50 Food Manufacturing Business Ideas You Can Start Today [2023]

50 Food Manufacturing Business Ideas You Can Start Today [2023]

Interested in starting a food manufacturing business in 2023?

We put together 50 of the best food manufacturing businesses you can start in today.

For each business idea, we’ll show you real-world examples of other food manufacturing businesses to help you see what it really takes.

Here's the full list:

1. Start a healthy drink business

With emerging trends around health in the last few years, there is a large demand for healthy beverages. Starting a healthy drink business involves sourcing quality and healthy ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, and others.

Consumers are hungry for good-tasting drinks that make them feel great without sacrificing taste. From smoothies to juices and kombucha beverages, there are many opportunities available in the market to easily create a profitable healthy drink business.

How Much Can You Make?
$500 — $900,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Business model

Case Study

A chemical engineer by education who decided to make food without chemicals! Almost a decade at Unilever helped me discover my love for consumers and brands. But the pivotal moment was when I became a wellness enthusiast. This was after a backbone fracture in a soccer match that made me join Yoga. Since then, I have been passionate about marrying the logic of the west with the wisdom of the east.

We are already selling 150k bottles of Auric every month. The best thing is that customers have seen visible benefits of Auric and hence, have come back to become loyal customers.


2. Become a chocolate maker

Rarely do you come across someone who does not love chocolate. That’s good reason to start a chocolate making business!

According to statistics, the global chocolate market size is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 4.6%.

Starting a chocolate business can yield profits in any part of the world. However, to achieve the high profit margins, you ought to make chocolate with quality ingredients. Then, create a niche with a unique selling proposition.

How Much Can You Make?
$12,000 — $4,500,000/month

Case Study

I’m Sarah Gross Feoli, the founder and owner of Rescue Chocolate. While our products are only for humans to enjoy, we donate all profits to various animal rescue organizations. I began the company in January 2010, and in the past 8 years have partnered with hundreds of different rescue groups on fundraising.

Our retail customers are chocolate aficionados, animal lovers, local foodies, and anyone with a sweet tooth. On the wholesale side, we are carried at gourmet groceries, pet stores, veterinarian offices, vegan shops, and natural food stores.


3. Start a healthy snack food business

Businesses with healthy snacks are becoming increasingly popular. This is because people are becoming more conscious of what they eat and the ingredients used in their food products.

Compared to a few decades ago, more people value health over anything else. A tasty snack food business can be a great way to turn your passion for snacking into profit.

The global healthy snacks market is expected to reach $152B by 2030, and there’s no sign of this slowing down. Healthy snacks can include anything from protein bars to gluten/dairy-free alternatives to chips, cookies, crackers, and more.

How Much Can You Make?
$15,000 — $3,000,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hey there! My name is Ryan Chen and I am the co-founder of Neuro, a functional gum, and a mint company that delivers energy, clarity, and focus in a minty and refreshing way.

Back in October 2015, one of my best friends from college (Kent Yoshimura) and I began developing the idea for Neuro when we realized there was a lack of portable, healthy, or effective alternatives to energy drinks or supplements. Both Kent and I trained in athletics at a national level and to find products that would help us balance life and school was nearly impossible.


4. Start a bakery

Everyone loves baked goods, be it sweet items like cakes, muffins, and cookies or savory baked food like pizzas, buns, bread, and puff pastry. Baking takes a lot of effort and patience, which is why many people buy baked items from stores or restaurants instead of baking them at home.

Starting a bakery can be a rewarding business opportunity if you have a passion for baking. If you plan to start a bakery, consider that happy customers often become repeat customers. Therefore, always focus on quality and work on customer satisfaction.

To start a bakery , pick an ideal format. Some options include:

  • Counter-style bakery
  • A hybrid bakery with a cafe,
  • Food truck with a bakery
  • Home bakery.

Write a suitable business plan and choose the correct location.

How Much Can You Make?
$3,750 — $25,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Bonjour! My name is Anthony Rosemond. I'm a Parisian chef & founder of Pastreez, an online French bakery.

We’ve sold over 1 million macarons to this date, with only a team of two.


5. Start a wine production business

Do you understand the basics of wine production? Starting a wine production business can be a significant step to building a stable financial future. A full-production winery buys its grapes from reputable sources, then crushes and processes them onsite.

If you plan to start a wine production business, note that it might take up to 4 years to take any product to market. Besides, you must invest upfront in expensive production equipment and purchase grapes from reputable farmers.

Focusing solely on the wine production business allows producers to focus more on winemaking. Therefore, you can capitalize on a particular trend faster and often produce more exciting wines.

6. Start a honey production business

Honey contains antioxidants that protect the body from inflammation.

Inflammation leads to various health issues, including heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune cancer. Given its health benefits, honey can be a significant health food sector to focus on, so long as you love beekeeping.

To start a honey production business, ensure you have relevant beekeeping knowledge and understand the regulations around beekeeping. Focus on selling your products to the local market and expand to other areas as the business grows,

How Much Can You Make?
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hi there! My name is Tique Chandler, a 28-year-old Toronto woman, and the founder/owner of Chandler Honey. I’ve dreamed my whole life of being an entrepreneur, and I’m so glad I decided to leap at 26.


7. Start a broth manufacturing business

Broth is simply soup consisting of meat or vegetables cooked in stock and sometimes thickened with barley or other cereals.

As consumer awareness of the health benefits of bone broth grows, the demand has increased. Reports indicate that the market segment in bone broth-based products is growing rapidly. Therefore, starting a broth-making business can be a great business idea.

If starting a broth making business, study the market and identify the target. Decide the type of soup you intend to sell and make sure you can follow the state’s guidelines for running a broth-making business.

How Much Can You Make?
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

I’m an elite ultramarathon runner, the world’s best wolf-dog dad, and the founder of Bluebird Provisions Bone Broth, North America's fastest-growing bone broth brand.

Now we’re doing 49,000 per month and growing 50% year over year. Our customers are active individuals aged 30-60 who are looking for natural ways to get better skin, and gut health and improve joint pain. We’ve increased our customer base by 5000% since we started.


8. Start a vegan pet food business

It is estimated that the global vegan pet food market will grow to $14.1 billion in the next few years.

According to industry analysts, pet owners realize the nutritional benefits of vegan pet food, hence the market growth. Consequently, starting a vegan pet food manufacturing business can be profitable.

To start a veg food business, research the market and develop unique branding for your vegan pet food.

How Much Can You Make?
Average Initial Investment
Time To Revenue
180 days
Business model

Case Study

Hello everyone! My name is Bharath M and I’m the founder of Healthsols Facilitators Pvt Ltd. We started the company 6 months ago to create better quality healthcare services at affordable prices.

In the early days, we used to generate very little revenue & sometimes we have ended up with zero revenue. But within 3 months slowly order flow & revenue generation started & also recruited 18 employees in 11 cities.


9. Start a cheesecake production business

A cheesecake is a sweet dessert made with fresh cheese, eggs, and sugar. Cheesecake baking can be a lucrative business. According to research, the cheese market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.7%.

Market experts attribute this growth to a growing demand for cheesecakes by generation Z customers worldwide. Therefore, starting a cheesecake production business in 2023 could be profitable.

To start the cheesecake-making business, research and identify the target market. You can sell your cheesecakes nationally to retailers, restaurants, or grocery stores.

How Much Can You Make?

Case Study

My name is Brett Lindenberg and I started the mobile food entrepreneurship blog FoodTruckEmpire.com out of my one-bedroom apartment in St. Paul, Minnesota back in 2014. The first ever podcast recorded for the blog was with a hot dog vendor I found on YouTube. Fast forward to 2019 and I’ve now done over 100 interviews with food entrepreneurs.

In 2018, the website averaged $5,400 monthly. The website now gets over 300,000 page views monthly, has an email subscriber list of over 35,000 and continues to grow. We’ve been quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, and other media outlets over the years.


10. Start a protein powder business

Protein powder is a popular nutritional supplement that helps build muscle, repair tissue, and can make enzymes and hormones. More people prefer protein powder owing to its health benefits.

Therefore, starting a protein powder business in 2023 can be a viable idea.

To start the business, perform market research and make a perfect protein shake recipe. Create a marketing strategy and partner with distributors to help cover a wider market.

How Much Can You Make?
$52,944 — $500,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hi, my name is Adam Wright and I am the founder of SuperGreen TONIK. We develop a greens powder that contains 38 superfood nutrients, adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Our target is 7-figures for our 2nd year, which we believe is very achievable.


11. Start a Potato Chips Production Business

The production of potato chips is a new and emerging business that has been growing a lot in the last few years. Potato chips are one of the most popular snacks in the world.

The production of potato chips is very simple but profitable. The revenue generated by the potato chip production industry is $10.6 billion in 2022.

Based on these statistics, starting commercial potato chips manufacturing business can be profitable. However, it is important to note that various internal and external factors influence business profitability.

Identify the market potential and make an investment plan before starting a business. To start a potato chips business, you'll need machinery and space to process potatoes.

It is also important to pick a marketing strategy for your potato chips business. Combining digital marketing and traditional marketing can help you promote your business.

How Much Can You Make?

Case Study

Hey, I’m Dustin Finkel, the creator, and CEO of Ka-Pop! and Awakened Foods (a new Holding Company that owns Ka-Pop!, Bubba’s Fine Foods, and Awakened Food Crafters). We are an innovative and fearlessly delicious snack company. I started these businesses to create snacks that were genuinely authentic and craveably delicious. It’s disheartening how many consumers have lost their trust in ‘healthy foods’ because they are either misleading in their claims and/or require you to give up taste.


12. Start a pickle business

Pickle is a juice of vegetables or fruits preserved in brine or vinegar. The global demand for packed pickles is snowballing, making it a viable fruit & vegetable business idea.

How Much Can You Make?

Case Study

Hello, my name is Harris Derner and I am the co-founder of Brine Brothers, an All-Natural Premium Brine company. I started Brine Brothers in 2016 with my friend of 25+ years, Michael Belicose. Our current products are all-natural, drinkable pickle brines; ‘Darn Good Dill’ - the classic for pickle lovers and ‘Chili Cherry Fire’ - for those who like it hot. Pickle ‘brine’ (also referred to as pickle ‘juice’) is the liquid solution that transforms cucumbers into pickles.


13. Start a sauce and ketchup business

Ketchup is used primarily in commercial fast-food shops, but its demand is increasing at the household level. The demand for ketchup is supported by the significant growth in the food and beverage industry.

How Much Can You Make?
$2,250 — $12,500,000/month

Case Study

Hello! My name is Mustafa Mannan, co-founder and co-owner of Trini Pepper Sauce by Findlay Food Group llc. Undergrad friends and I started producing two varieties of sauce, mild [also known as “Original”] and hot, five years ago.

Today, the sauce is sold in specialty stores in Raleigh and Washington DC, with the majority of sales coming from our online store front. All in all we are averaging $3000/month in revenue.


14. Start a fish processing plant business

A seafood processing plant is a facility where a wide range of procedures is done to prepare wild-caught or farmed seafood for retail consumption.

Seafood processing plants provide fish washing, chilling, grilling, glutting, filleting, shucking, cooking, smoking, salting, drying, preserving, or canning fish. The fish processing plants must have cold storage for the processed seafood.

15. Start a meat grower business

Cultivated meat, also known as grown or cultured meat, is genuine animal meat produced through the cultivation of animal cells.

The introduction of meat growing eliminates the need to raise farm animals for food. According to a CNBC report, lab-grown meat is making strides, a trend that is becoming unstoppable. Experts project that the cell-based meat market will reach 94.5 billion in the next few years.

If you are starting a lab-grown meat business, establish and meet safety requirements. Then, develop a clear and understandable labeling practice, and focus on offering the customers a price parity with conventional meat.

16. Start a rice flour milling business

Rice is the second most important cereal crop in the world. Rice is consumed in excess of 509 million metric tons each year, and this amount will keep increasing over the coming years.

As a result, rice milling could be the most profitable business today.

However, rice mill profitability depends mainly on where its location, how large or how much capacity it has, and how well it is equipped.

It would help if you considered starting a rice mill in an area where there are farmers who produce rice. Consumers rarely purchase paddy, so rice farmers and distributors will likely be your biggest customers.

17. Start an ice cream business

If you have ever dreamed of owning an ice cream business, [[current_year]] might be the year to make it happen.

An ice cream shop is the easiest and, if done right, the most profitable business venture you will ever begin. Experts predict the ice cream market size in the coming years will grow at a CAGR of 4.2%.

A few reasons for expanding the market include the availability of innovative flavors and the growing popularity of impulse ice cream products like cones, sandwiches, and pops. Additionally, health consciousness among consumers is likely to increase the demand for premium ice cream brands.

Here are some ice cream business ideas you might consider:

  • Start an ice cream cone production business
  • Start a vegan ice cream business
  • Start an ice cream cookbook business
  • Start a drive-thru ice cream and frozen yogurt business
  • Start an ice cream producer business
  • Start an ice cream spoon manufacturing business
  • Start an ice cream wholesaler
  • Start an ice cream truck business

Average Initial Investment
Time To Revenue
270 days
Business model

18. Start a tapioca processing and packaging business

Tapioca is a starch extracted from the cassava root, containing mainly carbs. Even though tapioca doesn't have noteworthy health benefits, gluten-free individuals find it useful.

Global tapioca sales are expected to exceed $4.7 billion.

Market analysts attribute the market's positive growth to escalating demand from the food and beverage industry along with sales of tapioca pearls.

Many entrepreneurs are benefitting from starting a tapioca processing business. If you are interested in making cool money and you are knowledgeable about the basics of cassava processing, a tapioca processing plant may be the best business idea for you.

The first step in starting a tapioca processing business is market research, so you know who your potential customers and competitors will be. Defining your target market and understanding your competition, as well as securing a good location, will put you on the road to success.

19. Start a fruit processing plant

Fruit processing involves changing the raw fruits to a ready to consume form. There are numerous stages of fruit processing, including drying, juicing and canning.

Popular processed fruit types include canned fruit, fruit juices, and fruit preserves.

Experts project that the global processed fruits market will reach over 581 Billion in the next few years. The excalating market is because consumers are aware of the nutritional value in processed fruit.

Besides, consumers have become more health conscious, and so they prefer fruits and fruit products to help them live a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, starting a fruit processing plant could be a profitable business venture.

20. Start a vinegar production business

Vinegar is a popular household item with surprising benefits. Experts project that the global vinegar market will grow by a CAGR of 1.6% to reach $1.43 billion in a few years.

Therefore, starting a vinegar production company in 2023 could be a highly profitable business for you. To start the vinegar production plant, identify the source of raw materials and research the market potential. Map out your target customers and identify the competitors.

Focus on delivering quality products to the market and ensure a good marketing plan.

21. Start an oat miling business

Oats are grains from the Avena Sativa plant, and they are consumed by humans in oatmeal or rolled oats and can be processed into animal feed.

Experts in the food industry say oat consumption has increased over the past decade.

Increasing demand for oats can be attributed to consumers realizing that oats contain a high level of soluble fiber and an excellent lipid profile. As the percentage of oat consumers grows, starting an oat milling plant can be a great business venture.

Start an oat milling business in an oat-producing region. Remember that your oat mill's profitability largely depends on its capacity and size. Moreover, you must ensure high-quality end products to attract and retain clients.

22. Start a noodle business

We live in a fast-growing world where people prefer instant and fast-food preparation. As a result, the noodles market potential has tripled in urban and rural areas. The noodles market level is increasing daily due to the increase in customers. This trend makes the noodles business a lucrative opportunity for people of all ages.

Noodles business may consist of production, wholesale, and retailing service.

23. Start a packaged herbs and spices business

Would you like to start a food manufacturing business from home? You might find success in the business of packaging herbs and spices.

You can start an herbal and spices farm from the comfort of your own home, process and package the products, and sell them at a profit.

To succeed in the packaged herbs and spices business, you must have the right marketing and branding strategies. You can market the products using modern and traditional marketing methods.

How Much Can You Make?

Case Study

Hello! I’m Patrick Flynn – founder and CEO of Frag Out Flavor. We provide the absolute best spice blends and BBQ rubs for meals that bring families and friends together. With over 20 proprietary spice blends, we have something to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. From sweet to savory, no heat to HOT, we've got you covered. As a veteran-owned and operated company, we stand behind those who defend our country’s founding principles, our communities, and the American way of life.


24. Start a peanut and nut sales business

Nuts are some of the world’s popular snacks. According to research, global nut consumption is increasing rapidly and will reach a market value of approximately $74.05 Million over the next few years.

The increased consumption is due to the growing awareness about the health benefits among consumers. Nuts are rich sources of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, fiber, and other essential minerals.

Moreover, the increasing population and increased disposable income contribute to the increased consumption of peanuts. Starting a peanuts and nuts sales business could be the most profitable business idea.

25. Start a ginger oil production business

Ginger is one of the oldest spices that offer multiple medicinal benefits. Experts estimate that as more people realize the health benefits of ginger, the global consumption of ginger oil will increase over the next few years.

Therefore, starting a ginger oil processing company can be highly profitable. To start a ginger oil manufacturing company, you should complete the business registration and apply for the municipal trade license.

The machinery needed to establish a ginger oil manufacturing business includes an evaporator vessel, a condenser, a Florentine flask, and a cooling system. Remember to source high-quality raw materials so your customers will keep coming back.

26. Start a frozen veggies business

Are you interested in a business idea that involves feeding people?

Frozen veggies refer to vegetables stored and transported under reduced temperatures. If you have a vegetable farm, you can maximize profits by venturing into the frozen veggies business. Freshly harvested vegetables are frozen immediately so they can retain their nutritional value.

How Much Can You Make?

Case Study
  • Gail Becker established Caulipower after she realized there were no viable choices for pre-made cauliflower crust pizza.

  • Gail, the creator, and CEO of Caulipower abandoned her prominent corporate career in May 2016 to launch a frozen food company focusing on gluten-free crusts. She is now worth $245 million at the age of 57.

  • She went all in, bootstrapped her startup, and unlike other businesses, engaged advisors to teach her about the food sector. Becker had many criticizing friends and coworkers, but she never gave up.

  • Her professional background includes journalism, government work, and marketing. She has worked at Edelman, Warner Bros., and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Caulipower amassed extra funding to accommodate greater ingredient purchases and higher-scale manufacturing runs, despite having $5 million in revenue in its first year.

  • This Los Angeles-based company generated an estimated $100 million in revenue. The company's goods are available in 25,000 retailers, including Target and Kroger, and it controls more than half of the still-small cauliflower pizza crust segment in U.S. grocery stores.

Here are some top secrets to Gail's successful entrepreneurship journey:

  • Do not be afraid to admit what you do not know.
  • Hire smart people around you to help.
  • Figure which rules to break and which ones to follow
  • Do things differently and challenge other people's advice.


27. Start a vegan baby food business

The overall baby food sector is growing rapidly. One of the factors influencing this growth is the infant nutrition industry is rising demand for vegan and organic baby food. Besides, the global infant population has been rising sharply, a trend that has promoted plant-based baby food products.

Therefore, starting a vegan baby food business could be a profitable venture.

28. Start a Dairy Farming Business

Dairy farming is a business that involves the raising of dairy cattle to produce dairy products. The products made from dairy farming include milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy products.

Dairy farming is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. It is one of the few industries where a small farmer can earn more than an industrialist.

The average salary for a dairy farmer in the United States is $48,733 as of October 27, 2022. However, the salary range typically falls between $45,405 and $54,912.

This business can be started on any scale, depending on your financial position, availability of land, and capital required for starting this business. You will need proper land for your cows and other animals that will be used in the process of producing dairy products.

29. Start a cashew nut exportation business

Consider cashew nuts if you are considering venturing into a nuts production business. Cashew nuts feature many health benefits, making them a popular edible snack.

According to recent statistics, global production of cashew nuts ranges between 720 and 790 thousand metric tons annually.

To state cashew nuts exportation business, research the global market and target the highest cashew nut consuming countries.

30. Start a jam production business

A jam production business makes different jam flavors packaged in jars for distribution.

Packed with taste and flavor, jam is one of the essential food products that enhance the taste of bread and other foods. Besides, jam is a healthy food product containing fruits and necessary supplements with vitamins and minerals.

Market data forecasts that the global jam market will reach $9.87 billion in a few years. Therefore, starting a jam production and sales business can be a lucrative business opportunity.

31. Start a gluten-free flours business

Gluten-free products have become increasingly popular among consumers. The popularity of gluten-free diets can be attributed to their health benefits.

Market experts predict that gluten-free products will reach $7.5 billion within a few years. The resulting growth has created a business opportunity for small-scale and large-scale food companies.

Is starting a healthy food business something you are interested in? It may be a good idea to start your own gluten-free flour business.

A gluten-free floor is essential for generation Z and millennial cohorts with gluten allergies and celiac disease, which causes inflammation in the small intestines.

To start a gluten-free flour business, research the market and decide who your customers shall be. Will you target online buyers, or will you distribute gluten-free flour to outlets across the country? Then, research the competition, focusing on what type of gluten flour they supply, their customers, and their marketing strategies.

Finally, focus on developing a superior product to win you long-term customers.

32. Become a lemonade seller

Demand for lemonade has increased as consumers’ knowledge of its health and nutritional benefits have grown. According to research, the lemonade market is growing at a CAGR of 5.7% and will surpass $2.651 million in the next few years.

If you are interested in starting a lemonade business, consider putting up a stand at a busy location.

A lemonade stand is a low-barrier-to-entry business you can start in a day and generate good profits. You can make lemonade from home and sell it to customers at a drive-through stand.

33. Start a cereals selling business

The cereal business is a high-earning profit business globally. If you are starting a cereal business, you can either focus on a single cereal or different cereals.

To maximize profitability, you can lease or buy a farm, grow cereals and sell to your customers at competitive pricing. Alternatively, you can buy cereals from the customers when the market is flooded, store them, and resell them when the market prices are favorable.

34. Start a rice bran oil production business

One of the most common unconventional sources of edible oil is rice bran.

Start a rice bran oil extraction business in rice-growing regions where raw materials are plentiful and stress-free. Research the market to determine who your customers are and what quantities they consume over time.

Knowing who your competitors are is important to devise effective strategies to meet their demands.

35. Start a ginger & garlic paste processing business

The ginger garlic paste business can earn a reasonable return with suitable packaging and marketing. You can start your own ginger garlic paste business from home.

To start, grow ginger and garlic on your backyard farm. It would help if you also learned how to make ginger garlic paste from home. You can use online marketing strategies to reach buyers and target local customers.

36. Start a healthy sugar substitutes business

The sugar substitute market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.9 to reach $24.1 billion in a few years.

The main factors driving this market growth include:

  • Rising demand for functional food products
  • Growing prevalence of diabetes and obesity
  • Surging demand for natural sweeteners.

Therefore, starting a healthy sugar substitute business in 2023 can be profitable. This is because there is a ready market for healthy sugar substitutes, and more people will continue switching to healthier alternatives.

37. Start a sugar processing business

Sugar is one of the essential food items globally.

The global sugar consumption will continue growing at approximately 1.4% per annum to reach 199 Mt in few years.

Population growth and income growth are responsible for the increase in consumption. In light of the future demand for sugar, starting a sugar processing plant can be a very lucrative and profitable venture.

You must have a business plan for your sugar processing business before you start. Sugar processing businesses also require a license and a registered business name.

38. Start a diabetic food manufacturing business

The growing diabetic population around the globe and increased awareness of various health risks are some of the factors fueling the growth of the diabetic food market.

Diabetic food products are dietary products with low carbohydrate and sugar content and help control glucose levels in the blood.

With the diabetic population increasing at an alarming rate, the demand for diabetic food products will continue to rise. Thus, starting a diabetic food products business can be a lucrative opportunity.

39. Start a biscuit making business

Do you love confectioneries and food processing? A biscuit manufacturing business could be the best business idea for you.

Biscuit baking is one of the most financially lucrative and low-investment business ideas you can start in the current year. You can start a bake and pack your biscuits at home and sell them at wholesale or at a retail price to the end consumer.

40. Start a smoothie company

Over the next five years, the smoothie market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.3%.

This increase is attributed to the growing consumption of healthy beverages in emerging economies and a greater awareness of the need to live a healthier lifestyle.

Starting a smoothie company today can create a lucrative business opportunity. Before starting a smoothie company, research its benefits and overall profitability.

Also, research the requirements you need to operate the smoothie company in your area without stress from the authorities.

41. Start a genetically modified foods (GMO) manufacturing business

With so much innovation in today's world, starting a genetically modified food company is easier than ever. Genetically modified foods are produced by altering organisms' DNA through genetic engineering technology.

In light of the current economic situation, genetically modified foods are becoming increasingly popular. This is because GMO foods cost less to produce. Besides, GMO food production technology reduces the possibilities of weed invasion.

Growing populations and a need for cheaper food will make GMO food production more profitable. Therefore, 2023 could be the year you have been waiting to start your GMO food production business.

42. Start a salt production

Salt is essential in maintaining human health. According to statistics, about 90% of the world's population consumes salt.

With the population growth comes the demand for more salt supply. Therefore, starting a salt production business can be profitable.

Compared to other food supplies, salt processing is relatively inexpensive. If you want to start a salt processing business, do some market research and learn how to produce iodized salt.

To set up the salt processing plant, you must develop a business plan and arrange for funding.

43. Start a custard powder production business

Custard is a type of food item consumed as a dessert across the globe. Produced from corn, the custard is extremely rich in carbohydrates.

You will likely see custard produced in most regions by both the poor and the rich.

The fact that custard is a popular food across the globe makes its production a lucrative venture. In addition, custard powder production is a low startup investment that you can start from the comfort of your home.

44. Start a fresh pasta making business

Fresh pasta is an incredibly popular delicacy across the world. People love pasta because it is fairly affordable and offers incredible filling. Over the past years, pasta-making businesses have registered sustained growth.

With population growth, the demand for pasta will also keep increasing. Therefore, starting a pasta business today can be a profitable venture.

45. Start an alkaline coffee business

Alkaline coffee is made from natural coffee beans but enriched with phytonutrients, transforming the coffee into an alkalizing drink.

The new trend of alkaline coffee has registered a high demand from coffee lovers. This increased demand is because alkaline coffee promises healthier effects than the average coffee cup.

Therefore, starting an alkaline coffee brand in 2023 can be a profitable venture. However, profitability largely depends on choosing a strategic location, packaging and effective marketing strategies.

46. Start a sorghum miling business

Sorghum is a grain rich in vitamins and minerals like B Vitamins, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Iron, and Zinc. It is also an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants, and protein.

Sorghum is the fifth most important grain after maize, wheat, rice, and barley.

Increasing numbers of people are becoming aware of the health benefits of sorghum, and its consumption is on the rise.

Thus, starting a sorghum milling business can be an incredibly profitable endeavor. If starting a sorghum mill business, consider setting up your business within sorghum farming regions.

47. Start a soy production business

Soy production business is one of the most profitable agricultural activities. Soybean is an important source of food, nutrients, and oil.

If you have idle land, consider starting a soy production business. You can sell your mature soybeans to millers or cereal shops in your locality.

48. Start a cocoa production business

Demand for organic cocoa is expected to increase at an average annual rate of almost 6.8% over the next few years.

With the global demand for cocoa increasing, there is an opportunity for cocoa farmers to earn more profits through the production of premium cocoa. If you are starting a cocoa farming business, develop an articulate business plan and secure productive land.

Obtain licensing and permission to venture into cocoa farming, so you are in a position to negotiate better market prices for your produce.

49. Start a tomato paste production business

Paste processing companies are highly profitable. Economically, they are very important and employ a large number of people.

To run a paste-producing factory, you need tomato processing machinery, machine operators, and subordinate staff. Paste production companies will make good profits if they are properly run.

50. Start a Potato Powder Business

Potato powder is a natural food supplement that can be used for health purposes. It is made from potatoes and contains many minerals, proteins, and vitamins. Potato powder is used for many purposes, such as baking, cooking, and making salads.

According to a market report, the global potato powder market was valued at USD 5 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach over USD 8 billion by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of more than 6% during the forecast period, 2020 – 2026.

The demand for potato powder is attributed to its versatile nature and the increasing health awareness and growing preference for nourishing plant-based food. Therefore, running a potato powder business can be a highly lucrative venture. To start, you can source potatoes from a local farmer's market or use your own grown potatoes.

You can start a potato powder business from home or rent a sizeable space for your equipment and storage of raw potatoes.

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