Everything You Need to Know About TV Advertising in 2024

Updated: April 17th, 2024


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What Is TV Advertising?

Television advertising refers to broadcasting programmed promotional messages that target potential TV viewers.

Brands use TV commercials to convey promotional messages that market a product or a service.

Throughout the decades, brands have used TV commercials to attract a massive customer base for their products and services.

TV Advertising Key Takeaways Create A TV Ad Campaign

  • Brands use TV commercials to showcase products or services, the features involved, and the overall impact of those products and services leave to the users.

  • TV advertising provides businesses the ability to reach a very large audience in a short amount of time

  • You can get creative with how you promote your product - whether that be captivating commercials, catchy songs, or simply being your brand's authentic self.

Understanding How TV Advertising Works

The advertiser should start with a clear definition of TV Advert goals and objectives.

Since TV advertising also targets the same ideal customers who see your advert on popular social media platforms, it helps if you keep targeting consistent across the different media platforms.

To reach a wide audience and achieve the goal, your TV adverts choose the most appropriate time to air the advert. Thus, if you were targeting football lovers, an advert before a popular match would reach the right audience.

Lastly, running adverts on television and social media is not necessarily a cut-and-paste job. While you can run the same advert on YouTube and TV, adapt your creative for a better chance to capture viewers' attention on both platforms.

Real-World Examples

1. Budweiser

Budweiser is one of the well-known brands that use TV advertising to maximize their sales during the NFL championships.

One of Budweiser’s popular super Bowl advert is puppy love which aired in 2014.


Aired during the Super Bowl championships, the TV Advert ranked among the top performing 2014 super bowl adverts, in terms of sales increase and audience attention

2. Proctor & Gamble

P&G is another example of companies using TV commercials to reach their audience. A popular product advertised by P&G through television is Tide, the world’s best-selling detergent brand.


Through the popular Tide adverts, P&G grew consumer loyalty by hijacking popular and traditional ads with the message that if they were to clean clothes, it got to be Tide.

How To Make an Effective and Memorable TV Advert

  • Define a clear objective for your upcoming TV advert
  • Write a great script
  • Involve characters who will help you pull off the vision you have
  • Engage an ad production company to handle your commercial including writing, shooting, and editing
  • Define the products to feature in your TV advert
  • Always include a call to action

Anheuser-Busch executed a TV ad so well that they created a catch phrase that will forever be in our vocabulary (especially if you are apart of the beer culture).

In 1999, they launched a series of commercials that shows friends connecting with one another over the phone while drinking budweiser.

The phrase "whassup?!" is used throughout the entire commercial in a hilarious way. Now, anytime this iconic phrase is used, customers will think of budweiser. And anytime you see someone drinking budweiser, you think of this hilarious commercial. Genius!

Original Budweiser Commercial

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