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Hi, my name is Pat Walls and I’m the creator of Starter Story. In less than three years, I’ve grown Starter Story to 500k+ monthly visitors.

I’m not one to do a course, but after tweeting this, I got an overwhelming response...

What I'm really excited to share with everyone is a rapid experimentation and testing framework for growing a website via SEO.

I approach content like a startup. You can only know what works until you test and try it!

My approach is essentially as follows:

(1) Identify content opportunities through quick research
(2) Create MVPs or what I call "content experiments" to test viability
(3) Measure results over time
(4) Scale it when something works, using data, code, scraping, automation, and outsourcing to scale
(5) Do this over and over again, simultaneously & in parallel

Why does this approach work?

By using this framework, you make many small bets with an iterative approach. Instead of spending weeks on one piece of content that may never pan out, you'll be running dozens of tests at once.

Eventually, you'll strike gold on some massive content opportunities and longtail keywords.

Once you strike this gold, you can rely on your ability to code, scraping, use of structured data, and outsourcing to (1) create 10x better content than the competition and (2) create content 10x faster than the competition.

For example, here is one experiment that worked:

article This is a custom Google Analytics report for a series of blog posts that we scaled from 0-3,000 uniques in just two months

I recommend that you have:

  • Time, patience, and long-term mindset. These experiments take time.
  • Some money, to pay for tools, data, and potentially freelancers.
  • Some ability to code, or to put an engineer on this (but this is mainly for the "scaling" part of the course).

However, the fundamentals here are about the framework. Knowing how to code will make you faster, but it's not necessary.


This course will be about 4-6 hours of video. I’m going to put everything I know into it. After it's published, I’ll convert everything to text & PDF format as well. You can take this at your own pace, and you'll have access to it forever. I'll also be available anytime for questions or advice, especially how this framework could work for your unique situation.

The course will be available on December 8th, 2020.

The course is $129, but you can use promo code SEO at checkout for $50 off (as a thank you for preordering, will be doing a limited quantity on this promo).

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