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It’s no secret that e-commerce has been growing fast in the last few years, but a new study estimates that COVID-19 contributed to an extra $218 billion in e-commerce sales in 2020 & 2021.

And what’s even crazier: it looks like the e-commerce industry is headed to $10T, yes trillion, in about 2027.


Insane how fast e-commerce is growing. And of course, offers endless opportunities to start a business:

Last year, 9% of people bought something online for the first time in their lives. In a market as huge as this, that is a lot of growth. And it can only mean one thing: more opportunities to start a business and make money.

So what are some good e-commerce and DTC ideas? Check these out:

Or, instead of starting a brand, you could tap into this trend by helping e-commerce companies Here are some ideas:

Some crazy numbers for you:

Our take:

It is clear that people have succumbed to the convenience of buying virtually everything online.

And the process of selling online is a lengthy one, with many touchpoints to build a business around.

From product photography to logistics, and packaging or customer service; e-commerce is still new compared to other industries, which allows gaining an advantage over the competition relatively easily.

Learn how to build a successful business

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Just watch this

In 2021, people spent over $92.75 billion on watches; even when everybody has a phone to check the time.

That should give you an idea of how important watches are in our society. They’re fashion accessories, status-enhancing pieces, and investments.

The founders that we’ve caught up with in the space are killing it:

And there are even more ways to make money, you just need to get creative! Like these friends that built a $2.4M/year business selling just a cute tiny accessory.


Quick hitters

(1) This founder runs a $640K/year army of freelancers. Copywriting is key today. Everyday thousands of web pages, newsletters, tweets, etc. are published. And, guess what? Someone has to write all that.

Result? A very lucrative business opportunity: this former journalist makes $360K/year and this creator built a $300K/year teaching copywriting.

(2) This NFT project made $1M. Although it seems that the world of NFTs and crypto is in a constant apocalypse lately, there are some projects that are still able to capture the interest - and money - of the community.

NFTs are hot and everyone wants a piece of them. This $1.2M/year lifestyle brand launched its own collection and this $4.2M/year art gallery is betting big on them.

Still new to NFTs? Read this article to learn 24 ways to make money with NFTs.**


One last thing...

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