First Aid Equipment Costs For Your Business

First Aid Equipment Costs For Your Business

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How Much Does First-aid Equipment Cost?

The cost for first-aid equipment ranges from $3 to $500, subject to some factors.

Cost Factors for a First-aid Equipment

The factors affecting the cost of your first-aid equipment are:

Number of Employees / Size Of Office

First-aid equipment for a home depends on the household size and presence of kids and pets. In contrast, office use considers the number of workers and likely mishaps that may occur due to the nature of the business. In addition, if the kit is for travel use, it may also have items not primarily found in the home or office first-aid kits.

Quality of First Aid Kit

Here are some of your options for first aid kits:

  1. First-aid Equipment Set - This is a first-aid kit you can purchase online. For instance, you opt to buy OSHA first-aid kit set.

  2. Camping First-aid Kit Set - This is suitable for backpacking, camping, and traveling; thus, a bit costly. An example is the Lightning X Deluxe Stocked Large EMT First Aid Trauma Bag Fill Kit with Emergency Medical Supplies sold at Amazon.

  3. Tailored First-aid Kit - This is the cheapest type as you will be mainly choosing its content. Also, you may just be buying a refill kit set.

What Items Do I Need?

You can purchase first-aid kits from drugstores, online stores, or even make it yourself. After all, you may wish to tweak your kit content based on your needs.

The Basics

As stated by Red Cross, this includes:

  • porous compress and adhesive dressings
  • adhesive cloth tape
  • antibiotic ointment packets
  • sterile wipes
  • aspirin.

Also included:

  • emergency blanket
  • surgical mask
  • instant cold compress
  • large non-latex gloves
  • hydrocortisone ointment packets
  • gauze roll bandage
  • roller bandage
  • sterile gauze pads,
  • non-mercury or a non-glass oral thermometer
  • triangular bandages
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • Emergency First Aid guide.

(source) [1]

Additional Items You May Need

As recommended by Mayo Clinic, the first-aid kit should also include superglue, rubber tourniquet, eye pads, elastic bandages, aluminum finger splint, cotton balls, and cotton-tipped swabs. Also included are duct tape, petroleum jelly, plastic bags of various sizes, safety pins, alcohol, sterile and eyewash solutions, turkey baster, sterile saline for flushing, and syringe.

When planning to travel, it should include a medicine cup or spoon, hydrogen peroxide to disinfect, aloe vera gel, calamine lotion, and medications. Common medicines found in first-aid kits are anti-diarrhea, laxatives, antacids, and anti-allergy pills. Your first-aid kit should also include medicines you take daily that do not require refrigeration, cough, cold, and pain-relieving capsules.[2]

Best Options for Buying First-aid Equipment for your Business

You can get everything you need from any of the following companies:



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