How Much Should Shipping Software Cost?

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Most business owners use shipping software to ensure more streamlined and faster sending of ordered products. This software provides tools for making the products' shipping process to buyers a routine. And as a result, this saves the seller and buyer money and time vital to online selling.

How Much Does Shipping Software Cost?

Shipping software may cost a business $30 up to almost a thousand dollars each month.

Shipping Software Cost Factors

When choosing a shipping software for your firm, you must consider certain features subject to business needs.

These features affect the price of the shipping software.

For example, the essential software will include air, ground, and parcel shipping with shipment calculation and tracking, and import/export management.

On the other hand, the expensive software offers the essential plus alerts/notifications; delivery tracking; label printing; order entry, fulfillment, management, and tracking; returns management; shipping labels, management, and services integration.

Shipping Software Costs and Features

And just like what you do when planning to travel, you should compare shipping software costs based on your firm's needed features, such as:

  1. Analytics and reporting
  2. Automated tagging
  3. Bulk printing
  4. Customized and branded labels
  5. Discounted shipping fees
  6. Mobile apps
  7. Product returns
  8. Third-party integrations

What is the cheapest shipping software?

The cheapest shipping software is Pirate Ship, which is also noted for its ease of use. It is highly preferred by online sellers, subscription boxes, and small businesses because of its free trial period.

Best Shipping Software for 2021

Some top-ranked shipping software you may want to compare online are as follows:


Automated tracking solution and API for eCommerce.

Businesses using Aftership:

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Get discounted shipping rates, print labels, and send tracking info to your customers from one simple place.

Businesses using Shippo:

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Shipping software designed to save you time and money on eCommerce fulfillment and shipping.

Businesses using ShipStation:

144 successful businesses are using ShipStation ➜

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An easy-to-use shipping platform for online merchants of all sizes. With the best USPS shipping rates, time-saving automation, and support available every step of the way, merchants save time and money every day.

Businesses using ShippingEasy:

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Buy USPS postage online from your PC, easily print postage stamps and shipping labels for all USPS mail classes.

Businesses using

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Pirate Ship

Use our free shipping software to get the cheapest USPS shipping rates, which can save you up to 90% with services like Priority Mail Cubic.

Businesses using Pirate Ship:

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Shipping, Inventory, and Everything In Between

Businesses using ordoro:

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Connect all of your online e-commerce stores with all shipping carriers.

Businesses using Shipworks:

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Of course, there are many other shipping software platforms nowadays you can consider and choose from.

As one of the positive effects of the global pandemic, e-Commerce is on the rise.

As a result, the best business shipping software must integrate with standard e-Commerce apps towards simplifying day-to-day operations.


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