5 Best Chrome Extensions For Writers & Freelancers [2021]

5 Best Chrome Extensions For Writers & Freelancers [2021]

Are you a content writer, blogger, or social media post writer? This article is for you. You’ll find the best chrome extensions for writers here. Plus, they can be the best lifesavers for you.

Using a chrome extension for writing can prove time-saving for you. Plus, it enables you to do your job better. You might be wondering what the best chrome extensions for writers are.

So, explore the chrome extensions and take your writing to the next level.

Benefits of Chrome Extensions

Google chrome extensions are essentially a browser-based program that extends your browser’s functionality. You might wonder why google chrome extensions are emphasized. This is because of the multitude of benefits they offer. Plus, if you are a small business for writing, there are numerous positives for you if you use google chrome extensions.

Google Chrome Extensions offer the following benefits.

1. Boosted Productivity

The best chrome extensions for writers will boost your productivity. You’ll be able to save time and do your work efficiently. Chrome extensions can help you drown the noise and ensure you are on top of your work. They can help you schedule your day and ensure your to-do list is complete by the end of your working day.

You merely need to know how to use your chrome extension properly to ensure you have maximum productivity.

2. Multi-Device Support

Google Chrome offers you the option of syncing all your chrome extensions through multiple devices. This feature is especially beneficial if you don’t like being chained to one spot. It helps you be on the go and get your work done.

Plus, the syncing ensures all your data is saved on all the devices you use. In fact, saving your links in a chrome extension can help you plan your reading anywhere and anytime.

3. Organization

Google Chrome extensions are an organization enigma. They help you have superior organizational skills. You get extensions for folders, calendars, and more that help you stay organized. You can organize your folders to find what you need quickly. Plus, you can use the calendar to ensure you don’t double book yourself.

Your organization skill will probably be at an all-time high if you use google chrome extensions properly.

4. Security And Performance

Google Chrome has extensions that help optimize security and performance to ensure you can deliver amazing content. Plus, the in-built browser extensions ensure your online behavior is accessed. This helps you control your permissions and ensures you don’t have any malware or other virus.

How to Add the Extensions to Google Chrome

Now you know the benefits of Google Chrome Extensions. You might wonder how to add a chrome extension for writing. Moreover, you might wonder how to add Grammarly extension to Chrome.

Adding a chrome extension for writing is easy. You merely need to download and install Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Once you install, download, and add it to your Chrome, you can begin using your extensions.

After adding the extensions, you can manage them using the More Tools, Extensions tab. This allows you to make changes to your extensions like turning them on and off, using them for incognito, fixing corruptions, and more.

Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions For Writers

Some of the best chrome extensions for writers are elucidated below. Read through them start adding extensions to your google chrome.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the best chrome extension for writing. In fact, you can opt for a premium Grammarly to ensure high-quality grammar in your writing.

It helps you correct your grammar, fluency, tone, spellings, conciseness, punctuations, and more.

Your clients will appreciate the high-quality content you’ll offer after conducting a Grammarly check on your writing. While you get basic features with a free Grammarly, we recommend the premium account to help you write stellar content.


Get your grammar check done by installing Grammarly here.

2. Just Read

While you can easily activate reader mode in google chrome, Just Read makes it easier and offers you more control.

It helps you read your research content freely and easily. Just Read eliminates all distractions and advertisements on the page you want to read. It takes you to a simple interface that shows the textual content and relevant images.

The ads, buttons, background images, comments, side, and bottom panels are stripped. This gives you a clean post and makes it easier for you to read your research content.


Read easy by installing the Just Read extension here

3. Marinara

Marinara helps you manage your time effectively while writing. It helps you practice the Pomodoro Technique.

You use a timer to break your work into 25 minutes intervals with short breaks in this technique.

Marinara is a chrome extension for writing that is essentially a timer that divides your work into 25 minutes of work with 5 minutes breaks.

Of course, you can use the extension settings to change the duration of the work and break sessions.


Install the Marinara extension here

4. Google Similar Pages

Ever felt like you want more inspiration based on the content you’re reading currently? Well, Google Similar Pages is the perfect Chrome extension for that. It helps you get similar pages in a single click to get inspiration.

Plus, you’ll get pages relevant to the kind of content you’re already reading.

So, it speeds up your research process and helps you get more information on your topic of interest.


Install Google Similar Pages extension from here.

5. Plagiarism Checker For Chrome

As a writer, you can do without a plagiarism checker chrome extension. So, you must download the Plagiarism Checker for Chrome by PrepostSEO.

You merely need to select the text you want to check plagiarism for and use the extension to check it. Plus, it’s a 100% free tool.

You’ll ensure you write unique, authentic, and original content. Your clients will appreciate your unique work that isn’t copied. So, use the plagiarism checker chrome extension to ensure high-quality original writing.


Keep your plagiarism in check by installing the extension from here.

Wrapping Up

When you use the best chrome extensions for writers, you boost your productivity and efficiency. Plus, you can keep organized. However, ensure you don’t download too many extensions as they could reduce the performance of your browser. Plus, ensure you download extensions from trusted developers.

If you are looking to build your start-up brand, you can use inspiration stories from Starter Story. We have stories from several start-up brands and entrepreneurs to inspire you. Plus, we have information regarding how brands started and grew to help you build your model.

Further, you can get suggestions on the best chrome extensions for writers from various businesses.

So, get the best chrome extensions and level up your writing for a successful writing career.

Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story

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