The Importance of Offline Marketing

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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What Is Offline Marketing?

Offline campaigning is any advertising or promotion that leverages traditional offline media. Ideally, combining online and offline marketing is a necessary component to stay competitive.

According to hello print, offline marketing campaigns can target a large chunk of the population. This is because offline campaigns target everyone, including those who are not online for one reason or another.

This post covers important aspects of offline campaigning and gives examples of brands that found success advertising offline. Read on to find out much more.

Offline Campaigning Key Takeaways

  • Offline marketing can help drive traffic to your website, as customers are curious to find out more
  • Before executing offline marketing methods make sure they support your overall business plan
  • An offline and online marketing strategy can work together to drive higher ROI
  • Offline marketing is a great way to establish relationships and increase customer loyalty
  • The key to offline media optimization is allocate a percentage of ad budget to tactics that prove valuable

How Do Offline Campaigns Work?

While online advertising uses the internet, offline campaigns feature on the traditional media.

Just like online advertising, the success of offline ads depends on correct targeting.

Although offline campaigns seem typically difficult to target particular demographics, they still prove to be beneficial when correctly combined with online advertising.

Offline campaigns can be done in different ways. Here are some of the examples of offline campaigns for your consideration.

Examples of Brands That Found Success Through Offline Marketing

Here are great examples of successful offline campaigns

1. How Bookbeat Increased Brand Awareness and Consideration through TV ADs

Bookbeat is our first example of brands that attained success with TV advertising.

The audio service launched in the UK in February 2017, and wanted to increase brand awareness and consideration.

While podcasts, influencers, and digital displays worked in the UK, their strategies did not work in the UK market. In order to create the large scale reach they desired, Bookbeat decided to try TV advertising for the first time.

Therefore, they worked with Starcom and launched TV adverts, aired on the ITV region Granada and STV in Scotland. The campaigns run for one week and over-delivered the target by a double-digit percentage. Bookbeat realized an uplift in traffic to the site by a considerable 235% compared to the weeks before the TV advertisement.


This example shows that offline advertising is still effective, especially when it comes to targeting markets where online advertising has failed. You too can get inspired by the Bookbeat example and use offline marketing effectively to increase your offline audience engagement.

2. How Bulldog Attained a market growth by 182% After an Offline AD Campaign

Bulldog Skincare was embarking on their first advertising campaign and decided to come up with targeted advertisements on Television.


They engaged an advertising agency, who came up with a very funny and engaging 60 seconds TV ad.

After airing the TV ad, they grew from 19.5% to 55%, an increase of 182%. Bulldog attained its highest-ever market share at 16.5%, an increase of 30%.

How To Setup Successful Offline Campaigns

  • Define the advertisement goals
  • Set a budget
  • Determine the target audience
  • Select the appropriate offline media
  • Develop a compelling campaign message
  • Deploy the offline campaign
  • Measure the results

Where necessary, tweak the campaign and repeat. Remember to benchmark your offline campaigns with what your competition is doing.

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