees, and with $3 million in annual revenue, they offer small to medium-sized tech companies an edge over big competitors who are not willing to hire remotely.

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9. Start a children's clothing business ($3.99M/year)

Starting a children’s clothing business in Mississippi could be a thriving venture given the state's family-oriented communities and increasing demand for unique and quality children’s apparel. With the children's clothing industry valued at $263.30 billion globally, there is significant market potential.

You could take advantage of local events, craft fairs, and social media to reach parents looking for unique and stylish options for their children. By tapping into online platforms, featured in our case studies, you can expand your reach beyond local boundaries. This business allows you to be your own boss while combining creativity with entrepreneurship in a growing market.

How We Grew Our Baby Subscription Box To $60K MRR

Argentinian startup Bambox has grown its monthly recurring revenue to $60,000 and ships more than 1,100 boxes of baby essentials a month, a figure expected to help it achieve an annual recurring revenue of about $750,000 in 2019, after launching its first subscription service in July 2017. 

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10. Start a hair product line ($4.15M/year)

Starting a hair product line in Mississippi could be a lucrative opportunity, especially since the industry is projected to grow to $102 billion by 2024. With the influence of hip-hop and pop culture driving trends in hairstyles, there's a consistent demand for innovative hair products that cater to diverse needs and preferences.

You could also tap into the local market by leveraging Mississippi's community-focused culture to build strong, loyal relationships with your customers. If you plan it well and conduct market research beforehand, you could create a profitable business right from your home. For further inspiration, check out these successful case studies on hair product lines.

How I Started A $650K/Month Hair Extensions And Products Business

Private Label Extensions is a hair distribution and technology company that builds hair brands from A to Z for entrepreneurs, achieving over $650,000 in monthly sales and ranked #278 of the fastest-growing companies by Inc Magazine for 2018.

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11. Start a graphic design business ($2.05M/year)

Starting a graphic design business in Mississippi could be a lucrative opportunity, given the state's growing emphasis on small business development and digital marketing. With a diverse economy that includes agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare, there's a wide range of potential clients who could benefit from your creative services. You could capitalize on the need for companies to enhance their brand image through professional logos, brochures, and other marketing materials.

Moreover, as businesses in Mississippi increasingly adopt online strategies, the demand for web design and social media graphics is on the rise. This creates an excellent opportunity for a generalist or someone who specializes in digital content. To learn more about starting a graphic design business or to see successful case studies from other entrepreneurs, check out these resources.

How Two Friends Bootstrapped A SaaS Business To $55K MRR

Learn how two friends bootstrapped a SaaS business to $55k monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by creating a simple graphic design tool for non-designers and focusing on content marketing for customer acquisition.

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12. Start a life coaching business ($223K/year)

Starting a life coaching business in Mississippi could be a promising venture due to the increasing demand for personal development and professional guidance. With the life coaching industry growing rapidly, there's ample opportunity to tap into a market that values emotional intelligence, professional insights, and personal experience. You could leverage your knowledge and interpersonal skills to help individuals navigate their career paths, improve their personal lives, or achieve specific goals.

Moreover, setting up a life coaching business is relatively low-cost and can be run from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer, a reliable internet connection, and a LinkedIn account to get started. Building a client base can be done gradually by offering part-time services and progressively expanding as you gain more clients. For more details on how to start a coaching business and to read successful case studies, check out our extensive resources.

How I Launched A $5K/Month Platform To Connect With Growth Mentors

GrowthMentor, a platform connecting vetted growth mentors for one-on-one calls, founded by Fotis Panagiotakopoulos, has had over 2,500 mentorship calls booked to date and has seen success in using word of mouth, content marketing, and leveraging other people's networks as the primary drivers of customer acquisition.

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13. Start a website consulting business ($1.44M/year)

Starting a website consulting business in Mississippi offers a promising opportunity due to the growing need for businesses to enhance their online presence. As a website consultant, you could help local businesses, from small startups to established corporations, in optimizing their websites to improve user experience, SEO, and overall digital strategy. This means turning poorly performing sites into high-performing assets, which is essential for driving traffic and increasing conversion rates.

Given Mississippi's diverse economy and increasing digitization, many businesses are realizing the importance of a strong online presence. By leveraging your digital expertise, you could provide substantial value to these companies, helping them compete more effectively in the digital age. Learn more about this business idea and explore successful case studies to get inspired.

How This Self-Taught Developer Started A $125K/Month Software Agency

How a self-taught engineer built a software development studio, Materialize, into a 18-person team with a revenue of $125k per month, by leveraging his technical expertise and establishing well-defined processes to build products efficiently and cost-effectively.

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