7 Baby Accessories Business Success Stories [2023]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
Start A Baby Accessories Business

Here are some real life success stories of starting a baby accessories business:

1. Bambox ($720K/year)

Charles Carette (from Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina) started Bambox about 6 years ago.

$60K / month
3 founders / 7 employees
Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Case Study

Hello, I am Charles Carette, CEO & Co-founder of Bambox. We developed the first monthly subscription-based ecommerce for baby essentials combined with a virtual assistant to guide new parents throughout their baby’s first 3 years. We operate in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2. Parker Baby Co. ($6M/year)

Kirsten and Sam (from Colorado, USA) started Parker Baby Co. almost 8 years ago.

$500K / month
2 founders / 2 employees
Colorado, USA

Case Study

We are Sam and Kirsten, a husband and wife team from Parker, Colorado. Parker Baby Co. specializes in practical baby products that are designed to simplify parenthood. As parents of 4 kids under the age of 5 years old, we find inspiration for new products everywhere. Most of our products are inspired directly by our kids.


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Other resources

4. CoziGo ($312K/year)

Emma Lovell (from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) started CoziGo over 8 years ago.

$26K / month
1 founders / 2 employees
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Case Study

Hi, I’m Emma Lovell mum of two small children and founder of CoziGo - Sleep on the Go. I’m originally from England and live in Sydney Australia.

Since launching, we have sold thousands of CoziGo’s all over the world and have won many awards and accolades in areas such as innovation, best buy for baby, start-up, and wholesaler of the year.


5. Dumforter ($108K/year)

Johanne Holman (from Camberley, UK) started *Dumforter * almost 4 years ago.

$9K / month
1 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

Hey everyone, my name is Johanne, and my starter story is about my baby brand Dumforter, where I invented, manufactured, and launched the world’s first and only 3-in-1 baby dummy, teether and comforter, a product that was innocently invented by my ‘babies’ more than 12 years ago.

But my biggest success that I am still to this day so genuinely grateful for is to have managed to get noticed and posted out by a major celebrity/influencer which gave me my very first mind-blowing $39k month and an incredible additional 11k followers overnight. It was one of the most emotional but exciting 24 hours of my and my children’s lives.


6. Bibado.co.uk ($4.8M/year)

Rachel Wood (from Cardiff, UK) started Bibado.co.uk over 8 years ago.

$400K / month
2 founders / 11 employees

Case Study

I founded Bibado in 2015, and we are now on a mission to feed the curiosity of all children, by giving parents the right mealtime tools to do so. With these tools, Bibado makes family mealtimes fun, stress-free, and a learning adventure that children and grown-ups can share and enjoy together.

With a great team of like-minded curious individuals, Bibado’s latest product the Dippit has been a shortlisted finalist at the Innovation Awards by the UK Baby Products Association. We will be displayed our winning invention at the Annual Trade Show in Harrogate in October 2021. At this event, Bibado also launched to wider UK and international retail at the same time.


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