40 AI Based Business & Startup Ideas (2024)

Updated: July 24th, 2023

Interested in starting an AI-based business but not sure what AI startup ideas to focus on?

Estimated to grow to $126B in the next few years, artificial intelligence has the potential to automate industries ranging from transportation to medicine and even education.

So what are some of the profitable AI business ideas you can invest in today?

We researched the internet and put together a list of 41 best artificial intelligence business ideas you can start today.

For these AI business ideas, we’ll show you real-world examples of AI businesses to help you see what it really takes to start an AI-based business.

Here's the full list:

1. Start an AI- based photo editing app business

The digital world is turning increasingly visual, and a picture is well on its way to being worth a thousand likes, shares, and tweets. Enter the AI-based photo editing app business. In essence, think of a software aid that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance, retouch, and transform ordinary images into something extraordinary.

Leveraging the power of complex algorithms and machine learning, such an app could provide automated editing tools that eliminate the tedious manual processes usually associated with image editing. This can be a real game-changer for professionals in industries like advertising, web content creation, and photography, among others.

If diving into the realm of technology and creativity appeals, then this concept might be a potential goldmine. Offering simplified, automated, professional-level photo editing capabilities right at users' fingertips could be the next big thing in the app marketplace. Are you ready to be at the helm of this digital revolution?

How much you can make: $4,500 — $8,333/month

How much does it cost to start: $1,000 (?)

How long does it take to build: 23 days (?)

How We Developed A $6K/Month Online Video Editing Software

VEED.IO, a London-based start-up co-founded by Sabba and her partner, offers a simple online video editing platform using batch job cloud architecture to help social media managers across the world auto subtitle, filter, rotate videos and much more, earning the company $5,300 MRR and the founders Ramen profitability within just a year of starting.

Sabba started VEED over 5 years ago
Sabba grew the business to $6K/month
Read by 11,764 founders

2. Build an AI powered skin analysis tool

In a world fascinated by wellness and skincare, imagine harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to build a remarkable futuristic business. Enter the AI-powered skin analysis tool - a remarkable fusion of tech and beauty.

This business involves utilizing algorithms to examine skin images, providing insights into potential skin issues, aging signs, hydration levels, and more, all from a smartphone snapshot. The AI model can recommend skin-care regimes or products based on individual skin type and conditions, customizing a skincare routine for users anywhere, anytime.

The development of this business presents a unique opportunity to merge the booming skincare industry with the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence technology. It’s a perfect idea for tech-savvy entrepreneurs looking to break into a growing market or skincare enthusiasts who desire to revolutionize their industry. Balancing usability with precision to create an innovative product, this idea could change how people approach skincare forever.

3. Build a natural language processor

Welcome to the frontier of AI technology, the development of Natural Language Processors. This exciting business idea taps into the expanding landscape of artificial intelligence.

In simple terms, a Natural Language Processor allows machines to understand and respond to human language, providing a seamless and interactive user experience. They’re the engine behind your vocal requests to Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Imagine being part of a crucial force powering the evolving relationship between humans and digital machines. The sector is burgeoning, with immense growth potential. Companies are tirelessly searching for ways to improve their AI, offering you a lucrative stage to showcase your creative and technical prowess.

While it does require a strong understanding of AI and its complex components, the rewards are gratifying. If you posess an innovative mind ready to shape the intricate dance between man and machine, consider diving into the world of Natural Language Processors.

How much you can make: $3,600/month

How long does it take to build: 30 days (?)

I Grew My Paraphrasing API To $3.5K/Month [$0 Spent In Ads]

Tinq.ai founder Boulama created a ready-to-use NLP toolkit with products including rewriter, sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and classifier, which recently passed the $3.5k revenue mark with 34 paying customers as of January 27, 2022, without spending a dollar on advertising, instead focusing on regular customer engagement.

Boulama started Tinq.ai almost 3 years ago
Boulama grew the business to $3.6K/month
Read by 2,763 founders

4. Start an AI based content creation business

Think about the future of content creation, sharpened by artificial intelligence. It's an innovative concept that hardly needs an introduction - an AI based platform that automates content creation for businesses.

To put it simply, this idea focuses on developing a system that can construct articles, social media posts, product descriptions, and more, from mere keywords. Streamlined by advanced machine learning, it could vastly optimize content marketing strategies in real-time while saving man-hours and costs.

The interest lies not only in its cutting-edge alignment with technology but also in the expansive market potential. With content creation a pivotal part of most businesses' operations, demand for smart, automated solutions is high. Imagine eliminating the hassle of ideation and creation, while maintaining the desired organic feel and relevance.

With every intriguing algorithm update and success story, it's hard not to be enticed by the prospect of pioneering this digital landscape. It’s a business opportunity that combines tech savvy commitment with a discerning content perspective. Your ultimate chance to hack growth while championing machine learning - a truly thrilling project.

How much you can make: $1,000 — $100,000/month

How long does it take to build: 90 days (?)

This Self-Taught Programmer Built A $360K/Year GPT-3 App

Nichesss is an AI content generation tool that helps businesses and individuals write content quickly; founded by self-taught programmer Malcolm Tyson, the company has generated a monthly revenue of $30,000, with a user base consisting of copywriters, small businesses and marketing agencies.

Malcolm started Nichesss over 3 years ago
Malcolm grew the business to $30K/month
Read by 9,728 founders

5. Start an AI-based chatbot

An AI-based chatbot is an automated program that helps add convenience for customers by simulating a natural human conversation. Chatbots interpret and process users’ words or phrases and gives an instant pre-set answer.

In today's competitive environment, businesses digitize and automate to become more efficient. Therefore, the demand for AI-based applications is high than ever before.

Therefore, starting an AI-Chatbots building application can be profitable.

How much you can make: $7,000 — $150,000/month

How long does it take to build: 120 days (?)

How We Developed A $2M/Year AI Chatbot Platform

Enterprise Bot CEO Pranay Jain discusses how he grew his AI chatbot platform to reach over $2 million in annual revenue, with plans to double that this year, and shares advice for aspiring founders on keeping a positive attitude and never stop learning.

Pranay started Enterprise Bot over 7 years ago
Pranay grew the business to $150K/month
It cost Pranay $100000 to start the business
Read by 6,215 founders

6. Start an AI logistics & supply chain management business

Imagine a business where complex processes are transformed into simple, intelligent operations. That's the magic of an AI logistics and supply chain management venture.

In straightforward terms, AI logistics involves the use of artificial intelligence to optimize complex supply chain procedures. It includes everything from accurate forecasting of inventory needed, ensuring timely delivery of goods, to even predicting potential disruptions. This venture hinges on developing, perfecting, and implementing AI systems that streamline these processes.

This idea has immense potential as companies across the globe are increasingly looking to adopt AI for unlocking efficiency, reducing human errors, and ultimately saving costs. By starting an AI logistics and supply chain management business, you could be at the forefront of this technological wave sweeping the industry.

The need for smooth logistics is universal. Cater to this demand and shape the future of supply chain solutions - it's time to jump on board the AI train.

How much you can make: $500 — $83,333/month

How long does it take to build: 360 days (?)

I Built A Technology For Marines With 2,300+ Active Contacts [From Germany]

Marine Digital is a deep-tech company that aims to make modern instruments of decarbonization available for the mass market and has made massive progress in performance digital twin cost reduction (10 times lower than the average market cost), providing opportunities for non-giant marine companies to use it, with 3 pilots earning about €60k.

Ivan started Marine Digital about 4 years ago
Ivan grew the business to $500/month
It cost Ivan $1000000 to start the business
Read by 4,307 founders

7. Start an AI marketing agency

Ever heard of the saying 'in the age of information, ignorance is a choice'? Welcome to the business of artificial intelligence marketing. In simple terms, an AI marketing agency employs advanced technologies and data analysis tools to understand customer behaviors and tailor marketing strategies accordingly.

Imagine being able to accurately predict consumer behavior, optimize content, and personalize communication to a degree impossible for human marketers alone. AI marketing stretches the boundaries of what is possible, transforming a plethora of diverse data into practical, actionable plans.

With a potent blend of predictive analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing, an AI marketing agency can craft strategies that evolve with your audience's needs. The promise of highly personalized marketing campaigns and enhanced decision-making could be a game-changer for businesses looking to connect better with their customers.

Starting an AI marketing agency isn't just about staying on top of evolution; it's about shaping the future of marketing. It's a fascinating field that blends technology and creativity, ideal for those who have a knack for both.

How much you can make: $500,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $6,749 (?)

How long does it take to build: 30 days (?)

I Almost Retired At 28. Instead, I Built A $6M/Year Digital Marketing Agency

Former dotcom entrepreneur Eric Berman built a profitable digital marketing agency by backing into it — helping successful businesses scale and monetize their brands.

Eric started Brandetize almost 10 years ago
Eric grew the business to $500K/month
It cost Eric $998 to start the business
Read by 7,424 founders

8. Start an AI based medical equipment business

Artificial intelligence is transforming patient experience, how clinicians practice medicine, and how the pharmaceutical industry operates. Application of AI in medicine includes but is not limited to using machine learning models to search medical data and uncover insights that will help improve health outcomes and patient experiences.

AI has enabled patient self-service to chatbots, computer-aided detection systems for diagnosis, and image data analysis, which helps identify candidate molecules in drug discovery. If you are enthusiastic about applying modern technology to improve healthcare, consider starting an AI-based medical equipment business.

How much you can make: $200,000/month

How We Started Our $100K/Month Medical Artificial Intelligence Software Company

AdviNOW Medical uses artificial intelligence to automate clerical work, resulting in doctors being able to focus solely on patients and patients seeing more doctors every day, leading to increased profitability while solving healthcare issues.

James started AdviNow Medical over 7 years ago
James grew the business to $200K/month
It cost James $15000000 to start the business
Read by 8,431 founders

9. Start an AI based automated data entry tool business

As businesses grow, so does the volume of their data, making it harder to manage manually. Enter the concept of an AI-based automated data entry tool business, designed to streamline the process and save precious time.

This business idea revolves around developing software that automates data entry tasks. The tool is capable of learning patterns and improving efficiency over time, as artificial intelligence operates the backend. By replacing manual data entry with automatic population, businesses reduce errors, increase productivity, and save enormous amounts of time.

Imagine the opportunities in this tech-driven field. Every business, from a small startup to a multinational corporation, needs to manage their data effectively. It's not just a necessity, it's a lifeline, making the potential market for such services vast.

In an age where time equals money, starting an AI-based automated data entry tool business could be the platform to build a formidable, future-proof career. It's state-of-the-art, it's needed, and it's a business opportunity waiting to be seized.

How much you can make: $40,000 — $500,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $1,000 (?)

How long does it take to build: 365 days (?)

How We Developed A $40K/Month Email Parser Application

Parseur, the data extraction tool, helps businesses automate their data entry process, catering to multiple industries such as food delivery, real estate and marketing, and has grown to over $40k in revenue per month since its launch in 2017.

Sylvestre started Parseur over 7 years ago
Sylvestre grew the business to $40K/month
It cost Sylvestre $1000 to start the business
Read by 9,379 founders

10. Start an IoT startup

An IoT startup focuses on devices connected to the internet that can be accessed remotely through the internet or a connected application.

Research what is essential to the end users to start and build a successful IoT. Leverage what is available to make the application easy to use. Then, create working prototypes, test, and build the application around the clear essential purpose.

How much you can make: $500 — $2,300,000/month

How long does it take to build: 505 days (?)

How I Invented The Ultimate Flying Gadget And Landed Massive Press

Craig Rabin invented The Airhook, a two-in-one beverage holder and electronics device holder that attaches to a closed tray table, and successfully launched it through a crowdfunding campaign that raised $15,000 from 750 backers, and went on to ship to every U.S. state and 73 countries, win Travel Product of the Year in 2019, and being featured in over 100 publications.

Craig started The Airhook over 9 years ago
Craig grew the business to $8K/month
Read by 17,987 founders

11. Build a team collaboration software

In an ever-expanding digital world, efficient teamwork is no longer constrained by physical borders. Enter, team collaboration software, an innovation designed to combat communication and coordination hurdles within remote teams.

In its simplest form, this business idea is about creating a digital platform where team members can connect, share ideas, manage tasks, and monitor project progress, regardless of their geographical location. Not just another chat tool, but a whole eco-system that takes care of everything from task delegation to document sharing, schedule management and beyond.

Consider this: our world is rapidly moving towards remote work and digital collaboration. With these changing dynamics, the demand for effective team collaboration software is only going to increase. As digital footprints expand, the potential for your software to empower teams globally does too.

It's a dynamic venture with a real chance of creating a significant impact. Building a helpful tool which enhances productivity and smoothens the collaboration process could be the shot worth taking. The time and resources spent will be a worthwhile investment, as you cater to the mounting needs of our ever-evolving digital landscape.

How much you can make: $20,000 — $250,000/month

How long does it take to build: 120 days (?)

How Three Fresh Out Of University Founders Created A 250K/Month Media SaaS

Filestage is a content review and approval software that started in 2015 and now has over 600 customers and 50,000 users worldwide, offering an efficient approval process for digital content such as videos, images, pdf, podcasts, and entire websites.

Niklas started Filestage almost 9 years ago
Niklas grew the business to $250K/month
It cost Niklas $200000 to start the business
Read by 5,475 founders

12. Build an AI powered video player

Imagine unlocking a rich and immersive visual experience, backed by cutting-edge AI technology? That is exactly what an AI-powered video player does. This business idea revolves around creating an intelligent video player, capable of learning and adapting user preferences, eliminating manually adjusting settings, subtitles, audio levels, etc.

The secret sauce of this business is AI's ability to process immense amounts of data and make accurate decisions, providing an optimized user experience. Imagine auto-skipping of ads, intelligent recommendation systems, auto-enhanced visual quality, customized content filtering, and much more, all powered by AI.

As we steadily march towards an increasingly digital era, the demand for smarter and more responsive technology is mounting. An AI-powered video player can carve a niche in this burgeoning market, offering unparalleled video playback experiences. Whether you have a knack for technology or simply see the potential of AI-powered systems, this idea presents a lucrative and future-forward opportunity.

How long does it take to build: 625 days (?)

13. Build an AI based advertising software

Imagine embracing a business idea tightly interwoven with the future - delving into the world of AI-based advertising software. In layman's terms, this engaging venture revolves around building a software system powered by artificial intelligence, designed to automate and optimize advertising tasks.

The heart of AI in advertising focuses on exploiting data patterns to help businesses reach their specific audience more accurately and cost-effectively. It aids in granulating big data into a comprehensible format, making decision-making agile, and predicting future trends, giving firms a competitive edge.

The beauty of this idea is that it stands on the pillars of innovation and automation, two crucial components of the modern world. Furthermore, adopting AI in advertising can benefit various industries, ranging from retail to real estate to e-commerce. With companies searching for effective ways to reach their target customers, starting an AI-based advertising software company could put you at the forefront of a rapidly growing market.

How much you can make: $100,000 — $2,000,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $5,000 (?)

How We Started A $700K/Month Business Getting Targeted Traffic For Online Sellers

StoreYa co-founders Eyal Reich and Yariv Dror, along with CTO Pasha Zaft, created a suite of marketing and advertising apps that include Traffic Booster, which has generated an average of $700,000 MRR and helped the business win a 2018 Google Acquisition Performance award, as well as becoming a PayPal exclusive advertising partner.

Eyal started StoreYa over 11 years ago
Eyal grew the business to $2M/month
It cost Eyal $5000 to start the business
Read by 10,228 founders

14. Build an AI powered logo maker

Who said creating an unforgettable brand identity demands professional design skills? Welcome to the future with AI powered logo makers. In simple terms, this business idea revolves around an advanced platform that leverages artificial intelligence to generate unique and professionally inspired logos.

The user inputs their preferences and within seconds, they're presented with a plethora of design options. Better yet, no knowledge of design or artistic prowess is required. AI does all the intricate work, leaving the user to choose from a wide variety of end results.

The demand for customizable, cost-effective logos for business branding is ever-present, providing a potentially broad market for this AI technology. The investment is marginalized towards AI programming and user interface design. It's an exciting time to step into this digital revolution where creativity meets advanced technology to produce required branding assets. Get ready to redefine the creative design landscape with an AI powered logo maker.

How long does it take to build: 240 days (?)

15. Build an intelligent process automation software

Imagine an office setting where time-consuming tasks and processes are automated, bringing consistency, productivity, and efficiency to the table. This vision isn't far-fetched in today's digital age, thanks to intelligent process automation (IPA) software.

Simply put, IPA software is a combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and RPA (robotic process automation). It has the ability to handle complex tasks that involve decision making, learning, and adapting over time. It can process, streamline, and automate procedures that previously required human intervention, freeing up valuable man hours for more engaging tasks.

Arguably, it makes quite a compelling business to dive into. Consider this: According to reports, the global intelligent process automation market size is projected to reach $16.3 billion by 2024. This growth trajectory opens up numerous possibilities for innovation and substantial returns.

Entrepreneurs looking for an avenue to contribute to innovation, increase business efficiency, and tap into a growing market may find great promise in intelligent process automation software.

How much you can make: $60,000/month

How long does it take to build: 300 days (?)

From Fledgling AI Startup to Industry-Recognized IPA Player in Just 3 Years

Intelligent Automation Solutions provider Rapid Acceleration Partners (RAP) has served companies in 6 industries, processed 7 million+ pieces of content with 10 million+ process iterations, and saved 70% of manual effort via their AI-powered content intelligence platform and RPA tool.

Raghuraman started Rapid Acceleration Partners over 6 years ago
Raghuraman grew the business to $60K/month
It cost Raghuraman $150000 to start the business
Read by 5,335 founders

Imagine a digital guard dog that could sniff out and identify instances of copyright infringement - this is the essence of the proposed business idea. We’re talking about leveraging AI technology to develop software that can detect and manage copyright infringement in real time.

The software operates by scanning platforms across the internet to accurately identify copied content, images, music and beyond, instantly alerting the original owners. With the surge of digital content created daily, such a tool isn't just convenient – it's necessary for content creators, institutions and businesses alike.

Starting this business, you'll be entering a space that combines technology and legal intellectual property rights, a niche with immense potential. If you've ever considered venturing into the realms where AI meets law, there isn't a more opportune moment than now. Riding the wave of digital technology advancement, consider being the provider of a tool that artists, writers, musicians and companies have been waiting for.

How much you can make: $100,000/month

How We Developed A Leading IP Infringement Analytics Platform

White Bullet CEO and founder, Peter Szyszko, discusses how he identified and began targeting IP-infringing websites and apps with his IPI Analytics Platform, which has seen the company grow and expand into new areas such as social media antipiracy and connected TV.

Peter started White Bullet over 11 years ago
Peter grew the business to $100K/month
Read by 6,325 founders

17. Become an AI management consultant

Here's a thought - combine the dynamism of artificial intelligence with the strategic acuity of management consultancy. The result? An AI Management Consultant - a unique business idea that could redefine traditional management paradigms.

In simplest terms, an AI Management Consultant leverages AI technologies to deliver consultancy services, allowing them to offer faster, more accurate, and more detailed solutions to their clients' problems. At the same time, the consultant enables businesses to navigate the dynamic world of AI by understanding its applications and implications in their specific industries.

This business idea finds relevance in our ever-evolving digital landscape where companies are grappling with understanding the power of AI and integrating it into their organizational fabric. With an endeavor like this, you'd fill an essential niche - bridging technology and strategy, innovation and insight.

Taking the mantle of an AI Management Consultant not only signifies a forward-thinking step but also promises an intriguing and rewarding journey. As you facilitate the confluence of AI and business strategy, you become an integral part of shaping a smarter, more efficient corporate world.

18. Create an AI writing tool

Unveiling the sphere of AI writing tools: a business proposition that delves into the rapid advancements of technology. This enterprise revolves around creating a digital tool powered by Artificial Intelligence to aid in content creation. Capable of generating accurate and engaging content, this tool could revolutionize the way businesses, bloggers, and students write.

Embedding artificial intelligence into the core of content creation, it offers significant advantages over traditional methods of writing. Automated, error-free, and time-efficient content is now one click away. An AI writing tool is the future writer's best friend.

Drawing upon the appealing facet of innovation, this business idea is not only futuristic but substantively needed given today's demand for constant, quality content. Imagine providing a solution that ease the workload of writers around the globe, transforming their process and boosting their productivity. It's time you make a mark on the digitized world and embark on this exciting journey of developing an AI writing tool.

How much you can make: $4,000 — $17,366,666/month

How long does it take to build: 72 days (?)

I Built A Simple AI Writing Tool That Makes $60K/Year

Rytr, a new AI writing assistant developed by a startup platform and business incubator, has become a market leader, serving over 300,000 customers across the world and doing seven figures in ARR.

Abhi started Rytr about 3 years ago
Abhi grew the business to $5K/month
It cost Abhi $25000 to start the business
Read by 5,853 founders

19. Start an AI-powered recruiting app

Imagine revolutionizing job recruitment with technology's magic touch. An AI-powered recruiting app is a business idea that pairs the efficiency of artificial intelligence with the need for talented employees in various industries. Job recruitment can certainly be a tedious process, so automation makes the mundane aspects disappear, leaving more time and energy for key decision-making.

In a world of dynamic corporate requirements and growing talent pools, an AI-powered recruiting app simplifies the complex task of matching the right candidate with the right role. It not only scans resumes objectively, but it also predicts applicant success based on a multitude of data points.

Embracing such an idea positions one at the forefront of the HR-tech industry, offering solutions that are both time efficient and incredibly accurate. It bridges the gap between employers and potential employees, serving as a vital tool in the corporate world, an exciting prospect indeed.

How much you can make: $5,000 — $41,400,000/month

How long does it take to build: 97 days (?)

How I Started A $40K/Month AI-Powered Recruiting App

SkillSoniq, the world's first AI-powered recruiting app, connects companies with skilled freelancers on a trial basis, saving companies 60%+ in hiring costs and earning $350,000+ in gross revenues in its first year, with a current average of $40,000 a month, and plans to raise a second round of seed funding to achieve escape velocity and continue to form a world-class company.

Abby started SkillSoniq over 7 years ago
Abby grew the business to $40K/month
It cost Abby $50000 to start the business
Read by 8,762 founders

20. Start an online recruiting automation business

Imagine a world where recruiting is as easy as clicking a button. An Online recruiting automation business can make this dream a reality.

This innovative business idea revolves around developing software that automates the hiring process, eliminating repetitive tasks and improving the efficiency of talent acquisition. By leveraging advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, the software can dramatically expedite candidate sourcing, screening, and communication processes.

The easy-to-understand nature of this business idea lends itself to an array of industries, from tech to healthcare and beyond. But convenience is not the only selling factor; with the rise of remote work and digital nomadism, an online recruiting automation business also caters to the flexibility needs of modern companies.

As the digital world continues to evolve, automation is no longer a luxury, but a critical business need. Starting an online recruiting automation business not only offers potential for financial success but also provides a practical service that can revolutionize industries.

How much you can make: $20,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $250 (?)

How long does it take to build: 150 days (?)

I Created A $240K/Year Marketplace That Uses AI To Improve Hiring

FlexC is a talent marketplace in India that helps businesses hire and manage their hybrid workforce, with the ratio of hiring freelancers and contractors expected to increase to 20-30% of overall employees and more than 15,000+ consultants on their platform already.

Girish started FlexC almost 4 years ago
Girish grew the business to $20K/month
It cost Girish $100000 to start the business
Read by 2,397 founders

21. Start an AI personal shopper business

Have you ever asked yourself, "What could make online shopping easier and more personalized?" The answer lies in an AI personal shopper business.

Essentially, an AI-based personal shopper is a technology-driven service that uses algorithms and machine learning to provide tailored shopping suggestions for consumers. This innovative service elevates the shopping experience by eliminating the hassle of browsing through countless items in search of the perfect one.

Online shopping has become the norm, and the prospect of providing time-strapped, choice-overwhelmed consumers with streamlined, customized options is emerging as a hot new industry. Imagine offering your customers the luxury of an intelligent shopping assistant that understands their style, preference, and budget as well as a human would, while also keeping track of the latest trends and discounts.

The advent of this unprecedented blend of technology and commerce could open doors to a myriad of possibilities. If you are inclined towards e-commerce and tech-based solutions, then starting an AI personal shopper platform could be your ticket to success in this ever-evolving digital age. It's not just the vision of the future - it's the future itself.

How much you can make: $5,000 — $916,666/month

Graduating and Raising $15,000 for a New Clothing Brand

This case study highlights how a men's apparel company founded by Paul in California successfully raised $15,000 through Kickstarter.

They grew the business to $5K/month
Read by 1,091 founders

22. Start an AI butler business

Imagine having a sophisticated butler at your beck and call 24/7 to manage your household chores, appointments, and countless other tasks; except this butler comes in the form of AI technology. An AI Butler business combines the use of cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to provide personalized concierge services for clients.

The business revolves around creating AI-powered software that can manage personal tasks, ranging from paying bills, managing schedules, ordering groceries, to even providing recommendations for dining and entertainment.

The appeal lies in the convenience and efficiency that such AI-driven butlers bring. With technological advancements and increasing reliance on digital solutions, this idea is teeming with potential.

It demands a strong foundation of AI technology, robotics, and programming to get started. Yet the ideal blend of artificial intelligence and personalized care could create a highly-sought-after service, redefining the future of convenience and making this business idea one you’d want to explore.

How much you can make: $5,000/month

How long does it take to build: 510 days (?)

AcademicInfluence.com Pioneers A New Way To Compare Colleges And Scholars

AcademicInfluence.com helps parents and students find colleges that are a good fit with their revolutionary machine learning system to identify and track the influence of the faculty and alumni, resulting in over 100,000 organic search visits per month.

Jed started AcademicInfluence.com over 3 years ago
Jed grew the business to $5K/month
It cost Jed $500000 to start the business
Read by 2,813 founders

23. Build an AI based voice and image recognition tool

Artificial Intelligence has successfully established itself as a technology that attracts development and growth. Businesses that leverage AI tends to have a competitive edge over their competitors.

Experts project that the global Artificial Intelligence market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 38.1 annually over the next decade.

Are you ready to be part of the growing AI industry? If yes, consider creating AI-based voice and image recognition tools.
Voice and image recognition tools are critical in performing multiple machine-based visual tasks like:

  • Labeling the content of images with meta tags
  • Performing image content search
  • Guiding autonomous robots
  • Self-driving cars
  • Accident-avoidance systems

With the multiple application areas of voice and image recognition tools, starting a business in that line could be profitable in the long run. To create a successful tool, select the right platform, choose only the required features, and create the tools with end-users in mind.

Is AI a profitable business?

There is no doubt that AI is one of the hottest topics in the business world today. From self-driving cars to chatbots, businesses are racing to adopt AI technology in order to stay ahead of the competition.

But is AI a profitable business? That depends on how you define profitability.

If you simply look at the bottom line, then yes, AI can be very profitable. After all, businesses are willing to invest billions of dollars in AI technology in order to increase efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

However, if you take a more holistic view of profitability, then the answer is less clear. While AI can certainly generate profits for businesses, it can also create significant social and economic disruptions.

For example, as AI technology becomes more sophisticated, it will likely lead to job losses in a wide range of industries. As a result, while AI may be profitable for businesses, it could have far-reaching negative consequences for society as a whole.

How do I start my own artificial intelligence business?

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen interest in artificial intelligence (AI), starting an AI business can be a great way to turn a profit while making a meaningful impact on the world.

However, as with any new business venture, there are a few things to keep in mind before taking the plunge.

First, it's important to have a clear understanding of AI technology and its potential applications. This will not only help you come up with meaningful products or services, but it will also make it easier to pitch your business to potential investors.

Secondly, it's essential to build a strong team of experts who can help you develop and implement your vision.

Thirdly, you'll need to create a robust marketing strategy to ensure that your target customers are aware of your product or service.

With these key elements in place, you'll be well on your way to starting a successful AI business.

24. Start an e-learning apps business

Imagine creating a platform that positively transforms the way people learn. This is the essence of an e-learning apps business. In simple terms, this idea revolves around creating educational applications that make learning accessible, enjoyable, and effective right from one’s fingertips.

These days, more people are adopting digital learning methods due to their convenience and flexibility. You can capitalize on this rising trend to create an e-learning app that caters to a specific niche, like languages, coding, or even soft skills.

What's exciting in this space is the capacity for growth and innovation - from gamified learning experiences to AI-driven personalized curriculums. Starting an e-learning app business isn't just about creating another app, it's about crafting a transformative educational tool that empowers users to learn at their own pace and on their terms.

Indeed, it will require critical thinking, technical prowess and pedagogical insight. But the reward? A product that has the capacity to impact countless lives whilst being a sustainable and scalable business model in the continually booming tech industry.

How much you can make: $83,333 — $13,500,000/month

reCAPTCHA and Duolingo: Luis von Ahn: How I Built This with Guy Raz

Discover how a PhD student's creation of CAPTCHA has evolved into the language-learning app Duolingo, valued at $1.5 billion today and experiencing a surge of growth during the pandemic.

Luis grew the business to $13.5M/month
Read by 995 founders

25. Start an auto-generating report business

Imagine a business where you equip companies with the tools to generate tailored data reports at the click of a button. The rise of big data has seen businesses increasingly struggle to efficiently interpret, analyse, and report their vast data sets. This is where our auto-generating report business steps in.

Our business employs software that seamlessly integrates into a company’s existing tools, automatically collecting, interpreting, and presenting data in a customisable, user-friendly report. This digital solution is a major time-saver for businesses, eliminating numerous manual hours spent on report creation.

Moreover, it ensures a greater level of accuracy, decreasing the risk for human error. Is it time to embrace the power of automation and help businesses navigate the overwhelming oceans of data? With our auto-generating report business, bridging that gap could be your future.

26. Start a cloud-based attendance app business

Ever thought about starting a cloud-based attendance application? This business idea blends modern technology with a practical necessity.

At its core, the concept of a cloud-based attendance app is about streamlining and digitalizing the antiquated roll-calling process. The app will record, track, and report attendance data in real-time, saving time and paper for educators or employers in various industries.

The targeted audience for this concept is wide and diverse, from educational institutions to sporting events to corporations. With a little innovation and development, the sky (or rather, the cloud) is the limit.

Its remote functionality and real-time reporting will not only help to keep track of employees or students but can also enhance productivity, leading to improved organizational efficiency. The demand for data-centric and mobile-friendly services is a trend you’d want to capitalize on in the digital era. Dive deep into this cutting-edge venture; your entrepreneur spirit will thank you for it.

27. Start a subscription based delivery app business

Imagine the convenience of having products and services delivered straight to your doorstep at the push of a button. That's the underlying principle of a subscription-based delivery app business. Simply put, it's a company that develops an application which connects consumers to vendors, offering regular deliveries of goods or services on a subscription basis.

This innovative industry caters to the increasingly busy lives of modern consumers, providing consistent convenience and tailored personalization. From delivering groceries to the latest fashion trends, or even pet supplies, the opportunities within this business concept are limitless.

Starting a business like this involves developing a robust and user-friendly platform, securing partnerships with reliable vendors, and setting up an effective delivery network. With strategic marketing to demonstrate its value proposition, such a business could thrive in today's convenience-centric market. Are you ready to innovate and deliver?

28. Start a vulnerability prediction app business

Picture this, a digital shield programmed to guard you through the thrashing waves of cyber attacks, in real time. Morphing such imagination into reality is the business idea of a vulnerability prediction app development.

In simpler terms, it's all about creating an intuitive software, a mobile or desktop application, that predicts potential system vulnerabilities before a threat manifests itself. This app will provide crucial insights, alerts, and resolutions to help companies keep their digital walls fortified.

As our dependency on digital platforms deepens, so does the frequency, sophistication, and impact of cyber attacks. Do you see the exigency here? By launching a vulnerability prediction app, you step into the frontline, providing essential security services to households, enterprises, and governments.

Indeed, venturing forth might seem daunting as it includes robust coding, consistent testing, and periodic updates. However, the pay-off in this growing digital security market, from both a financial and societal perspective, is immense.

29. Start a roadside breakdown or car accident app business

Think about it - every day countless vehicles get stranded due to roadside breakdowns or unfortunate accidents. A roadside breakdown or car accident app startup can bring a significant change in addressing such emergencies promptly and effectively.

This promising business idea is straightforward - an app that connects motorists in distress to the nearest service providers, like tow trucks or emergency services. It also includes features to alert family members, report the incident to insurance companies and provide updates on repair progress, ensuring peace of mind during a stressful situation.

The niche market for this service is vast, given the significant number of vehicle owners and travelers. No longer will motorists be left helpless on the roadside; your app will be their lifeline.

Additionally, the benefit of increased efficiency for service providers suggests a mutually beneficial business model. If you are seeking a business idea that solves real-world problems with a technological approach, this is an opportunity worth exploring.

How long does it take to build: 500 days (?)

30. Start an AI online poker playing business

Imagine stepping into the world where AI and online gambling intersect. An AI online poker playing business is the symbol of this crossroads - a venture that combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to play poker online without human intervention.

Unlike traditional poker where you associate tells and bluffs, the AI relies solely on million-fold simulations and probability interpretations. Essentially, this idea is about developing an AI program that plays poker better than any human possibly could.

The lure of this business lies in the scientific complexity it embodies, offering an irresistible challenge for tech enthusiasts keen on improving AI capabilities. Moreover, gamblers and game lovers may find it riveting to compete against an AI system.

Remember, this is not just about playing cards; it's about unraveling a sophisticated AI technology in the world of virtual gaming. If you're a tech enthusiast with a knack for gaming, this concept may be the golden business opportunity you've been waiting for.

31. Start an AI farm management business

At the intersection of agriculture and technology, an AI Farm Management Business emerges as a promising and forward-thinking venture. Imagine blending the age-old practice of farming with the cutting-edge innovation of artificial intelligence (AI). This business involves developing AI-powered tools to help farmers streamline their operations, increase productivity, and make data-driven decisions.

In essence, an AI Farm Management Business creates and provides smart solutions for agriculture. It helps farmers predict crop yields, optimize irrigation, monitor livestock health, and much more.

The global demand for sustainable farming practices is on the rise, and AI has the potential to meet that need. Moreover, the agri-tech industry's growth is projected to soar in the coming years, creating a lucrative market for this idea.

Embracing technology and leveraging AI in farming could revolutionize the agricultural scene, making farming efficient and environment-friendly. For innovative minds, this idea presents an exciting opportunity to wield technology for shaping the future of farming.

32. Start an AI business analysis service

Welcome to a future where artificial intelligence meets business analysis. An AI business analysis service is a unique firm harnessing the power of advanced AI to deliver in-depth, real-time analysis, helping businesses make data-driven decisions.

By leveraging AI capabilities, this service meticulously extracts and evaluates complex business data patterns, translating them into easy-to-understand insights. These insights serve to improve operational efficiencies, enhance strategic planning, and open new avenues for revenue generation, giving businesses a competitive edge.

For potential entrepreneurs, this field presents an opportunity to not only provide an innovative solution but also immerse oneself in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology. The marriage of AI and business analysis is still in the early stages of discovery, offering endless potential to trailblazers prepared to undertake the systematic exploration and learning that this venture requires. As businesses continue to seek smarter strategy solutions, the demand for this service is anticipated to experience exponential growth.

How much you can make: $41,400,000/month

Rob LoCascio - Founder & CEO of LivePerson Inc.

LivePerson founder Robert LoCascio has grown his business to become the market leader in intelligent engagement solutions, with over 18,000 clients and $500M in revenue, offering conversational tools such as AI-powered chatbots and customer sentiment analysis.

Robert grew the business to $41.4M/month
Read by 762 founders

33. Start an AI based retail business

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with this intriguing business proposition. Leveraging the power of AI in retail looks to revolutionize the commercial scene by creating a unique shopping experience for customers.

Simple to understand, this business idea hinges on utilizing AI technology to analyze consumer behavior, optimize inventory, and provide personalized shopping experiences. The potential to improve efficiency and precision in retail operations makes this an appealing investment target.

Through machine learning and predictive analysis, it can forecast trends, manage stock and automate mundane tasks. If efficiency, accuracy, and intelligent customization spark your interest, AI-based retail could be your next entrepreneurial move.

A transforming presence in the retail landscape, an AI-driven business would perfectly balance technological advance with operational acuity. Diving into this arena could grant you a front-row seat to the continually evolving world of business technology.

34. Start an AI based customer support business

Welcome to the dawn of customer service automation. Envision a world where customers enjoy personalized service and immediate assistance, no more waiting on hold or wrestling with complicated IVR menus. This is the reality of an AI-based customer support business.

In simple terms, the business focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence to automate customer interactions for other businesses. From handling routine inquiries, providing product information, or troubleshooting common problems, AI-driven chatbots and voice assistants promise efficiency and round-the-clock service.

It's not about replacing humans but supplementing their efforts. The AI takes care of common questions and issues, freeing up the human customer service reps to handle more complex interactions with customers.

An AI-based customer support business offers an intriguing opportunity for tech-savvy entrepreneurs. The demand for such services is growing as businesses see the value in streamlining their customer service operations and enhancing the customer experience. With the right technical skills and tools, this innovative venture can be a profitable enterprise shaping the future of customer service.

35. Start a home automation devices business

As digital technology continues to evolve, we are entering an era of "smart homes." What if you could offer innovative solutions to transform ordinary homes into automated systems? Introducing a business engrained in the home automation devices industry.

The concept is straightforward. This business involves selling and installing devices that can control various aspects of a home remotely or through AI. This could include anything from smart lighting and security systems to automated heating and cooling devices.

With constant advancements in technology, the prospect for growth in this sector is high. Not only does this business idea benefit from current market trends, but it also offers immense scalability and diversification potential. Imagine a future where you broaden your horizons to provide personalized, integrated systems for transforming ordinary homes into smart homes.

Delving into a home automation devices business positions you as more than a proprietor - you become a facilitator of ensuring comfort, convenience, and security, one smart home at a time.

In the intersection of technology, finance, and problem-solving lies our business concept - a finance-related robotic process automation (RPA) enterprise. Simply put, this venture focuses on creating software 'robots' to handle time-consuming, repetitive tasks that have traditionally been done by personnel in the finance sector.

RPA has the potential to revolutionize how businesses operate, increasing efficiency while reducing costs. In the financial realm, it can swiftly handle tasks like report generation, transaction processing, and data management, providing businesses with more time to focus on strategy and growth.

This business venture is particularly suited for those with a knack for technology and a keen understanding of financial operations. As more companies seek to streamline their processes and improve productivity, there's a robust demand for RPA solutions. It offers a future-driven business opportunity with the potential for significant growth and success. Navigate the transformative powers of technology with this visionary business model.

How long does it take to build: 120 days (?)

37. Build an AI powered project management tools

Burgeoning advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) provide an inviting gateway into the world of project management. At the heart of this promising business idea is the development and sale of AI-powered project management tools.

These tools harness the power of AI to automate repetitive tasks, predict task trajectory and offer intelligent insights, thereby enhancing efficiency. This helps organizations seamlessly orchestrate their projects, manage resources effectively and empower teams with insightful analytics.

What makes this novel venture truly intriguing is its clear answer to modern businesses' pressing need for intelligent solutions that uncomplicate workflow complexities. In a rapidly evolving business terrain, this tool stands a chance to be an invaluable companion for businesses, large and small alike.

Undeniably, dreaming of starting this business stirs excitement. The journey involves anticipating market needs and investing in developing a sophisticated tool. The reward could be a game-changer for project management as we know it. Imagine being that catalyst. It could be your reality.

38. Start an augmented reality based jewellery store app business

Ever thought of revolutionizing the jewellery shopping experience? Enter the world of Augmented Reality (AR) - based jewellery store apps. This business idea leverages AR technology to create a virtual jewellery store, where users can browse, select, and virtually try on jewellery.

Imagine your customer, sitting in their home, having the ability to see how that pearl necklace or diamond ring looks on them in real-time. It simplifies their decision-making process and brings a unique convenience to jewellery shopping, that traditional brick-and-mortar stores can't offer.

It's an emerging market, primed for entrepreneurial spirit. With smartphone technology at everyone's fingertips, and AR becoming increasingly prevalent, the time is ripe for capture. If done right, it merges the world of luxury fashion with innovative technology, opening up a whole new avenue of e-commerce. It’s demanding, yes, but it’s also rich with potential. Allow this business idea to be the gemstone amidst other run-of-the-mill opportunities.

39. Start an on-device recognition tool business

Have you ever pondered on the computing power nestled in the palm of your hand, your smartphone? Leverage this raw neural potential with an On-Device Recognition Tool Business. Well, what's that? Primarily, it harnesses the processing power of devices to recognize patterns and objects, providing users with analytics, all without needing internet connection.

Imagine being able to identify a plant from its leaf, or a melody from a hum - all possible through an on-device recognition tool. Businesses and consumers, whoever your target market may be, will appreciate this edge in information access and convenience.

Creating sophisticated algorithms that can unlock the power of a wide array of objects, sounds or patterns recognition is a path that marries tech, innovation and resourcefulness. With our increasingly digital world demanding rapid, offline, on-the-go solutions, an On-Device Recognition Tool Business could carve out a niche in this bustling field. Potential applications are virtually limitless, intriguing isn’t it?

How much you can make: $525,000/month

Founder of $6m SaaS pingboard replaces himself as CEO to grow faster

Pingboard, the remote employee engagement platform, has experienced 16 consecutive months of growth during the pandemic and generated $6.3M in revenue in 2022 while serving over 750,000 employees across 2,500 companies globally.

Laith started Pingboard over 11 years ago
Laith grew the business to $525K/month
Read by 751 founders

40. Start a cyber security apps business

In a digitally-driven age, information protection is paramount. A cyber security apps business is positioned to address this need, offering solutions that guard against data breaches and potential cyber threats. In simple terms, this business involves creating innovative and user-friendly software that actively protect individual and corporate data from unauthorised access.

With an increasing number of businesses shifting online, coupled with a rise in remote work, the demand for cyber security is higher than ever. And it's not just corporations that need protection; even average internet users are seeking ways to safeguard their personal information from potential attacks.

Launching a cyber security app business not only aids in combating the specter of cyber crimes, but also provides a lucrative entrepreneurial opportunity in an industry projected to hit $170.4 billion by 2022 globally, according to Gartner. If you have a knack for programming and a passionate understanding of digital security, this might just be the venture for you.

How much you can make: $2,000,000/month

How long does it take to build: 180 days (?)

Perfect timing Security SaaS Hits $12m Revenue, Closes $80m on $500m Valuation last week

Cyber security SaaS platform Coro offers cloud security services to mid-market enterprises, securing a total of $81.5 million in funding and a $500 million valuation, with 4,500 clients on the platform and reaching a $1 million run rate in 2019.

Dror started Coro over 10 years ago
Dror grew the business to $2M/month
Read by 801 founders

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