Start A Ngo

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Ngo?

Startup Costs

Wondering how much it costs to start a ngo?

  • The minimum startup costs for a ngo: $62
  • The maximum startup costs for a ngo: $35,923
  • The average startup costs for a ngo: $19,267

Here's a detailed list of a ngo startup costs:

Retail Business Expenses

If you plan to have a brick & mortar location for your ngo, you must weigh the costs of your rent, as it may be the most expensive part of running your business.

Rent costs for your ngo very much depends on your location. This cost will vary by both region and specific areas of town: a lease in the heart of Manhattan could cost over $80,000/month in rent. Meanwhile, a storefront lease in Florida or Tennessee could cost less than $1,000/month.

Cost Required? Min Cost Max Cost
Utilities (storefront business) Optional $0 $1,000
Building improvements and remodeling Optional $0 $950
Storefront Property Rent ➜ Optional $1,250 $3,500
POS System Optional $0 $1,200

Business Formation Fees

There are a few key costs associated with forming your business entity, such as setting up an LLC and getting trademarks, copyrights, and patents sorted.

Cost Required? Min Cost Max Cost
Set up business: LLC & Corporations Required $50 $500
Small Business Insurance Recommended $500 $2,000
Permit and License Fees Optional $50 $700
Lawyer Fees Optional $0 $1,500

Software Expenses

Your ngo needs software to run efficiently!

Why spend money on software? Because it can help you save time and automate certain parts of the business, so you can focus on the most important matters. Software and technology can help you grow your business, and save you from expensive personnel costs.

Cost Required? Min Cost Max Cost
CRM Software ➜ Recommended $12 $300
Accounting & Invoicing Software Recommended $0 $50
Email marketing tool Recommended $0 $100
Internal Communication Tool Recommended $0 $20
IT Support ➜ Optional $150 $2,000
Payroll Software Optional $0 $200
Social Media Management Tools Optional $0 $50

Employee & Freelancer Expenses

Cost Required? Min Cost Max Cost
Payroll Costs & Fees ➜ Optional $150 $250
Employee Hiring Expenses Optional $1 $2

Website Costs

Every business should have a website, and it's worth spending a bit of money to set it up right.

Cost Required? Min Cost Max Cost
Domain Name ➜ Required $12 $200
Website Hosting Costs ➜ Required $0 $300
Website Builder ➜ Recommended $10 $500
Business Email Hosting Service ➜ Recommended $1 $15
Web Designer ➜ Optional $200 $6,000

Vehicle Expenses

Cost Required? Min Cost Max Cost
Mode of Transporation Optional $0 $10,000

Advertising & Marketing Costs

Cost Required? Min Cost Max Cost
Business Cards ➜ Optional $0 $50
Business Signage ➜ Optional $75 $2,486
Direct Campaigns, Printing and Mailing Optional $0 $300
Press Optional $0 $500
Google Ads Optional $0 $300
Facebook & Instagram Ads Optional $0 $350

Office Space Expenses

It will be your call to determine if you need office space. It is not a requirement but may be necessary as your ngo grows.

Cost Required? Min Cost Max Cost
WiFi & Internet ➜ Optional $0 $100

Specific Industry Expenses

Cost Required? Min Cost Max Cost
Handyman Tools Optional $0 $500