The 37 Best Home-Based Businesses To Start In Louisiana [2021]

The 37 Best Home-Based Businesses To Start In Louisiana [2021]

Interested in starting a business in Louisiana in 2021?

We put together 37 of the best businesses you can start in Louisiana today.

For each business idea, we’ll show you real-world examples of how you can start your profitable, home-based small business in Louisiana.

Here's the full list:

1. Start a benefit corporation ($60K/year)

Tippy Tippens from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA started Goods That Matter almost 11 years ago, a benefit corporation.

  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • Revenue: $5,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 1

Hi, I’m Tippy Tippens, Chief Eternal Optimist at Goods that Matter. I started with a soap that gives to oil spill cleanup in 2010, BirdProject Soap. This was my way as a designer to help after the BP Oil Spill Disaster in 2010. I got my start on Kickstarter with that product and then was inspired to start the company, Goods that Matter. We design and make a variety of eco-goods from candles to custom first aid kits to cards - each product raises funds for a unique cause.

Goods that Matter creates everyday design goods, with extraordinary impact. Each Matter product is handmade in the U.S., of eco-friendly materials, & gives back to unique social and environmental causes. 10% of all proceeds flow to causes that impact the health, happiness, and sustainability of our communities both locally and for our neighbors around the world.

We are proud to be the first Benefit Corporation in the state of Louisiana and to have donated $43,632 to date to our partner causes! Goods that Matter works to make the world a better place by creating products and collaborations that matter.


Tippy Tippens, on starting Goods That Matter ($5,000/month) full story ➜

2. Start a seo agency ($62.4K/year)

Noah Riggs from Shreveport, Louisiana, USA started Busy Living Better about 3 years ago, a SEO agency.

  • Location: Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
  • Revenue: $5,200/ month
  • Starting Costs: $350
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 1

Hey there!

My name is Noah Riggs and I decided to embark on the journey to become a full-time blogger in 2018. My business is a lot of things and evolves constantly. All of my current projects are all housed under the Busy Living Better umbrella entity (aside from my work as the CEO and stakeholder of a media company based out of Austin).

For example, my personal site is a website focused on teaching others how to take themselves from having nothing to waking up to meaningful life every day. I teach this by sharing the same strategies I used to go from broke and stressed, to a CEO and multiple business owner in just one year.

Busy Living Better also includes my newest project with my longtime girlfriend, a site focused on creating helpful printables for every need, as well as the SEO consulting work I do for other multi-million dollar blogs.

The majority of my income from this business comes from SEO consulting. This wasn’t exactly what I expected the case to be when I began freelancing and offering services to businesses, but after finding some success for my first client the word spread to his other business partners and suddenly I had a full client list.


Noah Riggs, on starting Busy Living Better ($5,200/month) full story ➜

3. Start a branding agency ($240K/year)

David Caruso from New Orleans started Agent C. Advertising over 3 years ago, a branding agency.

  • Location: New Orleans
  • Revenue: $20,000/ month
  • Starting Costs: $10,000
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 4

My name is David Caruso. I am the principal and Creative Director of Agent C Advertising, a full-service ad agency emphasizing content creation for print ads, social media, and video productions.

We identify and develop marketing programs and ad campaigns based on our customers’ communications objectives and other strategies to reach out to their customers in a positive manner.


David Caruso, on starting Agent C. Advertising ($20,000/month) full story ➜

4. Start an exercise app ($12K/year)

Joel Runyon from Austin, Texas, USA started MoveWell over 4 years ago, an exercise app.

  • Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $1,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 1

My name is Joel Runyon and I started an app called MoveWell. The app is designed to help you move better, get stronger and prevent injuries. It’s your ultimate movement and mobility companion.

Our customers are athletes and desk jockeys looking to perform better in fitness and generally move better and have less pain. The app has been out for a few years and currently brings in about $1,200-$1,800 per month, a nice amount of extra cash, but not really a huge business yet.

Even though MoveWell brings in the smallest amount of revenue of any of my ventures, the project has some of my most enthusiastic followers. I used to have a business partner, but recently bought him out and am looking to scale the business even more by adding coaches, consistently adding content, and doing branded partnerships over the next 6-12 months.


Joel Runyon, on starting MoveWell ($1,000/month) full story ➜

5. Start a specialty food business ($1.2M/year)

Stacey Schlaman from Alabama, USA started Liberated Specialty Foods over 6 years ago, a specialty food business.

  • Location: Alabama, USA
  • Revenue: $100,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 20

I’m Stacey, founder and President of Liberated Specialty Foods, based in the quiet town of Madison, Alabama. We run a food manufacturing business making a full line of baked food (made mainly from nut flours) like almond flour pizza crust, cashew bread, and coconut flour donuts, along with additive-free sauces like ketchup and pizza sauce; with the specific mission to help those suffering from autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s and Colitis, that ALSO fill the niche of Keto, Paleo, Atkins, and other trending diets.

We sell online and to retailers. We went from about 100 retailers with our products in 2016 to over 1,000 today, including major chains from Whole Foods and Sprouts to Wal-Mart -- and we hope to keep adding more!


Stacey Schlaman, on starting Liberated Specialty Foods ($100,000/month) full story ➜

6. Start a chimney repair business ($545K/year)

Mitchell Blackmon from Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA started Patriot Chimney about 3 years ago, a chimney repair business.

  • Location: Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA
  • Revenue: $45,394/ month
  • Founders: 3
  • Employees: 5

Hi everyone, my name is Mitchell and I’m one of the three founders of Patriot Chimney. We sweep, repair, and build chimneys and also service and repair dryer vents around the Roanoke Valley in Virginia.

We created the company in order to provide really, really awesome, transparent, and trustworthy chimney and dryer vent services in our region. You see, chimney companies don’t typically receive a positive reputation and we’re out to change that. In fact, we’ve been fortunate enough to provide our services to more than 350 homes in an area that spans from Lynchburg, VA all the way down to Blacksburg, VA. What’s more is that we’ve also been able to generate more than $212,000 in revenue during our first year, with 8% of that being net profit.

I studied marketing in college, but my experience in the past few years has been a mix between marketing and sales, so my focus is primarily around building the sales and marketing strategy for us. My brother (Matt) and a friend of his (Billy) focus on the operations, actually getting on the roof and doing some real dirty work.


Mitchell Blackmon, on starting Patriot Chimney ($45,394/month) full story ➜

7. Become an online dating consultant ($62.4K/year)

Shane White from Austin, Texas, USA started The Match Artist over 3 years ago, an online dating consultant.

  • Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $5,200/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 0

Hi everyone, my name is Shane and I’m the founder of The Match Artist. We help singles take amazing pictures for their online dating profiles. Our flagship product is the 3 hour Executive shoot, which gets you about 100 different photos in 7 different settings.

Most importantly, this package comes with an e-mail course and one-on-one coaching so you can take better photos in the future. Many people (especially guys) are horrible at taking pictures. The Match Artist teaches you how to look at the camera, and how to show your most attractive and authentic self. This empowers you to take better photos, even after the shoot is over.

The Match Artist is More Than a Typical Photography Company


Shane White, on starting The Match Artist ($5,200/month) full story ➜

8. Start a cocktail ingredient business ($540K/year)

Christopher Thomas from Nashville, Tennessee, USA started Eli Mason about 7 years ago, a cocktail ingredient business.

  • Location: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • Revenue: $45,000/ month
  • Starting Costs: $10,000
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 0

My name is Christopher Thomas. I am the managing partner and co-owner of a cocktail mixer brand called Eli Mason. We make premium cocktail mixers and syrups using real ingredients like cane sugar and premium bitters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our flagship product is The Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer. Just mix it with your favorite whiskey and you have a delicious Old Fashioned in less than 30 seconds. We have two main customers. Our first customer is someone who enjoys a delicious cocktail, but they don’t want the hassle of figuring out the right ratios of sugar to bitters, should they muddle fruit or not, we make it super easy for them to make a consistent and delicious Old Fashioned in less than 30 seconds. Our second customer is the cocktail enthusiast who loves making cocktails from scratch in their home, but sometimes they just want EASY. We give them that EASY option for a solid drink made with real ingredients.


Christopher Thomas, on starting Eli Mason ($45,000/month) full story ➜

9. Start a socks business ($12M/year)

Dane Jensen from Austin, Texas, USA started Sock Club over 10 years ago, a socks business.

  • Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $1,000,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 31

Hi, Dane Jensen here, my business partner Noah and I run Sock Club. Our flagship product is socks of course. We started Sock Club as a monthly subscription where we would deliver a pair of unique socks to our customers every month. As we’ve grown we’ve developed a manufacturing supply chain here in the United States. Having the ability to make our own socks made it possible to enter the new market of custom socks. Now making custom socks is 90% of our business and the subscription 10%. Last year we did $12M+ in revenue and we plan to do more than that this year.


Dane Jensen, on starting Sock Club ($1,000,000/month) full story ➜

10. Start a law firm ($60M/year)

Brian White from Houston, TX, USA started Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers ago, a law firm.

  • Location: Houston, TX, USA
  • Revenue: $5,000,000/ month
  • Starting Costs: $800,000
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 20

I’m Brian White. I started the Houston based law firm, Attorney Brian White Personal Injury.

We are a law firm that primarily handles plaintiff personal injury cases, although we do handle other commercial litigation, insurance bad faith, wage & hour, and financial fraud cases as well.

Through hard work, relentless advocacy for our clients, and extreme preparation, we have grown our business from a boutique law firm with a scrappy reputation to capturing a large share of the competitive Texas legal market capturing tens of millions of dollars of market share per year.


Brian White, on starting Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers ($5,000,000/month) full story ➜

11. Start a non-profit fundraiser

Heather McGehearty from Addison, TX, USA started StandUpLD about 5 years ago, a non-profit fundraiser.

  • Location: Addison, TX, USA
  • Starting Costs: $20,000
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 0

We named our organization StandUpLD because we wanted to empower children and their parents by giving them a voice and helping them have the confidence to stand up for themselves and acknowledge their learning differences; to own it. There can be such a tremendous sense of isolation for children with learning differences. And with that, of course, often comes depression, which children with learning differences experience at greater rates than the national average. Imagine the sense of inadequacy a child feels when they’re working as hard—usually much harder—than others in the classroom but those efforts aren’t bringing results. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for a learning issue to be mistaken for a mental health issue. You can imagine how that mislabeling can affect self-esteem, depression, and escort in a host of other issues they face once they reach their teen years. According to Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, there is a significant overlap in learning differences and substance abuse.

Something is only a failure if you don’t learn from it. If you do and can use that knowledge to your advantage, it can hardly be called a failure.

Without access to proper remediation and organizations like StandUpLD—and others with similar missions—children in at-risk communities who have a learning difference are even more likely to fall into negative and self-destructive behaviors. As an example, 48% of today’s prison population has dyslexia. Those children, along with any child challenged with a learning issue, is why StandUpLD is truly a heart mission.


Heather McGehearty, on starting StandUpLD (/month) full story ➜

12. Start an online courses business ($1.2M/year)

Alex Nerney from Texas, USA started Create and Go over 4 years ago, an online courses business.

  • Location: Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $100,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 0

My name is Alex Nerney. My business partner Lauren McManus and I started an online blog, two of them actually, that we were able to make a full time income from. We started out with building a health and fitness blog Avocadu. It seemed like a reasonable first niche to start in as I was a personal trainer at the time. After growing that blog to six figures a year Lauren and I decided to start Create and Go to teach others exactly how we did it and share our journey as professional bloggers with them.

We have a lot of customers from all over the world, but they all have at least one thing in common: They dream of making some income through an online blog. Whether that’s to quit their soul sucking day jobs like we did, or to be a stay at home parent, or just to have more financial freedom. Our flagship product on Create and Go is our Pro Blogger bundle, and it aims to give every student exactly what they need to accomplish that dream. It contains all of our individual courses and is our start to finish blogging guide that teaches each student how to start a blog.

After growing Create and Go to have over 10,000+ students now and having an average income of around $130,000 a month combined from our blogs, we have been able to really reflect on how much we have accomplished. Lauren and I quit our jobs only a few years ago, but honestly, the life we have lived since doing so makes it seem like it was another lifetime ago.


Alex Nerney, on starting Create and Go ($100,000/month) full story ➜

13. Start a subscription box business ($240K/year)

Michael Arciola III from Austin, Texas, USA started Southern Cigar Co over 6 years ago, a subscription box business.

  • Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $20,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 0

I’m Michael Arciola III and the founder of Southern Cigar Co. At the time of founding, I was a student at Florida State University studying computer science and business. I started the company 4 years ago out of my apartment and couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made thus far.

Southern Cigar Co.’s primary product is a subscription box, which was all the hype then and still is now. Our primary customers are fathers, golfers, businessmen, and new hobbyists. We ship worldwide and have shipped to over 30 different countries so far. Currently we are doing ~250k a year in revenue, but this has been growing at about 20% year over year.

Me packing boxes outside out apartment on the deck. I would do them in batches, this being one of them.


Michael Arciola III, on starting Southern Cigar Co ($20,000/month) full story ➜

14. Start a clothing boutique

Savitra from Smyrna, GA, USA started New Era of Style ago, a clothing boutique.

  • Location: Smyrna, GA, USA
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 0

Hello! My name is Savitra and I am the owner of the influential online boutique New Era of Style, LLC. New Era of Style is a mid-priced online boutique that is dedicated to catering to the fashion needs of working professional men and women.

New Era of Style is a Career and Lifestyle brand. Our selections are versatile and transition with the busy schedules of our customers. Our best-selling items include our selection of tops, vegan-leather bags, and wardrobe accessories. We work with several unique wholesalers and designers to bring the best in fashion. To create exclusivity with our merchandise, we offer a limited inventory of selected items.


Savitra, on starting New Era of Style ($0/month) full story ➜

15. Start a niche accessories brand ($2.4M/year)

Braxton Manley from Austin, Texas, USA started Braxley Bands over 4 years ago, a niche accessories brand.

  • Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $200,000/ month
  • Starting Costs: $20
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 3

My name is Braxton Manley and I am a 23-year-old living in Austin. I started Braxley Bands with my dorm-mate Grant Andrews as a class project at Texas Tech about 3 years ago.

We created an elastic Apple Watch band and started making them by hand on my Nana’s sewing machine. We have since scaled the business from an original $20 upfront for materials to $100K a month on Shopify. No other capital or investment was ever put into the business.


Braxton Manley, on starting Braxley Bands ($200,000/month) full story ➜

16. Become a temporary tattoo artist ($12K/year)

Anslea from Atlanta, GA, USA started Forgotten Mermaids over 3 years ago, a temporary tattoo artist.

  • Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Revenue: $1,000/ month
  • Starting Costs: $100
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 0

Hey there! So excited to be going over everything that’s happened this last year. My name is Anslea and I run Forgotten Mermaids, a brand of temporary tattoos inspired by mermaids, designed by humans. Our tattoos give the illusion of mermaid scales so even if you’re not ready to commit to the mermaid lifestyle, you can still add a little mermaid magic to your every-day outfit. Currently, we have two tattoo styles available in six colors, alongside a variety of clothing items such as leggings and swimsuits that share this same scale pattern.

We started the year with big plans for expanding our sales channels and product line, but due to COVID-19 our timeline was pushed way back and ultimately we had to change our vision quite drastically. Thankfully, since the business was built on the premise of being adaptable, adjusting to our new reality was relatively painless and has since opened up opportunities we otherwise wouldn't have explored.

Currently, we’ve seen a 40% increase in sales compared to this time last year and hope to keep that trending upwards with new products and expanded marketing tactics.


Anslea, on starting Forgotten Mermaids ($1,000/month) full story ➜

17. Start a portable phone chargers business ($24K/year)

Chris Reimer from Saint Louis, Missouri, USA started Boosa Tech about 4 years ago, a portable phone chargers business.

  • Location: Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
  • Revenue: $2,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 1

My name is Chris Reimer, and I’m Founder and Chief Power Officer of Boosa Tech.

We sell power banks - portable phone chargers designed to keep your smartphone up and running no matter how long you’re away from a wall outlet. On a plane flying across the world? Trying to hail an Uber? At the never-ending 3-hour soccer practice playing mindless games on your phone? On the couch and your slovenly body just won’t move? Boosa's designed to eliminate the Low Battery Anxiety that just about everyone feels when their phone dips below 30%, 20%, 5% … as little as $25-35 will take this stress out of your life.

Boosa is currently a one-person operation - me! I run the website, social media, PR, inventory procurement from China (both negotiations and logistics), pick/pack/and ship orders, customer service, marketing … I do it all and love every minute of it. And all of this is happening while I continue to work my full-time job as a Director of Creative Services at a local university. Boosa’s website went live in late June 2018, and we’re averaging about $2,000/month in sales.


Chris Reimer , on starting Boosa Tech ($2,000/month) full story ➜

18. Start an online food business ($360K/year)

Jen Hansard from Brooksville, Florida, USA started Simple Green Smoothies almost 9 years ago, an online food business.

  • Location: Brooksville, Florida, USA
  • Revenue: $30,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 1

Hi there. I’m Jen Hansard, the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies where we create plant-powered recipes that gives you the energy and health to fuel your passion. It all started on Instagram in 2012, yet over the years (and with a LOT of hustle and luck) it has exploded into a brand of best-selling plant-based recipe books, live community cleanses, adventure retreats and the #1 green smoothie app in iTunes, Daily Blends. Since 2012, Simple Green Smoothies has helped over 2 million people take control of their health in a tasty and simple way.

Our flagship product is the FREE Simple 7-Day Smoothie Challenge. We spent months creating this self-driven program and deliver the most amazing experience for anyone who signs up. We’ve made healthy habits fun, simple and tasty so that you keep coming back for more. Yet most importantly, we’ve empowered you to take control of your health, in your own kitchen so that it’s sustainable and affordable. I don't know many people who can afford to spend $8 a day buy a smoothie, which is why I can teach you how to make one that tastes WAY better (and for under $3).


Jen Hansard, on starting Simple Green Smoothies ($30,000/month) full story ➜

19. Start a meal prep delivery business ($2.16M/year)

Mary Drennen from Birmingham, Alabama, USA started Nourish Foods Co. almost 7 years ago, a meal prep delivery business.

  • Location: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  • Revenue: $180,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 20

As we say in the South: “Hey Ya’ll!” I’m Mary Drennen, a co-founder of Nourish Foods.

My partner, Tiffany Davis, and I are classically trained chefs with a strong background in healthy recipe development and high-volume food production. Tiffany excels at operations and diving deep into the details of all of our recipes, meal components, and production flow. My strengths are more on the business development, sales, and marketing sides of the business. I think we are a complete Yin and Yang. We share almost no strengths, except for our culinary skills.

In late 2014 we launched Nourish Foods. Nourish creates and delivers high-quality, healthy and fully-prepared meals to your door each week. Our goal is to give individuals and families their time back. There is no shopping, cooking or cleaning involved with Nourish.


Mary Drennen, on starting Nourish Foods Co. ($180,000/month) full story ➜

20. Start a health care training business ($180K/year)

Kyle Golding from Oklahoma, USA started Vorttx Training and Testing about 5 years ago, a health care training business.

  • Location: Oklahoma, USA
  • Revenue: $15,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 0

My name is Kyle Golding, I am a co-founder and CMO of VORTTX Training and Testing SaaS virtual emergency response training system for long-term healthcare facilities. I co-founded VORTTX Training and Testing in 2016.

VORTTX is a yearly subscription service currently generating 1% of the market potential of one hundred million dollars a year in our second year of full-time operation.

After nearly a year in development, the adoption rate of VORTTX from the public launch to the end of the first 12 months was over 500% and still growing.


Kyle Golding, on starting Vorttx Training and Testing ($15,000/month) full story ➜

21. Start a stuffed animals business ($6M/year)

Tyler Macke from Jackson, MO, USA started SendAFriend about 3 years ago, a stuffed animals business.

  • Location: Jackson, MO, USA
  • Revenue: $500,000/ month
  • Starting Costs: $1,000
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 20

Hello, everyone! My name is Tyler Macke and I’m the 21-year-old founder of SendAFriend, an e-commerce brand that sells stuffed animal care packages.

Our core product is the stuffed animals themselves, which we offer alongside a customizable greeting card and a few small accessory add-ons. The fluffy friend gets swaddled up in blue tissue paper and packaged in our bright blue shipping box with the ‘Someone Loves You’ motif before being sent out the door.


Tyler Macke, on starting SendAFriend ($500,000/month) full story ➜

22. Start a bathrobe business ($120K/year)

Evan and Jackie Streusand from Austin, Texas, USA started Highway Robery almost 5 years ago, a bathrobe business.

  • Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $10,000/ month
  • Starting Costs: $7,000
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 0

We started Highway Robery (roe-bur-ree)..get it? - a sustainable robe company based in Austin, TX, making colorful kimono-style robes, and we’re doing a new twist on an old standard.

With our robes, we strive to exude a sense of adventure and whimsy so that our wearers can stay in touch with their inner-goofball. We make all of our robes in the USA, using sustainable production methods. We focus on having as little waste as possible and ensuring that our sewers are treated (and paid) well above industry standards.

All of our robes are one-size-fits-most, and are gender neutral. It was important to us to be as inclusive as possible with our robes.


Evan and Jackie Streusand, on starting Highway Robery ($10,000/month) full story ➜

23. Start an ice cube business ($1.25M/year)

Hagan Walker from Starkville, Mississippi, USA started Glo® over 6 years ago, an ice cube business.

  • Location: Starkville, Mississippi, USA
  • Revenue: $104,166/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 5

Hey, y’all! I’m Hagan Walker - one of the co-founders of Glo! We make liquid-activated products under two different brands - Glo Cubes, which are light up drink cubes - and Glo Pals, light-up sensory toys for children. Both incorporate the same patented liquid activation circuitry.

Basically, you drop one of our products in liquid and it uses ions in the liquid to bridge an electrical circuit, causing the cube to light up. Not only is the circuit patented, but we also have a unique design that isn’t triggered by residual fluid or ice. This means Glo Cubes work very well in a restaurant setting. When someone finishes a drink, the light goes out, indicating to the server that a refill is needed. The same idea translates to the Glo Pals. These bath toys only work in liquid - just draw a bath and drop them in. They automatically light up, and when you drain the tub, they turn off on their own - no buttons or switches to forget about!

It’s a strange combination (internally, we joke about kids and cocktails - ha!), but I’ll get into how that all came about in just a bit. We’re a bit quirky and, in this fast-paced world of e-commerce and dropshipping, we’ve found a small niche where we design, prototype, and package every single product from our headquarters in Starkville, Mississippi. This year, we’ll sell over 3 million of our products to customers in 37 countries.


Hagan Walker, on starting Glo® ($104,166/month) full story ➜

24. Start a technology consulting business ($480K/year)

David Bishop from Atlanta, Georgia, USA started Agile Worx ago, a technology consulting business.

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Revenue: $40,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 3

My name is David Bishop, and I started Agile Worx, an organization that provides tools, training, and consulting services to technology companies. Our main product is “Metagility” a new, patented framework that leverages agile principles to help technology companies become #1 in their market.

“Metagility” is based on the concept of Agile Vorticity, which was derived from over 10 years of peer-reviewed scientific research. At Agile Worx, we’ve productized this research into an entire ecosystem of products and services that maximizes productivity, efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction for our clients.

Although there are other “agile frameworks” on the market, “Metagility” is the only framework that has received a US patent and proven by scientific peer-reviewed research to accomplish what we say it does.


David Bishop, on starting Agile Worx ($40,000/month) full story ➜

25. Become a business coach ($120K/year)

Stacey Haynes from Dallas, Texas, USA started Thrivette about 3 years ago, a business coach.

  • Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $10,000/ month
  • Starting Costs: $10,000
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 2

Hi y’all, I’m Stacey Haynes, founder of Thrivette, a community of people where we “Make Things Happen.” Our company offers consulting, as well as free resources in our Thrivette Lab, to help businesses grow. I have over 15 years of experience in the customer service/call center industry. My husband, Jason, is an architect turned web designer. We have had countless side hustles over the years to help fund our bigger dreams...real estate. People continued to ask us how we did it, so we started Thrivette as a way to compile information for people to reference anything from getting started with crowdfunding, to selling on large e-commerce platforms (Like Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify), to dealing with customers in real life as a landlord.

Our highest paying clients, are Fortune 100 companies that range from retail, candy, dog food, and insurance. However, we are passionately transitioning into serving those ready for the start-up hustle! We have a large growing market of customers who want to start that side hustle or make enough profits to quit their 9-5. So teachers, stay-at-home parents, recent grads, are all a huge part of what we do.

We love encouraging these people to get to the next level and will give as many free resources and advice as we can. Jason and I believe in giving away all our “secrets” because as entrepreneurs we know there are struggles lots of hoops to jump through, just to get something simple started. People can get overwhelmed, but we love jumping in and helping them find their way. Our goal is to help people get going, accomplishing small wins, and ultimately finding success.


Stacey Haynes, on starting Thrivette ($10,000/month) full story ➜

26. Start a children's clothing business

Erin E Hooley from Rhome, Texas, USA started Bailey's Blossoms ago, a children's clothing business.

  • Location: Rhome, Texas, USA
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 35

Hello! I'm Erin E. Hooley, proud Texas mom of 6 as well as founder and CEO of the e-commerce children's clothing line Bailey's Blossoms and it's sister brand, Peyton Bre.

Bailey's Blossoms started as a hair accessories company at my kitchen table in Arizona back in 2008 and has since grown into a multi-million dollar adventure. Both brands provide fashion-forward styles at a price that won't break the bank!


Erin E Hooley, on starting Bailey's Blossoms ($0/month) full story ➜

27. Start a medical device company ($960K/year)

Amy Baxter MD from Atlanta, Georgia, USA started Pain Care Labs about 15 years ago, a medical device company.

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Revenue: $80,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 8

As a pediatric emergency doctor, I invented a device to block needle pain, with the goal being to improve the home self-injecting experience and make vaccinations easier. In 2006 I filed for the patents and started trying to get grant money to do the R&D. (As an academic, I figured if the NIH thought it was worth funding, that was a good indicator that the idea was solid.) We started selling Buzzy in 2009 to patients and healthcare centers and went on Shark Tank in 2014. I turned down their offers of investment because I felt the valuation was worth more than the 2.5M for 20% they were offering.

By 2015 Buzzy had been used for over 30 million needle procedures worldwide. More importantly, one of my colleagues had successfully used the device to completely avoid opioids after a total knee replacement. The opioid crisis was hitting home personally, so I decided to stop practicing medicine and focus on opioid reduction and musculoskeletal pain relief full time. Our VibraCool ice/compression/mechanical stimulation devices and Buzzy are HSA/FSA eligible, so we primarily sell directly to patients, but with COVID19 the business is heating up.


Amy Baxter MD, on starting Pain Care Labs ($80,000/month) full story ➜

28. Start a drinkware brand ($5.4M/year)

Chris Gronkowski from Southlake, Texas, USA started Ice Shaker almost 5 years ago, a drinkware brand.

  • Location: Southlake, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $450,000/ month
  • Starting Costs: $5,200
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 9

My name is Chris Gronkowski, the founder of Ice Shaker.

Many people know my last name very well, but this is mostly from the success of my family and especially my brother Rob has had on the football field.

Growing up in Buffalo, NY as the middle of 5 aggressive and oversized boys, I learned fast that it was going to take a lot of stand out. Like all my brothers, I went on to play a professional sport but my story did end there.


Chris Gronkowski, on starting Ice Shaker ($450,000/month) full story ➜

29. Start a cleaning service ($7.2M/year)

Ron Holt from Birmingham, Alabama, USA started Two Maids & A Mop over 18 years ago, a cleaning service.

  • Location: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  • Revenue: $600,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 500

Hello dreamweavers, empire builders and world changers. My name is Ron Holt, CEO & Founder of Two Maids & A Mop.

I started my company more than sixteen years ago inside a 250 square foot office space. When I’m dead and gone, there’s a good chance my tombstone will read “Crazy Entrepreneur That Out Hustled Everyone”. That’s been my mantra ever since leaving the uninspiring halls of corporate America and it’s a virtue that is based on tiny, small habits eventually evolving into big, massive victories.

So if you’re like me, and can’t stay focused because you’re always wanting to fix another problem….just stop right now because the true secret to my success has been to simply outwork and outpassion everyone in my path, every single day for nearly twenty-five years now.


Ron Holt, on starting Two Maids & A Mop ($600,000/month) full story ➜

30. Start an user feedback app

Alejandro Rivas-Micoud from Miami started Userlytics Corporation over 12 years ago, an user feedback app.

  • Location: Miami
  • Starting Costs: $5,000,000
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 29

I spent most of my early life outside of the US, and from quite an early age tried my hand at generating income from entrepreneurial activities. I remember selling used toys on the sidewalks of Madrid, Spain at the age of 8. And when I was 15, in Javea, Alicante, I started a remote grocery delivery business.

If you succeed, remember; you did not do it by yourself, your team was a key component of your success.

When I moved back to the US I took a more traditional route, working for large companies such as Bechtel before moving back to Europe for my MBA at INSEAD.


Alejandro Rivas-Micoud, on starting Userlytics Corporation (/month) full story ➜

31. Start a drinkware brand

Teddy Giard from Clemson, South Carolina, USA started Kanga over 4 years ago, a drinkware brand.

  • Location: Clemson, South Carolina, USA
  • Starting Costs: $50,000
  • Founders: 5
  • Employees: 8

What’s up! My name’s Teddy Giard and I’m a Junior Marketing major at Clemson University and a co-founder of Kanga Coolers.

At Kanga, we invented the world's first iceless cooler designed to fit around an entire case of 12 oz. beverages (12 & 24 packs). Our customers are beer drinkers, tailgaters, outdoorsmen, and generally anyone looking to have a good time and keep their beverages frosty on the go!

After airing on Shark Tank average sales and revenue are hard to assume, that being said we are approaching our one year of operation and have officially brought on two full-time employees. We are beyond excited to see where this journey takes us and more importantly it’s humbling to take a salary from a company you put your own blood and sweat into.


Teddy Giard, on starting Kanga (/month) full story ➜

32. Start a seo agency ($120M/year)

Chris Dreyer from Fairview Heights, Illinois, USA started over 8 years ago, a SEO agency.

  • Location: Fairview Heights, Illinois, USA
  • Revenue: $10,000,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 20

My name is Chris Dreyer and I’m the CEO/Founder of, LLC. My company is a hyper-focused SEO (search engine optimization) agency; we help elite personal injury law firms dominate first page rankings.

In 2018, we were #858 in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America. Our revenue is just under $300,000 per month and we’re on pace for another record-breaking year.


Chris Dreyer, on starting ($10,000,000/month) full story ➜

33. Become a children's book writer ($24K/year)

Jane Du from Dallas, Texas, USA started Finn and Remy, LLC about 4 years ago, a children's book writer.

  • Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $2,000/ month
  • Starting Costs: $1,200
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 0

I am Jane, an artist and an author. I am mom to two boys, Finnegan (3.5) and Remington (1.5), who are the inspiration behind the cute hedgehog characters in my books and a lot of my art. I (until very recently, used to) live in Dallas with one husband, two boys, three dogs, and five chickens.

Now, my hubby and I are traveling the world while writing and illustrating books that we want our kids to read. We just finished writing our third book while living on the beaches of Mexico and the mountains of Colombia.


Jane Du, on starting Finn and Remy, LLC ($2,000/month) full story ➜

34. Start an art business ($54K/year)

Sarah Miller from Atlanta, Georgia, USA started sarahpaintspets over 3 years ago, an art business.

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Revenue: $4,500/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 1

Hello! I’m Sarah Miller, aka the “sarah” in my small business, sarahpaintspets. I make a living painting custom watercolor pet portraits for the biggest of animal lovers across the United States and Canada.

My paintings are based off customers’ favorite reference pictures of their dog or cat. The goal is always to capture the pet’s unique disposition and soul in their portrait, so I ask for my customers to give me some fun facts about their pet (favorite toys, activities, quirks). I’m basically the person you can show pictures of your pet to all day and won’t get sick of it!


Sarah Miller, on starting sarahpaintspets ($4,500/month) full story ➜

35. Start a finance blog ($1.06M/year)

Bobby Hoyt from Houston, Texas, USA started Millennial Money Man ago, a finance blog.

  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $88,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 1

I’m Bobby Hoyt, former band director turned personal finance blogger and course creator. I teach millennials how to make more money, save more money, and pay off debt. I started my site, Millennial Money Man, while I was still teaching and paying off my student loan debt.

M$M is my primary business, but I also run Laptop Empires with Mike Yanda who’s an old high school friend. Our goal is to help people start and grow online businesses, and our business grew out of the success of our flagship product -- the Facebook Side Hustle Course. It teaches people how to run ads for local businesses on Facebook, which is something we both have experience with.

Mike and I went all-in with Laptop Empires after the FBSH course had a six-figure, weekend launch. Our audience is mostly millennials, but we’ve seen older students do really well with our course too. We’ve had a bunch of students hit the $5k monthly revenue mark, and many have quit their 9-5 after successfully starting their own ad agencies.


Bobby Hoyt, on starting Millennial Money Man ($88,000/month) full story ➜

36. Start a publishing business ($15.6M/year)

Tucker Max from Austin, Texas, USA started Scribe Media about 7 years ago, a publishing business.

  • Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $1,300,000/ month
  • Founders: 2
  • Employees: 51

My name is Tucker Max, and I'm a 4x New York Times Bestselling Author and the Co-Founder of Scribe Media.

At Scribe, our mission is to help everyone on Earth write, publish, market, (and own) their book. Since we first began as a start-up in 2014, we’ve worked with over 1,500 authors, including high-profile CEOs, famous entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and many other people with incredible personal stories (like David Goggins and Tiffany Haddish).

We have two primary services, one called Scribe Professional, costs $36k and is an interview-based book publishing service. The other is called Guided Author, where you write the book yourself, but with our guidance and structure, and then we do the editing and publishing.


Tucker Max, on starting Scribe Media ($1,300,000/month) full story ➜

37. Start an iphone app ($120K/year)

Trevor McKendrick from Austin, Texas, USA started Salem Software ago, an iPhone app.

  • Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Revenue: $10,000/ month
  • Founders: 1
  • Employees: 1

I’m Trevor McKendrick, founder of Salem Software. Our main product was a Spanish-language Bible iPhone app. Our primary customers were Spanish-speakers living in the US.

We started by selling the app for 99 cents, but eventually changed to making it free and selling content as in-app purchases. Our best selling content was an audiobook of the Bible that I worked on with a studio in Peru to produce.

I launched it on a Sunday – April 22, 2012 – and started making money immediately.


Trevor McKendrick, on starting Salem Software ($10,000/month) full story ➜

Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story

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