Design A Successful Direct Mail Campaign: A Guide

Design A Successful Direct Mail Campaign: A Guide


Print + Traditional
Brand Awareness
Cost Details
$.50-$3.00 per piece of mail

You might be thinking to yourself... direct mail, really? Hasn't that been dead for a while now?

Sure, in a digital world with endless opportunities online, direct mail seems on the surface, dated and boring.

But - don't throw it out the window just yet. Many marketers are in shock when they find out just how effective direct mail still is.

The Data & Marketing Association actually reported that direct mail response rate increased by 43% and the prospect response rate increased by 190% compared to the year prior.


Why is this?

Let's picture a scenario.

You've just moved into a new apartment in an area or city you're not all that familiar with.

Your checklist of things to do is piling up:

  • You need to set up your internet
  • You need to get your electricity and water bill set up
  • You need to find a doggy day care nearby for your dog to play during the day
  • You need to get your place deep cleaned because the previous renters didn't do a great job
  • Maybe you just want a pair of new shoes because you feel like treating yourself?
  • ... the list goes on and on.

So, you're sitting here with this list but you don't know where to start. You could do a google search online, but then you'll be inundated with thousands of different options.

You go to check your mail for the first time. To your surprise, you see a bright and shiny flyer for a cleaning company. B

Better yet, there's a move in special on there for 25% off. You immediately go to look up the company online, and they have amazing reviews + availability for today.

Likely - you are going to call them over any other company in the area.

The simple fact is: consumers want simplicity. The online world, although effective for many things, can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, going back to the basics is all you need for a successful marketing campaign.

The low-down:

Let’s first get familiar with direct mail and break down some of the basics

What does a direct mail campaign look like?

Marketing through direct mail is a process where a business sends print advertising to their customer using the mail system.

Although this may seem like an old school way of doing marketing, it's proven to create brand awareness and convert customers.

This form of marketing can be done through various different methods, such as brochures, letters, postcards, flyers and much more.

Real World Examples: Design A Successful Direct Mail Campaign

1. Nike

Nike created a highly cost effective and unique way to target customers directly through mail.

The brand sent out limited edition shoeboxes to target customers, which resembled a football stadium once opened.

In addition to the memorable stadium print, they also had the sound of a roaring crowd produced when opened.



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