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Updated: February 28th, 2024


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What Is A Press Release?

A press release is a marketing strategy that involves sending out a newsworthy bulletin.

Targeting journalists and potential customers, the press release provides a popular approach for getting immediate brand exposure.

For startups, getting more press is an attractive approach to gain traction, so that target customers know who you are, and what you are offering them.

Press Release Key Takeaways

  • Press releases provide immediate brand exposure
  • If done right, a press release could potentially increase sales
  • New startups should focus on issuing press releases that provide an opportunity to gain some initial traction to their website, shop, or products

Understanding Press Releases

The first step when preparing a press release is defining a clear objective and outlining reasons why you think the release is important.

Focus on putting together newsworthy content, which will catch the attention of your target audience.

Do include a provocative and SEO-friendly press release headline.

In addition, the press release should include a strong call to action so that your audience knows what to do next.

There are dozens of press release tools you can use to write a headline and format the press release. Examples include PRNewswire and PRWeb.

Real World Examples: Press Release

1. Upwork

Upwork is a great example of a company that uses press releases to reach their target audience.

Recently, Upwork released a press statement about the companies earnings.

During the press release via CNBC, the CEO of Upwork took the opportunity to let their users know about the companies new industry category dubbed “the work marketplace”.

Further, the company emphasized that companies in the US are facing employee shortage, and so, there is the need for those companies to source freelancers through their platform which connects them to global talent.


From the above example, it's clear that the announcement of company earnings is a newsworthy topic that is interesting, hence attracts the target audience.

Want to learn more about Upwork?

2. Nestle

Another example of companies that gets more press through news releases is Nestle. The company made a bold decision to announce the recent acquisition of Essentia.

During the press release, Nestle makes it clear their intention to reform the global water industry.


The press release not only talks about their acquisition but also explains to customers what to expect in years to come.

This provides a great opportunity for the company to inform their customers of the recent acquisition, and also to builds customer trust.

How to Get Started

To create a press release, follow these steps:

  • Come up with a powerful headline
  • Go straight into the details of your presser
  • Offer a choice quote to backup the arguments
  • Supply appropriate background information
  • Keep the details of the press release clear and accurate
  • Include mixed media to enrich your press statement
  • Distribute the press release to specific media outlets
  • Give reporters adequate lead time to create the writeup
  • Share the press release on your channels, and encourage others to do so as well!

Get Press Coverage For Your

The more buzz around your brand - the more the phones ring, the more traffic to your website, and the more customers as a result.

Here are a few ways you can get press for your business:

Press releases:

Press releases are a great way to share big announcements or news, but in order to get any traction, you'll need to find a way to make your press release stand out amongst others.

Try to convey a story that really matters, not just to you, but to the reporter and to their audience.

Here are some things to consider when submitting a press release:

  • Craft a catchy subject (keep it short and sweet).
  • Acknowledge the journalist's past work and interests - this is key!
  • Include the main point of the story in the first paragraph, heck, even the first sentence. Reporters want to hear the juice first and foremost.
  • Focus on the facts and try to limit the amount of jargon used.
  • Pitch yourself! Help them put a face to the story.
  • Make sure your topic is newsworthy. If it's not, find a way to!
  • Try not to include any attachments of your release!

Email is one of the most effective and preferred way to send your press release, so as long as you keep your pitch brief, interesting and personalized (no cold emails), you should stand a chance!

Get Press Using HARO

HARO, otherwise known as "Help a Reporter Out" is an outlet for journalists to source upcoming stories and opportunities for media coverage.

The best part is, HARO is free to use! There are, of course, premium versions you can purchase, but the free version is still an accessible way to get press.

Once you set up an account, HARO essentially will email you based on stories (that are relevant to you) that need to be covered where you will then have a chance to essentially "bid on the story."

Here are some tips when crafting your pitch:

  • Discuss your experience and expertise in the space. Make sure it's obvious why you're relevant to this story.
  • Answer the question in 3-4 sentences. Try and be as direct as possible
  • Offer to provide the reporter with more information and make sure to give them your contact info

Plan a Publicity Stunt

Planning a publicity stunt is an effective and quick way to raise awareness for your brand and gain some traction from the press.

If you're looking to plan a stunt, the objective should be to be bold and create something memorable

However, being bold has a fine line - it's important that you consider the timing of your stunt to ensure you don't come off insensitive or unethical. For example, timing may not be in your favor if you plan something during the general election, or in most recent cases, a global pandemic.

In order to measure the success of your stunt, it's important that you first determine your end goal, for example:

  • Is the stunt aimed to raise money for your business or a particular organization?
  • Is the stunt aimed to drive more traffic to your website?
  • Is the stunt aimed to get more followers and engagement on Instagram?

Here are a few tips for creating a great publicity stunt:

  • Research to ensure that there haven't been similar stunts done in the past by other businesses - this could easily turn off journalists and your audience.
  • Make sure you can explain the stunt in one headline - this will help grab the media's attention. In other words, simplify!
  • The stunt should be related to the product you are promoting. Even if the stunt is a success in terms of viewers, but it doesn't tie back to your original goal, then it's not useful.
  • Keep the stunt visual with videos/images.
  • Leverage the internet and social media platforms for your stunt by sharing your message across a variety of audiences. This will help with word of mouth and the overall success of your event.

To learn other strategies on how to get press, check out our full guide here.

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