$178 billion of fresh air

$178 billion of fresh air

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$178 billion of fresh air

Did your know that the outdoor recreation products market size (US only) is projected to reach $178 billion by 2028?

Once COVID lockdowns were over, people took to the streets. Now, all activities will take place outdoors whenever possible. It's safer, and besides, the good weather is here.

In addition to the traditional outdoor activities, others such as yoga, fitness or boxing are also held outdoors now. That’s a huge contributing factor to the industry’s growth.

There are many ways to capitalize on this growing trend, and make money. Here are some examples I broke down into 3 categories:

#1. Organize activities

This is the easiest way to get your foot into the outdoors industry. The investment you need to start offering tours or classes is close to zero dollars.

Read these case studies of people who found success by embracing the outdoors:

#2. Sell products

Probably the biggest category since to enjoy most outdoor activities you need gear. Whether it’s something essential to the activity or an accessory (we all love those).

Some examples of products that knocked it out of the park:

#3. Create content

These are other unconventional ways of joining this space.

Creating content is great because most people would perform a search before going out hiking, camping or simply trying to find the best beach or park.

Online communities are always awesome. Yes, they can be tricky to start, but super rewarding and most members will be customers for life.

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Have you read the news? Instagram will let shoppers place orders and track packages in their DMs.

Many online brands were already heavily relying on the Meta-owned platform to market their products and make sales. But this is a very important step in the process of turning Instagram into an ecommerce platform.

Read these case studies of businesses who leveraged Instagram to grow their businesses (and learn how you can do it too):

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Quick hitters

(1) This man’s hobby became a $360K/year NFTs business. NFTs sure have had a rough time recently. But here’s a project focused on delivering an eco-friendly solution.

Although it seems that the world of NFTs is living a constant apocalypse, there are some projects that are still able to capture the interest (and money) of the community: This $1.2M/year lifestyle brand launched its own NFT collection and this $4.2M/year art gallery is betting big on them.

Still new to NFTs? Learn 24 ways to make money with NFTs.

(2) This car tech startup grew to $14M/year. And it did so by disrupting car design. They’re literally imagining what your next car will look like.

Almost every business we’ve interviewed in the automotive industry is huge. See some examples: This Ukraine marketplace sold $100M+ in automotive products, this $2M/year better windshield wiper, or this $27.6M/year car exporting business.


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