The 41 Best Home-Based Businesses To Start In Rhode Island [2024]

Updated: July 11th, 2024

Interested in starting a business in Rhode Island in 2024?

We put together 39 of the best businesses you can start in Rhode Island today.

For each business idea, we’ll show you real-world examples of how you can start your profitable, home-based small business in Rhode Island.

Here's the full list:

1. Start a fashion accessories business ($300K/year)

You could start a fashion accessories business in Rhode Island, where the trend-savvy market and entrepreneurial spirit are ripe for new ventures. By tapping into the demand for unique and stylish accessories, you have the potential to create a thriving home-based business.

A prime example of success in this sector is Fifth & Ninth, a mobile and lifestyle accessory brand started by Mark Mesrobian in Rhode Island. As highlighted in this case study, Fifth & Ninth was built into a popular destination for trendy phone cases, sunglasses, and blue light blocking glasses. This success story illustrates the possibilities for innovative fashion accessory businesses in Rhode Island.

On Launching A Direct To Consumer Mobile And Lifestyle Accessory Brand

Complete Sourcing Solutions pivoted to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking their original site from $0 to over $100K in less than a month, leveraging their experience in sourcing and relationships in the US and China.

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2. Start an online advertising agency ($2.25M/year)

If you're considering starting an online advertising agency in Rhode Island, there are plenty of opportunities awaiting you. Thanks to the growing number of small businesses and startups in the state, particularly in vibrant cities like Providence, you could help these local enterprises enhance their online presence and drive their growth. By leveraging your digital marketing skills, you could provide significant value to companies that may not have in-house expertise.

Rhode Island's robust entrepreneurial community means there's a steady demand for effective online advertising strategies. With the knowledge and tools to offer targeted advertising campaigns, you could carve out a niche in this market. For inspiration and actionable steps, check out more details on this business idea, and explore successful case studies to see how others have excelled in this field.

How I Started A $120K/Month Online Course For Social Media Marketing Agencies

Iman Gadzhi made over $1.2M in profit within two years with his social media marketing agency and education company, where he teaches entrepreneurs how to start and scale a profitable SMMA, with over 45 of his students making over six figures with their SMMA, and over 300 students having quit their regular jobs.

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3. Start a digital agency ($2.5M/year)

Starting a digital agency in Rhode Island could be a lucrative opportunity due to the burgeoning demand for digital marketing expertise among local businesses. With the state's vibrant mix of small enterprises and tech startups, your skills in helping them achieve their advertising, marketing, or technology-related goals could be in high demand, paving the way for a successful venture.

Moreover, the global digital agency market reached a value of nearly $305B in 2020, and its growth prospects remain strong. If you're passionate and knowledgeable about digital marketing, you could leverage these trends and begin your journey by reading more about this business idea here and exploring successful case studies for inspiration.

How We Started A $100K/Month Company That Provides Transcription Services

How this founder started a $100K/month guaranteed transcription service for medical, legal, law enforcement, financial, academic and general business industries, winning the NASPO ValuePoint transcription services contract over 26 other companies and learning valuable lessons about getting a coach and getting as much PR as possible.

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4. Start an online marketing business ($709K/year)

Starting an online marketing business in Rhode Island could be a fantastic opportunity, given the increasing demand for digital marketing services among the state's small and medium-sized businesses. With your skills in SEO, content creation, and analytics, you could help local companies enhance their online presence and reach a broader audience.

Rhode Island's compact size and close-knit business community could make networking and client acquisition more manageable, creating fertile ground for your venture. To get inspired by how others have succeeded in this field, check out some successful case studies from entrepreneurs who have thrived in similar environments. For more detailed guidance on starting this business, visit our page on online marketing business.

How I Created A $5M/Year LinkedIn Marketing Automation Tool

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps business owners and sales & marketing professionals generate more leads, increase efficiency, and save time; with over 70,000 users and revenue of nearly $5 million, it offers automated top-of-the-funnel LinkedIn outreach activities, targeted LinkedIn campaigns and multi-touch & personalized LinkedIn drip campaigns for lead generation.

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5. Start a web development business ($1.12M/year)

Starting a web development business in Rhode Island could be a fantastic opportunity due to the state's burgeoning startup ecosystem and the increasing demand for digital solutions among businesses of all sizes. With numerous small to mid-sized businesses, and a growing number of tech startups, there is a consistent need for professional websites and digital services to help these companies thrive in a competitive market.

Additionally, Rhode Island's close proximity to major metropolitan areas like Boston and New York City opens up even more possibilities for client acquisition and networking opportunities. If you're entrepreneurial-minded, creating a web development business allows you to work from home while addressing the essential online needs of various industries. Check out successful case studies to see how others have thrived in this field.

I Built A $300K/Year Vue.js Component Library

Vuetify is a popular open-source user interface library, built with the Vue.js framework, that generates revenue through digital content and services such as paid digital content in the Vuetify store, direct support through consulting, ad revenue from Carbon ads on the documentation pages, and donations/sponsorships via GitHub and Patreon, generating an average income of $6,500 per month.

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6. Start a web design business ($10.7M/year)

Starting a web design business in Rhode Island offers a myriad of possibilities due to the state's vibrant small business community and growing tech sector. You could capitalize on the high demand for professional websites among local entrepreneurs who need a robust online presence to compete effectively.

Additionally, Rhode Island’s proximity to major East Coast cities like Boston and New York provides a broader client base potential while allowing you to operate from the comfort of your home. For more insights on starting a web design business, visit the detailed business idea page and explore successful case studies. Establishing a niche and showcasing your portfolio online will be key tactics in growing your venture.

How I Started A $8.5M/Month Company Providing Marketing Solutions To SMBs

Co-founder of Madwire JB Kellogg grew his business from just the two of them in a tiny office to over 500 employees and $100 million in annual revenue in under 10 years, by focusing on exceptional customer service and a multi-channel inbound strategy.

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7. Start a consulting business ($1.46M/year)

Starting a consulting business in Rhode Island could be a highly profitable endeavor given the state's diverse economy. With numerous industries such as healthcare, education, and tourism, you could leverage your expertise to provide specialized consulting services to a variety of local businesses. Rhode Island's dense population and small size also allow for strong networking opportunities and ease in building client relationships.

Moreover, the consulting industry is seeing significant year-over-year growth with a global value of about $250B. You could position your consulting business to tap into this lucrative market by offering in-demand professional services. For more insights and inspiration, you might want to explore successful consulting business case studies to learn how others have paved their way in the consulting world.

How I Started A $45K/Month Cybersecurity Consulting Firm For Startups

Cybersecurity consulting firm Eden Data, launched in March 2020, scaled to four team members and generated over $45k MRR without large startup costs through their unique Virtual CISO offering, which outsources cybersecurity and compliance needs for a flat monthly price, rather than charging by the hour or for long-term commitments.

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8. Start a crm business ($2.93M/year)

Starting a CRM business in Rhode Island presents a lucrative opportunity, given the state’s growing number of small to mid-sized enterprises and its strategic location within the Northeast corridor. By providing CRM solutions, you could help local businesses streamline their customer interactions, manage sales pipelines, and ultimately drive revenue growth through enhanced business intelligence.

Moreover, the CRM market is a $50B and growing industry, making it a robust and scalable field to enter. For more insights, you can explore successful CRM business case studies from seasoned entrepreneurs who have built thriving ventures in this space. Get started by diving deeper into the foundations of a CRM business.

On Starting A $160K/Month CRM & Automations Company After A US Air Force Career

GreenRope, a self-funded CRM and marketing automation platform with over 1,000 customers in 20 countries, was built organically and focused on creating a positive, customer-centric culture without outside investment, with an all-in-one interface solving challenges in managing sales, marketing, customer service, and operations.

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9. Start an email marketing tool ($3.11M/year)

Starting an email marketing tool business in Rhode Island could be a lucrative endeavor, given the state's vibrant entrepreneurial culture and strong network of small businesses. As more local businesses look to leverage digital tools for marketing, your email marketing solution could help them efficiently reach their target audiences and grow their customer base.

With the global email marketing tool market expected to reach $2.53B in 2028, the demand for effective email marketing solutions is only growing. By creating an intuitive and powerful email marketing tool, you could offer valuable resources to Rhode Island's startups, small businesses, and even real estate agents. For more ideas and successful case studies, check out these successful email marketing tool businesses on Starter Story.

I Built A SEO Tool That's Completely Free For Users [From Lebanon]

H-supertools founder Hasan developed a set of free SEO and digital marketing tools generating $2k per month in profit using Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling ad spaces, and email, plans to launch a membership option, and has attained over 80k registered users and 300k monthly visits in less than two years.

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10. Start a business finder business

Starting a business finder business in Rhode Island could be a lucrative opportunity due to the state's thriving small business environment and supportive community networks. With an increasing number of entrepreneurs looking to establish their own ventures, you could serve as a crucial link by connecting business owners with resources, potential clients, and sales opportunities.

Furthermore, Rhode Island is known for its close-knit community and high level of local support, making it easier to build trust and gain clientele. For more details on this business idea, check out this comprehensive guide on starting a business finder business. You can also explore successful case studies to gain insights and inspiration from entrepreneurs who have successfully started this type of business.

11. Start a women's shoe line

Starting a women's shoe line in Rhode Island offers exciting opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals. Given the state's robust tourism industry and trendy local fashion scene, you could tap into a large pool of fashion-conscious consumers who visit and live in the area. Additionally, Rhode Island's strong support for small businesses and local artisans may provide you with a nurturing environment for your startup.

Moreover, leveraging e-commerce and wholesale strategies opens avenues to extend your market reach beyond the Ocean State. Given the projected growth of the global footwear industry, you could align your passion for fashion with lucrative business prospects. For more insights and successful stories in this domain, check out our details on starting a women’s shoe line and explore inspiring case studies of successful women’s shoe lines.

How Tanya Heath Invented Stilettos With Removable Heels

TANYA HEATH Paris, a shoe company founded by Tanya Heath, created the world's first multi-height shoe with removable heels; the product development stage took 14 engineers and shoe technicians and they now have boutique locations in Paris, Toronto, Beirut, Beijing, and Hong Kong, relying on word of mouth and excellent customer service to attract and retain customers.

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12. Become a business coach ($548K/year)

Becoming a business coach in Rhode Island can be an excellent opportunity given the state's strong entrepreneurial spirit and dense network of small businesses. As a coach, you could leverage your skills in specialized business fields like marketing, e-commerce, stress management, or leadership to guide these budding entrepreneurs toward success (learn more).

Many local small-business owners often struggle with growth and sustainability. By offering tailored advice and strategies, you could help them identify new opportunities and maximize existing ones, making your role invaluable. For real-world inspiration, you might want to check out some successful case studies that showcase what’s possible in this rewarding career.

How I Started A $100K/Month Business Mentoring Dropshipping Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Kamil Sattar has developed multiple six-figure drop shipping businesses, and his company, e-commerce mentoring, specializes in helping others create their own successful companies, with favorite platforms including using Shopify and apps such as Loox reviews and SMSBump.

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13. Start a freelance writing business ($508K/year)

Starting a freelance writing business in Rhode Island could offer you flexibility and the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home, making it an ideal venture for those looking to balance their professional and personal lives. Given the state's vibrant academic community and growing startup ecosystem, there is a consistent demand for skilled writers across various niches—from educational material and grant writing to tech blogs and marketing content.

Additionally, Rhode Island's proximity to urban centers like Boston and New York expands your client base significantly without the added hassle of long commutes. You could tap into various sectors and establish strong client relationships beyond state lines, making your freelance writing business dynamic and scalable. For more details on how to get started, check out our freelance writer guide and read through successful freelance writer case studies.

How I Started A $80K/Month Content Writing Business

How David Tile turned a freelance writing gig into an $80k/month business, discussing lessons learned through managing growing demands and maintaining a remote team operation.

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