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Updated: October 8th, 2022


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What Is A Postcard?

A postcard is a commercially printed card with space for a message, an address, a postage stamp, and often a photographic.

According to Data & Marketing Association, postcards get a high response rate. Therefore, adding postcards to your direct mail campaign is a great lead generation tactic.

Ideally, the message conveyed on postcards gets right to the point. In that regard, postcards are a high-impact marketing technique.

Postcard Marketing Key Takeaways

  • Keep your message short, concise, and authentic so that readers picture what you are saying.
  • Use a clean and simple layout and maximize the white space to make the card appealing.
  • Include high-quality and relevant graphics to catch customer’s attention.
  • You must personalize the message to increase the chances of getting a response.
  • Include a clear call to action

How Do Postcard Campaigns Work?

The goal of sending postcards is to generate interest in the mind of your prospects and/or existing customers.

For instance, when you send a postcard informing prospects about an upcoming offer, the prospect may get back to you with additional questions or to place an order.

For the postcard to work, you must include a clear statement of the benefits, and a good reason for the prospects to get back to you. To make it easier to track the postcard campaign, add a QR code so that you can receive alerts whenever the customer scans the QR code.

Postcards are a direct mail piece every marketer should consider using. They are budget-friendly and a measurable way to run marketing campaigns.

Eye-Catching Postcard Examples And Ideas

1. How Tilden Repair Service Got 100 Calls In One Postcard Mailing!

Tilden Repair Service is an automotive repair specialist located in Fulton Mississippi. They wanted a quick and efficient way to let the nearby residents know about their vehicle repair solutions, and so they decided on a direct mail service that utilized postcards to advertise.

The postcard mailer designed unique and attractive postcards featuring

  • An eye-catching headline that builds credibility in their service
  • Photographic outline of some of their services
  • An offer of 10% off to all new customers on the first repair


Tilden Repair service received 100 calls in their first mailing, which was a significant boost to their business.

2. Fuller Insurance Postcard Campaign That Earned 473% R.O.I

Fuller insurance is an agency located in Santa Rosa Beach Florida. They wanted to reach out to wealthy homeowners and notify them of their services.

They decided to use postcards to boost their reach. Their postcard design included images of luxurious waterfront properties and a five-star review from their past customers. To attract responses, they included an offer for a free quote on the day the recipient calls.


Fuller insurance received around 120 calls with about half of them converting and generating roughly $25,000.

How To Design And Send Postcards

  1. Search free Postcard template online. Examples of free postcard templates are:

  2. Customize the postcards

  3. Upload the design to your postcard printing service (see below for list) and define the printing options

  4. Request a single copy to verify the design and check for typos

  5. Once the design and message are approved, send the full mailing list to your postcard printer

  6. The postcard printer will print the postcards and send them to you or mail them directly to the recipients

Best Postcard Design and Print Tools

For free postcard templates online, check out these tools:

  • Mailjoy: A DIY tool to design, mail, and track personalized postcard campaigns
  • Creative shop: A powerful online postcard maker that works right from your browser
  • Vistaprint: A popular online printer and its website allows users to create custom postcards


DIY tool to design, mail, and track personalized postcard campaigns

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Creative Shop

With no design experience you can create amazing printable designs

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Vista Print

A popular online printer and its website allows users to create custom postcards

Businesses using Vista Print :

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