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How Much Money Do Video Production Companies Make? (2024)

Updated: June 23rd, 2024


  • Based on our data, video production companies can make between $10,000-$1,500,000 per month.
  • The average revenue for a successful video production company is $167K per month.
  • The highest grossing video production company in our records makes over $18,000,000 per year.
  • Video production company owners salaries can vary wildly depending on industry, niche, and size of the business

So you're thinking about starting a video production company?

And now you're wondering how much video production company owners actually make...

Well, let’s dive in!

Here are example of real video production companies and how much money they make - as reported by the founders themselves:

1. Lemonlight ($18M/year)

Hope Horner came up with the idea for Lemonlight when he saw an opportunity to bring transparency to the video production industry. With the average cost for a 30-second commercial at $342,000, Lemonlight offered small and medium-sized businesses access to high-quality, affordable video content through pre-built pricing menus and transparent pricing. Since its launch in 2014, Lemonlight has grown to generate $6M in sales per year, with over 7000 videos produced for more than 3000 brands and notable clients including Amazon and TripAdvisor.

How much money it makes: $18M/year

2. Mbrella Films ($3M/year)

Joshua Dixon, the founder of Mbrella Films, got his start in the film industry after shooting a music video for his rock band. His lightbulb moment came when he noticed the abundance of digital ads in Bangkok and realized there was a need for a production house in the area. Since then, Mbrella Films has grown from a team of 5-6 people to over 40 employees and has been doubling its revenue every year.

How much money it makes: $3M/year


3. FranchiseFilming ($1.2M/year)

Trevor Rappleye started his video production company, Franchise Filming, after attending the International Franchise Association's Annual Convention and noticing the lack of quality video content in the franchising industry. He created a VIP Subscription Service that offers franchisors a hassle-free way of getting professional videos, resulting in a remarkable 3,200% growth rate for his business.

How much money it makes: $1.2M/year


4. Explainer Videoly Pte. Ltd. ($1.2M/year)

Kasra Design, also known as Explainer Videoly, was founded by Alex Safavinia. With a background in Creative Multimedia, Alex saw the potential in offering animation services to businesses. Starting with email marketing and showcasing their work on social media, the company attracted clients and grew steadily. Today, Kasra Design has completed over 700 projects, generated over half a million dollars in revenue annually, and plans to expand further in the future.

How much money it makes: $1.2M/year


5. Altered State Productions ($960K/year)

As a passionate media enthusiast, Eddie Castillo came up with the idea for Altered State Productions based on his childhood fascination with commercials and trailers. After recognizing the time and resource-consuming process of finding marketing service providers, Eddie and his business partner developed a Service-as-a-Product model that offers transparent pricing and a user-friendly experience. Their dedication to providing high-quality video production services has led to collaborations with prominent clients and the success of their agency.

How much money it makes: $960K/year


6. Iconic Productions ($600K/year)

How much money it makes: $600K/year


7. ProductionCrate, LLC ($600K/year)

Chris Kelly, the founder of ProductionCrate, came up with the idea when he started making videos with his roommates in college and realized there was a demand for special effects. He created a website where he could store and share his assets, and it quickly gained traction. After a few weeks, he added sidebar ads and realized that he could turn his passion into a business.

How much money it makes: $600K/year


8. Filmbaker ($600K/year)

Tarun Lachhwani, along with his co-founders Rakesh R, Gaurav Singh, and Soman Surya Yadav, developed their passion for storytelling while making short films in college. Inspired by their success and their desire to help brands tell their stories, they launched Filmbaker in 2017 with just 4-5 lakhs (INR) in initial funding. Since then, they have grown to serve over 250 clients, including Google and Kingfisher, and are projected to reach 5Cr in revenue this year.

How much money it makes: $600K/year


9. Snackable Studios ($480K/year)

Kiran, one of the founders of Snackable, came up with the idea for the business while working on her food blog. She realized that there was a demand for an overhead tripod rig for filming recipe videos and decided to sell it to other food bloggers. With positive validation and pre-sales, Kiran launched an online store and grew it to earn $15K CAD/month within two years.

How much money it makes: $480K/year


10. D-MAK Productions ($648K/year)

Joe Forte, one of the owners of D-MAK Productions, came up with the idea for their video production company in 2011. He joined forces with his best friend Danny McManus, who had a passion for video creation, and together they reached out to large video production companies in their area. Recognizing the opportunity to offer high-quality production services to corporate clients, they focused on exceptional customer service, built a professional website, and utilized their network to provide mentorship and guidance as they grew their business.

How much money it makes: $648K/year