51 Trending Sleep Products Businesses [2024]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
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Good sleep is critical for brain performance, enhancing mood and overall body health. Not getting enough sleep raises the risk of diseases and disorders.

Research shows the type and quality of sleep products affect the quality of one's sleep. Thus, experts advise people to get quality sleep products to ensure they are well-rested for the next day.

Researchers project that the global sleep aids market shall witness an annual CAGR of 6.9% and reach $111.9 in the next few years. The benefits of quality sleep products and the rise in disposable income drive demand for global sleep aid. Besides, people are shifting away from sleep aid medication and prefer natural sleep aids.

In short, selling sleep products has become a billion-dollar business.

To start a sleep products business, research the in-demand sleep products—mattresses, bed sheets, smart beds, sleep wearables, etc. Then, decide the target market, and choose a business model. You can become a sleep products manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer.

You need to register your business name and register a tax account. Finally, apply for a business license and permits and meet all legal formalities of operating a business in your state.

Looking for some examples of a sleep product?

Interested in case studies of a successful sleep product? Check out our full list of success stories.

1. Resurge

Resurge. Discover a unique and efficient way to melt excess pounds of fat with this SIMPLE after-dinner RITUAL with Resurge! No diets and food restrictions, just 2 minutes a day and you ...

Where they're located: Durham, North Carolina, USA
Website traffic: 570K/month


2. Chili

The chiliPAD and OOLER allow you to cool or heat the temperature of your mattress so you'll never be too hot or too cold. Increase recovery, up to double your deep sleep and experience life-changing sleep tonight.

Where they're located: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


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4. Endy

Endy® mattresses are Canadian made, beautifully crafted & amazingly comfortable. Finding the right mattress has never been more convenient or affordable. Order your Endy® mattress online!


5. Sleepm Global Inc

Where they're located: Fremont, California, USA

6. GhostBed by Nature's Sleep

Ghost Bed Mattresses are beautifully designed & engineered to improve your sleep. Built in the USA with a 20-year warranty & 101-day risk free trail. From $499.

Where they're located: Plantation, FL, USA
How much did it cost to start: $1K
Current team size: 100


7. Better Sleep for Everyone

Where they're located: Ararat Province, Armenia
Website traffic: 170K/month


8. Manta Sleep

The World’s Only MODULAR Sleep Mask. 100% Blackout. Never Let Poor Sleep Interfere With Your Epic Lifestyle Again.

How much they make: $9.6M/year
Where they're located: Jackson, WY
How much did it cost to start: $50K
Current team size: 18


How We Successfully Raised $700K For Our 100% Blackout Sleep Masks

Manta Sleep has successfully raised $700,000+ through crowdfunding campaigns for their unique, 100% blackout sleep mask designed for light sleepers and aims to empower people to sleep better so they can do more.

Mark started Manta Sleep almost 7 years ago
Mark grew the business to $800K/month
It cost Mark $50000 to start the business
Read by 8,707 founders

9. Yogasleep

Give sleep a chance with Yogasleep's Tools for Sleep. Soothing sleep sound machines. Premium comfort memory foam mattresses delivered right to your door. And more. Great Sleep since 1962.

Where they're located: Chandler, Arizona, USA
Website traffic: 110K/month


10. Taking Cara Babies

Taking Cara Babies helps babies get sleep by providing online sleep classes and resources for newborn to two-year-olds.

Where they're located: Glendale, Arizona, USA
Website traffic: 290K/month


11. American Sleep Association

Learn about the importance of sleep and the dangers of sleep disorders including insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, snoring and RLS.

Where they're located: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Website traffic: 310K/month


12. City Mattress

99% Customer Satisfaction doesn’t lie. Come in today and find the perfect Mattress and have it delivered the same day!

Where they're located: Jacksonville, Florida, USA


13. SleepOnLatex

The best source for Latex Mattresses, Latex Mattress Toppers and Latex Pillows. Our latex foam products are healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable.


14. The Sleep Shop Inc.

Where they're located: Vicuña, Coquimbo Region, Chile


15. The Sleep Company

Buy smart mattresses for king or queen size, double and single beds. Choose from the online mattress range to sleep well each night.

Where they're located: Sare, Migori, Kenya
Website traffic: 90K/month


16. Advanced Sleep Medicine Services, Inc.

Our sleep specialists diagnose and treat sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. We provide supplies for CPAP therapy online and in-store.

Where they're located: Irvine, California, USA
Website traffic: 170K/month


17. Innov8tive Nutrition

Where they're located: Municipio Puerto Villarroel, Cochabamba, Bolivia


18. unknown

Where they're located: Santa Ana, California, USA
Website traffic: 160K/month

19. Ostrich Pillow

Discover our premium travel pillows, desk pillows, travel accessories and everyday comfort products - With OSTRICHPILLOW, Dreams Happen Anywhere.


20. European Business Directory, European Trade Portal, Europe B2B Marketplace

Where they're located: Batha, Chad

21. Classic Brands

Classic Brands is a leader of specialty sleep products and leather furniture sold in store chains nationwide and globally online. Learn more here.

How much they make:
Where they're located: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Current team size: 50


22. The Healthy Place

The Healthy Place is the best Vitamin, CBD & Nutrition Store in Wisconsin. Proudly helping our customers find their Healthy Place for the last 10 years!

Where they're located: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Website traffic: 70K/month


23. Contour Living

Contour pillows and wedge cushions for your bed, back and body. Solutions for acid reflux, back support, CPAP pillows and seat cushion issues.

How much they make:
Where they're located: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Current team size: 10


24. Remi

Sleep better and brighten your smile with Remi's custom night guards and custom teeth whitening kits, delivered directly to you for a fraction of the dentist's cost. Free impression kit. Free Shipping. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

How much they make: $6M/year
Where they're located: San Francisco
Current team size: 18


Leaving The VC World To Start A Sleep And Wellness Company

Remi, a direct-to-consumer Sleep and Wellness company, founded by VC-turned-founder Oscar Adelman, has had a successful first year, going from idea to $1.5m+ in revenue, serving thousands of happy customers, with a lifetime retention above 90%, proving that offering the best solution to a real pain point is key to attracting and retaining customers.

Oscar started Remi over 4 years ago
Oscar grew the business to $500K/month
Read by 4,966 founders


Buy highest quality organic and natural bedding, wool comforter, cotton linens, mattress toppers, pillows and sheets at a competitive price. Call us at (877) 777-WOOL (9665).

Where they're located: Fontana, California, USA


26. Sleep Center

Sleep Center has offers the best in bedroom furniture, mattresses, sofas, euro recliners and more! Locally owned and operated, Sleep Center has two locations, serving Davis, Sacramento, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Dixon, Vacaville, Winters, Rancho Cordova, and Elk Grove.

Where they're located: Garden Grove, California, USA


27. Camping & Beach Tents, Shelters & More

Bringing you quality outdoor gear to make camping, beach days, and sideline season easy and fun! A San Diego company, since 2009.

Where they're located: San Diego, California, USA

28. InnoMax

Home of America’s Finest Sleep Products since 1975, is a internationally recognizedretail, wholesale and internet company that offers over 1200 innovative, stylish and affordable products for the total sleep environment!

Where they're located: Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, USA


29. Sensi Products

Where they're located: Sacramento, California, USA


30. Destination Madison

Thinking about visiting Madison, WI? Destination Madison is your resource for exploring things to do, restaurants, events, culture, the outdoors and more!

Where they're located: Madison, Wisconsin, USA


31. Sleep Retailer

| The Latest In Bedding Products And Technologies

Where they're located: Manhattan Community Board 1, New York, USA


32. OnTheGreenCBD

Custom formulated for golfers to increase our focus, alleviate anxiety, reduce inflammation, and aid in our restorative sleep

Where they're located: San Diego, California, USA


33. Nodpod

Sleep mask that instantly relaxes body and mind while promoting deep restful sleep.

Where they're located: California, USA
Current team size: 3


34. The Sleep Health Foundation

Sleep Health Foundation - Australia's Leading Advocate for Healthy Sleep Our mission is to improve people’s lives through better sleep. We are spreading the sleep health message through a strong media and internet presence, engagement with community leaders, interaction with other health bodies, and an ongoing progr

Where they're located: South Australia, Australia
Website traffic: 50K/month


35. Nevada Small Business

Welcome to NevadaSmallBusiness.com, your source for all things business. To start a business, you need a business registration and licenses. Get started.

Where they're located: Reno, Nevada, USA

36. IS IS Parenting

Isis Parenting is the place for expecting and new parents. Our team finds the most popular and leading kids' products, and support all under one roof.

Where they're located: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


37. GBS Enterprises

Where they're located: Reno, Nevada, USA


38. DreamOn

Is an easy to use wearable sleep aid that helps to clear your mind so you can relax, meditate chill faster and sleep better. It is safe, non-invasive, and drug-free.

Where they're located: Tempe, Arizona, USA


39. BioReigns

Where they're located: Irvine, California, USA


40. SleepGeekz

Where they're located: Jacksonville, Florida, USA


41. Boyd Sleep – The Specialty Sleep Leader Since 1977

Where they're located: Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, USA


42. Eucalypso

Meet Eucalypso, the #1 Rated Eucalyptus Sheets made from TENCEL lyocell that's naturally cooling, luxuriously soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, pampering on the skin, and luxuriously soft. Designed for hot sleepers and people with sensitive breakout prone skin, see why Eucalypso sheets are award winning.

How much they make:


43. Eight Sleep

The #1 Smart Mattress, designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. After only 30 days, people sleeping on the Pod Pro Pro improve their rest significantly and wake up more refreshed. Try it at home for 100 nights, risk-free.

How much they make:
Website traffic: 620K/month

44. Tediber

Des produits d'une qualité incroyable au confort unique, fabriqués près de chez vous. Livraison express et gratuite sur le créneau de votre choix. 100 nuits d'essai, retour simple et gratuit sans conditions. Paiement en 3x sans frais.

How much they make: $42M/year
Where they're located: Paris, Ile-de-France, France
How much did it cost to start: $100K
Current team size: 40


How Four Friends Started The #1 Mattress Company In France

Tediber is France's leading Bed-in-box company, generating €15 million in revenue in 2018, and offering a range of bedding products sold online in France, Italy, and Spain, with quality products manufactured locally and sold at a good price.

Julien started Tediber about 9 years ago
Julien grew the business to $3.5M/month
It cost Julien $100000 to start the business
Read by 9,335 founders

45. Sheets & Giggles

Sheets & Giggles make comfortable and breathable bedding for people seeking comfort in their beds. They make sustainable bedsheets from Eucalyptus Trees. Their trees are grown on biodiverse farms. They have certifications from OEKO-TEX, ZDHC, and canopy, etc.

How much they make: $2.4M/year
Where they're located: Denver, Colorado, USA
Current team size: 6
Website traffic: 90K/month


Starting A Bed Sheet Business Making $600K In First 8 Months

Find exactly how Colin:

  • Start: Came up with the idea after running a failed tech startup
  • Validation: Collected over 11K emails before launch with FB ads and a landing page
  • Growth: In just 6 months, received over 6,000 orders and generated $500K

Build a business model first, not a product. So many entrepreneurs spend time and money (lots of time and lots of money) building a solution for a problem they perceive without ever validating that it’s a viable business.

Read by 57,799 founders

46. Baloo Living

Weighted blankets help adults and children calm anxiety, sleep better, and feel more at ease. Baloo weighted blankets for adults are made with breathable premium cotton for all seasons. In weights of 15lbs and 20lbs, they are perfect for adults, teens, and children. A natural alternative to medication.

How much they make: $4.99M/year
Where they're located: Austin, Texas, USA
How much did it cost to start: $20K
Current team size: 5
Website traffic: 50K/month


How I Started A $100K/Month Business Selling Weighted Blankets From Bali

Baloo Living, a Bali-based wellness company founded in 2018, saw incredible success in its first year, reaching six and seven-figure sales figures within just three and 12 months respectively by offering a high-quality, thoughtfully-designed weighted blanket.

Elizabeth started Baloo Living over 6 years ago
Elizabeth grew the business to $416K/month
It cost Elizabeth $20000 to start the business
Read by 11,442 founders

47. Luna Wellness

A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.

How much they make: $3M/year
Where they're located: New York, New York, USA
Current team size: 2
Website traffic: 80K/month


How We Grew Our Weighted Blanket Product To $250K/Month

Case study on the successful launch and growth of Luna weighted blanket, which tripled its revenue from last year and is averaging $250k in revenue per month by introducing a higher quality and affordable weighted blanket to the market through Amazon and gaining traction through effective advertising strategies.

Robin started Luna Wellness about 6 years ago
Robin grew the business to $250K/month
Read by 9,474 founders

48. Turmerry

Turmerry is The Best Luxury Source for 100% Natural and Organic Latex Mattresses, Latex Toppers and Latex Pillows. We also Sell Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protectors, Waterproof Mattress Pads, Bed Sheets and more. Read Guides and Reviews. Get Fast Free Shipping, Hassle Free Returns and The Best Warranty.

How much they make: $1.8M/year
Where they're located: Charlotte, NC, USA
How much did it cost to start: $1K
Current team size: 3


How I Started A $150K/Month Natural And Organics Bedding Products Brand

An aspiring founder shares how they started an online retail store providing natural and non-toxic bedding products, growing their YOY revenue by 6000%, and focusing on sustainability and community impact through partnerships with American Forests and introducing 100% Natural and Organic Hair Oil.

Rumana started Turmerry over 4 years ago
Rumana grew the business to $150K/month
It cost Rumana $1000 to start the business
Read by 8,275 founders

49. Mattress Depot USA

We are your local mattress store and sleep specialists! Mattress Depot USA is commited to helping you acheive restful and quality sleep.

How much they make: $24M/year
Where they're located: Bellevue, WA, USA
How much did it cost to start: $10K
Current team size: 70


How We Built Our Discount Mattress Company To $24M/Year

Learn how Mattress Depot USA went from operating out of a warehouse to becoming a specialty sleep omnichannel retailer with $24M in yearly revenue by offering customers a low-cost, high-quality mattress buying experience.

David started Mattress Depot USA over 21 years ago
David grew the business to $2M/month
It cost David $10000 to start the business
Read by 5,260 founders

50. Soaring Heart Natural Beds

Soaring Hearts Natural Beds makes products like mattress, mattress topper, comforter, pillow, and mattress protectors. All of their products are handicrafted with organic materiel. Soaring Hearts is in business since 1982.

How much they make: $3.6M/year
Where they're located: Seattle, Washington, USA
Current team size: 15


Running A Furniture Company For 30+ Years and Moving Online

Soaring Heart Natural Beds is a thriving Seattle-based organic bed and bedding company with 25% of their business online, two brick and mortar stores, and a commitment to a healthy planet by producing sustainable, green products that avoid using petroleum derivatives, plastics, synthetics or added flame retardants or fumigants in any of their products.

Mike started Soaring Heart Natural Beds about 42 years ago
Mike grew the business to $300K/month
Read by 4,420 founders