How Much Do Website Builders Cost?

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Paid website builders cost between $10 to $500 per website per month, however, there are some free options.

If you're just starting out, you shouldn’t need to pay more than $50 per month.

What are Some of the Best Website Builders?

There are a plethora of website builders in the current market. Below are some of the best and most recommended.

Best Free Website Builders

  • Wix: Boasts intuitive designing capabilities with over 800 templates.
  • Weebly: A free way of building business websites but also has paid plans.
  • One of the best builders for blogging platforms thanks to its flexibility and ubiquity.
  • Squarespace: Popular for its improved aesthetic and persistent pursuit of easier ways to start a website.
  • GoDaddy: This one has an awesome drag-and-drop interface and is perfect for those who need a hassle-free experience.

Best Free E-Commerce Website Builders

  • BigCommerce: Excellent for those who want to establish online stores and sell through almost all sales channels.
  • Shopify: One of the most popular builders that helps you bring all your businesses online.

Other Website Builders

  • Strikingly: Helps you build your brand without any design or coding skills.
  • Jimdo: An easy way to create stores or professional websites.
  • Ucraft: An excellent drag and drop website builder that needs no coding experience.
  • SquareOnline: A great way to build an eCommerce website for all products you can think of selling.
  • BigCartel: Helps makers and artists create online stores easily.
  • Gator: A builder that allows you to look more amazing online.
  • SITE123: An easy and free way to build a website with options for paid plans.

Cost of Some of the Best Website Builders

Website Builder Cost
1 Wix Starts from $13 per month
2 Weebly Starts from $12 per month
3 Squarespace Starts from $6 per month
4 Starts from $4 per month
5 GoDaddy Starts from $9.99 per month
6 BigCommerce Starts from $29.95 per month
7 Strikingly Starts from $ 8 per month
8 Jimdo Starts from $ 10 per month
9 Shopify Starts from $29 per month
10 SquareOnline Starts from $12 per month
11 BigCartel Starts from $9.99 per month
12 Gator Starts from $9.22 per month
13 SITE123 Starts from $12.80 per month
14 Ucraft Starts from $10 per month

Costs Involved When Using Website Builders

Professional Assistance

You will pay more if you use a professional. These are easy, quick, and more convenient to use.

Example Cost: GoDaddy charges extra $12/month for premium support.

Domain Name

Most website builders have free custom domain plans. But this is usually just for the first year.

Example Cost: Squarespace changes $20-$70/year for an extra domain name. [1]

  • Professional Assistance: You will pay more if you use a professional. These are easy, quick, and more convenient to use. You’ll pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee which is the primary cost.
  • Domain Name: Most website builders have free custom domain plans. This is for the first year. Domain prices vary but will average $12 annually for the common .com domain.
  • Applications: Adding applications to your website can be free or at a fee. Paid applications range from $3 to $12 monthly. You will select the apps you need and a plan that works best for you.
  • Hosting, Themes, or Security: You don’t have to pay for hosting, themes, or security. Their costs are inclusive of the builder subscription.

What Features Of Website Builders Cost More?

  • Website Hosting at $35 to $600 per year
  • Website Domain costing between $12 and $60 per year
  • Ecommerce Functionality at $20 t0 $24,000 per year
  • Website Content costing between $0 and $5,000 per year
  • SSL Certificate at $0 to $200 per year

How to Lower the Cost of Building a Website

1. Use Existing Templates

Pre-made templates work well too. Get them from Template Monster, Elegant Themes,, and other sites like these.

2. Go for Free Images

Use existing photographs and images. Ensure they are appropriate and of excellent quality for the pages you are using them for. There are sites with free photos that you can download and use. Two common ones are Unspash and Gratisography.

3. Reduce the Number of Website Pages

Only work on urgent pages like Homepage, About Us Page, Products or Service Page, Blog Page, and Contact Page ready. For instance, the timeline or company’s history can be posted later. Work on pages that produce sales first.

4. Reuse Content

If you have an old website head there and get content you can reuse in your new site. But, phase in more new content often.

5. Do It Yourself

DIY some of the tasks like writing content, finding relevant images, and test



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