Hacking Yelp algorithm = $9M/year business

Hacking Yelp algorithm = $9M/year business

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Would you pay to get a review from a customer?

This week we spoke to Caroline, the cofounder of a $240K/year online signature tool. Due to the pandemic, the demand for this type of solution has been rapidly growing. But what if I told you that one of their tactics with the best ROI is to pay $15 for a review of their product, is that something you’d try?

Check their story to see how much they make with that strategy and what other things they do to grow 5% each month.

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5 Chrome extensions that will grow your business Turn Chrome into a marketing mean machine

Do you use Google Chrome? If so, you would be crazy not to have these Chrome extensions installed. We use these tools daily and could not live without them.

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Picking the right product isn't easy, but we're here to show you what is working for others.

Over the years, we've interviewed thousands of successful e-commerce businesses - so we decided to put together a list of the most successful niche e-commerce products.

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Is freedom the new wealth?

A tweet by one of our starters went crazy viral in Spain this week:

Bosco Soler's tweet

We spoke to Bosco a while ago and he shared his journey of starting a virtual coworking that at the time was making $36K/year. And just like him, many founders value the freedom of being able to travel the world while running their businesses:

Hacking Yelp algorithm = $9M/year business

Myles and his team developed a software to easily monitor and analyze the performance on local platforms like Google Maps, Facebook, Bing, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. They serve over 20,000 customers a year across 8 countries with a staff of 190.

Did you know that local SEO could be such a big business?

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  1. I started my business before I could drive and today we’re close to $200M/year
  2. The Moz co-founder created an online tool that reached $75K MRR in just 6 months
  3. I left a Fortune 500 company to build a $200K/year sales automation software
  4. $300K/year getting backlinks for my clients
  5. My side project does one simple thing & makes $14K/year
  6. These Bangladeshis built a $150K/year portfolio of online businesses
  7. I learned to code and my first app makes $2K/month
  8. I almost retired at 28. instead, I built a $6M/year digital marketing agency
  9. $3M/year developing clone apps for startups
  10. Create A Data-Driven Content Marketing Campaign: A Guide

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