Startup Costs: Painting Business

How much does it cost to start a painting business? The average starting costs are $15.7K.

If you are planning to start a painting business, the costs are relatively low. This of course, depends on if you decide to start the business on your own or bring on a big team at first.

We’ve outlined two common scenarios for “pre-opening” costs of a painting business and outline the costs you should expect for each:

  • The estimated minimum starting cost = $1,850
  • The estimated maximum starting cost = $29,500

The average starting costs are $15,675.

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Startup ExpensesThese numbers are based off the average expenses incurred when starting a painting business. Min Startup CostsDefined as an painting business you have started and plan to execute on your own. You’re able to work from home with minimal costs. Max Startup CostsDefined as an painting business you have started with one other team member. You decided to rent out an office space to set up the business.
Licenses and Business FormationThis refers to setting up your business license and establishing any legal contracts. $250 $1,000
PayrollThis number depends on if you decide to pay yourself a salary up front and the amount of employees you hire. The average salary for a full-time painting business individual is 42,000 $0 $4,000
Advertising/PromotionThis includes (but not limited to): paid ads, public relations, networking events etc. $200 $2,000
Website and Email HostingCosts to host website, domain names and email $100 $300
Website Design (Outsourced)Hiring an outside contractor to assist with design elements of your website $0 $5,000
RentThis refers to the office space you decide to work in. Depending on the cost of living, this number could vary. $0 $2,500
Liability InsuranceDepending on which state you live in, the costs and regulations vary for liability insurance. You can learn more here. $500 $2,000
Shop DecorIf you plan to operate a physical store, you may want to consider decorating the place with wall decor, furniture, plants etc. $0 $7,000
Cleaning SuppliesTo get started, you may want to consider getting basic cleaning supplies. Note that you may not need to buy all the tools and supplies at first. You can consider purchasing in bulk down the road. $300 $700
Equipment and TechnologyThis includes (but is not limited to) any expenses such as: laptops, cameras, office supplies and technology platforms $500 $5,000
Total Starting Costs $1,850 (min) $29,500 (max)

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