From unemployment to business acquisition in 12 months

From unemployment to business acquisition in 12 months

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I make $16K/year giving advice about my favorite thing

Asen wanted to escape the corporate world and had some money from a previous hustle. Instead of starting from scratch, he bought an already-made niche website that had a good foundation.

How much did it cost to buy the site? Only $1,700. Reasons why it made sense:

  1. It was in a niche that he loved and had a passion for
  2. He thought of a couple of ways the site could grow: SEO and Pinterest

The blog makes money thanks to affiliates. He shares some truly valuable insights on how to grow thanks to SEO, Facebook groups and Pinterest. Plus, how to run a team of writers profitably.

The Business Of Sharing Advice

Do you know more than your friends about a specific topic? Well, you could be making money by sharing what you know! See these case studies of people making extra money by sharing advice about:

Launch a successful affiliate program in 7 steps

Marketing can be expensive. With affiliate marketing, you are finding someone else who is better at marketing to take up the risk and advertise or promote your products.

Instead of running ad campaigns, you can pay an affiliate a commission for every lead or purchase that they achieve. That’s what I call a win-win.

Those commissions can be quite high (your ad spend just went down dramatically) which is a great incentive and excellent ammunition to create a wide affiliate network.

Get started now with our detailed 7-steps guide (plus real examples).

We’ve published many success stories of starters making big money thanks to affiliate marketing:

Our app went from $0 to $1M in 6 months

With so many weddings on hold for the last year and a half, bachelorette parties are expected to grow like crazy. So when Mike decided to create this planning app, he knew he’d have the wind at his back. Seeing how they’ve built a waitlist of 50,000+ people is nothing but a confirmation of that.

But of course, they didn’t stop there, due to the intrinsic virality of the app their growth is through the roof and now 40,000 parties are planned every month on the app. If you’re interested to know more about a well-designed viral loop, you need to read this story.

Planning things can be kind of boring and people often pay big money to avoid it. And of course, many of our starters have capitalized on this to build profitable businesses:

Find the perfect Instagram username [700 ideas + free name generator]

Finding a good Instagram username may be difficult, but it's an essential step when you start a business or a side hustle.

So, if your Instagram username isn't catchy, or is difficult to spell, you're already behind the eight ball in terms of social media marketing. Can’t come up with a catchy Instagram username? No worries; we’ve got you covered! Visit our website and you’ll find:

  • 700+ ideas
  • Free name generator
  • Availability checker

Go ahead and try it now!

From unemployment to being acquired by a $500m fintech company in 12 months

Earlier this year we spoke to Luciano who launched a subscription service for investors that surfaces and analyzes trending stocks. In just a few months he was able to grow the business to $4,5K per month.

Now, just after just 1 year he shared on reddit that he had been acquired by a major Australian fintech company. Congrats!

Newsletters are a great way to make money. Everyone can start one with free tools in just minutes. They can be a tool to make a little money on the side or huge businesses:

  1. We Started Making Protein Bars In Our Dorm Room. Now We're In 7,000 Stores
  2. How to Grow a Massive Email List
  3. I Make $120K/Year With My Print On Demand T-Shirt Side Hustle
  4. The Six Step Guide To Creating Great List-Based Content
  5. I Created A $1.2M/Year SEO Agency From India
  6. We Built A $6M 3PL Company In 3 Years
  7. We're Using Our Agency Experience To Build A Paid Newsletter
  8. 5 Quick Tips to Get More Out Of Your Instagram Sponsored Ads
  9. Create Tik Tok Ads: A Guide

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