Mark Cuban invested in my public shower device

Mark Cuban invested in my public shower device

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Mark Cuban invested in my solution to shower in public

Showering in public? Why would Mark Cuban invest in this idea?

We just interviewed Kressa Peterson, who (to solve a personal problem) created a prototype that would allow her to shower in public.

Once she realized the thing totally worked, she launched it and had some amazing success. You have to read this story.

My take: What I love about this story is it solves a personal problem, which is often the best way to find great business opportunities.

Want to identify problems in your life that could be turned into businesses? Here are some more inspiring case studies:

My solitaire side hustle now makes $10k/month

When we spoke with Holger over a year ago he was running a modest side hustle (a simple online solitaire online game). Today, he’s been able to 10x its revenue thanks to his SEO efforts.

My take: Did you know that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Apple all started as side hustles? And so did Starter Story :)

Interested in finding a side hustle? Here are 5 side hustle case studies:

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Marketing stunt: Spending money on a huge billboard designed on MS Paint

Let’s talk about a creative marketing campaign. Thomas and his team came up with this glorious idea to promote their software to develop video games ($100K/mo).

Though in real life it was just seen by a couple of thousand people, hundreds of thousands saw it online when some media outlets picked it up. Genius!

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48 low cost business ideas with high profits

Poco dinero, mucho ROI. Sounds like a good combination, right?

The good news is, there are so many opportunities to become an entrepreneur and build an innovative product/service that I’ve been able to gather quite a few business ideas that match these criteria.

Test prep, personal training, catering,... If you're looking to start your own business, check this list of the most profitable business ideas you can start today.

$1M/year helping men find love overseas

Mark met his wife in Ukraine and noticed that people were attracted by their story. Often when people repeatedly ask you about something (where do you buy your clothes, how do you find cool music) there’s probably a business opportunity.

And that’s what Mark thought too. So he went to find a way to replicate his experience for others and make a profit off it. Today he makes 1M/year.

Everything around love has the potential to become a huge business:

  1. I got tired of being underpaid and left to start a $4MM/year PPC & SEO growth agency
  2. I make $300K/year with a team of ghostwriters that create content for brands
  3. Growing our SaaS from $1M to $2.8M in the last year (and doubling users)
  4. Buying the world’s first, largest online commercial sound effects library
  5. We grew revenue 25% by expanding our product line
  6. From investment banker to starting a $350K/year plants ecommerce
  7. We used Linkedin live sessions to grow our traffic 80%
  8. Starting a business at 16 and growing it to $840K/month thanks to networking
  9. My property management software revenue grows 52% YoY
  10. I created the simplest video editor ever & earn $2K/month

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