How Much Should Internet Cost For My Small Business?

Updated: October 8th, 2022

Should I get small business internet?

Whether you work from home or in an office space, WiFi is an absolute must. Although the cost is minimal in most cases, it should be appropriately budgeted for each month!

How Much Does Small Business Internet Cost?

Wifi cost ranges from a minimum of $50 per month to a maximum of $100 per month.

Best Small Business Internet Plans In USA

Here are some of the best internet service providers (ISPs) and their plans.

ISPs Monthly Cost Download Speed Plans
CenturyLink Internet $49–$65 15–940 Mbps Learn more
Verizon Fios Home Internet $39.99–$79.99 200–940 Mbps Learn more
Xfinity Internet $29.99–$84.99 50–1200 Mbps Learn more
AT&T Internet $45 75–100 Mbps Learn more

Speed & Cost Comparisons: DSL vs. T1 and T3

DSL is an internet connection that also supports the telephone line. It comes at a reduced price ranging from $15 per month to $20 per month since no extra wiring is required. However, the speed is also limited from 1.5 Mbps to 6 Mbps speeds. (source)

On the other hand, we have T1 and T3 connections that are premium operated over fiber-optic or copper wire that can provide a speed of 44 Mbps with a price range of $500 per month to $2000 per month.

Can I use my home wifi internet?

Regular home internet can be enough for a business startup with few users. However, you need to spend on business internet for full-service companies as several employees would use the internet service simultaneously.

Benefits Of Paying For Business Internet

Although there are several benefits of paying extra to enjoy premium internet service. Here is the list of some features,

  • Fabulous quality of customer service.
  • High-speed internet.
  • Increased productivity of your employees.
  • Multiple users, without affecting the overall internet speed.
  • Guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs)

What Are The Cost Factors For Wifi?

The wifi cost depends on many factors, here are the main ones:

  • Number of users - The more users of the internet, the higher the usage and ultimately more costs for wifi connection.
  • Reliability - Several internet service providers (ISPs) offer cheap internet services, but they might not be reliable. So, if you need reliable internet, it will cost more.
  • Speed - The speed that you are signing up for will affect your wifi cost. Higher speed plans cost more than regular speed plans.
  • Usage - More usage means a higher data plan which costs more than regular users.

Best Options For A Wifi Scanner

  1. Signifi: A paid tool that provides all the information regarding your wifi connection. A free 14-day trial period makes it stand out from the rest.

  2. Acrylic WiFi: A free wifi scanner with a dashboard that allows you to optimize the performance of the wireless network.

  3. Homedale: A free wifi scanning and monitoring software that can give you a good brief of your wifi connections using Homedale's graph.

How To Reduce Your Wifi Costs?

  1. Look out for deals - Deals can save a lot of bucks. All you have to do is to look for one while installing an internet connection.
  2. Search for any hidden charges - Some ISPs have some hidden charges that can cost significantly afterwards. So, it is always nice to sort out all the charges beforehand.
  3. Choose the right package - You can see many internet service providers with several packages. Choose the right speed and data plan that fits your usage.
  4. Negotiate monthly charges - Most internet service providers can give you a discount on a monthly expense. Even they don't, when would your bargaining skills come in handy?
  5. Bundle your internet with TV - Getting two services from the same provider can actually save you a good amount of money. Also, you might get some extra service at the same price as both.
  6. Buy your own modem or router - Mostly, internet service providers charge you separately for modem and router, so what if you step ahead and buy one permanently for yourself? You can save the extra charge of the modem and router each time.