How Much Does A CRM Software Cost?

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What Is CRM Software?

A CRM (customer relationship management) software system is used to track and analyze your company’s interactions with clients and prospects. Although this is not a necessary tool to have for your business, implementing this, in the beginning, may set your business up for success and save you valuable time.

How Much Does A CRM Software Cost?

CRM Software ranges from a minimum of $12/month to a maximum of $300/month for each user.

Cost Factors For A CRM Software

The cost of CRM Software depends on many factors. Here are the main ones:

  • Number of users - The cost of your CRM Software will depend on how many employees you have that are using the system.
  • Type of features - Many CRM software has different features and tools. Depending on what your business is looking for, this could change your monthly bill.
  • Training costs - In your business, you might not be the primary person to operate the CRM software. In such a case, professional trainer assistance is required for the staff who regularly use it to make the most out of your software.

A List Of The Best Options For A CRM Software


Marketing, sales and CRM products.

Businesses using Hubspot:

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A powerful CRM and automation suite built inside Gmail. Track leads, prospects, support tickets, and automate repetitive email tasks inside Gmail.

Businesses using Pigeon:

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CRM software and cloud computing solutions.

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Businesses using Salesforce:

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How To Lower Your CRM Software Costs?

  1. Try out a freemium software first - Freemium is a great way to get familiar with the software that you are investing in and can lower costs substantially
  2. Use all features offered by your CRM software - Startup business owners avoid using all the features that their CRM software provides to cut off costs. Surprisingly, it doesn't make a significant difference. Hence, if you use all the features of your CRM software, you'll get more features at almost the same price.
  3. Choose cloud version instead of on-site version - A cloud version can not only reduce your CRM software costs but also can improve your team's efficiency in performing several tasks. Cloud version offers several benefits, such as your team can join through anywhere.
  4. Make an effective team - Most business owners invest a good amount in their CRM software, but they usually have no idea how to operate this software due to untrained staff. Hence, onboarding an effective team can help you save a good chunk of amount.
  5. Enhanced Conversion Ratio - CRM software is supposed to convert more leads. If you are not getting that from your business, it means that there is something wrong. And it is the right time to inspect and fix the problem so that you can end up with more revenue instead of an unfruitful investment.


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