8 Planner Brand Success Stories [2023]

Updated: July 23rd, 2023
Start A Planner Brand

Here are some real life success stories of starting a planner brand:

1. Planner Peace ($270K/year)

Jess Yasuda (from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia) started Planner Peace about 8 years ago.

$22.5K / month
1 founders / 1 employees
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Case Study

Hi, I’m Jess. I’m 34 years old from Tasmania, Australia. I started Chasing Planner Peace back in 2015 when I was pregnant with my third child. Originally we were based on Etsy and only sold planner inserts, however, we’ve now turned into a one-stop planner shop that caters to seasoned “planner addicts” who want to add to their planners, and also planner newbies who love the fact our shop is the only store in Australia you can custom build your own ring planner style planner.

Over the past few years, we’ve really expanded our range to not only offer planners and inserts, but also planner dashboards (beautiful cover pages), dividers, notepads, stationery items and more. We also recently started our subscription box service where every two months customers can receive a “Planner Peace Box” which is full of planner and self-care goodies. We have so many more plans for new products in 2020.


2. Saint Belford ($162K/year)

Tom and Alex (from Victoria, Australia) started Saint Belford almost 6 years ago.

$13.5K / month
2 founders / 0 employees
Victoria, Australia

Case Study

Much to everyone’s surprise, we turned a profit in our first year achieving a revenue of 43k. In our second year, we almost quadrupled this amount, turning over 160k in less than six months.


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4. Paper Saver ($72K/year)

Michelle Lee (from Melbourne VIC, Australia) started Paper Saver over 8 years ago.

$6K / month
2 founders / 1 employees
Melbourne VIC, Australia

Case Study

The Paper Saver started in Melbourne, Australia, in 2015 with the simple goal to reduce paper waste. Designed by my co-founder and partner Jon Yong, he and I are now also parents with the desire for our two young children to grow up in a sustainable world. Driven by this, the Paper Saver aims to promote environmental awareness and sustainable living.

Since launching in 2015, we have grown YOY on an average of 20%, and are now on a mission to spread the word further with a project on Kickstarter, aimed at creating awareness that anyone from kids to adults can reduce waste and live more sustainably with the Sparkle Paper Saver.


5. Daily Orders ($240K/year)

Kelly Walter (from Victoria, Australia) started Daily Orders about 8 years ago.

$20K / month
1 founders / 1 employees
Victoria, Australia

Case Study

Hiya! My name is Kelly and I am the founder of Daily Orders, a Veteran-Owned business based in Victoria, Australia.

Daily Orders is a gloss acrylic planning board (aka sexy looking calendars). The board allows people to never miss an appointment, bill payment or sporting event ever again.


6. Getting Married in Denmark ($600K/year)

Rasmus Clarck Sørensen (from Frederiksberg, Danmark) started Getting Married in Denmark almost 8 years ago.

$50K / month
2 founders / 6 employees

Case Study

The Complete Service is the opposite of The Essential Service, it costs more but we handle the entire process for the couple!

We have gone from doing 5 to 10 weddings a month to 80 to 100 weddings a month in 4 years.


8. Dreamfruit ($12K/year)

Elizabeth Russell (from Eugene) started Dreamfruit ago.

$1K / month
1 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

Hi there! My name is Elizabeth Russell. I’m the creator of the Dreamfruit Almanac for Earthlings, which is a moon-based planner and guided journal that I self-publish each year.

Dreamfruit is a unique project that feels more like a “sacred assignment” than a business. That said, we are in year four and have just completed our first crowdfunding campaign with over 100% community support!


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