5 Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers [2021 Edition]

5 Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers [2021 Edition]

Digital Marketing is rising in popularity as a profession these days. Undoubtedly if you have a small business, your digital marketing game needs to be strong. So, you might consider using some of the best chrome extensions for digital marketers to level up your marketing game.

Are you wondering what the best digital marketing chrome extensions are? Fret not; we've elucidated the best chrome extension for digital marketers in this article. We've also highlighted the benefits of using chrome extensions.

So, read on and know the chrome extensions to run a successful digital marketing agency.

Benefits of Using Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

Chrome Extensions are browser-based extensions. They are small plug-ins created by developers and companies worldwide. Each chrome extension offers you a unique feature that enhances your work performance.

You might wonder why you need a digital marketing chrome extension. You'll need the chrome extension because of the multitude of benefits it offers.

1. Boosts Productivity

Google Chrome Extensions help you boost productivity by multifold. You can sort your files, organize your campaigns, use timers, calendars, and more to ensure maximum productivity. Plus, you needn't spend a bomb on digital marketing software when your chrome extension can do it all for you.

You can quickly create your digital marketing campaigns, conduct analytics, and ensure a successful digital marketing career with the best chrome extensions for digital marketers.

2. Helps In Google Analytics

You get the best google analytics checker chrome extension to ensure your digital marketing campaign is on-point. It helps you analyze how successful your campaign will be.

Plus, chrome extensions for google analytics helps you understand how your site is performing and what you can do to enhance its performance.

You'll be able to understand your conversion rate easily with a good chrome extension for google analytics.

3. Helps You Organize Your Campaigns

The best chrome extensions for digital marketers help you organize your work. You can use calendars to ensure you don't double book yourself.

Additionally, you can use extensions to schedule your campaign posts and more to ensure timely targeted marketing.

You can use folder extensions to access your work easily. Plus, you can use extensions to delegate tasks to your team and ensure workflow productivity too. This makes collaboration easier.

4. Provides Security and Enhances Performance

Google Chrome Extensions for security are available to ensure your activity is not malicious for your computer. Security extensions prevent virus and malware attacks and ensure your browser performs well.

Further, chrome extensions help you enhance your performance as a digital marketer. It makes your work more efficient and faster. Plus, extensions are tools that you use with a mere click of a button.

However, bear in mind that each extension has a different code. So, downloading too many extensions can slow your browser's performance.

How to Add Extension to Your Chrome

Adding an extension to your chrome is easy. You merely need to download and install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once you download and install, you add it to chrome and begin using it gainfully.

It takes mere seconds to add the best chrome extension for digital marketers to your browser. You can then manage your extension by turning it on or off, using it to fix corruptions, in incognito mode, and more.

5 Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

You now know how to add extensions to your chrome browser and the necessity of them. Let's explore some of the best chrome extensions for digital marketers.

1. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an essential tool for digital marketers. It helps in researching keywords and ensuring you choose the right keywords for your campaign.

Plus, it helps you generate hashtags on Instagram, search insights on YouTube, related keywords on Google, and more.

The extension also offers you Cost Per Click and competition information.

Additionally, you can analyze trends to build the best marketing strategy for your or your client's brand.


You can install the Keywords Everywhere extension here!

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an SEO Toolbar. This chrome extension offers digital marketers an on-page SEO report, redirect tracing, checking broken links, and changing countries.

It offers you the following SEO report of any page you are browsing:

  • SEO Title and meta description information
  • Crawlability and Indexability of the page
  • The URL and how it performs
  • The word count and if it's optimum
  • Localization for targeted marketing
  • Social tags' analysis
  • Inbound and Outbound links

These and more functions of Ahrefs SEO Toolbar make it an exponential tool for digital marketers.


Install Ahrefs extension here.

3. Buffer

Buffer is a digital marketing chrome extension that helps you easily schedule and share content and digital marketing campaigns to your social media handles.

The extension integrates to the various websites you browse and enables you to share your posts immediately or schedule future posts on your social media handles.

Plus, Buffer also helps you collaborate with your team, check analytics, and use your social media handles fruitfully.


Share your content within seconds now with the Buffer Extension!

4. Bitly

Bitly is an URL shortener extension. As you know, a short URL increases your Search Engine Results Page Ranking and your SEO. So, Bitly enables you to shorten your URL and boost your website.

Plus, it helps you create recognizable and valuable links.

You can use the Bitly link checker to choose the best link and create a powerful short URL in seconds.


Shorten that URL now with Bitly chrome extension! Install from here.

5. Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension

The Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension is one of the best google analytics checker chrome extensions. It enables you to check the speed of your website to ensure Search Engine optimizations.

This is a stellar tool for digital marketers to check that the pages are loading within 3 seconds.

The tool shows data like time to interactive, first input delay, cumulative layout shift, blocking time, and more. It helps you analyze the website's performance.


Check your page speed by installing the link from here.

Wrapping Up

The best chrome extensions for digital marketers help you in boosting your SEO and SERP. Moreover, it helps you stay organized and boost your productivity multifold.

Google analytics checker chrome extension*and other chrome extensions enable you to check your site and digital campaign's performance easily.

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The inspirational entrepreneurial stories will inspire you to start your own business. You can use the best digital marketing chrome extensions for marketing your business using inspiration from the stories on Starter Story.

So, explore the best chrome extension for digital marketers and have a stellar digital marketing campaign.

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