How Much Does Email Hosting Cost For My Business?

Updated: October 8th, 2022

What Is Email Hosting?

An email hosting runs a dedicated email server. Once you have your domain name, you can set up email accounts for each user on your team. The number of email accounts you set up will determine the monthly cost breakdown.

How Much Does Email Hosting Cost?

Email hosting ranges from a minimum of $0.3 per account per month to a maximum of $15 per account per month.

Types Of Email Hosting For Business

Here are some types of email hosting that you can use for your business.

Third-Party Email Hosting

Third-party email hostings are scalable and easy-to-use servers that give excellent support to users. However, you have to pay separately for the email hosting service. Hence, the cost will be more than what you will pay if you choose shared web hosting with an email service.


Shared Web Hosting with email service

This type of email service comes with shared web hosting, but you can't use it for bulk emails due to the limitation of the email server.


Self-Hosted Email Servers

These are complex and robust servers that provide ease in sending and receiving emails. However, they need technical expertise to operate these servers.


Cost Factors For Email Hosting?

There are several cost factors relating to email hosting. Here are some of them:


Email hosting services with additional security features(e.g., anti-spam filtering, anti-malware, etc.) are more costly. One of the best email hosting service provider in terms of security is the Zoho Mail.


The cost of an email hosting service is directly proportional to the storage provided with the package. G Suite is one of the best email providers that gives 15 GB storage to their users.


The more uptime a certain email hosting service guarantees, the more expensive the overall package will be. HostGator maintains a consistent 99.99 percent uptime average for their customers, which makes it a go to service provider for uptime.


Email hosting services that enable you to sync data across different devices in real-time are comparatively more expensive. Office365 is one of the most flexible service provider to use with their wide range of other applications that you can incorporate with your business easily.

A List Of The Best Options For Email hosting

Here is a list of the best options that you can use for your business.

Best Third-Party Email Hosting Services

  1. G Suite - Google's G Suite is a cloud-based service used by small and large organizations alike. The G Suite packages provide access to google’s collaboration tools along with email hosting. The G Suite package ranges from $5/account/month to $10/account/month.

  2. Zoho - Zoho workplace is a cost-effective alternative to G Suite or Microsoft suite. Packages include email hosting along with Zoho’s collaboration tools. Zoho mail is a fully functional service with various user-friendly features.

  3. Office365 - Office 365 is more than an email hosting service. The email hosting packages feature enhanced security features and access to Microsoft’s collaboration tools. The packages also offer access to all the standard office apps.

  4. Yandex Mail - Yandex is a Russian hosting service provider, perfect for those who want an email hosting server with a custom domain name. It is flexible, fast, and cheaper, which makes it a best option for startups.

  5. MXRoute - If you are looking something that is easy to use for your small business MXRoute is the best option. It's one of the cheapest service providers out there with costs starting from $5 a month for unlimited email addresses and domains.

Side By Side Comparison Of Email Hosting For Small Business

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the best email hosting providers:

Email Hosts Free Trial Price Starts From Attachment Limit Maximum # of Accounts
G Suite No $6 Per Account 25MB Unlimited
Zoho Yes $1 Per Account 100MB 1000
Office365 No $100 Per Account 100MB 10000
Yandex Mail No $3 Per Account 30MB 1000
MXRoute No $45 Per Account 50MB Unlimited

How To Lower Your Email Hosting Service Costs?

There are several ways that you can use to reduce your email hosting cost. Here are a few of them.

  1. Analyze features - thoroughly analyze the features provided by your email hosting package. And make sure you are not paying for unwanted features.

  2. Prioritize higher uptime - your business can lose thousands if it experiences regular downtime. Ensure that you choose an email hosting service with maximum uptime.

  3. Compare Prices - skim through the internet and compare the prices of different packages. You will be able to find much cheaper services compared to the mainstream ones.

  4. Buy on sales - Most hosting service providers put their packages at discounted prices now and then. Look out for these sales to avail discounts up to 65%.